5 thoughts on “Why Is Serb Nationalism So Influential For Far Right Extremists?

  1. lying turk media. Serbian nationalism means that Serbs are a nation and encourages cultural unity. The same can be said for Romanians, Bulgarians, Russians, Greeks e.t.c The west hate they don't have this and project their anger onto Serbia and others because they have cultural and ethnic identity. The far right haven''t been a political force in europe for 60yrs. Brenton tarrant was a leftist and declared as a communist. alija izetbegovic (former member of hitler's SS handzar) incorporated radical Islamic terrorists into armija bih. BiH are one of the main contributors to isis. Bosnian genocide.. their population is 50% majority, not genocide. If izetbegovic had agreed to the peace plan and not withdrawn his signature starting the war, there wouldn't have been one. The balkan conflict is where muslims play the victim card so ignorant/uninformed westerners will perceive them as eternal victims.

  2. Nazism, facism, communism they are all left, far left ideologies. In the Nasism, facism and communism the state is most important thing in life, nothing is witnout state , the state has control on everything, this is typical socialism. Far right is opposite, pure capitalism with minimal state influence, minimal laws, without any social things in "public" life.

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