Why is Left Tube So Sponsored? | Kat Blaque

Why is Left Tube So Sponsored? | Kat Blaque

What ends up happening it seems is that people
find valid reasons, I guess to not support us financially. Um, and it’s again frustrating because the
right does not have this problem. [music] hey guys, it’s Kat and, it’s time for another
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introductions. As per usual, I’m going to be drinking some tea throughout
this video and so I highly suggest that you do the same. I’m going to be drinking, um, some um, peach
tranquility tea by Teavana. My, um, ice has fully melted in this tea because
it is hot. It’s very, very hot in my apartment. If you can’t tell by how my makeup is sweating
and how my lashes are falling off, it is incredibly hot in this apartment. So anyway, let me take this sip and let’s
jump right into this video. So I wanted to have a conversation about something. This is actually for me a fairly taboo conversation. My parents raised me to… Feel like it was quite tacky to talk about
money, but I felt like this is going to be something that I wanted to talk about since,
you know, this seemed to be a topic that kept coming up in my feed. And so here we go. We’re going to be talking about left tube
and why it is so sponsored and I want to have this conversation because I wanted to tell
you guys kind of a bit about um, some changes that are coming to my channel and also give
you guys some insight to what it’s like for at least me to be a creator and to make the
content that I make. Because believe it or not, while this job
seems fun, cushy and easy, it is not. [Laughs] And it does require quite a few resources
that I think a lot of people who are just sitting at home watching these videos won’t
always understand. So let’s jump into it. So this video is inspired by a couple of things. Firstly, it was inspired by a post that I
saw on Twitter from somebody who was… basically saying that it was ironic that a
lot of left tube, you know, has Patreon and has Amazon wishlists and things. And really what it was trying to point out
was that it was a bit ironic that people who sit on youtube and try to fight against capitalism
are benefiting from capitalism, um, or are asking their audiences for money and you know,
to, you know, pay into the system. Right? And of course there are going to be… [sigh] I could do a video that’s really going
into, you know, no ethical consumption under capitalism. I could really do that. That’s not really what this video is going
to be about. This is just going to be me speaking to you
guys as a creator because I feel like when I read that as a creator, okay, as somebody
who’s been doing this full time since about 2014, I’ll be honest, it kind of pissed me
off. It kind of pissed me off just a little bit
right? Now, another one of the reasons why I wanted to
make this video is because I’m one of the major responses to my, um, why left tube is
so white video, which you guys can see up here was that, you know, the reason why my
content isn’t doing as well as say, um, philosophy tube for example, is that my content just
isn’t as high quality. You know, when you watch one of all these
videos, he’s got different sets, he’s got different costumes, he’s got different lighting
setups, he’s got people featured sometimes in his videos. He’s got a lot of things going on. And so basically what they’re saying is that,
you know, people like Contra points and philosophy tube, they just have more entertaining content
and that’s why you watch their content, not my content where I ramble on and on and on
and on for a couple of hours. Right. And I’m not going to really respond to that
because girl, I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I very much understand why videos like philosophy
tube’s, um, videos did better than some of my scripted content. You know, I understand all of that. I get it, you know? But the thing that was kind of frustrating
to me about the comparison is that frankly, and I’m just going to be very real about this,
is that someone like philosophy tube and I are in a very different situation. We’re in very, very different situations right
now to be transparent about all of this stuff about my life and about, you know, youtube
and being full time and stuff. I want it to point out that, you know, I was
not able to go full time on youtube until I was being funded completely through Patreon
at the time when I went full time, I was living in Long Beach, we were living in so some,
you know… I don’t want to say crack den, but basically
crack den and our rent was like 200 bucks, you know, we were paying nothing. And so once I started making 200 bucks on
Youtube, that finally made it so that I could stop sort of freaking out about finding, you
know, more stable work and focus entirely on youtube. Now, fortunately because of just where we
were at the time, me and my ex were at the time, I was able to put a lot of time and
effort into my youtube channel and cultivate a following, Right? And I was able to save some money and I was
able to buy some, you know, new stuff. Now I’m just going to mention the things that
are in this room right now cause I think I had most, I had most of this stuff when I
was living in Long Beach, which is just telling you how long I’ve had this stuff cause it’s
2019 and this is still some of my stuff from 2014 but I’ve got four umbrella lamps… Lights around me. Um, and I think most of these, I think the
whole set where there’s more lights in this set about $200. This tripod right in front of me that I’m
talking to you right now, I believe this one cost me about 90 bucks. The camera on top of it costs me about, I
think it was like $800 on, there’s the mic that I’m using right now that costs me about
$600. When I went and did interviews with people… um… I had to go and buy a mixer and that mixer
I believe costs me about $500. Then I’ve had to buy new mic and that mic
costs about $600. Right? This camera over here, this is my old original
DSLR, and I will say that this was some, this was a camera that was shout out to LD, um,
was sent to me by one of my longterm followers and they definitely were very instrumental
in me being able to do youtube full time. So thank you so much to that. But this camera cost about $500, the tripod
that it’s on top of cost, about 50 bucks, which is probably definitely the cheapest
thing that I’ve mentioned. Right? And that’s just the equipment that I have
to film video. Right. And this is not complicated, nice, fancy,
fancy, potansey stuff. This is, this is stuff that is relatively
inexpensive but good quality and is allowing me to sort of do the content that I want to
do. Right. And I totally forgot about all the backdrops
that I own. Every one of the backdrops I own is like 60
bucks. I own about five of them, probably more. I’m, that’s off the top of my head how many I can think of. Um, I own a lot of backdrops, you know, um,
and I’ve other lights at, there’s so much guys, this all costs money. This is what I’m trying to say. This all costs money. Now, speaking of expenses that I’ve had to
make for my youtube channel, one of the inspirations for this video is that to be totally transparent
with you guys, this month is not really good for me. Um, I am in a situation financially that is
not great. I’m going to have to move because I can no
longer justify in this apartment making as little money as I’m making. Um, and you know, it is what it is. When I moved here, I could afford it. I can’t anymore. Um, and when I sort of took a break from Youtube,
cause really a lot of my financial issues came from me taking a break from youtube. Me Not being on youtube for a good year was
really amazing for my mental health. And coming back really made me come back with A., A deeper commitment to youtube, but B. A more authentic version of myself. So it was worth it. But what happened when I stopped doing youtube
videos for a year is that I stopped getting speaking engagements, right? Which meant that I was making a lot of money
when I moved here, but stopped making that money after I moved here. And that’s kind of come to a hit, right? But when I came back to youtube and I made
the commitment that I was going to, you know, do this, take this seriously, focus on this
stuff, I decided that I was going to the first time of my life, not pirate Adobe software. So I bought creative cloud and of course I
purchased a year, not even thinking, you know, thinking it was so inexpensive with what I
was making on Patreon. Plus what I was making doing these speaking
engagements, right? And so, [laughts] just the other day, um, my creative cloud
renewed and Adobe creative cloud, for those of you guys who don’t know is about $600 a
year. Right? And… I’m just going to say that I cannot afford
that. I cannot afford that. I let it renew because it’s software that
I use and yes, I know there are alternatives. There are, there absolutely are. But it’s what I’ve been using. It’s what I, it’s what I know how to use it
all cost it all costs, you know? And so when I hear people complaining about
us making money, it’s honestly kind of maddening. Um, and it’s not that I don’t understand the
perceived irony of being people who are anti-capitalists while asking your audience for money, but
here’s one of the big things that gets me This is the, the thing that really gets me
in this conversation. A lot of us are spending time creating content
that contradicts a lot of the work that the Right has put out. A lot of us, that is what we are doing. We are trying to either reach out to people
who don’t understand certain things or we’re trying to, you know, contradict a lot of the
Right’s control of the media. Right? And so what gets me about this is that these
right wing speakers, you know, Ben Shapiro, Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder, even, you
know, these people have an incredible amount of private funding, right? That makes it so that they can make the content
that they make. And in one of the things that’s really, it’s
really interesting, especially because a lot of the research that I’ve done with the series
that I’m working on is, is knowing that sometimes there, you know, you can watch like a Prager
u video for example, and the facts can be all incorrect. Everything they’re saying could be wrong. It could all just not be right, right. But it’s slick, right? But the presenter looks presentable and the
lighting is beautiful and the editing is nice and all of that costs money, right? And so you have this sort of thing where you’ve
got these people, you know on the left who are like, oh, why should we be giving money
to these youtubers who are making this anticapitalist content? And while that’s a conversation that I understand
and hear… While you’re having this conversation over
here, these people over there have no problem funding people to spread propaganda. And so it’s, it’s kind of upsetting and frustrating
to me that we have to have this conversation because I’m telling you right now that if
I had financial help, I would be able to do so much more. Part of the frustration that I have right
now is that I really did expect for my youtube channel, for my presence, for my everything
just be so distinctly different than what it is today. You know, right now I’ve been working on part
two of my rebranding of white nationalism series for months, for months. Right. And the frustrating part about it, I mean
part of why it’s been taking me so long is because stuff has happened, new things have
come out. I’ve had to add to this script. Right? But another thing is that like when it just
comes to editing in the graphics and all that other stuff, it really takes a lot of time. Um, and in 2017 I sort of had this thing that
I was, I was saying to everybody where I wanted to be able to within a year have a team. I thought that I would enter into 2018 with
a team of people working with me, helping me do what I’m trying to do. In fact, some of you guys might even remember
a time when I posted that on my Twitter and I was like, Hey, send me your stuff’s and
your portfolio. I want to, you know, find people that I could
potentially hire. Um, because I thought that my resources were
some thing that they, that they weren’t right. Um, and I can’t afford to do that, which is
me, which is why it takes me so long to get content out. It what people understand about people like
contra points and about philosophy tube, which are again, creators that I love. So don’t get it twisted is that they have
helped, you know, they not only have financial help to hire other people, but they also have,
you know, help from you guys. You know, and I have help. I’m not gonna, I’m not downplaying my Patreon
or whatever. I’m not. But the reality is, is that I don’t, I’m not
making enough to sort of do what I really would like to do. Now, a lot of people, when they hear you tubers
complain about not making money, you know, their, their reaction to that is, well, why
don’t you just go get a quote? Real job? What’s particularly frustrating to me about
that sort of argument is a, I’m very capable of getting a real job like I am, you know,
I very much am, right? The reality is is that I could not work a
nine to five job and also maintain a youtube channel. That’s just not realistic. It’s just, it’s not, it’s not realistic. Um, there is a time, like when I was working
for Fox animation, there was a time where I was really trying to get into working on
some of the children’s books that I ultimately ended up working on. Right. And I remember genuinely believing that I
could do children’s illustration alongside working at an animation studio. The reality was that there was no way in hell
I could go to work all day working from nine to five and come home and still have the energy
to work on a children’s book. It just is not going to happen. Right. And so for me, you know, it’s, it’s Kinda
like this, you know, obviously need being a youtuber decision that I made forever ago,
you know, um, you know, the, the risks, you know, come with the territory. But, um, really, um, the reality is, is that
I, if I don’t get support, if I don’t get funding, it’s, it’s going to be pretty hard
for me to do this stuff. And a lot of you guys will on one hand, praise
people like Contra points, but then complain about her asking you for money or her selling
merch. It just, it doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense. I understand that what you’re seeing as a,
as a viewer is them asking you or begging you for your money. Right. Which seems like a greedy thing that they’re
doing under capitalism. But I’m sorry, I just gave you guys a list
of all these financial things that I have invested. I didn’t mention my rent, I didn’t mention
my food. You know, I’ll be totally transparent right
now and say I’m having a hard time buying food for myself. You know, you guys have noticed that I’ve
lost a lot of weight. Part of that is me, you know, eating healthier. Another part of it is I can’t afford to eat,
you know, um, that’s just the reality of it. And, um, it is really frustrating to sort
of be in a situation where you really do rely on the support of your followers. You couldn’t go to, you know, another place
and have this shit taken seriously. You really rely on the support of your followers
and you have followers who say, oh, you know, you’ve changed my life. You’ve made me feel better about myself. You’ve done this, you’ve done that. And that all can be very, very much true. But what ends up happening, it seems is that
people find valid reasons, I guess to not support us financially. Um, and it’s again, frustrating because the
right does not have this problem. The right is always going to be able to find
people to give them money to spread their ideology. Right? And so while you’re sitting over there, making
people feel bad for asking to help them continue to do the work that you claim to love, their
shit’s getting funded left and right. And I think that we have to think about that. I think we have to think about the fact that
at the end of the day, if we’re having this sort of, I guess I don’t want to say culture
war, I don’t want to say, but if we’re having this sort of culture war right, you’ve got
one side that’s making the argument for why people shouldn’t be able to make these videos
and actually survive on them. And the other side saying, we not only want
you to survive on making these videos, but we want to make sure that you never have to
worry about anything. You know, it’s very, very, very, very, very
frustrating. Again, if I had financial help right now,
it would be the world to me. If someone can do with the grant. Ah, it’d be the world for me. So now I’m saying all that to say this, I’ve
mentioned this in a couple of previous videos, but you guys are going to see some more sponsorships
on this channel. I’m going to be a lot more pushy about my
Patreon because the reality is, is that I have, I haven’t done that as much as I as
I should, honestly, because I’ve always been really weird about asking for help for all
of the reasons that I just mentioned. It does feel sort of ironic for me to be like,
hey, it also gives me money. Right? But at the end of the day, it’s the only way
I’m going to be able to keep doing this stuff. And you know, my Patreon supporters know
this because we have very transparent conversations about money. But you know, I am in the best situation I’ve
ever been in life to quote, get a real job. Right? But what that would mean for me is that I
can’t do this, or at least I can’t do this as much. Right. And the the, the point between me struggling
to survive and me being able to make it is not that wide. It’s not that wide. I’ve already started to make some financial
decisions, you know, that are going to make it a lot easier for me to do what I’m trying
to do. Um, you know, but at the end of the day, I’m
still relying on your guys’ support. I am… and a lot of these other creators are as well. And if you do like what we are, what we’re
doing, you do think it has value. And not only that, you want it to continue
to be spread. You want us to keep making this content. Please don’t be afraid to support us in any
way. And I know that there are some people who
are listening to this video and they say, you know what? I don’t have any money. I’m broke. I can’t, I can’t do it. I would love to, but I can’t. Here’s something that I really want people
to understand. Supporting us does not just mean giving us
money. It really doesn’t. I get so much support from people who just
share my videos from people who just comment on my videos. That alone, the so much algorithmically that
you know, it’s… I’m so thankful for it. I’m so, so, so thankful for it. And what that does translate into for me is
money clicking on my ads. Even, if you don’t care about it does translate
into money and it’s free, you know? And so don’t think that just because we’re
talking specifically about money, that there aren’t ways you can still help us without
giving us money directly. There are so many ways engaging in our content,
sharing our content, telling your friends about our content, posting our content on
reddit. That all helps us all immensely. Right? I don’t think that it’s fair to chastise people
living under a capitalistic system for using capitalism to survive. You know, I’m an artist. Okay. The, the merch that I sell is all designed
by me as an artist. You know, and I haven’t been great at saying,
Hey, by the way, here’s my thing that you can buy because I have always felt like that
was a little bit too pushy. But what I’ve started to recognize is that
I can’t feel bad about trying to survive. I really can’t. And if you like what I do, if you support
what I do, you shouldn’t shame me for wanting to make it. I think that there are all these valid arguments
that people make about, you know, people using capitalism, especially when it comes to the
sort of sponsorships that they do and the companies that they support going into this. There’s already some companies that I know
I’m never going to work with cause I don’t agree with their policies at all. So I’m gonna try to do sponsorships that are
always in line with, you know, my morals, but maybe I’m not going to be able to have
that decision. This is the unfortunate reality of being a
creator, right? We, this is how we make our income. This is how we make our living by allowing
people to sell things on our content. I would love to do that in the way, in a way
that seems very seamless in a way that that seems very natural. I wanted to, to be sponsored by things that
I do believe in, that I can, I don’t want to sell you bullshit. I really, truly don’t. Um, you know, I’m not going to be as shy going
forward about that stuff. I’m not going to, I’m not going to prevent
myself from making a smart business decision that’s going to ultimately feed me and keep
doing this, you know? Um, so yeah. Anyway, that’s why I had to say, I would love
to know what you guys have to say about this. I understand a lot of people’s criticisms
and concerns, but at the end of the day, I don’t think we’re asking for a lot to help
us continue to make the videos that you love so much. So, yeah, on that note, I will see you guys
next week. Right now you are looking at two videos that
you can watch if you want to continue to sip true tea with me and in the corner, interestingly
enough, there is, there is a box where you can send me a tip if you got anything out
of this video. Um, so yeah, I will see you next Tuesday and
I’m bye.

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    Concentration of wealth into the hands of a few IS Capitalism.

    I don't know why people are still mistaking the former for the latter in this, the year of our lord, 2019.

  31. I'd rather pay a Leftist creator directly through their Patreon (or PayPal, or Kofi, or whatever) than watch their content knowing that they have to pay the bills by allowing a McDonald's, or Chik-fil-a (spits) ad to run before their videos.

    I mean, if you join a labor union, you pay union dues, so that you can afford to go on strike if and when you have to, and thereby have the leverage to change the system. Viewer sponsorships are like that. And until we succeed in getting the Alphabet Corporation (which owns Google and YouTube) converted into a public utility, viewer sponsorship is the closest thing we have — right now — to seizing the means of production.

  32. This is pretty straight forward. Wanting to survive doesn't make you a hypocrite and certainly not when you don't have a viable alternative. The second you can afford a summer house and a BMW then we can seriously call into question your fidelity to your convictions.

  33. What I don't get is that you can't blame people for doing the best they can under circumstances they cant control!! None of us by simply being anti capitalism can just opt out of it, we still need to eat and have roofs over our heads. The standards the left's creators are held to is ridiculous.

  34. Yes, girl! Where are those things you make? Where is the merch? Also, thanks for letting us know the many different ways to support you.

  35. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. I run into similar attitudes as well because I’m trying to be an activist artist. We have every right to survive & thrive! 🔥
    Anyways I’m becoming patron but also try to comment more in the future to help with the YouTube algorithm. I’m a long term viewer and actually you’re the only political commentator I’ve watched for years. I really appreciate your hard work. I hope your financial situation improves soon.

  36. Casual reminder that Patreon lets you give as little as $1 a month and if you’re in a position to support your faves financially, maybe consider. I stick with $1-$2 pledges so that I can support a greater number of people but the $1 pledges add up for the creators! ✌️

  37. We live in a capitalist economy and that means needing way way to support ourselves within that capitalist economy. If we live in a communist system, people may not have to, but we don't. Do what you need to in order to survive.

  38. I’ve seen instances where both the left and right have no sponsorships and/or have constant demonetization. Free speech doesn’t exist on YouTube unless it makes a company money from being a more favored opinion 😒

  39. As someone who binges youtube while at work I had no idea commenting helps lol. Also I feel you on the being raised not to talk about money. It's one of those things that's unintentionally toxic.

  40. I didn't know that commenting on vids help! Also, I really find your content really important, so I'll try to interact more if it translates to any for of help for you.

  41. I definitely don’t think it’s wrong to ask for help/money. Everyone needs to survive. I think a big difference is that the right has literal billionaires funding them. I make minimum wage working from 8 to 5. I’m a vegetarian and it’s ridiculously hard to afford food. I’d love to support leftist content, but I literally don’t make enough to live. I would ask for help if I had a platform! Lol but I don’t, and most leftists don’t. I absolutely think everyone who can help should, and we shouldn’t shame anyone for needing money! There’s a reason why there is a huge poverty problem.

  42. So yeah capitalism sucks, but its what we have to survive and live… It seems just wrong to high road someone by telling them to just not monetice their work and not eat if they are so critical of capitalism… c’mon…

  43. Thank you for sharing this–it's always hard to talk about money online, and this sets a really important precedent

  44. The algorithm keeps recommending me your True Tea videos, I only found your Rebranding of White Nationalism on my own. I've only discovered LeftTube recently, and I'll be going on Patreon for the first time because of that. The original research that must have required hit me hard, but for a casual viewer, the algorithm will make it very easy to miss the more labor-intensive content that's the kind of thing I'd really like to support.

  45. Yeah, I can't tell someone they shouldn't try to make money for what they do when they live under capitalism.

  46. You have great content, thank you for sharing…. yourself, it's great to see how open you are and I like the 'flow' your video's have they feel very organic. I hope you get the support you need and deserve!

  47. You deserve to make money for putting in a lot of time, effort, and your own money to make this fantastic content! Please do not feel guilty! You are amazing!! ♥

  48. This was so refreshingly honest. It's a real shame that a lot of people write off those who do creative work full-time as not having a "real job." Patreon is a remarkably effective way for artists to connect directly with their audience as a means of securing an income, and, as you said, it is frustrating to see people who evidently engage with and even think highly of an artist's work, while simultaneously refusing to give the creator money because they don't view the labor put into this creativity as having value enough to merit the basic securities that come with a reliable income in this Society We Live In.

  49. I can't support financially ANY of the leftubers I follow, but I greatly appreciate the work y'all do, and if commenting and sharing your stuff helps, I'll keep doing it. If I ever get in the situation where I can pledge support, I will. <3 Doing art as my main occupation seems like an unattainable dream for me right now, so it's encouraging to know that some people can make it out there!!

  50. Girl I love your content, don't change your script. You got this. I just subscribed. It's difficult to remember to do that sometimes.. but there you go, I support you 🙂

  51. I see nothing wrong with what you said. You forgot to mention that your subbies should disable Ad Block and watch the ads. I do mine disabled for YouTube and I mute my mac each time and ad starts or just check my phone. then, I am back. I'm proud of you for prioritizing your mental health.

  52. I think it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of anti-capitalism for people to think that opposing capitalism equates to opting out of capitalism. It’s not really something you can just opt out of without doing some major, major work to dismantle it. It’s also overly simplistic to think being that anti-capitalist is simply being anti-money. That would be like being anti-resources. It’s more complicated than that.

  53. as a 2 year newbie content creator on youtube that works full time this! haven't gotten any subscriptions or donations yet but we do need support.

  54. Well, Shaun is just a static image, but his content is great. It's the content of the content, not just the sets and lighting and stuff.

  55. If anything, leftist youtubers relying on viewer sponsorship in order to afford the ability to work in the first place is a good example of the failings of capitalism. People are encouraged to be entrepreneurs and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, while simultaneously being discouraged from asking for the funding necessary to work. Even as a potential exchange for work they've already done.

  56. I only give money to homeless people 🧡 if you are living on the street and I pass you by then I will shout you a hot meal and a few dollars to get you through the day. I only give money to homeless people 🧡 not youtubers.

  57. You're completely right. We all live in capitalist societies and have the right to support ourselves, no matter of our "leftist/socialist" ideals. This is a support comment, keep up.

  58. Thank you for being so real and transparent Kat! I always share you content, but I didnt know about how commenting and liking your videos helped you, algorithmically. I'm ON IT from now on

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