Why Is A White Nationalist Writing Trump’s Executive Orders? – The Ring Of Fire

Why Is A White Nationalist Writing Trump’s Executive Orders? – The Ring Of Fire

Donald Trump has now been in office for seven
full days. During those seven full days we have already
seen at least 12 executive orders, by the time you watch this likely more than 12. Here’s the thing. How can a guy with absolutely no political
experience to speak of come up with so many executive orders in such a short amount of
time? The answer according to White House aids is
that Trump is not actually the guy writing them. No. That job is falling on advisor Steve Bannon,
the former chairman of Breitbart and a pretty much white nationalist guy, somebody who has
definitely defended white nationalism at every given opportunity and another advisor, Stephen
Miller for Donald Trump. Here’s the question. Why in God’s name are we not hearing more
about the fact that a white nationalist like Steve Bannon is the one writing these presidential
executive orders for Donald Trump to sign into law? Why? Why are media outlets not discussing this
at greater length? Why are Democrats in the House and Senate
not getting upset about this? Why are they still willing to go along with
a few of the things Trump is saying because occasionally he says something a little good
like let’s get out of TPP? That was just the distraction, folks. If you’re focused on the fact that Donald
Trump pulled the United States out of TPP, then you’re not paying attention, and that’s
what he wanted you to do. He wanted you to focus on the shiny object
of TPP and not on the fact that he is destroying this country by letting people like Steve
Bannon write his executive orders for him. We basically have Breitbart News writing legislation
for this country. Breitbart News is telling us what we can and
can’t do now, legally. Here’s the other problem with this. They’re churning out these executive orders
so fast that Congress has not had time to review them to even make sure that it is legal
for the President to do this. Other government agencies, Department of Defense,
super pissed right now because they’re not getting to review the policies these executive
orders that actually directly affect their department. In the past, even though Presidents have had
to use executive orders to get around Congress, Congress still ends up reviewing these to
make sure that it is legal. On top of that, the President seeks the advice
of members from the agencies to whom these executive orders will directly affect. They seek guidance, they ask advice. They want help to make sure they’re not screwing
anybody over and more importantly doing anything illegal, but Donald Trump doesn’t care. Steve Bannon doesn’t care. They have an agenda, and come hell or high
water they’re going to make sure that that agenda gets enacted. That is a dangerous thing for the people of
the United States, it’s a dangerous thing for Congress from what we’re hearing now,
and it’s a dangerous thing for all government agencies. We could very well be looking at an executive
order that authorizes terrorism. Yeah, that’s illegal, it’s against the Geneva
Conventions and all other sorts of international treaties. It’s against US law. Donald Trump can sign it, make it technically
legal. It’s still illegal, but they’re going to do
it because they don’t care because none of these people have spent a single day in either
politics or law. They don’t know what they’re doing. Donald Trump is political idiot, a legal idiot,
and so is Steve Bannon, and so is Stephen Miller and so is every other person that Trump
has surrounded himself with in Washington, D.C. If I were a Republican which thank God I’m
not, I would be looking at this chewing my fingernails down to the nub screaming, “Why
are you making such blatantly obvious mistakes, giving the Democratic Party fodder to impeach
you in six months, you idiot?,” because that’s what’s going to happen. Trump is doing some pretty awful things right
now, but at least we can take a little bit of solace in knowing that he is screwing up
so monumentally that it’s only a matter of time before he does something blatantly illegal
which opens the window to getting him out of office before the end of his first year.

100 thoughts on “Why Is A White Nationalist Writing Trump’s Executive Orders? – The Ring Of Fire

  1. He's got a 59% positive job approval rating now Farron you moron. You people are losing credibility by the day. Why don't you just admit he's doing an amazing job and get on board?

  2. This video is such a ray of hope… I hope they not only impeach him but also seize all of his assets, leaving him broke.

  3. Farron, you're smarter than the comment the DEMs will impeach him. DEMs are in the minority, remember? They can't do shit.

  4. Don't you see they are purposely dividing the races, the religions, the politics to keep your minds off the government. Even some of my comments, and emails are being deleted or failed to send. Aswell as failed to post comment errors. Try talking about whats really going on, or talk about the truth behind Jesus Christ, and you will be silenced in America.

  5. Obama did 276 executive orders, Trump will probably surpass that by 2018. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/data/orders.php

  6. I had been wondering why Bannon's name hadn't come up and what was his level of influence. He has been quietly playing Trump behind the scene. Trump wouldn't have thought of the gag orders on his own.

  7. if Trump is impeached, Pence is the president, we dont see him as bad or worse than Trump because he is mostly quiet…Pence is WORSE than trump BECAUSE he keeps his mouth shut….Pence has all of Trump's promises and NONE of his bluster….even if Pence is gone, you have a bunch of Republicans ready to take the stead…

    God help us all…honestly

  8. This has been a long time coming. Just sit back and take it in. You trusted a president that was disassembling the country and the news said NOTHING USA USA USA Thank you Stave Bannon!

  9. The biggest weapon against these asswholes is knowledge. Get informed, seek information from different sources, network and spread your knowledge and above all expose these orcs for what they are.

  10. The nerve of Steve ban on telling media to shut up. He needs to shut his fat ugly face or better still drop dead!! News media need to keep reporting to beat asses like ban on who spew filth. What a piece of shit he is !!!!!

  11. Trump is a piece of shit in a huge pile of shit he surrounds himself with. God help us get rid of these turds. And soon !!!!!!!

  12. IMAO Bannon is not an idiot. He knows exactly what he's doing."Darkness is good. So that the Liberals don't notice what we'r doing".

  13. he has investments in the company that wants to do dapl and he signed an executive order saying that it will go through that alone should get him impeached!!

  14. watch me pull a rabbit out of my but all the while why your distracted there sneaking up on you to bend you over just a little harder wait for it wait for it boom

  15. So what's the problem? Take them to court for every single illegal act that they commit and throw the book at them. Lock the door and throw away the key. Job done…

  16. OMG that scumbag Bannon looks like an unkempt skid-row bum. Where does The Orange Clown dig up the low-life rats in his Cabinet? Good thing Twitler "Drained the Swamp!" Now it is a filthy cesspool of deplorables.

  17. They don't know what they are doing, and this will be their downfall. It's the amateur hour. The professionals in the government, the people who have to carry out policy – are going to leak and resist anyway they can. He's going to be tied up with ACLU lawsuits.

  18. Bannon is not politically naive, as you claim. He has a very specific agenda, and a strategy to achieve it. We know somewhat from Breitbart what the agenda is, but there is more to it. He takes his philosophy from Putin's buddy Alexander Durgin – and the agenda is for a worldwide repressive fascist regime under Putin. And the strategy is to produce chaos – confusion, overwhelm, "alternative facts," etc. to mentally and emotionally disarm the population into accepting all this without knowing what is hitting us. Don't for a moment think that TrumPutin is stupid, crazy or childish. That is a show. He is a consummate con man. Watch out!

  19. I'm going to make a wild guess that perhaps Steve Bannon is setting him up for impeachment so that he and his troupe can take over after Trump's impeached and really have a hayday with the country.

  20. Steve Bannon, noted wife beater and anti Semite has the approval of Charles Manson, wh said "I like his style. Helter skelter, baby. I wish I were 30 years younger. …and free."

  21. There is no way a narcissist like Trump with the IQ he has will understand what is happening to the american people and america. He is a puppet for another agenda. How is this gonna play out?

  22. I bet any white nationalist male from the "Establishment" could send Trump an executive order and he'll just sign it no questions asked….essentially that what he just did.

  23. Farron, Trump has not even researched the consequences of his own actions. Or more likely he has and knows exactly what he is doing. This is what dictators do. You are delusional if you think that we can impeach him before he takes total military control. One man can act 50x faster than over 500 lawmakers. He will have them all in jail before they can even convene a session. It has only been a week! Anyone who cannot see what is coming is a moron.

  24. Farron. They look like idiots, and when it comes to honesty and world matters they are idiots. But they know exactly what they are doing. This is a rapid soft coup, and it cannot be stopped without violence, period. I never thought I would say this. What a sad world we live in.

  25. The answer to this one is easy enough: Trump can't read nor write (at least not coherently) above a basic level. Besides, the man has yet to display any independent thinking on any policy issue, so naturally he's going to outsource his policymaking to others.

  26. I'm trying to figure out how he gets to look like he just rolled out of bed everyday. He needs to clean up and look more professional. He's in the White House, if you can't look professional there then what's the standard?

  27. Hey hey Idiot !! where were you when Mr Hussein Barack gave away The Internet …??
    And had you have any opinion to the money he sneaky sent to Afghanistan. where are you in commenting these days ???
    Learn your History/ Don't just be a sell out because of you Political Party….
    ohhhh unless you are one from the many paid branches dedicated to attack only.
    Keep MAGA !!

  28. What Trump supporters don't get, and will never get, is that his way of being a president, and his minions that work with him, is going to incite SEVERE retaliation from other countries. Now with his Muslim ban, he just gave incredible strength to ISIS against us. He stupidly says it isn't a Muslim ban, yet his ban is against Muslim countries, but no countries that he has dealings with are being banned. We better get prepared America, this horrendous president is leading us into retaliation from angered countries, and it's beyond anything we ever knew, including 9/11. You don't just sign one executive order after another without seeing what the domino effect will be, Trump is now going to make the rest of the world our enemy, and in doing so, leaves us the sitting ducks when the other countries decide to get rid of us. We can't take on every country at once, and if they decide America will care about no one but itself, get ready, we are done! UNDERSTAND PEOPLE, TRUMP IS GOING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  29. I'm going to keep referring to his supporters. Everyone that voted for him, what portion of that 60 million are paying attention to this? Could it be the estimate 17% who knew he was full of sh*t when they voted for him?

  30. With a trump impeachment you will end up with a mike pence presidency, which more or less is just as bad.

    Looks like someone would have to "drain the swamp"…. Oh wait, we're all screwed!!!

  31. President Trump is signing executive orders to keep America safe, these steps were never taken by OBAMA. President Trump is going to need a lot of extra pens.

  32. TYT should be putting all your Bannon stuff on their main channel youtube sidebar. Only just saw this, and it really needs to be seen and absorbed by a lot more eyeballs, as do your more recent Bannon vids. Not sure we even have 6 mos – these guys are going full speed ahead. A handy little real or false-flag terrorist attack, and they can precipitate things in a very bad direction…..

  33. To all butt-hurt CUCKSERVATIVES & TRUMPANZEES SHUT THE FUCK UP, despite all of his bullshit and lies you still elected this PRICK; in doing so you gave-up any right to be bitching! So now just bend-over and take all that’s cumming 😉 to you, because this is just the beginning! Remember the saying “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it” so I hope that this PRICK is everything you were wishing for! KEEP LIVING IN YOUR OWN REALITY! And NO I am NOT a DEMOCRAT!

  34. More lies from the new fascists.  All the phoney labels didn't work in the election so just keep that strategy you fucking idiots.
    What else can they democrats do, they can't debate policy so they throw out all the isms and phobias.

  35. I keep hearing Bannon is a racist.
    I have yet to find one fact about him that would make him a racist, except for accusations from leftist media, like Ring of Feces. Other than that, the evidence is scant. I found one quote from a Breitbart article that could have been construed as such. Even that was thin.
    lack of evidence never stopped any of you leftists from running with a good narrative that makes Republicans look racist. I could find way more evidence in the history of the Democrat Party to accuse them of racism. The KKK was the militant wing of the Democrat Party in its inception. The last member of Congress that was a member of the KKK was Sen Robert Byrd of Virginia(Democrat).

    Those are called facts. You people should try using them some time.

  36. Why would you ask this question when you ridiculously said that Trump is "literally Hitler"(which is impossible for all you slow liberals that don't know what "literally" means)? Why would it surprise you? It's okay, only 8 more years of Trump, snowflakes.

  37. ring of fire  if you don't like it GET the FUC out    .  i'll  pay for your C130  trip  For you And ALL your shit to be dropped in Cambodia

  38. I'm laughing right now….spin spin snowflake…He is actually keeping his campaign promises. His approval ratings have gone up even higher since he has taken office. We looooove him!

  39. What experience did that traitor Obama have come on why don't you talk about that ass hole, what about the experience with cocaine, that he's a lying homosexual, you freak. Grow up you freaking hypocrite.

  40. You need to grow up. Oh my Godw many did Obama write huh you freaking liar. Oh really you didn't care how many Obama wrote, come on you were sleeping for eight freaking years. how many did Obama write, oh my God the most in American history. Your such a stinking hypocrite. Screw your you liar. Ho

  41. Steve Bannon is NOT an anti-Semite nor is he a White Supremacist, so shut the fuck up. There is nothing bad about Trump's executive orders.

  42. who is this lieing dumbass left wing communist globalist bastard who doesn't give a shit about Terrorist infiltrating the west??!

  43. Bannon is Bad News but for real terror and tyranny, look out for S.Miller. He has the dead eyes of a tyrant, and he WILL succeed.

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