Why I’m Confronting Anti-Zionism on Campus

Why I’m Confronting Anti-Zionism on Campus

For me, Israel was always portrayed as the
best, the country with the best food, the place where my friends and families lived. There was no question in my mind, Israel is
a great Jewish state and as a Jew, I was so lucky to have it. However, though I loved Israel I was completely
unaware of other perspectives, of stories from ‘the other side’. When I decided to go to a University that
wasn’t a Jewniversity, my comfort zone and the Jewish bubble I was raised in would soon
be popped and my relationship with Israel – and Zionism would never be the same. At the University freshers fair, where thousands
of students just like me are eager to meet new people, societies and join different communities
on campus, my eyes drew me to one sign that stood out from all the rest. “Ask me the truth about Israel and Palestine”. Excited, I approached the stall in expectation
that they would be sharing about the beautiful diversity of Tel Aviv or the life changing
medical advances in cancer research that Israel was impacting the world with, or at least;
how the Dead Sea was great for your skin. “Tell me the truths about Israel and Palestine”,
I asked. The person at the stall responded, “The
IDF kill roughly 300 babies and women a year”. I was completely lost for words. My first encounter at University was one of
hatred to the country I knew and loved but I didn’t know what to do. As a new student, I feared isolating new friends
I had made if I shared with them my perspectives on Israel. And now, I felt conflicted, confused – could
this claim be true? Could the murder of 300 babies and women a
year really be the Israel I knew all along? I needed to know the facts for myself. My renewed determination to learn more about
Israel led me on a Birthright trip. Against all expectations it was in Israel
that I came to truly understand the challenges Israels faces in the spreading of misinformation
and lies – and the need to counter it. On the first shabbat our group were at the
Western Wall – soaking in the incredible atmosphere. It was a very special evening as my passion
and love for Israel had been reignited in that moment and in my mind it was a cause
for a celebration. My friends and I were drinking, singing and
dancing with all of these complete strangers… but I never felt more comfortable, we were
all having the time of our lives, it felt like a kosher glasto. When suddenly a commotion erupted around us. An ambulance had driven in and people were
panicking. What had happened was three terrorists had
attacked Israeli police officers, with one officer, Hadas Malka stabbed to death. As you can imagine, the harsh reality that
Israeli’s live really struck me and put into perspective how complicated this middle
eastern conflict is. The shock that I felt in that moment was nothing
compared to what I saw the next day, however. The BBC media had published “Israeli police
shot dead three Palestinians outside the Old City of Jerusalem”. I was stunned. How could the truth be manipulated like this? How could it be that when Israelis were the
victims of terror attacks that the media would not just turn a blind eye but invert the truth
and mislead the world about reality that Israel faces? It was then that my mind took me back to that
lie I had first encountered on my first day at University. “The IDF kills roughly 300 babies and women
a year”. I knew then that the challenge I was confronted
with, was a challenge that Israel faces every day – nothing less than the distortion of
the truth – in the media, on campus. And only hatred and prejudice wins. Upon my return I knew that I had to do something. I could not stand by and allow lies to be
spread against the nation I loved. Growing up I had taken Israel for granted
and I knew that it was only through education that I myself would become more confident
in my Zionism and feel able to correct the lies that were so pervasive on campus. Alongside other Jewish students in the Brighton
and Sussex Jewish Society we took the prerogative to educate our peers. And now, as a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow,
I am working even harder to promote education and dialogue, confident that countering misinformation
with facts will not only help Israel but help the possibility for peace in my lifetime. in my lifetime.

40 thoughts on “Why I’m Confronting Anti-Zionism on Campus

  1. But the same is true of believers in Yeshua. (salvation)..there are facts then there is Truth, have you got the Hebrew for Truth, genuine question I have no dictionary. I didn't see IDF ill treat any one. But these are worldly affairs. Its awful its like piggy in middle for onlookers I found out about true history of Palestine, its a name given by a roman invader? Do you have this, then in 1948it was UK who called it Palestine as well. But there's reason for this it's every time the Iserealires forget the Lord.

  2. "Palestinians" are the only people in the world that think they can….
    Send their children to kll others and then scream that those others are kllers.
    Instigate wa'r after w'ar, and then demand all lost land back.
    Leave to allow others to [email protected] then demand compensation from those same people for not getting slaughtered.
    Vow to destr0y another country, and then demand to return to that country.
    Claim to be geno’cided, as their population has increased over seven fold in the last 70 years and then demand medi'ca1 care and all kinds of other assistance from the supposed genociders, while leaving explosives in their hospitals as payment.
    Attack on a daily basis in every form possible, from every direction possible, then claim to be the vi'ctims.
    Openly vow and try to kll another people & destr0y their homeland, and then wh'ine when they are viewed as the en'emy.
    Be responsible for thousands of b0mbing, g2n, [email protected], and other attacks, and then scream ap'artheid when those targe'ted build a barrier to keep them away. Meanwhile any other country on earth would have annihilat’d the Palestinians a longtime ago for a fraction of what they do.
    Spend all available funds on wea'pons and paying those who kll another people, then blame the people targ'eted for lack of their own. prosperity.
    Vow to destr0y another nation, and then throw a fit when they manage the borders to restrict the materials needed to do just that.
    A'ttack from civilian structures, and then balk responses to those locations.
    Turn down a state five times (soon to be six), and then claim that is what they are fig'hting for.
    Elect leaders that stea'l billions, and then claim it’s your neighbor’s fault that you are not prosperous.
    Claim to be peaceful people, that are only vio1ent because of the “occupation”, and then … go to Jordan and start a civil war, go to Lebanon and [email protected] Christians, be accepted by Kuwait then support Saddam, go to Iraq and help Saddam [email protected] Kurds, take billions in aid from Saudi Arabia then support Iran against them, etc ….
    Celebrate US [email protected] on 9/11 and burn US flags, then beg for funds from the US …(so that they can keep their pay for [email protected] program well-funded … so they can kll that countries ally).
    Play an active part in their own expu'lsion and then demand the whole world coddles and supports them till the end of time, even though over 60+ million other people (who weren’t expelled for their hostility) have become refugees over the last century, and almost none of them will ever return or be compensated.
    Hold protests of their fellow Arabs peace conference for trying to help solve the Palestinians problems. Meanwhile begging for more aid money from the people they are protesting.
    Perhaps someday the “Palestinian” “schools” will stop teaching hate long enough to review the meaning of the words RESPONSIBILITY & CONSEQUENCES …. two concepts they clearly don’t cover now. Please share this post…everywhere!

  3. Not many people know this, sick Syrians are sometimes smuggled across the border into Israel and treated with great compassion in Jewish hospitals and by Jewish medical staff, they are then taken carefully back into Syria after treatment. God Bless Israel

  4. You're trying to confront Anti-Zionism on campus because Hasbara no longer works in a world where 75% of adults aged 18 – 55 have almost no trust in MSM, watch less than an hour of tv a day and get all of their info from alternative media outlets.

    Zionism preceded, informed and is virtually indistinguishable from Nazism.

    Israel is an apartheid nuclear rogue that maintains its stolen land via a nebulous and ever expanding portfolio of crimes against humanity.

    Anyone who shills for Zionism is a libelous, intransigent, tribal automaton, programmed to reflexively spout Hasbara sophistry in the vain hope it will sustain Zion.

    It won't.

    Thank you.


    N ~


  6. Ummm, this is my understanding the Zionist movement was about Jews returning to Israel. Thus creating a Jewish state. Then there is, what is Israel now? Israel is still a state divided, by religion and politics. Just as the Secular movement arose against the Pharisees, ie….the Chassidic Ultra Orthodox , control of the political framework of who exactly is a Jew and the law of what it is to be Jewish. Because of the Mitzvah that one must abide by, is that of an expectation, of sinlessness. We all know everyone technically sins, else it would not be in the Torah.

  7. I stand with Israel as I always have and always will for I'm a proud Zionist and freedom lover therefore Israel and Jewish People will always have my support and love God Bless Israelis God Bless Zionism God Bless Israel

  8. Those r the same babies that we use to eat and drink their blood with our mazot in passover. How u didn't know it ?!

  9. List of stupid parties and ideologies.

    And now we wait for the hate comments.


  11. If Israel is so lovely why do you have to Kill Kill Kill Palestinians Iraq Iran Syrians Lebaneses?. Israel is a failure. From the beginning a terrorist state.

  12. Remember USS Liberty.
    Zionists are terible they attacked Americans.
    Long live the American Veterans who survived that attack.

  13. I don't get it why BBC is working against Israel, Is it the gulf countries? Zionist lobbies are not strong enough?

  14. I remember that Friday night like it was yesterday.

    That Friday I was guarding 2 Jewish families and just as Shabbat came in, young Jewish children were playing outside on the slides as their mother watched them, then I heard shootings a few metters away I quickly called on the radio that there is gun fire and told the mother to go inside with the children then I heard more gun fire, I climbed up the old city wall of the 'Flower Gate' (Herod's Gate) the same place that Jewish fighters took position against the crusaders, there was fear that one of the terrorists got away and could be within the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, my job was to protect the familes at all costs.

    I will never forget that very sad and emotional Friday June 16, 2017

    Hadas Malka zt'l may your memory be a blessing




    R E S E A R C H .

    Turn off the TV.

  16. I don't debate zionists or zionism. that'll be like debating a racist south African about apartheid. why the hell will i debate a racist ideology such as zionism.? i rather punch him in the face. if a person a male of mature age and an able bodied individual that can defend himself, told me i'm a proud zionist to my face or even wearing a shirt saying such. -Lol may Allah Help me and Bestow on me Patience & Mercy that's all i have to say.

  17. This is nothing but more Zionist propaganda. Let me also make a few things clear for anyone bought in by this video.

    The most highly-militarised country in the region and one of only 9 countries to posses nuclear warheads is the victim? Building settlements, enforcing an occupation, inflicting apartheid are all illegal. So what's needed to cover these crimes up is Israel should play the one under attack for no fault of her own.

    To achieve this PR stunt the Zionist machine has setup numerous, well-funded and hugely influential Israeli lobbies solely operating for the benefit of Israel, in America. AIPAC, CPAC, CUFI and others. Their job is to invert the truth, to keep sympathy on Israel's side and draw your attention away from what's really going on there.

  18. A couple of bits of advice. Ignore the media, they are garbage. Remember the Abrahamic Covenant is unconditional. As a Christian Zionist American the left hates me also. Stay strong and unafraid my friend.

  19. God bless Israel. Love Israel, a beautiful nation of Jewish culture heritage and beautiful Mediterranean beaches and weather

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