Why I Love Community College | The Financial Diet

Why I Love Community College | The Financial Diet

hi guys its Chelsea from the financial diet and today we're going to be talking about something that's very special to me but that we haven't yet talked about on the channel and that is community college now I know the community college probably isn't your idea of a fun topic to discuss but given that about half the people we talked to every day on this site are dealing with student debt in some way it's definitely a relevant thing to think about now the average senior graduating from college today graduates with about twenty eight thousand four hundred dollars in student debt which is insane if you consider the fact that a a lot of them didn't need to take out that much money to get their degree and be a lot of them got degrees that probably aren't helping them get a good job so if you're a high school senior right now which some of you might be you're probably dealing with the enormous pressure the big question of where are you going to go to school and I know that most people around you are probably doing one thing and that's pressuring you to go to the best possible school that you can get into but the problem is when you're looking at where to go for your college education a lot of people don't even consider Community College because of the stigma that's attached to it and as someone who went to Community College after high school I can definitely confirm that that stigma is huge and it really gets in the way of your decision making one of the biggest things that people will tell you when you're making the choice to go to Community College is that your quote-unquote too smart to be going now as someone who I guess comes off as reasonably intelligent and can put a sentence together people kept repeating to me over and over again and we're talking even adults parents Friends of parents parents of friends everyone they're so smart you're so articulate why are you going to Community College you could be going to a real school now obviously there's about a million problems with that sentence but the biggest one for me was that no I couldn't when I was coming out of high school real college which is by the way a completely BS term that we should all take out of our vocabulary was definitely not an option for me I had absolutely terrible grades I never took the SATs I didn't turn in my homework but because of the way I presented myself people assumed that I was too smart to be going to Community College and the thing is they didn't just say that to me they said that to other people that I went to Community College with who actually did have good grades and we're going there specifically to save money and there's almost nothing worse that you can say to a young person who's trying to make a smart financial decision for themselves that they're too smart to be doing it now I happen to go to Community College because I didn't have let's say a huge array of options after high school but there are plenty of reasons that people choose to go to Community College you can go because like me you weren't ready for a four-year school yet you can go specifically to save money and then plan on transferring or you can go for one of the many degrees and certifications that they offer that will land you into a job right out of Community College now the truth is a lot of people coming out of high school will look down their nose at a lot of the degrees and certifications that you can get from assisi but trust me that when you're graduating from a four-year school with a debt and B a degree that is not getting you a job you're going to look at a lot of those jobs that people got right out of Community College and be like damn I wish I had that salary now if your goal was to transfer after community college to a four-year university instead of just going straight into a job it's important to remember that at most community colleges they offer an entire curriculum of classes that transfer directly into the state school of your choice now this means that you can do a full two years at a community college and then transfer to the school of your choice and graduate with a degree from that four-year school and no one is going to know the difference when they look at your resume now when I went to a community college I was planning to transfer to a four-year school as well and we have to remember that when I came out of high school literally the worst school I can think of off the top of my head would not take me and when I came out of Community College I was not only getting accepted to great schools but getting scholarships to them and this is because Community College taught me how to be a student not only was it flexible to my schedule allowed me to have jobs and internships but it also had tiny class sizes something you don't always get at some of the bigger four-year schools where I got to know my professors I had great relationships with people in my class and I actually started to enjoy the process of being a student now one of the things that people are definitely going to give you crap about if you decide to go up to Community College is the social aspect of school people are going to be like what do you mean you're not going to go to you know dorm parties and get alcohol poisoning and paint your face for football games and such and that's true some of those things don't exist the community college but speaking from personal experience the social aspect of community college was awesome when I was going to CC I didn't just live off campus in a house with friends and it was fun and that whole experience but I was also in tons of clubs did tons of theater productions and was even able to start my own Club with funding from the Student Association because the campus was so tight-knit and it was easy to get funding for what you wanted to do now I don't have a degree because I was hired for my first full-time job while I was still finishing school but most of my friends from Community College do because they transferred but like me they have almost no student debt because most of them did the full two years of Community College transferred to a less expensive school and continued to commute now there are obviously some people who will go to Community College and still end up with significant student debt but it certainly makes it a lot easier to start on the little to no debt path if you start off in Community College now obviously if you're certain of your post high school path and have figured out financially how you're going to make it work you should go to the college that's right for you but if a you're not totally sure of what you want to do or be you haven't figured out how to make it financially reasonable definitely consider Community College CC allows you to figure out your life without the pressure of an expensive tuition that's forcing you to make decisions quickly and as a teenager now if I had listened to all those people who were so negative about my decision to go to Community College who told me I was too smart for it I would have ended up making the decision that impressed them but was totally wrong for me there are tons of misconceptions out there about Community College and the least you can do for yourself and your own financial future is to research it and to see if it might be the right decision for you so look up your local CC and see see what it can do for you and don't forget to subscribe and to go to the financial diet com for more bye

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  1. Damn, I have to hope that people are more savvy than they used to be and kids now aren’t hearing this. Wasn’t there awareness of debt and family finances and everything else that goes into making this vital decision? Man, that just made me really angry 😡 😤 😠 !

  2. I am starting my first year old social work in community college! We have tons of certificates, diplomas or degrees that are university transferable! Our college and local uni have a transfer agreement with most of the programs. In fact, you cant even do the first two years of social work at the uni. You do the diploma at the college and then transfer to year 3 and 4 at the uni! If you wanted to start at the university, youd have to do 2 years of general studies. With the diploma, you transfer with a certificate (1st year) and diploma! And a foot up from a general studies start!

    A lot of places in my town require only a certificate or diploma 🙂 I dont even have my highschool diploma yet! I qualify simply with grade 12 English as a mature student.

    But I'll be finished my gr 12 about 2 weeks before I start the sswk program! 😌

    1 semester at the uni would cost more than the whole first year at CC!

  3. If you have good grades, maybe hold off on college at all.
    If you start at CC, you forefit freshman scholarships you're eligible for at public universities as someone who has never gone to college and has good grades.

  4. I went to community college at 13 and transferred to university. I met SO many 4.0 high school students it was insane. I transferred to Colombia but HATED IT! So I transferred to a state uni.

  5. i was actually mostly unaware of the stigma surrounding CC. while i know people prefer going to big fancy schools, my family has always gone to CC because we're poor. I'm a senior in high school but I'm doing online classes (more variety and flexible schedule) so I don't even know the social aspect of highschool. I'm actually planning on attending a CC and then transferring to another school because my family is poor and I'll have to rely on financial aid. But because of how poor my family is, I qualify for grants. But money problems aside, I actually get good grades too but I'm still going to do CC because it's what I'll be able to afford. (as in I'm an A-B average with only one C on my transcript)

  6. I coach soccer at a community college. This stigma hurts my bringing in players I'd like to get. They end up going to four year schools and are sometimes miserable and going to end up in huge debt. I wish I had gone to my CC like my Dad suggested.

  7. Wow (just saw this). Congratulations on being recruited right out of college. I like your videos on the Financial Diet. Thus helped demystify for me, the going to school. I love school, but didn't do well. I did not keep up. I would probably now try to learn as much as I could on my own (a general education)_ and the see if I could follow a structure, as school seems to be that. It could be that this is the turning point to my life (poverty,etc). thanks (good luck with everything). You don't know how what you do or are even, can make a difference (yeah). I'm off (at 64). A fan.

  8. I went to community college and loved it! Now I’m attending a 4-year university and graduating with a bachelors at the age of 19. I’ll be heading to grad school soon after.

    CC is the best financial choice I made. It also gave me insight on how important school is by meeting older people who told me they were proud of the choices I’m making.

    I also have a high paying salary than my peers because I had an associates degree.

    I loveeeddd CC!

  9. Thinking about going to a community college to start working early and saving money in order to begin investing in real estate or stocks (index funds), but I'm not sure if you need a bachelor's degree for investing in the stock market…?

  10. What CCs you might consider the ivy league of CCs? I am planning to attend CC then transfer to a 4 yr school. My interest is inengineering.

  11. i kinda ended up realizing this info in the past few weeks and as i hear you explain it, i feel rather comforted, in a way? but also, since i’m not living in the country i want to go to college in, it’s kind of.. strange. idk. the video’s really helpful regardless!

  12. I had good grades throughout high school but I sucked at standardized testing, I completely flopped on my SAT and participate in any clubs, I only had my theatre class. I have applied to a community college and felt so ashamed and dumb for some reason- this is the video I needed to realize that is such bullshit! Thank You!

  13. I relate! I used up 3 years of university doing part-time studies for Biology but ended up flunking it. I was at a confused state, thinking that all along, I needed to get to university to look good on the outside and to feel better about myself which is a whole facade. Last year, I just realized taking Nursing at a community college was alright for me after all. Now I have finally found a direction. Judging colleges for university was a huge mistake. If most people open their mind and eyes a bit more, they need to know that employers would prefer their applicants with hands-on experience that colleges provide more than a 4 year university degree with no experience.

  14. I’m attending CC full-time during my senior year. I’ll probably stay another year. Great way to limit debt! My GPA is 3.7 and my SAT was a 1390.

  15. I regret the debt I acquired to get a four year degree I barely used. My much wiser nephew eventually turned his two year cc experience into fully funded undergrad and grad opportunities. He will graduate with a Masters with no debt and hopes to do the same for a PhD.

  16. I’m so glad we have A levels in my country’s education system. Your community college associates degrees are equivalent to my A levels and I’m 2 years younger by the time I’m done. Completely debt free because secondary school education is paid for by the government. Not to mention we have a tertiary education program that pays anywhere from 25% to 100% of university tuition depending on your household income. AND the government offers national scholarships to high school students based on their A level grades that covers tuition and other expenses for up to 5 years of their tertiary education. AND since we follow the British model we can go to med school or law school, etc straight after A levels and the government programs will pay for it. The best part is we’re not even a socialist or communist state, we’re a capitalist society. The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago simply puts emphasis on education.

  17. Community college is academically inferior to a "real school?" There isn't any social scene where you can avoid responsibility and get shit-faced at community college? Yeesh, those people need to make up their minds.

    Having never experienced a community college, and am hesitant to whole-heartedly endorse them, but they are definitely a viable option. I personally went to a large state school with a full academic scholarship.

    Fun Fact: The public schools I applied to not only had lower sticker prices than the private schools, two of them also offered me free rides. One of the private schools I applied to gave me their biggest available scholarship, but they were still the second-most expensive option I had on the table. Don't buy that bullshit about "Oh, but you'll get financial aid that will make the price comparable."

  18. Although I did not studied in the USA. I graduated from high school in Greece with no good grades. Then I went to England to study. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. And instead of Master degree I decided to do an apprenticeship as a machinist in Germany. And know I am working as an Industrial Engineer , which is between Business and Engineering fields. And my dream job.

  19. Jesus Christ will make us smarter ….!!!! Repent people be saved …… Also this video was helpful…….

  20. I got a GED and went straight into a community college. I didn't apply to any universities, but it would probably have been harder to get accepted if I did. My problem is that I didn't behave myself in high school, so I got kicked out. Community college gave me a second chance to do well and prove that I am still perfectly capable of doing school. I recently transferred to a university, and I am very thankful that I went to community college first now that I have seen how expensive university is compared to community college.

  21. Yay canada! I'm living off government money for the time of my school (3 years)… this means 6700$ of money just given to me, no need to pay it back, and 3000$ of loans that are interest free. I will also be receiving bonuses for my good grades. Each of my semesters cost 150$ and about 200$ of books per semester (some programs cost a lot more in books.) I have no need for a weekend job, although i do live very modestly, no stress about after school and having to pay it back. Education should be affordable to have a majority of people be qualified for a big variety of jobs and have competent workers.

  22. I love u… thanks for the heads up. I have this chance of going to community college and I wanted to change but I didn't know think it was this awesome… 'I'll proudly CC"…

  23. I went to Community College and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I had okay grades, I think I left high school with a between a 2.9 and a 3.1 GPA I know it was around there, but I also don't test well and I test horribly with a fever- which I had when I took my SAT's (102).
    Community College helped my realize I was intelligent and I had great critical thinking skills. It also helped me with punctuation grammar, which surprisingly isn't taught well in public school.

  24. I started first two years of highschool with like 3.2 gpa then junior/senior year I lost my work ethic had like 2.0 gpa stopped doing my homework was kinda depressed, started missing a lot of school was doing drugs occassionally but not that often I was mostly just depressed and my average ended up being somewhere around 2.5gpa barely graduated highschool at the end of my senior year I was failing classes and ended up getting to C's I just had no idea what I was working towards and didn't know what the point of working hard was. I had no knowledge about college or anything about college. My parents never told me anything about college(If i knew I probably would've worked harder) then after highschool i got a job started working for a few months then when the summer came to an end and the school semester started back up i decided to signed up for community college and started to learn about degrees associates/bachlors/masters and how to transfer from cc to 4 year. Once i started maping out the classes i needed and what I needed to do to transfer and get my degree it started motivating me. Knocking out a certain amount of credits and classes during a semester put me closer to where I wanted to be and it motivated me. I went from never doing homework in highschool to dedicating my life and putting my homework and studying over everything. Now i've finished most of my transfer requirements and am finishing up my associates degree in civil engineering and have a 3.5 gpa currently looking to transfer to a 4 year get a bachlors degree and i'll see where that takes me to possibly get a masters

    moral of the story is that I needed to be informed more about college and majoring and degrees and such. But I mean you live and learn

  25. I attended CC up to my Associates Degree and it was the best choice of my life. As a 'returning student' it got my foot back in the door, and while I was also a terrible student in high school CC taught me why it's fun to learn and dabble in a million different classes and subjects and to take my schoolwork seriously. A lot of people warned me when I transferred after my AA that it would be "so much harder" because of this stigma that CC is easy unlike 'real schools' but honestly? It's not any harder here. It's exactly the same: as long as you turn your homework in on time, do the readings, and create a good relationships with the teacher so they're always willing to help when you have questions (a skill I learned at CC!) you'll do great.

    Unfortunately now I'm at a big fancy private school, which negates a lot of the savings (thank god scholarships and aid pay about 95% of my tuition–also thanks to my good study skills and GPA from CC!) but honestly the money you save at CC is only half of it. The classes are small, there are great network opportunities and constant job fairs, there are online options for nearly every degree or subject, the teachers are just as passionate about their subjects even if they all don't have a PhD in it. CCs are great schools and don't deserve the terrible rep they've somehow gotten.

  26. I went to a community college for automotive technology and it really paid off. The only reason I chose CCAC in the Pittsburgh area because it was the cheapest and best option, and because I was sponsored by a dealership, I don't have to pay anything back.

  27. These are thoughtful points and I appreciate this video. Community college is a great grade-builder and financial bridge for many Americans. A rebuttal I might offer, just from personal experience, is that the education provided at many community colleges is of a very poor quality. You may find yourself somewhat poorly prepared for the rigors of institutions you transfer too later. Hope this helps

  28. I recommend community college to everyone graduating high school. The pre-reqs at CC are exactly the same quality as any other school. Plus you probably wont be in debt and will be able to change your major any time you like. I did CC then transferred to a fancy private school and saved myself $60k – which is SO much money

  29. I attended community college in high school through running start. Many schools have programs like this so if you are in high school you should ask your counselor. It could give you 2 years worth of free college credits that can cut some time and costs from school.

  30. 1:45–1:55 hit me waaaaay too hard…doesn't hurt that I'm also the white girl-next-door type image-wise with all the advantages that carries; that's the exact reaction when some "adult" realizes I can't back up their impression of me academically. By the way, loving community college and all the amazing strides I'm making!

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