Why I Left the Far-Right

Why I Left the Far-Right

(static crackles) (static hisses) (speaking in foreign language) (static crackles) – That was me back then, this is me now. I’m no longer a member of the far-right. Ironically, the thing that
made me join the far-right is the same thing that made me leave. It was Islam, and this is my story. My name is Joram van Klaveren, and I’m a former member
of the Dutch Parliament who represented the Party for Freedom, the anti-Islamic nationalist
party of Geert Wilders. For years, I gave everything
I had to fight against Islam. I tried to make legislation to shut down all Islamic schools in the Netherlands. I attempted to close all mosques, ban the Koran, and ban Islam altogether from the Netherlands. As a Dutch politician, I opposed Islam in every way possible. Then, in 2017, I left parliament and finally had the time to
fulfill a long-held desire to write an anti-Islam book. I wanted the book that will provide conclusive, theoretical groundings for all of the objections I held against Islam as a politician. My book would settle
the dispute about Islam with a clear conclusion: Islam is a danger to Europe, to America, to the West, and actually, to the whole wide world. Before writing my book,
my view about Islam was influenced by the conservative
Protestant environment of my upbringing, in
which other religions, and certainly Islam, was definitely seen as wayward and wrong. I was also influenced by the
cultural aversion towards Islam that many Europeans
have, which was a result of their historic clashes
with the Islamic world. And of course, the fears and worries I experienced during years of
studying comparative religion at the university formed my opinions. Remarkably, my studies at the university actually began on September 11, 2001. Many horrors would sadly follow inside and outside of Europe, from the murder of
columnist Theo van Gogh, to kidnappings, anti-Semitic
terror and beheadings, to haphazard steps, truck
attacks, and suicide attacks, to the proclamation of
the Caliphate by ISIS. There were even Muslims
from the Netherlands who traveled as Jihadists to Syria. This offense confirmed and deepened my negative feelings about Islam, and motivated me to join Wilders’ party. I believed that Islam should
be fought wherever possible. But as I began writing my book, I came across information that was at odds with the ideas I had. I learned that many of
my ideas about Islam, stated by Orientalist,
far-right Westerners, and even Islamic extremists, had little or no basis
in historical Islam. My research often presented me with context and interpretations that were very different from those I had propagated for years in politics. A more nuanced image of Islam
slowly developed in my mind. Seeking more information, I wrote to various academic
authorities on Islam, including Professor Abdul Hakim Murad of Cambridge University. He pointed out various
scholars, books, and facts, and advised me to read again,
and more deeply this time. One by one, my objections
to Islam vanished. Islam was no longer a religion that promoted violence,
hatred, and anti-Semitism, or a religion that categorized
women and non-believers as inferior humans, and
stridently opposed democracy. Slowly, my perspective
of Islam was changing. I also received surprisingly satisfying Islamic answers to my
existing Christian questions about specific dogmas,
such as the Trinity, the sacrifice of Christ, and original sin. All that I was learning about Islam influenced my work on the book in such a way that it began
to take on the character of a personal search for God. During this search, the
person of Prophet Muhammad raised the most questions with me. Who was this man? A deceiver? An antichrist? Or was he truly, as Muslims believe, the last prophet of God? I started to read again about his life, but now without the previous biases I had, and I saw a more than special man. A man with almost supernatural patience, care, love, guidance, and above all dedication to his God and
to his mission for justice. The arguments against his person and against his prophethood disappeared as I made a comparison with Old Testament prophets. In fact, I now understood what
the 19th century historian Thomas Carlyle meant when he wrote, “The lies, which well-meaning zeal “has heaped around this man, Muhammad, “are disgraceful to ourselves only.” Like all radical ideologies,
the far-right is toxic, too. It presents a reality that
strips away all nuance. It answers real problems with lies, and it fights against a religion, Islam, that is not the enemy. The real enemies are a deficit
of empathy and ignorance, like the great philosopher,
Socrates, already said. So let us read, study, and learn. Extremism is not the answer. My name is Joram van Klaveren
for the Emir-Stein Center. (resonant music) – [Announcer] This video was
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100 thoughts on “Why I Left the Far-Right

  1. Christianity massage love and salvation Relationships with God Between you and God Islam never Relationship with ALLAH slaves

  2. People call muslims extremists. Without knowing islam. So they are all extremists in reality becuase they have their opion due to hate of islam. God bless you brother. You studied islam as a neutral man. And find it as it meant to be.

  3. Amazing to hear your story! I believe you reached the truth only because you were sincere (in your search) and didn’t let your previous bias control the outcome of your research.

  4. All Abrahamic religions are misogynistic, nothing will change this fact. However, oppressing the people isn’t the solution; reforming them (religions) is.

  5. Lord please open his mind about the truth On Jesus .. Jesus is the lord Almighty the Son Of God!! I pray in the name of Jesus that muslims get saved by the blood of Jesus!

  6. Finally I found something about you in English, you're really inspiring, smart. And faithful.. May God grants you heaven. Peace be upon you dear lovely brother…

  7. When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,

    And thou dost see the people enter Allah's Religion in crowds,

    Celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: For He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy)
    Surat Nasr 110

  8. Maeda 84 to 87, talks about knowledged Christians and how Muslims should bring them together in bettering the world.

  9. Congratulations you find the Truth❤ Alhamdulillah❤
    If any one looking for Truth ,he should READDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    NOT rent his mind to the Media .

  10. Joram found a way to make some money and provide a meaning to his confused mind by theatrically converting to islam.

  11. Thanks brother, but even some prophet's companions first reacted negatively but when they knew the truth,they followed Islam.

  12. Respect to this intelligent man. Who despite his environment found truth by his effort and desire to find truth. Allahu Akbar

  13. Ah, Islam: No feminism, no gay rights, no drugs (very much including alcohol), no figurative art, no music, no science (after al-Ghazali), and no democracy. Sounds wonderful…

  14. The alt right is a terrible example for our children. Hate is a dead end street. You need to build bridges as god commands. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Islam is not a religion of peace but thst doesnt mesn we can t let that stop us from being loving and compassionate. Here in america we have much hatred but oversll we care about humanity and values that don t include. Hate or revenge. God give us the wisdom to love others and ourselves in ways that make this life better for all. Children look to us. So we need to exhibit good habits and loving behaviours.

  15. Far left far right real close ya all off guidance and full of shit all of you… a real king and queen is for all the people without making separations..

  16. Apparently, you haven't read the Quran.
    Go to an islamic/Sharia law based country, and insist that Christianity or Judaism is a peaceful religion, then insist it be given equal consideration in culture, society and law…and start building a church or synagogue..

  17. Congratulations Mr. Klaveren for ridding yourself of ignorance on Islam. Truly, education is the only key to foster better understanding. Muslims should make it easier by explaining commonly held misconceptions like "Allah is the god of Muslims". Allah is an Arabic/Semitic word that means God.

  18. Islam is not the enemy, the real enemy is the Muslims who propagate extremism to achieve world domination of 1 world 1 religion the Islam and enforcing global Sharia Law of their dream.

  19. The truth always comes out and destruct the mountain of lies. It is hard to see the truth a mountain of lies but you can't hide the truth forever as Allah SWT is the best of all planners. Finding peace is the blessing this brother has in his life. Islam is a blessing to mankind.

  20. I hope ان شاء الله
    You will be Muslim soon
    Allah showed you the way
    Don't let your ego drive you away

  21. Funny Christian evangelicals in America, are no different from Muslim extremist. They both claimed to be led by a higher power but unfortunately seems 2 hate kill and destroy everything around them. Seems to be more about control then spiritual uplifting. Not talking about you if this is it you.

  22. They think we follow islam blindly like the pagans who worshiped idols, the western ideology is to brain wash their people from not excepting other nations as equally important. Islam is for ever because islam is from GOD.

  23. Trump is not a member of the alt right. He worships money. If a Muslim gave him 100 billion dollars to buy Americas most advanced arsenal of weapons to destroy his enemies trump will happily cash that check and he has done that before. To trump the only good Muslim is a Muslim with deep pockets.

  24. Hey good to see that youv been guided to the right path,i wishu you all the best in future good1 😉😉 thankyou.

  25. Thank you Joram for changing your heart and mind this is a 180 degree shift. Colonization, the Crusades, and Fascism have poisoned the European and Muslim psyche. Building bridges is the way to go and it is consistent with true western values and Islamic values.

  26. Many honest people get caught up with islamophobe lies until they learn the truth and recognize they been lied to.
    #alhamdulillah Allah guides the sincere

  27. Greeting
    May God keep you steadfast, as for the attack of 911 search Rebekah Roth 911 to see the truth, as for ISIS search Simon Elliot see who is running the anti Muslim ISIS .

  28. Religion is a danger to society. Doesn't matter which one it is… the more docile ones are obviously less dangerous.

  29. Your face impression has even changed clearly you could see peace, this clearly is what Islam requires as it is stated in the words of god which is the quran. It is amazing and great to see so many people who read and really understand Islam respect to you sir we need people with truth.

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