Why I Had To Create Financial Education 2

Why I Had To Create Financial Education 2

man I didn't know it was gonna be such a big deal that I started a second channel I'm seeing comments constantly there on this channel or my second channel better like this I'm still confused on why Jeremy has two channels I don't see the difference in the type of content it seems like it's just dispersing viewers and it's more confusing I'm seeing comments like that constantly and I didn't think this was gonna be that big of a deal I started a new channel a couple weeks ago and I thought it would just be like oh I have a second channel type thing but I have so many people reaching out in the comments asking about this I've had almost every single youtuber in the stock market space or business space like and like email me or DM me within the past couple weeks hey hey what's the move why why'd you start a second channel and I'm like why is this such a big deal it's kind of funny to me but I want to get into the truth on why I actually made this move okay and I've seen a lot of conspiracy theories I thought we'd go over some of the conspiracy theories out why I decided to make this move and then we'll get into why I actually did okay number ones people are saying oh he must have got taken off a Google preferred or something like that first off I don't even know if I was ever in Google preferred I could be in Google preferred I have no clue I do get a lot of premium ads in this channel but I honestly have no clue and people are like well sometimes he makes controversial videos maybe he got taken off that he wants to do a second channel or something like that no I have no clue and I can tell you like from the ad revenue on this channel like I I if we aren't Google preferred we're probably still on it because I've seen no difference in that amount of AD money and over the like let's say the past few months or something like that so definitely not any situation like that once again I had no clue if I'm even in that or not that's like the thing that Logan and Paul got taken out of after the whole forest video if you guys remember that right number two people are saying he wants to diversify from financial education one you guys know I'm a stock market investor I love to diversify right definitely not in terms of diversity you know like a diversity type move like oh my gosh like what if my channel got taken away or something like that no I already have you know diversified income streams and things like that I already have a pretty big Instagram audience so if I'm just looking at it as oh I have to diversify no that's another false conspiracy theory number three people are like he's gonna use financial education one as a sponsorship channel now I'm like that's probably the funniest one I've never done the sponsorship ad ever in the history this channel and I probably never will the only thing I sponsor my channel by is my courses and things like that so I definitely not planning on using financial education one as a sponsorship channel I have companies reach out to me every single day and I've never done one ever and I probably never will okay number four he's got an abandoned financial education one that might be the craziest one of all these like to say I'm gonna bin and you can like the channel I've built from the ground up like two hundred eighty thousand plus subscribers a channel that gets hundreds of subscribers every single day day in and day out like to a bin and that that's absolutely crazy okay so those are funny conspiracy theories those are kind of the ones I've been seeing and whatnot now let's get into why I actually did it already guys there are two reasons why I had to start the financial education to channel okay let's go into both of those the first one is around that oh the rhythm that you hear about okay almost every single youtuber will complain about the algorithm from time to time and the algorithm can kind of dictate what happens for us for good or for worse okay how many views we get how many subscribers we get it's not as simple as let me do whatever video I want to do and hope you guys watch or something like that the algorithm has so much to do with how a video does because if you just get recommended with the right types of videos also and that can help you get push more and more and things like that okay so basically here's what's going on right now I come out with a video on the financial education channel okay that video is either gonna do well or too bad okay it's one of the two is gonna happen it's either gonna do good really good or really bad if a video does well you let say you're youtuber out there you have a video and it does well guess what that video is gonna get pushed more and more not only to your subscribers or your current subscribers but also like people who are look-alike audience so people who might be interested in something like that okay your video is gonna get pushed it more and more and then guess what also what we've found is the next upload is more likely to get pushed and I've talked with many many youtubers about this and basically if you're on a roll and your videos are doing very very well then next upload that's probably gonna get pushed as well and so you get into this great cycle of videos just getting pushed and pushed and push if you have videos that do really well okay really well a lot of people are clicking through those videos watching those videos the algorithms pushing them and things like that alright now on the flip side if you come out with video and it does bad okay it doesn't really get a lot of views then that video is not going to get pushed to more subscribers and it's going to hurt the video even more and what I've also talked about with a lot of youtubers is we found that the next upload doesn't get pushed nearly as hard either so if you're on a roll and your videos are doing great your next upload gets pushed to a ton of subscribers initially it helps that first our views are first our views push more views and things like that if you go if you don't have it if things just start snowball in the wrong way I want to go through a couple of channels for instance here this is no shade at either one of these youtubers even blocked out their names and whatnot because I don't you know want to start any beef or anything and these people are doing great but I just want to illustrate the point of basically the algorithm going bad for you versus kind of like going good okay so if we look at this first channel this individual has over half a million subscribers absolutely massive amount of subscribers but if you look at the views they're doing that it's not good okay it's really bad especially for that type of you know amount of subscribers you know four thousand views on a video that what came out eight hours ago that's really bad a video it's almost out for you know 22 plus hours eleven thousand views that's really really bad for that amount of subscribers you know five thousand views in a fir video that's been out for two days that's that's horrible that's just a bottom line there's just that person's out of favor with the algorithm and every video they put out it's not getting pushed it's not going to push their subscribers and that's why you see a really low like view count per subscribers okay if we look at another channel this channel has around 400,000 subscribers you know 1000 views on a video that was out five hours ago that's you know obviously really bad for that amount of subscribers a video that came out three days ago three point seven thousand views 8.3 thousand views on a video that was five days ago four point six thousand views on a video that has come out a week ago on a nearly four hundred thousand subscribers obviously those channels are out of favor with the algorithm and those individuals might not care about that because they're doing other things and that's perfectly fine once again it's no shade to them it just kind of illustrates that point that once you get out of favor with the algorithm it gets really bad okay so here's the deal obviously in the financial education Channel I'm in a situation where I have to print much only put out bangers only put out videos that people are a ton of people I know are going to be super interested in and that makes the amount of videos I can even come out with extremely limited okay because I don't want to be like you know the other youtubers and have a situation where hardly any of my people actually get to view the videos because if your videos aren't coming up on the home page if they're not getting recommend it then people aren't going to find your videos you have a very core amount of subscribers on each Channel okay those core video you know viewers will go to your channel and find your video and do whatever it have they have to do to see your video because they love your channel and thank you for all you guys that are super core like loyal subscribers this channel like you are literally the reason this channel is so big okay but we got to understand most of the views after that initial you know subscriber amount watches it then it's up to the algorithm how much does it push it okay so right now we're in a situation with the finite and I've been in the situation for months now if not a year plus where I have like this algorithm paranoia where I'm pretty much stuck in a situation where I only can put up angers and that's good and bad okay the bad part is I can't just do whatever I want to do I can't just put out any content because if I put out any content it might do really bad and we might get out of favor with the algorithm okay but on the good side you know that pretty much anything I come out with on the channel is gonna be super popular so a lot of people like to say well just do whatever videos you want to do yeah do whatever videos you want to do and then become irrelevant because the algorithm doesn't push you out to anybody so it's not like you can really just do whatever you want to do as a youtuber it sticks you in a really tough position as a youtuber because you have to pretty much do what it's going to be super popular or you're going to become irrelevant really fast because that algorithms gonna push you down and push you down and you guys out there won't even have a chance to click on the videos unless you specifically go find my channel financial education and that's like not everybody wants to do that let's be very very clear about that that's reason number one let's get into number two the second reason has to do with flat out I want to produce more content okay I'm hiring actually a full-time Video Editor that's actually going to live with us and they're gonna start on April 1st okay if you didn't know up until this time I edit all my videos okay which is a ridiculous amount of content I'm constantly editing because not only do I produce you know content for the financial education channel but also from my private stock market group and whatnot it's a lot of editing that goes into it now I have a second channel like it's just ridiculous okay so I'm hiring a full-time Video Editor which is going to help alleviate a lot of things okay but there's so much going on in the stock market all the time there's so much news that I would love to cover but flat out like I know so a lot of the news might be more niche and it's not going to do the views and then we're gonna get out of favor with the algorithm so it's just an ugly situation so on this other channel I can produce like whatever I want like if there's a stock market news story that I want to cover and I know man that's not going to get a ton of views but it's interesting I want to speak about it I can post on the financial education 2 channel okay also education videos I can post on there without stress the bottom line is on that channel I don't care like and there's no like I'm out like on the financial education Channel like I'm like expected like I have to get 20,000 or 30,000 views within the first 48 hours or it's like a failure on financial education to like literally I could get 3,000 if you use 5,000 views 10,000 I don't care it doesn't matter there's no like fear of home I might go out of favor with the algorithm or something on that channel so that's a great thing I can just put content up on there whatever I actually want to do whether it's a popular subject or it's a more niche subject and that's kind of what you've seen on the on the channel so far you see some stuff that might be a little more popular some stuff that's more niche some stuff that's more education focus where the financial education channel is hard for me to do a lot of education videos now because a lot of those education videos don't do the views and guess what happens when you don't do the views you get out of favor with the algorithm and you slowly start to get to a place where you're like lucky to get one or two percent of your subscribers to even watch videos because they're just not getting them in their feeds they're just not getting them on the home page they're not getting them on recommending so on and so forth so the financial education to allows me to post content without having to care about is going to get a certain amount of views on that channel and that's a that's a great feeling because you know the financial education channel yeah it's fun to you know produce you know the the hype videos that are super popular everybody cares about but at the same time it's not the best situation to always be doing that and I'm really in a situation where I have no favor or we could become irrelevant that wouldn't be fun so anyways guys I hope you enjoy this I hope you kind of just learn my mind set I'm surprised people even care about it honestly that's the thing that amazes me I thought it would just be like oh we start another channel I'll watch it every once in a while or everyday or whatever the fact that people actually want to care about my reasoning for this is it's pretty cool I guess you can say so anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

42 thoughts on “Why I Had To Create Financial Education 2

  1. At what point is it worth moving to a stock broker that charges you per trade? What advantages are there with going a brokerage where you pay per trade?

  2. You're a slave to the algorithm bud, which is the quickest road to failure… when ever you stop enjoying something it's just another job.

  3. Can you expand about hiring the video editor. that would be VERY valuable “entrepreneurial” type of insights on how to delegate, etc. And how you’re doing it in an unusual way.

  4. Jeremy, if you wanna make more money in the long term thanks to financial education 2 just say it. I mean i love your content on both channels i actually don’t mind at all if you are getting paid even more! If i could make you more money with my views i mean good for you i’m all for it!

  5. You are the master of the video world, you just told us something else remember you always tell the Good the Bad and the Ugly ! You are move up, you have to expand. I Thank You ♡♡♡

  6. PUT OUT BANGERS! Love it, smart move, I recently did the same last month with my channel! Keep killing it bro!

  7. Not sure why anyone would think that your were throwing shade at Ryan Scribner and Ricky Gutierrez by pointing out the realities of YouTube Algorithmic Slippage. But hey, just like belly-buttons, everyone's entitled to an opinion. The main point you made was that you still want to provide worthwhile content regardless of YouTube ranking while still benefiting from astute YouTube marketing strategy. Nothing wrong with that. But…

    For the love of God and your Country, why choose an anemic name like Financial Education 2? Why not something like:

    Financial Education UNCENSORED or Financial Education FULL THROTTLE or Financial Education INSIDER or Financial Education In The Weeds or something more descriptive of your what your trying to achieve than 2?

  8. In case if you didn’t know, naming your channel Financial Education 2 is actually COUNTER productive. Google doesn’t like names that end with sequential numbers; for example, Fin Edu 1, Fin Edu 2, Fin Edu 3, etc. They are considered spammy and have lower SEO ranking. Not only that, but by creating Fin Edu 2, it is also adversely affecting your original Fin Edu channel, because now both channels look spammy. You’re much better off using either using a completely different name or a similar name, without a sequential number, for your second channel. For example, Fin Edu Bonus Materials, Fin Edu Extras, Jeremy Edu, Investment Edu, etc.

  9. and good job making it lowkey obvious who the blocked out ppl are lol…truth is the video doesnt get pushed bc its not interesting enough content. nobody cares about blockchain anymore for example.

  10. I love your content on both channels I already figured that was the reasoning since I’ve heard the same thing from other YouTubers and it doesn’t hurt the pocket book either especially since you’re going to be hiring a full-time editor in April right all my best thanks again David

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