Why I Adopted My Sister’s Baby | NYT – Conception

Why I Adopted My Sister’s Baby | NYT – Conception

When I was 12 my mother had an unexpected, baby I Wanted to learn how to do everything feed her change her entertain her She was kind of scoring me, and she never liked to get her nails clipped and so I went to clip this one nail and almost cut the tip of her thumb off I Swooped her up and ran downstairs and called my mother. She just really calmly Told me to wrap something around her thumb distract her and just make sure that she was comfortable You know you don’t learn everything first and then apply it it all just happens and figure it out When I was 18 they told me that I had PCOS They’ve always said when you get older. It’s gonna be hard for you to have children I Was 25 working for a financial company, I was also hostessing on a bar at night I thought I was just like gaining weight, and I was just like so tired I Had been on the pill. I was like. Eh, maybe I should just take a pregnancy test I was terrified I Was finishing a PhD and that seemed like a reasonable time to start thinking about having a baby I Really didn’t think there was anything wrong We finally went to see reproductive endocrinologist At 30 I had no eggs it made me feel cheated Trying to do things according to some kind of plan was obviously not working I Found out that I was you know five months 20 weeks along they said that I could go you know if I did want to terminate the pregnancy there are a few states I Cried on my sister shoulder probably the whole day I still felt like a baby It just felt like this incredible slap in the face My baby sister is now gonna. Have a baby and I’m gonna have to help because I love her so much and I Would do anything for her? And yet, I thought this would be the hardest thing I would ever have to do She was like if you Want to terminate I’m there with you and I’ll fly with you I will totally support you and any choice a you make I Think I asked her once or twice even then are you sure I would be okay if you weren’t sure I never thought about changing my mind I Slept in her hospital room With our boy on the cot with me curled up three of us for that first night I remember saying do you see now yeah you see what you gave to me? I? hope you realized how Huge That was I mean yeah It’s the bravest most amazing thing I’ve ever seen anyone do You

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  1. the videos…
    – have touching stories
    – are really aesthetically pleasing
    – give you an insight on the lives of other people

  2. For people who got lost basically the younger sister has a disease where she will have hard time giving birth but she got pregnant and the older sister had no eggs so…the younger sister gave her child to her sister with no eggs..if I missed anything just reply.

  3. FIRST of all, the narrators’ voice is really soothing. SECOND of all, the story is told really well, and is very emotional. THIRD of all, that moment when the bandaid turned into the swaddle was such a smooth transition!

  4. Nice story but needs to be more complete in its telling. We don't really know the reason you adopted the baby. There seem to be several plausible reasons, and maybe that is the point. It appears to be a matter of circumstances.

  5. I'm 16 and have been diagnosed with pcos. I absolutely love babies and I was crushed. This story, although it wasn't the point of it, gave me real hope. This helps me believe that I will be able to have a baby. This is great.

  6. This was made way too confusing. I understand the decision was difficult. But the storyline shouldn’t. It sounds very culty. Is the dad the grandfather too? Just weird.

  7. The talk about the abortion is where everyone seems to be getting confused. When the sister that adopted the baby said she told her she would go with her to terminate, that wasn't the decision she was making. The pregnant sister was offering her the baby, the adopting sister was making sure she wanted to go through this, and offering to help her if she wanted to terminate, which she never wanted to do. The pregnant sister had already made the decision to give her sister her baby and never changed her mind.

  8. Oh my word, was no one actually watching the video and the names that popped up before they started talking. Older sister is Jen and younger sister is Catie. This story was amazing and a show of the human spirit. Wow. Beautiful

  9. The story and art are both beautiful, but the format was quite confusing. The way the story is told makes it seem like the sisters are 25 and 30 when the adoption takes place, even though it was established that there's a twelve year age difference between them. It is also very unclear to me which sister is Catie and which is Jen. Is the sister with PCOS the same sister who got pregnant? After watching the whole video, I don't know.

    Also, in a story that appears to be entirely audio with the images just as visually pleasing supplement, I don't think it was the best choice to have the decision to adopt-out the baby be a visual only element. I nearly missed it and from the comments a lot of people did miss it.

    Nice story, good art, but confusing structure.

  10. Make them different colours next time so then we can tell which one is which cos we all got confused in the comments

  11. You should use Different voices then this it was confusing to have almost the same voice I thought it’s only one person I was telling the story I got confused a lot

  12. I absolutely hate it when people get abortion. It makes them look ungrateful for them to able to have child even theirs parents out there who beg and do anything for a child of their own. Maybe people need to start to see the view of other people and get put into their shoes.

  13. Re-cap: The older sister (12 years older) had no eggs by the age of 30, leaving her unable to have kids. The younger sister has PCOS and unexpectedly got pregnant, and wanted to terminate. She gave her baby up to her older sister.

  14. One time in biology class we were talking about wanting future kids and I had said I don’t ever want to have kids and my teacher got genuinely angry at me and said that women have this power to create life and I choose to not do anything with it. She also asked me “well what happens if you accidentally get pregnant, what are you going to do, abort it?” And I told her that it’d be kind of impossible because I’m a lesbian and I’ve never seen a teacher look so angry.

  15. birth control messes ur body up. just do it natural &keep track of ur ovulation cycle etc. then u good w/less toxic stuff running thru ur system

  16. I just honestly feel like having your aunt be your biological mom in a family
    That is as close as portrayed in that isn’t good

  17. didn’t find it confusing a bit. maybe I’m more used to these sorts of things but it makes me appreciate it all the more.

  18. I think that this was a heartwarming story but I feel that it might be hard for that child growing up and also who's to say that she might want to have kids someday and can't with her condition and gave her only chance of that up .when I think of it that way it makes me really sad

  19. I was adopted by my family members and ever since I can remember I knew that my mother wasn’t my biological mother. And ever since I can remember, it didn’t matter to me. My mom loved me and cared for me and that’s what a mom does.

  20. That is one of the greatest gifts one person, especially a sister, can give another. Then there is the lil boy…. his gift is life (not being aborted)and the fact that he stayed in the same family. He has 2 mom's, who are sisters, and BOTH gave him life.

  21. I'm disappointed in these comments. How are people so confused? Their voices are similar, they are sisters, but easily distinguished. Abortion was mentioned as an option but not a decision. It isn't hard to follow!

  22. Always makes me so bittersweet that the ones who don't want children usually get pregnant so fast and those who want children have a harder time getting pregnant.

  23. As soon as I saw the title I thought of Leafpool and Squirrelflight from Warriors, and how this exact thing happened to them.

  24. The animation is really beautiful but the chronological line is way too confusing, that part is not well done.

  25. This has so much potential to be a better video but you butchered the story. Jumped through so abruptly, was difficult to follow along.

  26. Its q bit confusing but I think I get it. The sister who had the baby did particularly want it ( or want ready to have it ) and because he sister (the one who couldn't have kids) wanted one but couldn't have one gave it to her ?

  27. catie is the younger one with pcos who gave birth to the baby

    jen is the older one who was infertile who adopted the baby

  28. I am only 20 years old and was just diagnosed with PCOS. Its been tough to come to terms so young that I may never have children. This has given me a different perspective of what my future may look like

  29. I wonder how the child is going to react if/when he learns about this. I’d feel distraught. As an adopted child, there’s sometimes a feeling of abandonment- and sometimes it’s very dwelling. To find out that his birth mother was his “aunt” this entire time? Heartbreaking for him.

  30. My gosh! New subscriber. I loved the following:
    1. The art- man! Wow! Amazing really. I mean, so subtle yet conveys so much. I am pretty sure it was hard, but trust me totally worth it.

    2. The background music choice: As I am starting to explore the option of creating videos, I am more diligent toward the background music, and this was really calming.

    3. The voice! Amazingly prestine.

    Love it! Nice work team.

  31. I am the child in this video. I am now living a happy life with my mom. Catie now has two babies of her own! I recently visited Catie as they live in California and we live in Boston. This video is really cool and it helped clear my confusions a little bit to.

  32. You adopted your sisters baby because you are genetically predisposed to do so. Most people have loyality to their kin. It's one of the most basic human instincts. I always watch how connected people are to their siblings, I don't want the excuses… I watch how they tried to make an effort. People who dump their family members over silly things will do the same thing in other relationships.

  33. Did the father have to sign off? Are there ways to allow your family member to adopt if the father isn’t in the picture? Can you move forward without his permission. Seeking advice/ stories. From Indiana here.

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