Why Don't Politicians Have Beards?

Why Don't Politicians Have Beards?

23 thoughts on “Why Don't Politicians Have Beards?

  1. Strange how many Christian priests, popes, those in authority don't marry to "be like Jesus" yet almost none want to grow their beard like Jesus. Makes you wonder why they really don't want to be with women.

  2. Because Allah (God) commanded ALL men, including ALL of His Prophets and Messengers to keep their beards, and most politicians are satanic/zionist worshipers of the devil? #BDS

  3. Because facial hair on men is NOT PROFESSIONAL. I personally hate facial hair. Was super happy all men in medical school had mandatory clean shaven requirement.
    All the doctors I know with facial hair are pompus. Bow-tie plus facial hair bye a-hole!

  4. Beards just make you look like a dirty clumsy and messy person. Many esquisitely bearded dudes today can't properly lay down tiles or change a fucking tire.

  5. Politicians don't have beards because they don't have functioning balls. Clean shaven faces on men was popularized by male prostitutes in Roman times, so they could look more like teenage prostitutes, that their rich customers preferred. So, long story short, nothing changes.

  6. Is this the reason why they love to bomb the middle east?
    Because beards are ungodly?

    Edit: Who ever has grown and groomed a nice thick beard knows how much diciplin it takes. Shaving every morning only takes routine =)

  7. Why don't politicians have beards? You have to be human first. Snakes aren't inclined towards hair.

  8. This video would have been true in the 1980's but the beard is making a comeback. I think people now see clean shaven as "too normie" and facial hair is in style again.

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