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  1. That’s why I came up with this poetry that later became a song called Die Love (excuse the language) this was after a breakup https://youtu.be/CspoiSulGuo

  2. I was deeply in love with a construction man. I'm studying to become a doctor and move to Europe for medical school. I love him for the sweet kind man that he is. But he just kept putting himself down saying "I'm not good enough, I'm a poor man. I have nothing to offer you." I honestly did not care. I was down to give him the opportunity to get a education. Become a architect if he likes construction or any other degree. I did not care if he wasn't as smart as me or as dedicated to education like me. I wanted him for him. Maybe it was because, eventually the high image I have in my family got to him or maybe because he was scared of pulling me down. He gave up on me telling me "'When you go back to university, you will probably forget about me in 2 weeks…" well… Nery it has been 6 months and you are the only one on my mind. I hate you for your decision but I understand that you didn't want to use me as a crutch. You told me one time "I rather hurt myself than ever hurt you." I believe you…but I rather get get a few scrapes and have you next to me, than being here alone without the man I love.

  3. At the end of day, women love money. I've dated American moms and they'll literally bend over backwards for you if you help with the bills.

  4. These hoes….I work for my money and I'm a grown man. I will spend my money as I please, and I don't need a Momma.

  5. oooooooh! I like this
    I like this!
    I'm sorry for the felllas that disagree, but if you disagree, stop, buying these girls lunch and/or dinner on the first date, easy as that! everything else Steve is on point, sorry, but it's true sorry!

  6. When men act trustworthy, their women will not need to know where they are or who they are with. They are not acting like grownups anyway if they are not making marriage commitments, and merely getting the milk for free.

  7. You CANT listen to women!! What they say and do are totally different things…it's a waste of time listening to them.

  8. Let me enlighten you. Women lie, women are only interested in two things. . Is he cute enough to make my friends jealous & 2 IS HE RICH. Women do not love men in the same way as men love women. They love only to better themselves and that is the truth. Women are only capable of loving one other person Their children. If you think differently then you do so at your own peril

  9. I can understand if women run when a man is in financial trouble caused by alcohol, drugs or gambling. What I don,t understand is that many women run if their man,s career isn,t what it,s supposed to be no matter how hard he works or if their man looses his job for a reason that is not his fault.

  10. Real men will provide..no matter what the circumstance is..and real woman will support him even if he can't provide because of the bad patch..thats the real deal..rest all is a trash…its about give and take in a relationship..it should never become burden on any of the partner..god has made woman to give birth to child and if she is doing her part..why men cant provide financially??i mean she has to take care of home,children and bills then whats the use of the marriage where one partner is carrying all the load and other one is not..where is the balancing in this realtionship??or else before getting married this should get discussed that marriage is contract till you die..either you like it or you dont like it..there is no way out..if the man is not providing that means woman has to do that providing thing..and it will add to her burden more..because she just cant say that she dont want to give birth to the babies..its her job god made it that way…same thing with men god has made men physically emotionally ,mentally stronger why?to lead the family..and i agree life is not easy all the time..its understandable…being there for each other in hard times its the only way will help when life becomes rough…but in normal circumstsnces..it doesnt give men permission to just not to earn and sit and become burden on his woman..because she is already struggling in her own ways…its about his intentions really..if he is trying hard way but due to bad luck he is unable to succeed then real woman will know it and will suppport him no matter what..but she can also sense when he is just acting because he doent want to work hard and use her money beacuse any way she is earning she is going to take care of the bills..so here its all about intentions and woman can sense if its real or fake and will play her game accordingly..here im talking about real men and real women..i dont justify anybody leaving their partner for any reason because that what coward do…u can always sit discuss and find way to deal with your problems..

  11. If you go according to nature a man is the hunter and provider. He needs to be the one to lead the house and when women do it they feel like they weren't good enough

  12. Ladies stop acting like you are totally 100% equal with a man there are some jobs that a woman cannot do for instance lift heavy things protect that man like in a fight a woman cannot be a man I have heard that a 14 year old boy can probably beat up any woman well not all of them but most of them I guess but I know one couldn't beat me up but they said that they do LOL it's not too many but there are some things that women cannot do that a man can do like protect his woman and his family if it comes down to a fist fight I'm talking about a fistfight I'm talking about no guns and knives and sticks and bats and things like that LOL

  13. I don't get this how is people's taking advice from a man like Steve Harvey how many times he been married and he screwed every one of them over how are y'all taking couple or marriage advice from him he's not the one that can give it really wow how stupid can people's be look at his life with women's and marriage scandalous

  14. Agreed steave knows..but on the other hand he has a lot of money..
    And thecreg guy may be bithched at wrongly..hes sensitivexat this moment..women..grow up..

  15. Nahh man if financial problems happen and he is not trying to change sorry Bey. I ain't working my ass off to let u do nothing .

  16. "it's not that we don't trust you, it's that we want to help you make the right decisions"
    "oh but if you say you're doing something you have to prove it, it's not because we don't trust you though"
    I don't understand, if someone says they're at a football game, is there any reason for them to prove it? What does sending a picture help in making the right decision, other than when the guy would have answered "I'm buying a new motorcycle and I'm not sure which to pick"

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