White ! Skin white ! Oh white skin. You like white skin ? I like you=chan chop khun ! I love you=chan rak khun ! Really ?!? You love me ? Nice ! Choke dee=Lucky ! Why thai girls like farang guys ? Because farangs are cute and friendly Why farang like thai girls ? Because thai girl is beautiful ! :p Yeah ! They are very beautiful ! Happy New Year=Sawasdee Peemai ! Hello girl ! What’s your name? My name is Milk. Why there is so much ladyboys in Thailand ? ‘They want to be beautiful like me’. Chai=yes ! Cannot, cannot ! One, two, three Ladyboy ! Good ! Narak=cute ! Sawasdee krap=hello, girls ! How are you ? My name is Bell. My name is Boom. Ohhh you look almost same ! We are twins ! Beautiful ! Two beautiful girls ! [ BOOM AGREES 🙂 ] Ayu thao rai=how old are you ? I am… 21 years old. Same same :-)) OF COURSE ! Why thai girls are more beautiful than foreigner girls ? Natural look Farang girl is over make-up ! :p About the shapes ? Farang girl has big boobs ! :p Thai girl has smaller boobs :p Yeah but maybe it’s cute. ??? So you think farang (in general) is more beautiful than thai boy ? YES ! YES ! Why farang like thai girls ? Because… SMILE ! 🙂 The smile of the girl ? Only smile ?!? Can you tell me why farangs like so much the thai girls ? And why the thai girls like farangs so much ? I think farang guys like the thai lady because thai lady looks nice in a way like they look slim. And they take care of themselves. And they look feminine. More than european or other farang girls who are quite fat or chubby ! And thai girls are not polluted by feminism actually… And what about the girls liking the farang ? There are too many factors. There are two types of women for farang. For me. First for money or something. Everyone knows about this ! Yeah but this is the same in Europe, America and everywhere. Thai women like to think that all farangs are rich. Which is not true. But farangs are just like everywhere in the world. Yeah there are many poors in ‘farangland’ too. Yeah, i understand this. But actually, you know, when a guy date a girl, a lady, in Europe or America, he has to spend maybe a lot of money for nothing. And in Thailand, what he spend ? You know ? And second category of ladies you said ? They like because of… How to say ? They think farangs look better, look nice. They think or it’s true ? It’s true ? YEAH, it’s true ! You agree. Like taller and looks smarter. Something like that. Yeah, maybe different than thai guys. YEAH… Do you like farang ? YES ! Why do you like farang ? Handsome. And more ? Only handsome ? Yes. Big ? Smart ? Something else ? Only beautiful ? Tall. Smile ? Smile. Do you like thai boys same ? YES ! Ha sib / Ha sib ? (Fifty / Fifty ?) NOOO !!! Farang up there ! Ohhh… Farang like this… Farang wooo ! Yes. Hello ! Sawasdee kra ! Farang guys are handsome. Only handsome ? Romantic ! Romantic ? Nice ! Ok. Why farangs like thai girls ? Hummm… Tan skin ! Tan skin ? So you think because they are kind of exotic ? I don’t… A little bit chocolate ? YEAH ! Yeah, yeah, yeah ! Why it’s common to have ladyboys in Thailand ? Do you know why ? I dont know. Maybe Thailand is open minded. Yeah, very opened. Thailand is very opened. What’s your name ? My name is Pim. Suay or narak ? (Pretty or cute ?) Suay ! Mai narak ? (Not cute ?) Narak duai ! (Also cute !) Narak and suay ! YES ! Pouing thai suay ! (Thai girl is pretty) Suay narak ! Yim suay=Beautiful smile Same same you ? YES ! Artist ? Music ? Singer. Who number 1 ? JUSTIN BIEBER !!! OHHH JUSTIN BIEBER ! Number 1 ! Ok, every girl said Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber… Why ? Justin handsome ! Music s*** ? Music good ! If Justin Bieber ‘mai lor’ (ugly), do you like the music ? Like ! I don’t think so ! Alright !

100 thoughts on “WHY DO THAI GIRLS LOVE FARANG MEN (White Male) ?

  1. Some educated Thai girls are great but there’s a hell of a lot of dumbass locals in Thailand I’d avoid it completely

  2. I'm a white guy there's instant attraction to Asian females they have a beauty and behavior that is irresistible to us at least me anyway

  3. From ~giN, on ladies bar, as most of foreigners are limited to prostitution in Thailand :

    "As a white man in Thailand, I would be more than happy if every red light district closed tonight and never reopened. You need to understand the other side of the coin.

    The stigma of the farang sexpats in Thailand affects even the "good" farangs here to the point that some men don't wanna be seen around with a thai girl unless she is looking very proper and at least middle class. Otherwise everyone thinks it's the usual customer-prostitute relationship.

    Also, even though Koreans and Japanese behave more properly, they are the majority of the people serviced by the sex industry in Thailand. That said, it's less of a problem since they are more aware of their actions in public.

    But the first action needs to come from the government. They need to start a campaign to change Thailand's sex paradise image. Add to that that the country is getting more expensive by the year and it won't be as accessible anymore for the average sexpat.

    Remember that situations like this are never the fault of just one side and the ramifications are never as clear cut as many people here try to make them."

  4. There's only one reason and it works both ways – genes. Farang guy sees Farang girls his system weighs them up individually on genetic match potential, it wants variety but it sees too much in common and is only attracted to a few out of many. Farang guy sees Thai girls his system loses its shit, so much genetic variety, take any one of them, all are good, make good offspring. Same for Thai girls and Thai men vs Farang guys. Same for interacial attraction the world over and the genes are correct, just look at eurasian kids, smart and beautiful. But their parents have to deal with human shit like cultural differences, gender expectations vs what is delivered etc, genes don't give a monkey's about that.

  5. The truth is, white society was destroyed by Social Justice Warriors and The Feminist Movement. All white women think they can do whatever, or act anyway they want, this is a huge turnoff to any white guy who just wants a simple girl who's subservient and still honors the Male as the head of household. Asian women has been groomed since childhood to respect the Male figure, and they tend to know their role as the caregiver and supporter. Im from the US, and 80% of white females dont know how to cook, they much rather go eat out 7 days a week. Versus, in asian countries 80% of women would much rather cook in house then go eat out.

  6. The characteristics that make Thai ladies attractive include being slim, often remaining slim, understanding that being feminine IS attractive to men and not being a SJW. Western FemiNazis are more of a man than most of us, those with blue hair and facial piercings please take note.

  7. Every thai girl I've ever met here in America is married to a white guy. They believe that white men really are superior. it's sad because they are internal racist who hate that they are not white themselves and the best thing they can do in this life is collect white guy sperm.

  8. WHY DO THAI GIRLS LIKE FARANG GUYS (White Male) ? Answer: they're perceived as walking ATM's and when the money's gone so is the lady. Thai women actually prefer Asian men with or without money.

  9. this is just ridiculous. the sex tourism in Thailand is full of foreigners that are OTHER Asians.
    rich middle class Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and even Indians and Arabs go to Thailand for sex. in fact, they are the vast MAJORITY of sex tourists. 80% of foreigners in Thailand are other Asians.

    when people see white men with Asian women, people immediately assume white men have yellow fever. that's bullshit.

  10. It's a wide spread rumor that all farang guys like Thai girls. That's not true. You ladies are nice but not the only beautiful type of woman in the world.

  11. I wish there were subtitles w/this vid. It's impossible for me to understand everything they say. The background noises get too much in the way.

  12. I don't know why this video was so cringy to watch. Maybe because the question had already assumed that thai women had to like white men in the first place and limited the range of answers. You better asked what nationality they prefer:)

  13. Most speak such good English. Maybe he only talked to girls that spoke well, but if not, they are very good at English. I know that I certainly don't know a word of their language, so bravo to them. I wonder if English is taught in their school's? I would love to have a Thai girlfriend. I've had it with Americian women.

  14. After seeing old ,fat and ugly white westerners acting the fool in their Thai vlogs on You Tube.I it hard to believe these girls.

  15. A lot of Thai women really like farangs, often it's just for money though. There are some Thai gals though who genuinely like farangs, and will ONLY sleep with and have relationships with white men. It is both bar girls and non bar girls like this. If a girl in Pattaya for example does not like Asian or black men she won't go with them. It is a myth they will just go with anyone who pays them the most money. Then you have the girls who will only go with Korean guys. Some will be quite aggressive in regards to their preferences, especially on social media. They will be openly hostile to Thai, Indian, Chinese, and other Asian men.

  16. @2:56 she nailed it, western women are fat and don't take care of themselves whereas thai girls are slim and more feminine, feminism hasn't invaded.

  17. It has little to do with money. Westerners meaning white people usually do well financially because like east asians have higher IQ on average. See below: https://brainstats.com/average-iq-by-country.html
    Women are naturally attracted to more mature, intelligent men.

  18. I'm a 60+ western male who gets attention from Thai women that I can only dream of back home.
    But, I know there's a underlying desire-my money and western resident status.

  19. Because they are easy to fool, so stupid and believe all the bull shit we tell them, and have a lot of money for us to spend. We only have to tell them we love them and we get all this money in their wallets.

  20. Most Thai women want to take care of their man. They do not stress about everything like Western women. Money is important at times because of pressure from their family. I am married to Thai living in USA. Definitely no regrets!

  21. Obviously there are a higher percentage of bad men in the world than women dot-dot-dot history proves this time and time again. However as a man you can know that there are a lot of good women but the Predators are just so damn convincing. That's true for both genders good people always get suckered by the liars and thieves. Rule number 1 you're probably not that hot so if someone is trying too hard to date you then they are probably up to no good. Rule number two if they talk too much about money early on or try to make it look like they're giving you a guilty conscience because they need money then you should probably run the other way. Wrong number 3 date women who already have good money then if she spending a lot of time with you she must actually like you or at least your cock. Or cooking but I doubt it they can always go to a restaurant. Hard to say, I cook extremely well unfortunately.

  22. They need to get rid of the prostitution so they quit attracting a lot of jackass men. I doubt too many men looking for true love are going to spend their money to travel 10000 miles and go to a country that is notorious for prostitution especially gay or transgender prostitution. Obviously only a small percentage of women are involved in that but still it wouldn't be the top of my damn list. Plus lower-income countries. There's a reason Thailand is cheap. If men are worried about only being used for money then why on this Earth would you look for love in a country that is poor and high in prostitution? I'm sure there are lots of fabulous women there but the place is surrounded with sharks and actually literally too 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I understand the true-hearted Buddhist people there who are not involved in prostitution or crime or weird things are probably some of the coolest people on earth but impatient man that go there shopping or just going to end up dealing with the wrong people.

  23. I'm an American guy, 28 fairly attractive. The reason why I like thai women is because they have strong family values and they are so cute and feminine. Also I want a more traditional household with the man being the money maker and the woman being the home maker. Plus it seems that Thai women want to be women, unlike American women who want to be the head of the man and naggy all the time. This is just my personal experience and my personal opinion.

  24. Wild Greg you dont look better than me buddy lol you go to Thailand because your considered an ugly white male in the states

  25. The money (economic safety) is only one of the reasons. A lot of Thai men are very disrespectful to their women. Some treat them like sh.t. Think in there culture they are number one and the wifes are for cleaning ect. They know western men also treat them nicer.

  26. Could it also be the exchange rates vs the Bahts? Its less common to see this in Hong Kong and Singapore where things are very expensive and exchange rates doesn't go far. When Thai girls say they want to be taken care off, that's a very good hint. Gentlemen, wise up. Female nature are universal, don't get too caught up by your vanity because of your country's exchange rate and not by your own accomplishments that she sees.

  27. There are whites who like Asians and Asians who like westerners. The reverse is true too! It’s as simple as that. What a swallow video this is!

  28. Greg… you need a much better mic set up. All I hear is the background noise. You need to mic yourself (so we can hear you) and headphones to hear the level of the person you are interviewing. This was a pretty sad job mate. OR next time find a library or temple.

  29. After you've been out here a few years you realise Thai girls are not all that , I'd say Malay and Japanese are hotter , Thai's are now getting fat

  30. The reality is that white women are now as economically stable as white men, so white women can afford to be picky. Thai girls are poor and have lower economic status, so they are still following traditional roles for women which is to rely on the man for their household and well being. Female beauty is still based on white women, which is what these asian ladies see in their fashion magazines, make up kits, so of course they want to be 'white' too. Say what you want about 'feminism', but lets face it, most men would die to have a beautiful blue eyed slim blond girl as their prize. If you have no skill in gaming the best and most beautiful women in the world, you go to Asia and pick up a far lesser challenge. Asian women give you a safety net, lol

  31. Hey man, great video. Can you make one "Why white women prefer black men?" I see a lot of lonely white men, but many, many Jungle Fever Couples. Thanks.

  32. I would never marry a Thai. I only bang them. I find the ones who are late 20s early 30s with a fat white 55 plus husband. After a year they get unhappy and love all of the attention from American men. I cum deep in them and drop them off to go home to their husbands. They can have the headache of sending money home and sending the wife home a lot. Lol

  33. Some of you might not believe this(really don’t care).. while in BKK i was at a bar and there was a beautiful Thai girl I was about to pick up for the night but as I was about to make my move a Indian guy approached her, and she told him 1200 baht.. he refused and left. My price when I approached? 500 🙂

  34. It's a lot more complex than you think.

    Men, when they look for a wife look for,
    1. Youth
    2. Beauty
    3. Fertility
    4. Virtue
    A man's drive is based on his Male Dominance instinct. We want these qualities in a woman because it give us the best chance of passing on our DNA. An older less attractive woman will be less fertile and give you ugly children. A woman without virtue, if she has had many sexual partners is VERY likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to steal your children, your house, your pension, half your money and give you a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, while virtue is listed as 4th it's very probably the single most important factor in determining the longevity of a relationship/marriage.

    If you are looking for a wife, a woman that has slept around is demonstrably a very high risk. In America the chance that your marriage will make it past 10 years is 6.6%. You have a 93.4% chance of divorce before 10 years.

    If you look at the marriage rates in the US, there are 2 million marriages each year and 1 million divorces each year. The real story is that since the 1960s the marriage rate has dropped by 60% even though the population has doubled. Marriage is so unattractive to American men they are avoiding it on an industrial scale.

    Women, when they look for a husband they look for,
    1. Money
    2. Social Status
    3. Good Looking
    4. Alpha Male
    A woman's drive is based on her Hypergamy instinct. Women want these qualities in a man because when they have babies they need to be cared for, they need a lot of care and attention and evolution has made these types of men attractive to them. This is why women very often go for bad boys and criminals. You can see that there is no need for virtue in the male, the woman does not care for virtue in men.
    The problem with western women is that as their status climbs their hypergamy instinct demands that they seek out a male with even more value, but there are not so many of these men. A large majority of western white women leave marriage and children too late, they lose the 4 qualities that men seek in a woman and they end up childless and unhappy. See this chart: https://ibb.co/djhyQJ

    Through feminism the modern western woman is taught to sleep around and delay marriage and children until they are in their 30s and 40s. Men do not want this, we are NOT attracted to these women, they become invisible to us. From a sexual reproductive perspective they are useless to us men and this is why we look abroad.

    For the West, Feminism has caused many, many terrible problems.

  35. Following my last post , i was so busy defending the fact that not all white guys get drunk and lay around hotel lobbies , l forgot to tell my experience. When we go to Thailand , we get hassled by street merchants, suit makers , tuk tuk drivers , massage ladies . This pee's me off , but i know this is only a small part of the overall Thai experience and i wouldnt change a thing. Im smart enough to know if they can separate me from my money , they will… lm also aware many bar and massage girls come from poverty backgrounds and they are there to support their familys.. Its also a fact that people will connect with some people and not with others no matter what country youre in. So i think its fair to say , not every tourist is a drunken white embarrassment as suggested. There are more decent well behaved Aussie's than bad , but its allways the few who make it bad for the rest.

  36. heres a question ive never heard anyone ask in these types of videos; "What do Thai or any Asian women feel about 'FAT' white guys?" you never hear that one, and I am sure plenty of western guys want to hear the answer.

  37. They like our white skin and generally Farang are more friendly and respectful. White skin is a sign of status in their culture.

  38. I have been with my Thai partner who I met in Canada for 6 months now. She’s extremely independent, financially successful, and completely non-judgmental. She doesn’t need me for money or PR card, so that destroys that stereotype. She’s is a 12/10 and she’s very caring and causes me WAY less stress than dealing with a western womans’ childish/narcissistic bullshit. Oh and I’m in my mid 30s, very fit, high education/career, and I have had several relationships with extremely attractive white girls; so there destroys another stereotype about only “ugly old fat white losers date Thai girls”🙂

  39. I decided to marry a Thai girl, been married 2 years it's the best thing I've done in terms of relationships, reason is that western women try to dominate the relationship, are mentally unstable and lack any kind of culture to point I find British women in particular to be very Nhilistic.

  40. They only want to make their own baby with America semen only make they son superstar ..

    History say thai girl never have good Love is life.. only have sex mind with every guy Handsome only… haha

  41. They are brought up with white celebrities, they think white are rich, they think their kind lesser. Atleast it's not like africa where they call you a white devil who is possesed by a ghost.

  42. I live in Bangkok I’m from America. These guys that marry young Thai women and they take all there money. I’ve had women try to do this to me, but I’m not a sucker or naive. Men must remember these women do not love you they want your money. Go to the terminal 21 area and watch all these British, Australians, and old white Americans be taken to the cleaners. I cannot believe a man can get into his sixties and be manipulated by these young Thai women. They are just like American gold diggers, but they use the submissive female act to pull you in. I’m well off and can live anywhere I want. I also live in Singapore and Tokyo. Men invest in your health, looks, and physical fitness. The women I have met here usually leave me alone after a few months when they find out I’m not going to give them my money or taking care of their kids. We usually become good friends or friends with benefits. I let all the women I meet know that I’m not looking for a Thai wife and I could never live here full time. 2 months in Thailand is enough for me. I stayed for 4 months, and that was to long for me. Streets to dirty, pollution is very bad, no were to ride my bicycle, sidewalks horrible, food quality not good or consistent. The best things I like about Bangkok are the people are very nice. No one bothers me and I feel safe all the time.

  43. As a Thai girl, I agree some Thai girl likes farang. Mostly, look at the pattern, mostly average or not so good looking dark skin Thai girls date farang because they’re not picky while the pretty one usually date Asian guy. The Thai girl you have as an wife is probably an uneducated one because educated one wouldn’t marry just anyone. Educated one are the money maker just like westerner girl and non submissive. You can’t think all Thai girls are submissive and housewife just by that interracial dating trends. We’re human, not sex doll. I’ve met many Thai bitches as well as Farang bitches. It’s the person, not the cultures. I wouldn’t date a guy just because he’s a Farang or for the money—I have my own money. Thai IQ aren’t low (previous comment) but the most Thais you met prolly have low IQ because the high IQ is too busy in school or work, not hanging out at red light district.

  44. If you can’t land a successful woman, doesn’t matter if it’s White, Yellow, or Black, you might as well land an unsuccessful woman who still depends on men’s finance for well being.

    These Thai women are not even picky. It’s a safe bet for every beta males out there. Thing is Thailand is a 3rd world country. A commoner (beta male) in America is a rich person (alpha male) in Thailand because he can provide things to a Thai girlfriend. It’s as simple as eating tacos. Not even a rocket science.

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