Why Do People Hate Jews?

Why Do People Hate Jews?

I am a dude known as Mr. Beat Over the years, I have encountered opinions online that look like this: Pretty distrubing, yes. And then I went to my colleagues and asked them this question. If there was just one group that was just consistently persecuted throughout world history what’s the first group that comes to mind to you? I probably should tell you here that I did not tell them what to say beforehand This was not scripted. In fact, they had no idea what this video was going to be about. They were just being nice, saying “sure I’ll answer a couple of questions on camera for you.” Thierolf: Um McClellan: The Jewish population Jewish people Sandburg: The first group I’d probably think of would the the Jewish people Almost every single one of my colleagues said the same thing. They said the same group was the first one that came to mind as being targeted throughout world history Even though Jews make up less than one quarter of one percent of the world’s population they do seem to come up a lot that a group that is consistently targeted. no matter where we’re talking about no matter what time period including the present. What causes antisemitism? McClellan: Because, for the most part they’re ignorant. of what it really stands for We always have a habit of, when times get tough, of blaming things that we don’t know for the reason why things go wrong. Thierolf: I’d say in a lot of cases because they were a minority group. in an area, in a lot of places, that’s made them an easy scapegoat for a lot of majority groups. to persecute or blame social ills on. Sandburg: I think they’ve disseminated throughout the many populations of European countries and have always been a minority They have been easy to pick on. and persecuted and scapegoated for many of the problems of countries as they’ve gone through economic turmoil and political turmoil. And not to discount any of colleague’s opinions. They were all great answers. but I did my own research on this and here is why Jews are hated But before I dive into it I wanted to let you know I am making this video alongside Grant Hurst, a fellow EduTuber, who just released a video about the history of the Jewish people, so be sure to check that video out after this one. Before we look at why people hate Jews, also known as Antisemitism, we need to define “Jew.” A Jew is someone who identifies with the cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who traces their ancestry to the ancient Hebrew people of Israel, all the way back to Abraham. Jewish people are considered an ethnoreligious group. Both an ethnic group and a religion. There are plenty who identify as Jews yet are not religious. Israel’s Law of Return, which is the law that gives Jews the right to visit and be a citizen of Israel, says a Jew is someone with either a Jewish mother or who has converted to Judaism. Anyway, during the time of Jesus in ancient Israel, many were of course Jewish, including Jesus himself. After Jesus died, his followers started a new religion called Christianity. As Christianity spread, and as more and more Roman emperors converted to the religion, Jews became marginalized in society, even though Jews worshipped the same God as Christians did. Roman rulers viewed the refusal of the Jewish community to accept Jesus as the Messiah as a threat. They straight up passed laws that discriminated against Jews. In the year 399, a law saying Jews couldn’t marry Christians in 439, a law saying Jews couldn’t hold positions in government. In 531, a law saying they couldn’t appear as witnesses against Christians in court. Rumors began to spread that Jews had horns and tails, and that they killed Christian children and used their blood for rituals. In the Middle Ages, many societies forced Jews to live in segregated ghettos and wear special clothing. The Catholic Church did not allow Jews to own land, so Jews couldn’t build up wealth through property. However, the Church also didn’t let Christians loan money for profit. Jews could, so they often turned to money lending to build up wealth. Due to the fact that nearly every moneylender happened to be Jewish, this ended up creating a stereotype that Jews were greedy. I mean, people who loan money and charge interest throughout history have rarely been seen in a positive light, amIright? Christian rulers used Jewish money to build extravagant churches and build up armies. By the 11th century, Christianity dominated Europe, and the main minority religion was Judaism. Jews seemed to be the one group Christians could not convert, seen as outsiders. By this time, the Catholic Church was even teaching that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. And then, the Black Death. During the 14th century, the bubonic plague spread quickly across Europe, killing around ⅓ of its entire population. Since this was before science, people had no idea what was causing it. Due to superstition and fear, and without any evidence whatsoever, Christians blamed Jews for causing the plague, accusing them of poisoning wells to spread the disease. Probably one reason why Jews seemed to be a scapegoat was because they were not dying from the plague as much as Christians. We now know this was because Jews were generally isolated in ghettos away from Christians during this time and because they were better about cleaning themselves and washing dead bodies before burial due to their religious customs. Still, tens of thousands of Jews were burned alive after being blamed for causing the plague. In 1543, Martin Luther, who gets credit for starting the Protestant Reformation, wrote a pamphlet called “On the Jews and Their Lies.” In it, he claimed Jews thirsted for Christian blood and actually encouraged the killing of Jews. Wow Looking ahead at 1873, when the term “anti-Semitism” first appeared by a dude named Wilhelm Marr. Marr wrote that Jews were secretly trying to take over the government and that they shouldn’t be citizens. In 1894, in what became known as The Dreyfus Affair, authorities accused a Jewish French Army captain named Alfred Dreyfus of selling military secrets to the Germans. After evidence proved his innocence, Anti-semitic French authorities covered that up so he would be found guilty anyway. In 1903, the Russian secret police published some fake documents that were known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which described a conspiracy by rabbis to take over the world. The Russian secret police later murdered entire Jewish communities. After the Communists took over in 1917, more than 500 Jewish communities in Ukraine were wiped out, and around 60,000 Jews were killed in what became known as pogroms. Today the word “pogrom” means any organized massacre of a certain ethnic group. Then there is probably the most famous and horrifying genocide in world history, the Holocaust, during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror. He and his fellow Nazis blamed Jews for all of Germany’s major economic and social problems after World War One. At that time in Germany, antisemitism seemed to be everywhere. The Nazis killed up to 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, most of them in extermination camps and concentration camps. The world was shocked to find out about the Holocaust, and fortunately Antisemitism declined after World War II. Based on all the attacks on Jews throughout history, for centuries many Jews like Theodor Herzl argued that the only way to escape persecution, discrimination, and genocide was to create a Jewish state, specifically in Palestine, an area where historically Jews lived and the location of ancient Israel. The movement to try to get Jews to return to Palestine to live and establish their own society was known as Zionism. Thanks to the efforts of people like Herzl, the Zionist movement grew, and Great Britain got on board. In 1917, in the Balfour Declaration, Great Britain announced it was for establishing a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, an area Britain now controlled after the fall of the Ottoman empire in World War One. At the time, only about 4% of Palestine was Jewish. As more and more Jews moved to Palestine in the 1920s and 1930s, resentment grew among the local Arabs in Palestine, who grew to hate Zionism as a threat to their homeland. You could say Zionism entered the mainstream after people found out how the Nazis had treated the Jews before and during World War II. Many around the world embraced Zionism after the Holocaust, and Britain asked the newly formed United Nations to step in regarding what to do with Palestine. The UN proposed two states in Palestine- an Arab one and a Jewish one. At the time, Jews made up only ⅓ of the population of Palestine and owned only 6% of land. However, the UN’s two-state solution called for 55% of the land area for the Jewish state. On May 14, 1948, leaders announced the creation of the State of Israel, which immediately caused a war with neighboring Arab countries. Israel held back those Arab forces, but it ended up causing more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs to flee their homeland. Why do I bring up modern Israel? Well, while much of the Antisemitism that exists today has its roots in the Middle Ages, a lot of it boiled over with the creation of Israel. Floriane Hohenberg:
You have as well, a new form of antisemitism that is closely linked with anti-Zionism and hostility towards Israel. There is legitimate criticism of the policies of Israel, but there is a fine line that some people cross very easily between criticism of Israel and antisemitism. In other words, some claim the creation of Israel and how the Israeli government has treated Palestinians and other Arabs ever since has also caused a new wave of Antisemitism. Fortunately today, we don’t see the systematic, government-sponsored discrimination and genocide of Jews that we used to see prior to and during World War Two but hop online and you’ll see a ton of hatred for Jews, and Antisemitic groups are still found all around the world. And chances are, you’ll likely see some Antisemitic comments below this very video. Go ahead and check it out. I’m sure they are there. Even if it’s not straight up hatred, stereotypes persist about Jews. In 2009, an Anti-Defamation League poll found that 18% of respondents believed that “Jews have too much power in the business world” and 13% of respondents said Jews “are more likely than others to use shady practices to get what they want.” Another poll given to citizens of Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan found that more than 89% of respondents had a “very unfavorable” opinion of Jews. We know the history now, but why does Antisemitism persist? Well, I think David Feldman, Director of the Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism, puts it best. “People who dislike Jews rarely dislike only Jews.” Jews often get lumped with other hated groups, all convenient scapegoats. When people today blame the Jews for the world’s problems and say they secretly control everything, these are just old traditions passed down and taught to them. They are frankly unoriginal. So there’s a lot of momentum that is hard to reverse. Jews have faced persecution, discrimination, and violence against them around the world for a couple thousand years, after all. And while the bigger question is always, “why do people hate others?” it’s important to also ask why specific groups are constantly targeted. Jews have constantly been one such group. As you watch this video right now, there are fathers somewhere in the world teaching their sons to hate Jews. At this very moment. Antisemitism, unfortunately, persists, and it’s up to us to make it a thing of the past. If you could just think of the first group that comes to mind as the most persecuted group in world history What’s the first group that just pops in your head? Frost: Christians Mr. Beat: ok Interesting…alright Well this video’s about Antisemitism so you just totally messed it up Thank you to Mr. McClellan, Mr. Thierolf, Mr. Sandburg, and Mr. Frost for helping me make this video. And, this was not an easy video to make I spent a lot of time researching and writing the script and this is not something I take lightly so please let me know if you have anything you’d like to add to the video below I know I was taking a bit of a risk making a video like this, so Just try to be civil in the comment section? How should we solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict? Let me know in the comments below. Also a reminder to check out Grant Hurst’s new video that he made that is also released today. about the history of the Jewish people. I’ve linked it below. And finally a shout out to my two newest Patreon supporters Sergio and Pedro Thank you so much! Next week I return with an episode for the Compared series.

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  1. jewish people are indigenous to nowhere and therefore hate all that is natural and indigenous. they hate everything organic and not constructed so they attempt to deconstruct everything. they are a destructive force. they hate nature and hate the earth. they worship books and texts and therefore imagine the world is a book and a text. they are native only to their own abstractions. they force these abstractions upon native peoples of europe and asia and america.

  2. I’ll start off the statement and a question by saying first in for most I have many Jewish friends black friends white friends. Here’s my question. Can you explain to the people how the Jews got Palestine in 1917? I’m curious in what deal they made with Britain in order to get that land. Just seems strange to me. I’ve always been curious what kind a deal was made for the Jews to be able to take over Palestine from the Palestinians? I’ve always been curious and wondered how that worked. Do you know? Thank you.

  3. AbraHAM was BLACK – Jews and the prophets through Isaac were Black – go
    back to Europe white satan – you are impostors as prophesied in the

  4. I did not like history. Most records colour, omit or skew what happened. It is the winner or survivor inner writer who writes I belong to the best people. It it pervasive. The ways we all are brought up is in our veins …Ideologies are pervasive. I had stopped watching this when he asked about what the guys remembered from their history class. Written records about what had happened are skewed by lack of those records that did not make it.. More old, more skewed. I simply do not like people who are putting history to their cortex filtering everything through its lenses…

  5. Madson Barbosa Filho1 week ago
    @Dan Francis You're lashing out some basic animal. It's disgusting and of lower forms. If you see yourself as a victim while attempting to control others. Then you are your own problem. The reason we have surpassed you is this very equation. We didn't choose to live in your dirty hovels. The Romans and other Europeans forced us to live in their dirty continent and stripped us of a homeland. So your ancestors made your own doomsday you built a people who inherently master control in others lands. Had your ancestors left us alone in Israel we would still be in peaceful coexistence. Dont cry because you slapped the lion and got bit.

    Madson Barbosa Filho1 week ago
    @Dan Francis We are the lion tribe. The moshiach comes on donkey yet he is not revered as deity. That's the Xhristian theology. Hashem is the only being of worship. Some were allowed to stay. Some were exiled and some were enslaved. Many did return piece by piece and time after time. The final settling was a master plan. It required resources and the subjugation of the global market. We had been outplayed in combat with Rome. So we had to win by other means. The battle is only one step in the long term war. We sought for longterm victory. Yes what was once thriving was ravaged down to a "desert nothing". Also many of the muslims had mismanaged it. The timing of the resettlement worked beautifully. As we had gained monopoly and political clout in the world. This is why it happened when it did. A rushed early scramble would have failed. You are a hotheaded rash boy so you think rashly and dont see the greater board at play. "Eye for an eye" measure for measure.

    Madson Barbosa Filho1 week ago
    @Dan Francis What do you mean "reveal my plan"? There is no "waking up" or "hiding" anything. The reality is the reality. It's what G-d intended. We are the chosen people. Why do you believe the elite have joined this vision across the boundaries of race and nation? Because they see what the common folk do not. They see reality that can't be refuted. We are the inheritors of this planet. Gentiles cant wake up from a stupor of drugs, materialism and political division. They dont have the mind or time to join or engage in a global chess. So your comment is vapid. The technology has grown to a level where the common folk are powerless. So what will you do? Battle the drones, nukes, AIs, governments and elite all through magic wishes? You say you dont believe in fantasies yet you have a very child like reality you've built for yourself. Grow up dani boi.

  6. WHY, because we as a people have been endowed by Hashem with a superior intellect. And when you are at the top with some thing everyone envies, you are going to be attacked.

  7. Muslims are poisoning American mind and playing with their brain, if any body is against Israel or Jewish God is against them, who bless Israel God bless them.

  8. Maybe people hate jewish elites,bankers and oligarchs which controls many countries and use them for their interests for bad,people don’t hate normal jewish which works normally and are honest

  9. Perhaps those fathers mentioned here, who apparently teach their children to hate Jews are the same people who’s land has been and still is being stolen by the Jews in order for them to live on and farm. -perhaps also it’s the Jewish Government and not the Jewish people who are so disliked. Food for thought.

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  11. Honest to GOD I came here for an answer and NUTTIn at all. Just a bunch of people making sht up

  12. Keep an eye on the Noahide Laws. Sub laws of these 7 laws call for decapitation by sword if they are broken.

  13. I hate Jews because they are in cahoots with blacks. I don't hate blacks, I just want them in small numbers and separate, rather than breeding and invading everybody else's spaces.

  14. Anyone else looking forward to living in a heartless spiteful world where disobeying man-made sub-laws means you will be decapitated? Where a hurt, marginalised child takes out their vengeance on you for things that happened centuries ago, because they have no concept of compassion or forgiveness? I'd be very afraid of people who need to enforce 'Prophecy' with Laws, Weapons, and Deception. I'm sorry you are in so much pain, but taking it out on others is not going to take it away.

  15. http://noahide.org/the-noahide-dinim-sub-laws/

    Sub-law VI Courts of Justice

    That the court is to administer the death penalty by the sword [i.e., decapitation]

  16. I have never evermet a Gentile who hatws Jews 0 but there seem to be many Jews who hatae Gentiles. "We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing the Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We want a world of our own." Maurice Samuel who wrote the book "You Gentiles."

  17. Well Torah and Tanahk state the REAL JEWS are black and went into slavery on ships and were sold to their enemies in a strange land ……

    My question is when did this happen to the Khazzars in Israel today ?

    They’re not Jews, God and Christ both said so

  18. Look at the present Zionist Israel, and its relations with its neighbors. Then you'll understand why Jews SHOULD be hated.

  19. It is VERY easy if Arabs and Jews give up their religious claims to the land. Better still, give up your religion. This whole conflict – and so many others – is because of religious beliefs. There will never be peace on this earth as long as we divide ourselves with beliefs in a nonexistent deity. Please, I beg all of us.

  20. A bit of my own Jewish experience. I never had a single quarrel with the Jews back in my homeland of Belarus. I came over to the U.S. some 20 years ago. After three years in Minnesota, U.S., I got mortally sick all of a sudden. I was rushed into surgery. After my complicated surgery, my social Susanne Hollister, referred to as a high professional by the U of M clinic, told me I mustn`t be alone in this country and I should go to my people. She designated as my people the Soviet and gave me an address where to look for them. The address turned out to be, when I came, the Jewish Community Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In a nutshell, the Soviet Jews told me I wasn`t Jewish and shouldn`t be in this country. Soviet Jew shrink Georgi Mazo told I was not a human being to Americans and shouldn`t be looking for support in this country. He stressed I was a mangy stray dog for Americans. Later on, American Jews filed a police report about me that I came to harass them saying I`d been tortured in Russia and it had affected my mind. When Seth Ozer was escorting me out of the JCC, I asked for his permission to put a question to him. When we were outside he allowed me to ask him my question. I said "it`s well-known that during WWII some non-Jews, risking their life,  helped Jews." I asked him if Seth could provide me at least one example when Jews have helped a non-Jew. Seth gave it a brief thought and answered he knew of no such example. He then told me to get away from the JCC and never get close to it again. So I`ve waked up after my surgery to find out I`ve become a non-human anti-Semite, if we put together two words what Soviet and American Jews called me. It got me wondering what anti-Semite logically stood for. The hatred of all Semitic people – which includes all the Arab people. So the ensuing question – why should I hate all Arabic people? Why it`s called anti-Semitism instead of anti-Judaism? I have no answer. I told my buddy in Minsk, Belarus, how the Jewish people in the U.S. greeted me. He recalled from his childhood a story his mother had told him. She was 10 when the war broke out and soon the Germans arrived into their town. Some time afterward she witnessed trucks arrive to take up loads of the Jewish people and carry them off. One occasion sank deep[ into her memory. One day when a batch of Jews was being loaded onto trucks, a Jewish man yelled out at a group of curious kids – "We are being taken away today but our children and grandchildren will come back and avenge us." And since that day his mother conceived fear of the Jews. She told my buddy when he was a small kid – "You can play with Jewish kids all right, but never make friends with them." My buddy said that after my story the meaning of her mother`s words had finally sunk in. A month after my surgery September 11th, 2001, occurred. I wound up alone in this country working mandatory 12 hours a day, 6 days a week because I now had a precondition and had to hang on to my work place so that I wouldn`t lose my medical insurance. I`d become a Russian for Americans because no one had any idea what Belarus was. My U of M clinic refused to provide me with adequate follow-up and I nearly died several years ago. To overall dismay, I failed to die. The clinic began insisting I had my surgery not a month before, but a month after September 11th, 2001. I looked around for support from many various political groups and newspapers. Nobody cared. This year I wrote a few letters to the Department of Justice in Minnesota. Not a peep from them. While FBI has been spending oodles of money to investigate the Russian interference as ginned up by the Democrats. All of my experience in the U.S. gives me pause to think – is it really about democracy or is it about something else under the guise of democracy far all? One American elderly woman tried to help me out several years ago. She came upon the unwillingness to deal with me from every corner. She said she had never seen anything like this and had never thought that such things could have happened in the United States. Because my story of Nazi-like-camp survival in the U.S. after my major surgery  involved Jews of all kinds I have put in my two cents` worth into this discussion.

  21. When you know how to spend money lavishly n keep money, you have more freedom, not owning tons of money, I conduct classes, feel free to join.

  22. If you're kicked out of one bar, maybe the bouncer is a jerk. If you're kicked out of a second bar, maybe the bartender is a jerk. If you're kicked out of bar no. three, maybe it's time for a little self-reflection.

  23. Dude, Jewish elites have been responsible for more death and murder than any other race of people since before they murdered Jesus.
    Major world renowned leaders including the founding fathers have had nothing but negative things to say about jews. In fact, Jews have been kicked out of more countries then any other race to date. Why is that? I’m not saying ALL Jewish people are evil. I’m just saying. Their has to be a reason why they have been mistreated and disliked for centuries. You can even read quotes of world leaders saying they are not to be trusted.
    Do ppl even know the real reason they were hated by Germans? Because when germans were starving to death(literally) with no jobs, jews came into Germany and bought all their land for dirt cheap. Then destroyed the houses and built porno theatres, prostitution rings, sex trafficking houses, same sex brothels and turned Germany into a moral cesspool of decay. Not only that but they were poor because of the debt they were in to the Jewish elite bankers. So hitler was only guy who actually had the balls to say fuck off to the bankers and start printing their own currency. Which is the reason germans had their own cars, clothes, weapons, etc. Bankers didn’t like that, so they declared war on Germany.

    Jews own everything….

  24. In reality, most Americans hate only the Jew! Americans are keen to the fact that the Jews have destroyed the U.S and are responsible for class separation! Jewish people are truly evil!

  25. Titus 1:14 “Pay no attention to Jewish fables (the Holocaust & Talmud) or to the commands of men who have rejected the truth.”

  26. are the BANKS and MEDIA a lie? or a denial? ONLY jewish think JEWISH are the most hated….WHAT IS THE REAL REASON?

  27. THE REAL STORY OF jews and germany is SUPER GREAT,, ITS TRULY SOMETHING TO BEHOLD.. NOT THE AMERICAN VERSION..PS you have gotta love the word.. WAIIIT FOR IT… persecute.

  28. It seems Sam Sadine (the JIDF bot) is having lunatical breakdowns, copying and pasting the same exact responses to almost every comment nearly every hour of the day, over the last few days.

  29. Not a good lesson for your students. Why are you encouraging antisemitism, or are you not aware that you are?

  30. Big differences of those who call them self for a Jew but aren’t or those who walk into the sionist regime and fuckt up the entire world, and so steal everything they come over, lie of educated and make people sick, it is only speaking about 300-400 people, and they call them self for Jew but they aren’t. This is the type of people what is hater. Simply because they have Satan ( Lucifer as god)

  31. I am from Saudi Arabia ….my family when they said a bad thing they said you are jew!!! They mean you are have a bad traits of jews

  32. Mistake of Jewish why that they left their holy land then back again? Should and always staying on their land forever and not leave,, to prevent protect land culture religion on their holy land since, no matter what

  33. You Jews need to ask yourself that question. Maybe,just maybe, you behaved like asshols trough history,and misuded hospitality of christian countries.

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  35. i dont agree i think blacks were more persecuted you can't get more persecuted than being a slave and then their children become slaves at least jews had the freedom to create wealth. 99% of blacks never had such freedom, in those days it was against the law for a slave even to read and write or even ride a horse. while jews on the whole were well educated if a black person looked into white person in the eyes that would be justification for that person to get whipped to an inch of his life. if blacks were in germany instead of the jews it would have been the blacks that would have been exterminated except they would have done it years sooner. you have to remember this jews were slaves only a few number of years inside germany blacks were slaves for 246 years the jews had it bad but not as bad as the blacks this is just my opinion however youtube use to be about debate so we should debate while we still can i am happy to read opposing opinions.

  36. No one ever talks about Russia and communists hating Jews. The commies started offing jews well before Hitler. Commies hate jews because of their wealth and what they stand for. Jews are an ideological enemy of the communist state.


  38. The Palestinians have a case to be upset. No one asked there opinion when the land they lived on was taken and Israel was reinvented.

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