Why Do Millennials Hate The West?! | Friedman Conference 2019

Why Do Millennials Hate The West?! | Friedman Conference 2019

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well so as
I’m sure a lot of you are probably aware I am currently in the USA on a Christmas
holiday very very exciting but because of that my regular content schedule is a
little bit out of whack so what I have for you today is a speech I did earlier
in the year at the Friedman conference which is a wonderful libertarian freedom
focused conference held in Sydney every year it is on of course one of my
favorite topics Millennials so I hope you all enjoy well hello everyone
Western civilization that beautiful mistress that miraculous entity forged
in blood and aspiration that through brawn and creativity has manifested this
extraordinary society in which we are so privileged to live Liberty personal
autonomy democracy free speech religious freedom the separation of church and
state free-market capitalism the emancipation of women the ability of
every human being to thrive to pursue to create to invent to live their very best
lives as their very best selves free from tyranny oligarchy or compulsory
theological orthodoxy who the hell on this planet wouldn’t want to live in
such a paradise of individualism well I can give you one group who doesn’t there
are a class of people born between 1981 and about 1998 who subject to so-called
helicopter parents and bestowed with more privileges than any other
generation ever have earned a reputation for being difficult pessimistic and
above all whiny they are over kids they are over educated underemployed and
afflicted with a deep and rather worrying sense of nihilism despite a
bounty of facilities bestowed upon them by well West
civilization colloquially known as generation snowflake or generation
I won’t take an entry-level position because mommy and daddy told me that I
was special and unique I am talking of course about Millennials Oh Millennials
Oh what happened what went wrong how could the most educated connect that
connected generation ever who was raised on the Simpsons and South Park turn into
such a cynical bunch of hypersensitive petals Millennials were once the great
hope for Western Civ for the progression of Western civilization but now bear
with them an existential threat of a great and very fortunate a very
unfortunate pardon me regression of the West both culturally and economically as
such Millennials really are terrifying they are a problem and while I am
admittedly very harsh on my own generation in fact I have made somewhat
of a career of making fun of them I have good reason for doing so the fact that
the generation taking the reins of the free world is advocating for less
freedom rather than more freedom is of genuine concern so let’s have a look at
Millennials who are they who hurt them what do they want and are they
destroying Western civilization or is Western civilization destroying them now
Millennials can be split into two subcategories you’ve got Generation Y
which is my half the vaguely sensible half born from 1981 to about 1992 and
then you have what you’d call the lower Millennials which are the rest
Millennials are as we know largely left-wing and seem to be becoming
increasingly that way as more and more of them come through the state
sanctioned socialist Empire otherwise known as University
in fact in 2017 in the UK just 27% of voters aged 18 to 34 voted Tory
whereas 59% of them supported Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Australia is similar at
the 2013 federal election about 60 percent of Millennials voted for the
Labour Party I’m sure they’re all very disappointed now and in the USA it is
the same story according to Pew Research in 2017 55 percent of Millennials had
held mostly or consistently left-wing views as opposed to only 12 percent
identifying as either mostly or consistently conservative no mention of
libertarians for some reason now this would be okay if by left-wing they made
there were simply proponents of fairness and workers rights and personal freedom
but it goes well beyond that according to a survey by the Centre for
independent studies in 2018 thank you Tom Switzer 58 percent of Millennials
favor socialism you know the greatest ideological failure in human history
which has consistently led to starvation violence and death and has never ever
ever ever ever worked ever every time it has been tried they like the idea of that not only that
the sea is found that about 60 percent of Millennials believe that capitalism
has failed and that the government should exercise more economic control
this is despite the fact that they tweets about the failings of capitalism
from their smartphones and their laptops while our sipping iced lattes and
listening to their favorite tunes on Spotify which are all products of
capitalism the irony is strong needless to say this is an intellectually lazy
way to look at the world which brings me to probably the single greatest problem
with Millennials ignorance and not only ignorance but a genuine unwillingness to
seek out different opinions or to be critical of the media what Millennials
are ignorant of is that according to the Heritage Foundation capitalism is
actually the number one antidote to global poverty and also the free of the
economy the higher the standard of living and also let’s be fair they don’t
actually know what socialism is they think it’s what goes on in Scandinavia
and anyone with a basic grasp of economics and history or the ability to
do a quick Google search will tell you that it’s not the case yet despite all
of this readily available information Millennials still swallow the lefty
kool-aid spun to them by BuzzFeed HuffPost The Guardian the ABC and above
all else whatever Zuckerberg and Co decide they
are allowed to see on social media platforms and now this brings me to what
has really messed up Millennials beyond anything else the Internet the internet
that great lawless Wild West of Technology is what is really responsible
for the terrible anxieties cynicism and general lack of critical thinking skills
displayed by such a large chunk of Millennials it is the echo chambers on
social media where they relentlessly try to out virtue each other that have
spawned things like the victim mentalities and identity politics and
the complete misconception they have of socialism now since all of this is done
with zero face-to-face interaction Millennials ability to community
it has significantly deteriorated and because everything looks worse in print
getting into a really vicious argument on the internet if it’s really all part
and parcel of a day’s work and as such everything even the smallest dispute for
Millennials becomes a deeply personal which is not very healthy and so it
stands to reason therefore that a pack mentality is formed which has led to
things like third and fourth wave feminism now insecure millennial women
fostered by immature Generation X and baby boomer child ladies bands together
encourage resentment rather than self-improvement and insist that every
single problem they have is the fault of the patriarchy they also unite under a
hatred of a common enemy the straight white man now this attitude is
absolutely contra to the Western enlightenment values of individualism
and aspiration in favor of a sort of Bolshevik style Machiavellian
collectivism a regression from the West if you will and truly a worrying one
however if you thought this kind of attitude was isolated to millennial
women well you would be wrong according to the General Social Survey
in the USA there is a sharp decline in sex amongst adults aged 18 to 29 so what
you would call the lower Millennials and this is contrary to every societal
stigma you can imagine driven by young men so the survey revealed that 23
percent of these lower Millennials reported no sex in the past year which
has gone up about 15 percent since 2008 male and female young people have gone
for being roughly on par when it came to celibacy to a full 28 percent of men
aged between 18 to 29 reporting no sex in the past year as opposed to only 18
percent of young women and while celibacy amongst young women has gone up
8% since 2008 the amount of young men not having sex has almost tripled since
then going up 18 percent big big disparity Seidner Generation Y’s so my
end of the Millennials is actually the most sexually active of all generations
with just with just seven percent reporting celibacy so we’re doing just
fine now there are a number of factors like say Netflix and video games that
could contribute to this celibacy amongst young men but they are
symptomatic of certainly a larger cultural problem third and fourth wave
feminism depict young men as sexually voracious predators who are black to
blame for literally everything that is wrong they are accused of perpetuating
so-called rape culture and risk being accused of
sexual harassment simply for approaching a girl in a bar now this is not entirely
the fault of young women I mean they have been fed a feminist lie so profound
that they truly believe that all men are rapists in waiting young men thanks to
this cessful of toxic femininity have lost all
confidence in themselves and in women and are just giving up which i think is
incredibly sad and it has certainly yielded some unhealthy consequences some
of you may have heard of a philosophy called mag tau for men going their own
way it’s actually pronounced MIG tau but I think mag tau sounds better because
MIG tau sounds like something the doctor prescribes for an infection anyway the philosophy of mag tau is
simple they are men who are what you would call confirmed bachelors men who
turn away from the societal pressures of relationships and women and in favor of
a life of forging their own way and chasing their own pursuits now this is a
very justifiable push back against militant feminism and I understand it
and have no problem with it however similar to feminism along with its good
faith actors mag tau comes with a rather toxic contingent of from my observation
largely millennial men who used the movement as an excuse to vent their
anger and frustration at a sort of gynocentric world and just like militant
feminists hate and blame men mag tower extremists gather in echo chambers on
YouTube and read it including my youtube channel blame all their misfortunes on
feminism demonize women as a whole and engage in what you would call old
testament anti misogyny they insist that all women and
they do mean all women a gold dinging whores whose only motivation in life is
to strip men of their resources and drain them emotionally they believe a
woman having more than one or two sexual partners
lowers her overall worth as a human being rendering her more like a used car
than a person and that is an actual analogy I have seen them use they
believe that a woman’s sole purpose is to facilitate the needs of men and even
believe that women should lose the right to vote now needless to say this
attitude flies right in the face of Western valleys of the emancipation of
women and free speech and personal liberty and just generally not being a
terrible person so it’s interesting these magton millennial extremists only
seem to have this gripe with Western women they have rejected Western values
in favor of a regression into a sort of medieval patriarchy where women are
considered akin to property and livestock and this I’m sure you would
agree is of concern now in some ways it is understandable why Millennials have
rejected Western capitalism and innovation the perpetual coddling they
received growing up has made the concept of doing any for them anything for
themselves not only unappealing but alien so of course they’re drawn to this
socialist Marxist anti Western ideology that does everything for them
individualism and enlightenment values have been thrown out of the window for
tacky easy intellectually lazy collectivist thought where the success
of one group depends on the downfall of another rather than striving for success
as individuals while helping each other along the way now I’m fully aware that
I’ve spent the last 12 or so minutes ruthlessly bashing my generation and I
have to be fair here Millennials do have a lot of anxieties that are particular
to them like lack of wage growth etc etc so here’s my message to all Millennials
despite what you’ve been told by activists in the media and your
ridiculous university professors the world really is yours for the taking if
you choose to take it Western civilization rather than being a
for product of colonialism and racism has done more to liberate the
underprivileged around the world than any other Society on the planet ever it
is a privilege to live and operate within it I know we have problems I know
we are going to inherit chaos but as the most educated connected generation ever
we should be the most creative the most innovative we should be the most
positive about our future because we do have the tools to fix it so if we can
just stop complaining please for just one minute and embrace the beautiful
West’s rather than rallying against it we can actually make this change thank
you if you like that video please remember to like subscribe share leave
me a comment and if you really really liked it then check out the video
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63 thoughts on “Why Do Millennials Hate The West?! | Friedman Conference 2019

  1. Because they are not of the West. (at least half of them. And the whiteys amongst them? They shut up to not get cancelled.)

  2. Because they never had to work to build anything. They take every luxury they have for granted. Luxuries OTHERS handed them.
    & No. There is no "rape culture". Only a culture of whiny, manipulative, entitled women who now want to call regret, "Rape."

  3. I haven’t even watched your video yet. I can however explain that the Frankfurt school indoctrination and the long march through the institutions starting with university’s is almost complete.

  4. It's because the media and academia shit on white people constantly and that's because Jews run the media and because Jews invented and push cultural marxism by way of canonical leftist books like 'The Authoritarian Personality' and 'The Mass Psychology of Fascism'. That's why.

  5. I don't know if US or european millenials really hate the West but in some other countries millenials love US or UK to death.
    BTW the beginning of your speech sounds like propagandist clichè. No one hates freedom, it's all about the western intervention in other countries.

  6. Enjoy your time here in the States, Daisy. As a Texan I have to say this,… get your butt to a gun range and enjoy some controlled explosions, within reason of course.

  7. You'd think with all the practice at losing these idiots have had over their entire lives they'd be able to handle it by now.

  8. mom: (watches news on 9/11) (looks at me DANIEL ANDREW JAMES DID YOU HEAR ABOTU THIS.
    I don't want ANY more trouble from you young man.

  9. Great video and spot on, my 25 year old daughter just today trying to tell me how all women are seen as second class citizens and their and very hard done too

  10. j am not millenialns i come from east europe i despise west, west for my is symbol of rotteness and us is greatest enemy of my country

  11. “Hi there this is Daisy Cousens… haha, fooled you. You’re talking to a machine. But don’t be shy, it’s OK, machines need love too. So talk to us and Calum, that’s me, or Daisy will get back to you. Wait for the beep.” ^_^

  12. As a millennial from the ‘90s, I hate the generation I grew up with. Too many participation trophies and not enough calluses on their hands.

  13. You need to learn more about MGTOW. You seem to very confused about it. You got about 10% correct about it. 50% of it is the governmental laws that look at men as only a sperm donor and ATM, not a father and the women who take advantage of it. 30% is how women turn into complete cunts once they get what they want from the male. Money, children, cars, homes or whatever their wicked black hearts think is valuable. The remaining 20% is determined by the individual. Lost a lot of respect from me with your pissing moaning about not having your ass kissed by men in a western society where men are looked at second class citizens

  14. God, woman, you have such a beautiful mind and personality! Too bad you don't live near my wife and I. We could learn so much from each other! Sry, not a stalker lol. Just speaking the truth. Meh, great minds think alike, lol! Keep up the hard work!

  15. Womyn have made dating and interacting with them so toxic, millions of young man have decided it's easier to just stay home, play video games, and jerk off. Yeah, I'm serious. More than a few also consider being gay simpler. Oh, did I just break the orthodoxy? Yeah, lots of gay men are gay by convenience, not because they were born that way. Men like sex. A lot. And some will get it any way they can. I used to drive limo in a big city, and the gay club circuit was a great way to make money. These guys would roll from club to club, hooking on 2 or 3 times a night. Viagra, baby. Asked one how many in his gay circle. He laughed and said, "dude, I'm not gay". My education began.

  16. I agree with almost everything you said except the sort of severe criticism against mgtow men. I understand their anger. I don't agree with some of the things they say but I get it. As an older man I grew up supporting women's rights women's advancement women's progression my entire life. I supported everything they ever wanted. I was a lefty. Then I watch them as they turned around and blame me and my race, country and white men for everything that's wrong with them. Yes they were misled by feminisn but my God use your brain people
    I was also being taught things that I eventually overturned here. why can't the women do that? Because they're easily LED. Women tend to be herd animals, where men tend to be Predators, if you look at it in that context. Women tend to follow whatever they're taught if they're led by a strong leader like a feminist later or a group of them. At least men will question things, not just blindly follow. This is one of the main weaknesses of women that I've noticed is that they tend to Cluster together and follow each other's leads and that's how you can lead them away from the truth: that's easy. women need to grow up

  17. every generation inherits the successes and failures of the generations that came before. every generation must find their way through it all.
    millenials are not special in that way… or in any way that counts.

  18. can you really blame the young folks, the left is like the land of chocolate. There have been days where i only eat chocolate which is tasty it gets old fast and you want some real food. Great treat but really after about 12 years the daily treat is just no good but lets say you ran a marathon in a new personal best well enjoy it but just Tuesday well not to brag but i have had thousands of them over a 34 year span

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