Why Didn’t You Move to Baltimore If It’s So Great?

Why Didn’t You Move to Baltimore If It’s So Great?

Uh, we have this guy who calls into the show
every once in a while. We haven’t heard from him for months. His name is Troy York. He calls in with different characters. One of them is I believe Jamal Jenkins who
is a black character. He has another one named Ramon Ramos who is
his Hispanic character. You can tell that he doesn’t know what’s going
on because he pronounces the name remotes, which is of course not the way that that last
name is pronounced in Spanish, which is Ramos. The emphasis on the a here is Troy York as
Ramon remos as he says, asking if I think Baltimore is so great in relation to Donald
Trump’s recent comments. Why didn’t my family moved to Baltimore when
we came to the United States from Argentina? Take a listen to Troy. Slash Ramon. All right, David Pacman. This is Ramon. Well, both. Um, I still have a question for you. Um, okay. I know you came like as immigrant like me,
um, for Latin America and you, you came from Israel in Argentina. Most of those countries, I think we’ll leave
you say Argentina, but, uh, I believe you could be trying national. Okay. I noticed that you did not, uh, what you immigrated
your, you did not consider the city of Baltimore for residency in, uh, I was wondering why. Okay. This probably is because Trump, what Trump
said was the truth. Yeah. No, in fact, we didn’t consider any place
other than the one town which had a hospital at which my dad got a job. So it’s actually far less exciting and interesting
than that. Um, and, uh, I, I hate to break it to you. It was not there. We didn’t consider Santa Barbara, California,
which is just a beautiful place. We didn’t consider Miami Beach, which I love. We didn’t consider, you know, Montreal, which
is not the United States, but it’s just such a lovely city, uh, that I love. Uh, we were in western Massachusetts because
that’s where my dad got a job, and that’s basically the full story. Uh, okay. We have a tremendous bonus show. This is actually funny. The stories on today’s bonus show are the
same ones that I promoted yesterday. Uh, because yesterday we had our, um, biannual
tech fiasco wherein the bonus show imploded. If you’ve never seen video recordings implode,
it’s a sight to behold. Yesterday’s bonus show imploded and we lost
it. We lost the bonus show. I explained it in full on yesterday’s bonus
show. So today we really are going to talk about
the Magda hat wearing kids. $250 million lawsuit has been dismissed obviously
because it was bogus from day one. Fitness trackers like the one I wear turns
out that the 10,000 step goal may be overblown if one is trying to achieve maximum health
benefit. And we will also talk about, economists are
now saying that Donald Trump’s administration is overpaying farmers for trade losses. We already talked about how farmers are being
destroyed by Donald, uh, tariffs on China and other places. And we also talk about how it is almost like
a form of socialism, which Donald Trump claims to oppose to pay the farmers for their trade
losses. And now we’re learning that it appears as
though the administration is actually overpaying farmers for those trade losses. So we will talk about all of those stories
and more on today’s bonus show. Leave me a voicemail if you like it. Two one nine two. David P, uh, send an email if you want using
the contact form on our website, but most importantly, get access to the bonus show by becoming a member at www dot join [inaudible]
dot com or by becoming a patron at patrion.com/david Pacman. Yeah, I’ll speak to you though, the David
Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

100 thoughts on “Why Didn’t You Move to Baltimore If It’s So Great?

  1. Haha! David, you have such a good sense of humour and I hope to be as even keeled as you when I talk to people like that! 😁👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  2. These doofuses think people can move to wherever they feel like it.

    Most people want to pursue a career and they go where the jobs are. Preferably cities they like to live in, but not necessarily how things turn out.


  3. David, speaking of the beautiful Montreal, did you know potus candidate,
    Kamala Harris, spent her high school years in Montreal? Funny, eh?

  4. One weird thing about Baltimore to me is that travel + leisure called the city with the least attractive people! Weird! They said Sacramento is the second least attractive city (it's not)🤣

  5. There is a difference between saying a place is so good you should uproot your entire life to go there and saying that you shouldn't call the people who live there vermin just because they are mostly minorities and the city has problems.

    It's the difference between. "Burger King is so good, you should eat there every day" and "Just because you don't like the people who eat Burger King and Burger King isn't that good doesn't mean you should call them worthless rats."

  6. When you failed as a stand up comedian and this is all you have left, being a troll who can’t do accents but do them anyway.

  7. When I am racist, why don't you believe me when I ask you racist questions in the poor accent against the racist people I think should be in cages.

  8. Seriously I’m worried about the drinking problems of these obsessed recurrent right wing callers. They really sound like they’re drinking themselves to death. In any case, their acumen is clearly compromised by all this reckless drinking. Let’s all hope they get a chance to become sober, proud, reliable and take care of themselves.

  9. The amount of people with mental issues in the US is almost impossible to even fathom. I wonder why…?

  10. Baltimore is a dump and have been since the Democrats began running the city more than fifty years ago.

  11. Obviously avoiding the point which is, why don't you go and live in one of these shit holes? The answer is because you wouldn't want to, not rocket science you pleb.

  12. If you impose tariffs which impacts a certain branch excessively and you compensate that with the increased revenue from the tariffs – that's capitalism, not socialism. Socialism would be handing out the revenue from the tariffs to the poor, regardless of whether they're impacted by the tariffs or not.

  13. Come on David, you are a smart cookie, go on Gavin McInnes debate show. The money is great and I’m sure you’ll survive.

  14. I love it when Trump supporters think they’re being witty and poignant, all they do is expose their ignorance.

  15. Just found this guy. I try to listen to news sources across the spectrum and I like the way he presents himself and his arguments/discussion. It’s always good to get out of your bubble/echo chamber.

  16. I'm going to ask Chuck Grassley why he hasn't stopped my son's truck from getting it's window smashed, radio grabbed and two tires slashed.
    Doesn't he have control over Iowa?
    (Grassley got over $100k in the trade subsidies for his Iowa farm).

  17. I’d be curious to know what part of Latin America has a strong Midwest accent. He sounds like he was born in that small Mexican village named Chicago.

  18. So basically if you defend baltimore your obligated to move there? I dont agree with the president but i would never want to live in a big city regardless.

  19. Somehow I stumbled upon loser leftist who hate America…thanks YouTube. I still dont understand how someone gets afflicted with such a nasty disease…..Liberalism….FIND A CURE FAST

  20. I sincerely hope you father didn’t work at Cooley dickenson, that hospital almost killed my friend who collapsed his lung. Fuck that place.

  21. So, David, you said you were around 3-6 yrs old when you moved here to USA. So, tell us, WHY didn't you have a SAY on where to move to when you came here? Would love to hear your 3-6 yrs old logic on where to move to.

  22. I live in Baltimore, most of the violence is gang on gang violence so you’re pretty much safe unless you’re a drug dealer.

  23. All the focus on inner city- re: black neighborhoods. You should see the poverty and how poor whites live in some southern and mid western towns. sketchy trailer parks, drugs all over the place. What are their republican reps doing for them. Me think not to much, except making themselves richer.

  24. I lived in Baltimore from 1992-1996. It was fine. Not the greatest city in the world, but good. There were some areas that were not safe to walk or bike through, and yes there was crime. You would not be well advised to leave your bike on the street or your doors unlocked. There were also plenty of nice areas and with decent judgement you were safe. If you took stupid risks then yeah, it could be dangerous. This was true of any large city then, and it is generally true now.

    Baltimore is much better now than it was then. In fact, pretty much every large city is better now than 25 years ago.

    It is the quaint little Mayberry towns in rural white America that are worse than they were 25 years ago. Jobs gone. Mom and pop businesses gone. Decent restaurants gone. Parks and schools falling to pieces. Now full of heroin, oxycodone, methamphetamine, depression, hopelessness, and chronic illness.

  25. David, or someone from the team : i don't know if you guys will read this but you really should talk about what is happening in Russia right now. As a Frenchmen i'm of course interested in what is happening in the US but you guys should cover this topic… A lot of leftist in the world are excited by this right now.

  26. This caller sounds less like someone Hispanic and more like someone from India trying to do a Kermit the Frog impression.

  27. Tri-national. Has no legs. Is Jewish… Packman is a bad man 😉 Keep it up David. Best wishes from Serbia.

  28. To be fair Baltimore is in the top 3 most crime ridden cities. You think LA and Chicago is bad, Baltimore is much worst. Baltimore is up there with Mexican cartel controlled cities.

  29. What a silly, unbelievable and poor attempt at creating an “accent”. The fellow proves himself to be an idiot.

  30. Conservatives suck at doing impersonations….just look at Steven Crowder's "Bernie Sanders" impression, he sounds like Gilbert Godfrey, not Bernie Sanders.

  31. "Why don't you move to Baltimore if it's so great?"
    …Maybe because city life is expensive? And contentedness exists, as well.

  32. My family chose Baltimore! Yes, we have rats the size of cats, and? The Baltimore Sun put it best: better to live with rats than be one.

  33. Baltimore is a hell hole and the administration is at fault for it.
    It's certifiably rat infested to the point kids get the black plague.
    It's crime hidden, one of the highest criminality rates.
    It's has a huge sanitation problem, a massive one, trash everywhere.

    Now, we can say the crime is something hard to solve and there's no way a man 25years in the government could have solved it, ok, I get that, but seriously, rats and trash?

  34. Lol that was suppose to be his hispanic accent…sounds more like a drunk hillbilly who never hit puberty. The fuck, idk any latino who sounds like that, even with broken English.

  35. Hurting the farmers?, that means less food production and/or food production done by a few corporations, thus the likelyhood of expensive food.

  36. That boy sounds Whiter than me and I am a German descent with about 98% German Blood so I am pretty White but these days I am ashamed to be White! I'm not ashamed to be German because German is a Heritage I AM NOT A NAZI THAT'S NOT GERMAN Anyways I am 51 years old and I realize I am not a race I am me and we should all see others for who they are so I am colored blind and have been most of my life! We all bleed red, We all hurt, laugh, cry and God made us all brothers and sisters no matter what race you are we are all one race … The Human Race and we all belong!

  37. LOL the only people calling into your show are full on mental cases. And you actually put them on the show, because you have no content. Please delete the channel David. It's over. 😀

  38. "Hi, I'm Ramon and and I'm totally a brown guy from a Latin American country. You'll have to excuse my Pakistani like accent, but don't worry, it will start fading after a couple of sentences. Fading, fading, and it's gone! No more accent, now I just sound like a confused Trump fan! Tah-dah! Magic!"

  39. If he wanted to maximize comedic effect, he would have just played it with no explanation, and then possibly explained the joke at the end. As the video is, he belabored over and over that it was a joke and not serious before finally playing the clip. That's because his audience is a bunch of easily triggered libs and he know this is true.

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