38 thoughts on “Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

  1. This was wonderful! I’m a ten year army veteran and I learned so much of my own military history from this video. Thank you so much.

  2. 한국 경제는 미국의 도움 7% 와 한국의 노력으로 만들어졌습니다.왜 니들이 경제 살린것처럼 말하냐 시발새끼들아

  3. I’m always quick to present a composite satellite night-time map to demonstrate the development of South Korea in stark contrast to Northern Korean development. “Where there are lights is where there are massive populations of people who aren’t starving or freezing to death.”
    And when privileged schoolboys try to talk shit about The USA, I show ‘em the map, right there on their iPhone. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. The free world under U.S. leadership would no longer tolerate communist military takeovers of free nations

  5. I am from Pakistan
    But I appreciate US for defending South Korea against communism
    Imagine South Korea would be living in hell without US support just like North Korea’s totalitarian regime i wished the whole country would be unified under complete democratic so the people of North Koreans wouldn’t have suffered from this oppressive regime u should be grateful to americans unlike the same thing Pakistan is defending Afghanistan against terrorists but they are being rude and ungrateful to us
    However, may peaceful reunification prevail on Korean Peninsula 🇵🇰❤️🇰🇷

  6. Crazy that American schools don’t teach about the Korean war when its hugely taught in Korean. I understand that it was in Korea and not America, but we learn about many many wars in other countries here in America, why not the Korean War?

  7. The liberals of silicon valley google have set this video in mode "restricted". Knowing Brennan and Comey were communists…

  8. I'm Korean. First, i'm sorry to Americans. Our president moon ignore about sacrifice & he wants to unify with north communists. His insane political activities should be stop. Its insult to the victims.
    Now we know that liberals shouldnt be chosen.

  9. Before the WWII, Japan functioned as the breakwater to fend off the
    Bolsheviks.  Since the US made a terrible mistake of identifying the
    true enemy, the US picked a fight against Japan and destroyed the

     As the result, Manchuria fell into the hands of Soviet Union and the
    China Proper (area south of the Long Wall) fell into the hands of Mao
    Zedong.  Then, the Korean War broke out.  The North Korea Army was
    equipped with T-type tanks made in the Soviet Union. Mao Zedong
    eradicated the surrendered Nationalist forces to the Korean Peninsula
    in an attempt to kill them by superior fire power of
    the US, because they were his potential enemy.  (A typical Sun-tzu tactics of 借刀殺人, meaning “kill your enemy by borrowing swords from others)
     Before and during the WWII, the US supplied aircraft and pilots called
    “Flying Tigers”  in addition to financial aid other military equipment to Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist forces to fight against Japan, then the US exterminated them in the Korean War., losing 40,000 GIs.

    In my opinion, the real victor of the WWII was Soviet Union. Japan and
    the US were both losers. However, the biggest loser was China, who
    had Mao Zedong as its new emperor.

  10. Thank you prageru, you convinced me to join the Syrian Arab Army and fight for my country against the west

  11. Being prepared for war is the only deterent to war. Peace is only achieved when a society is willing to fight for it. Todays aggressors are the modern day conquistadors who still seek to dominate the weak to further their cause. The United States has been that deterent.

  12. In 1953 my father fought in the last parts of the Korean War. He passed away in 1999. In 1980 I found myself on the DMZ in Korea , listing to the commie bull#&%× ! The way that the South has rissen out of the ashes is testimony that communism Is dead .

  13. The following are the countries that participated in the Korean War .

    Republic of Korea (United Nations)

    U.N Democracy Combat Support: Korea, USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, France, New Zealand, Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, Colombia

    Medical support countries: Sweden, India, Denmark, Norway, Italy

    Materials Support: Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Burma, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Hungary, Iceland, Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico, Pakistan, Venezuela, Argentina, Austria, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Chile, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Syria, Haiti, Monaco, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Liechtenstein

    total number of combat troops: 1,731,473 people


    Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Communist army)

    North Korea,China,Soviet Union

    total number of combat troops: 2,176,000 people

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