Why conspiratorial thinking is peaking in America | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Why conspiratorial thinking is peaking in America | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Rather than look at reality and agree on one
whole reality we’re becoming a society where we have these different groups that believe
in different realities. And that is a big part of political polarization
where people don’t just agree about their opinions, disagree about the opinions about
a series of facts but they disagree about whether the facts are actually true. But we can also see it in conspiracy thinking
where these fringe groups, or at least they used to be fringe groups on kind of the outskirts
of thinking about what could be real or what is happening, paranoid thinking for instance. Thinking about reptoids controlling our government. There have always been people who believe
these sort of strange things but what social media and the internet in general has allowed
to happen is for people with these beliefs to find each other and then when they’re
hearing back those same sorts of facts or same sorts of theories then their beliefs
strengthen. One thing that is particularly alarming that’s
happening is what Michael Barkun calls fusion paranoia where these fringe groups who might
have believed in aliens and these others that might have believed in reptoids and these
others that may have believed that the JFK conspiracy are merging and that’s kind of
alarming to me. Jesse Walker wrote a wonderful book, The United
States of Paranoia in which he classifies the various types of paranoid thinking that
have occurred in our country right since our very founding. He classifies them into four different types. Enemies outside, enemies within, enemies above
and enemies below. All of them involve fear. All of them involve belief in conspiracy style
thinking but they vary in their sources. So the enemies above are those that have more
power than us and they’re trying to control our lives. So pharmaceuticals, creating vaccines just
to make money rather than to help people is an example of the enemies above. Enemy below tends to be people who have less
power, who we have oppressed or who don’t have a lot of power kind of rising up and
overthrowing things. Outside is immigration, people who are unlike
us that might come and infiltrate us. Enemies within are people like secret communists
or witches during the Salem witch trial. People who look like us, seem to be embedded
in our society but actually are plotting against us. I think that fear is an incredibly dangerous
emotion. I think that it causes us to narrow our thinking. I think it causes us to shutdown options and
there are a lot of threats in the world but I think what we need to face those threats
are open, creative, playful thinking. When we think as a hivemind, when we think
collectively and we do so in a fearful sense then that shuts down a lot of our thinking. One thing that I think we tend to do is we
think that we’re going to be the person who is going to crack a big mystery, who’s
going to solve a whole puzzle. I think that Hollywood has given us this idea
and the famous book and movie, The Da Vinci Code sold us on this that we were going to
be the hero who would figure everything out, this big vast conspiracy. And I think the romanticization of that is
dangerous and I think that we all think that we’re going to be this hero who’s going
to discover some secret thing. I think that we need to weigh in, let experts
weigh in. I think that we need to trust expertise and
I think that we need to look at Snopes.com rather than YouTube for our information. I think that we need to regain our trust and
scientists and people who have spent their life’s work studying a phenomena rather
than thinking we’re going to hunt down the answer on the internet.

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  1. Is this the new INDOCTRINATION channel now?? The elites are in fact creating the shit we see. Yes there are facts and measured corruption. JFK was in screwed!! This video pisses me off..Unsubscribed to the indoctrination channel!!!

  2. So check snopes a site with a proven bias and false claims that factual stories are conspiracy theories. Got it, replace independent logic with group think.

  3. man, witches is a good example. conspiracies seem to arise out of people being skeptical and curious, but not curious enough to learn the history or skeptical enough to see their own idea, is unfounded, contains leaps of logic, drawing lines that aren't there, and being too charitable to their own idea because they created it their self. it's more fun to do that than to learn about the NASA history of a mathematician, a physicist and another kind of mathematician.
    but at the same time when a public figure or entity goes out of it's way to call something a conspiracy it's because it wants to prevent further investigation.

  4. The most laughable video on the tube today. Did she really say we need to go to Snopes for information and believe scientists not YouTube? I am amused. Thanks folks.

  5. Yeah… 3.5 years of the "Russia/Ukraine meddling/collusion" ; 4chan/alt-right trolls; you pick whatever you come up with as soon as the previous accusations fail to take root… that's one hell of a conspiracy mashup. Also… all them Clinton whistleblower that killed themselves with shots to the back of their heads … really makes one's noggin joggin

  6. Education, a common language, video and the internet have killed all your potential logic.

    What conspiracies are left to be proven real? Is there anything yet to be proven?

  7. Money and power are the real driving force.
    Social media, including this platform, has made it very easy to make money selling non sense and influence people.

  8. If they really are watching me,
    Would I FACTUALLY be paranoid tho?
    I agree with pretty much everything in this video untill the end. I don't necessarily trust experts. I trust science, reason and evidence. If there is disagreement between experts, Ill look at any and all sides of a claim and think for myself.
    Questions such as:
    How can that claim be verified?
    Has it been tested via scientific method?
    Has it been replicated?
    How many times?
    By whom?
    Who's funding the studys?
    Flat earth is an obviously troll.
    Communism not so much.

  9. Conspiracy is just a secret nefarious plan of at least 2 people. This happens every day. Vast, important conspiracies are usually fantasy – but they do happen.

  10. It's only going to get worse. The internet and Trump have opened the gates for the scared non-thinkers to get on a platform.

  11. Peaking? Once again, mainstream media and people are WAY behind the 8-Ball: It peaked a full decade ago and it has actually gone pehaps not "quiet" per say but quieter than it was. We've moved from the age of conspiracy to the age of misinformation/propaganda; don't confuse the two.

  12. This video is a conspiracy, to cause people to believe all the lies told by govt, industry, academia, snopes, etc.
    Unfortunately, this is the era of eisau.
    His name is a contraction of 2 hebrew words, which mean, "he's so false".
    Almost everything is the complete diametric opposite of what it appears to be.

    Doctors are murderers.
    Bankers are thieves.
    Farmers poison the soil.
    Vaccines cause lifelong illness.
    Medicine kills more people than illness.
    Hospitals are temples of murder and human sacrifice.
    Health care, is about turning human bodies into revenue streams. Like utility bills on your body.

    This list could go on to include almost everything in the "modern" world.

    It's only about money and nothing else.
    Money buys power.

    Open your mind, but not so wide, that your brain falls out.

  13. love the propaganda its what keeps me coming back. what you mean to say is the governments and elites have been exposed to a point there are few left who dont know how evil they are

  14. There are instances where the conspiracy types are correct. I don't think we should be dismissive of fringe ideas, just consider them rationally. She mentions big pharma for example. I'm pretty sure a rational look of their motives and structure would show that profit is a higher priority than people's health and well being. This isn't a strange nefarious conspiracy, just the nature of a corperate health system.

    I don't think we should blindly trust experts, but acknowledge BOTH their expertise and their position, resources and motivations.

    We have to ability to evaluate, cross reference and integrate different sources of info to get a more accurate big picture.

  15. You can't believe anything anyone says in the USA, right now. Nothing is true and everything is false. I don't see how we can recover from this.

  16. you know what would help? if conspiracy theory that sadam didn't have weapons of mass destruction, turned out to be false. if conspiracy theory that assad didn't gas his own people, turned out to be false. that conspiracy theory that russians didn't hack americanazi elections, turned out to be false. you have here three conspiracy theories that all turned out to be true. all while media was trying to convince people in complete opposite. people experienced way too many conspiracy theories turning out to be true in a very short while, that they now expect everything media is telling them to be false. that's why you get people who believe earth is flat. hey, you lie about everything else, why would you tell the truth about shape of earth? I have no idea why they think that you.ass.hole, russia, china, iran, saudi arabia, north korea, south korea, who can't seem to agree on anything, would agree to lie to all of us on the shape of earth, but there you have it. I do get that since media is pushing earth is round, they are gonna instinctively going to reject it. but they need to consider that if no one benefits from pushing a lie, it's probably not being pushed, and not a lie. the best way to fight conspiracy theories, is to stop lying so much. who'd thought?

  17. Ignoring corruption and evil while attacking the mindsets required to combat them means you are complicit in force-feeding the media narrative. Shame on you.

  18. Sarah Rose Cavanagh, why is it alarming that these conspiracy thinkers are finding each other on the internet and strengthening their beliefs? If you are confident that conspiracy theories like the JFK assassination are just theories, then what's the problem? Aren't you confident in your world view? Doesn't seem like you are. The truth always prevails in the end, so what's the issue? 🙂

  19. Notice how she conflates JFK assassination/mass immigration/medical profiteering etc. with believing in reptoid shapeshifters. Then tells us to go to Snopes.

    Maybe she's CIA lmao.

  20. If you are American Citizen
    Then just shut up and PAY TAX so Politicians can live lavish life. If you are behind property tax then it will be forclosed 🤯

  21. Yes Conspiracies are false. And the dollar bill has a F*#ing pyramid with an eye on top just because some one though it was cool!!

  22. Naw, what we need is to adopt a Bayesian approach where we function in a world of probabilities and evidence instead of pretending we can objectively achieve the "facts".

  23. Snopes is not perfect nor is Politifacts. They all still have some bias. Though they are a good place to still check. Just don't blindly believe them either.

  24. Yea…./sigh/ I know this sounds preachy. But the 1990's leaned heavily into relativism. The hope was that the shift from black and white rule based morality to perspective based morality would create more empathy among citizens and make things better. It backfired though. Now an entire generation seems to think their feelings are what determines right and wrong, and that justification has given validity to both victims and perpetrators alike. Where things get even worse is that the lack of an arguable moral foundation steeps moral enforcement in hypocrisy. Instead of having a system of Justice we now govern by the letter of the law. Harming public trust in authority.
    Then comes the internet. But the social media isn't even the half of it. What it really brought was exposure to violence. in the 1980's exposure to actual violence among civilians was minimal. Circa today… almost everyone has seen someone murdered on video. Do people really think that hasn't effected us psychologically?
    People are scared. Many suffering from minor degrees of trauma. Either desperately searching to rationalize things, or shutting down completely. These trauma's should heal with thoughtful understanding and reflection. But the relativism of the 90's have left society poorly equipped to build that understanding. So instead people gravitate to savior figures. Whether it's Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump doesn't matter, because they're both flawed.
    And the conspiracy theories exist to cover up those flaws and discredit rational argument against their choice in psychological shelter.
    This really isn't that hard a topic to decipher…. just pointing the finger at movies and the internet is lazy. It's only a fraction of what's going on here, and I'm getting pretty tired of listening to "experts" that don't seem to have any real interest in helping people solve anything. Profiteering off of dysfunction is a real problem in the US too you know… maybe big think should be a bit more self aware and cover that shit.

  25. Yeahh.. Let's just trust known liars! And how dare you lump in those that believe in aliens and more "out there" theories with the more tangible, plausible or even outright proven conspiracies.. This tactic won't work anymore. Yes, some theories are ridiculous but conspiracies happen folks, especially amongst those who have the means and resources to carry them out and conceal them (the rich and powerful). Nothing wrong with questioning those in power, why wouldn't they lie cheat steal and murder to remain in power?? I'm not worrried about conspiracy theorists as much as you unquestioning coincidence theorists!

  26. Pharmaceutical companies are corporations. The number one incentive for a corporation is to make a profit. That is not a conspiracy theory. That is a factual analysis of how the institution works.

  27. On conspiricies theories: what people mostly fail to mention is what conspiricies are. When elected officials decided in 2003 to invade Iraq some of them conspired and had ulterior motives conpared to how the public was informed. That was a legit conspiracy. Some people had a theory about it and now we know it had a monetary component to it. Plain and simple conspiracy theory that has proven to be correct.

  28. Wake up. Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012 legalized government propaganda that they had already been using for decades and caught once already during operation mockingbird. This is all public record not some theory.

  29. How the fuck can you put the JFK conspiracy in the same breath as fucking reptilian shape shifters? JFKs assassination was clearly a conspiracy. If you think Oswald was just casually like fuck it lets kill the president without any support or help you are fucking stupid

  30. The Government are Sterilizing you all with Endocrine Disruptors:
    Where has all the sperm gone?
    Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years – study
    The infertility crisis is beyond doubt. Now scientists must find the cause
    Sperm Count Zero
    Comprehensive study shows a significant ongoing decline in sperm counts of Western men
    Methods of Depopulation In The Age of Sustainability

  31. How was this video approved? This is the same kind of thinking that gets innocent travelers beheaded in Afghanistan. Out to prove that people are inherently good…. Oh those crazy conspiracy theories…. like elite pedophile rings and recycling children across the southern border… Such funny fake stories. Gotta close our minds now, boys and girls. Refer to snopes? It is proven to be inaccurate. Wow, big think. I'm beginning to think big about unsubscribing.

  32. Sorry I can just not care. Don't expect the next video I'll be paying attention to this woman. I remember her from a previous video and it wasn't a good one either. Really, give me a call, I'm actually getting serious.

  33. Nonsense. Stop gaslighting and blaming people for responding to the same bullshit corporate propaganda machine that has been peddling this political psyop for over a century. The Anglo-American gangster establishment always lies because it always has to.

  34. The narrators last name is Cavanagh which is eerily similar to Kavanaugh, therefore I’m conspiring that she is a serial rapist.

  35. well lets see now padawan…war, war, war. rats, snakes and blood sucking ticks everywhere you go,
    the funny smell in the air is constant, the dog wont drink the tap water and kids are growing up thinking {sorta} that this kinda shit is normal now

    im sorry, you were saying something shillbot?

  36. The CIA, via a conspiracy which they engineered, conducted a false flag attack, where many people died, to pull us into the Vietnam War. This was verified and reported on in the media, and quickly forgot.

    You're goddamn right I am a conspiracy theorist, and the people conducting violence against us are the ultra wealthy, and their influence on the violent powers in the world like the CIA.

  37. Remember History class? This civilization rose to power, fell to corruption, ended in revolution. This civilization rose to power, fell to corruption, ended in revolution. This civilization rose to power, fell to corruption, ended in revolution…………..

    Like they say … those who don't learn from History, are condemned to repeat it.

  38. Conspiracy theories range from being highly plausible to being ludicrous. Just because one conspiracy theory is wacky, like lizard people running the planet, doesn't mean all of them are.

  39. Yep. She's got it exactly! A relief to here Some experts are out there who actually understand and are keeping track of what's going on here.
    I think it's too rare for Well-educated and mentally stable reasonable people to be able to relate to how the socially reenforced spiral of disinformation draws more intellectually vulnerable folks further away from objective reality, until they feel completely alienated from everyone not participating in their particular niche delusion. it can be difficult to relate to, and too easy to dismiss as "just some wackos – always has been – nothin' you can do for those types."
    But over the past 6 years I've been paying more attention to the belief claims others are making, and at least in my anecdotal experience I personally know SO many people in my communities who are passionately convinced by the craziest shit, but will lash out in defense of these beliefs if you dare to question their validity.

    Astrology seems like it's probably one of the more benign superstitious belief systems, but it has gone from a pathetic embarrassment to sincerely creeping me out just because of how ubiquitous it's become in my state with nearly everyone around my age (20s). Literally is remarkable on the Tinder dating app to find a woman's profile which does NOT list her Sun Moon & Rising zodiac signs at the top. Sometimes it's the Only thing they write about them self, as though that's all we need to know, and I've lost track of the amount of times someone interested in me has upfront INSISTED to know the coordinates, date and time of my birth Before we can talk about anything else, so that she can research my personality (in front of me) and our compatibility in her Astrology app. (I used to humor this nonsense, when I pressured most people weren't genuinely serious about it, but now it's too evangelical and so frequent I just save us time letting the person know I won't be compatible for them.)

    People with unjustified extreme beliefs rarely have to feel isolated anymore. There's always a growing community of even more fervent believers eager to welcome them into the fold, online.
    I think the biggest umbrella these genres of ignorance mainly all are harbored under is a deficient education in, or distain for logical reasoning skills, and distain for the scientific method, and also credentials experts in general.

    I don't know any Flat-Earther who Only believes in the Flat-Earth conspiracy fantasy.
    Ask further and they inevitably will tell you some assortment of ancient aliens and ghosts and a god or reptilians are real too, and that it's Obvious common we never landed human astronauts on our moon, as though that's passé common sense by now. and there's a good chance they'll be a rabid anti-vaxxer to boot.

    Good luck humanity! 🖖

  40. most Americans don't trust experts. Or they just resent them.
    Feels more "empowering" to #TRUSTYOURGUT

    Or listen to the most confidently held claims and opinions of more relatable people.
    Y'know, people with a more emotionally appealing backstory or identity,
    a similar vernacular and limited vocabulary, and a familiar A E S T H E T I C.
    A representative from within our own tribe, essentially.

  41. the conspiracies were always there, only now that we have a global communication and research tool has the facade become exponentially difficult for the social engineering elite to maintain their deception. i don't call this effect conspiratorial thinking, i call it critical thinking which is not only healthy but essential.

    "The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." -Frank Zappa

  42. Respectfully disagree with most of what this uninformed person is saying. How glaringly flawed her thinking is when she says we ought not think in the hive mind and be more creative and playful with our thought, but that entertaining a "conspiracy theory" cannot be precisely those things. I'm also wondering exactly which conspiracy theories she is pretending have somehow taken over the mainstream? I can spell out one right here that I can almost guarantee she believes: that the POTUS hates America and only wanted the job for financial gain and greed for power. To me, that seems to be a theory believed by a big, vocal, organized and mainstream group of people, fueled of course by the MSM.

  43. this is not a conspiracy theory
    fox news: Last Update August 20

    'UFOs' are coming out of black holes and altering galaxies forever:

    According to research published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, hot ionized gas — known as an ultra-fast outflow (UFO) — is flying out of supermassive black holes and could help explain why there is nearly empty darkness encompassing the center of several galaxies.


  44. This has nothing to do with conspiracy thinking or paranoia or whatever.
    What you are seeing is the truth being revealed by people because you can no longer hide all the lies we've been told for hundreds of years! Now with the internet the real truth and nature of our human nature and the earth is being exposed. Unfortunately 90% of people still live the lie and are too lazy to do research and see through the wool that has been pulled over our eyes since birth!

  45. Here is the Truth.
    There is one Holy, Sovereign, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent God, existing from all eternity past to all eternity future. One Divine Being who had no beginning and will have no end.
    For reasons known only to Himself, He chose to create the universe as we know it. Some 14 billion years ago, all time space, matter, and energy had a singularity. Science has confirmed what the bible has always taught regarding the creation event and the expansion of the universe.
    As His crowning achievement, God created man and woman in His image. (read Genesis 1 and 2). Sadly, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and so because He is Just and Holy, punished them with "spiritual death", that is, they lost that personal fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden.
    Because we are all offspring of these first parents, we all inherit a sin nature and are similarly cut off from spiritual connection with our Maker.
    But God is also Loving and Merciful. He made a way, and only ONE way, for sinful man to be reconciled to Holy God. He Himself took on a human nature, Jesus of Nazareth, some 2,000 years ago. Fully God, fully man. He lived the perfect life we never could, voluntarily died a bloody death on a Roman cross, then rose from the grave to signify the sin debt was paid for all of us who would put our faith and trust in Him for salvation.
    Jesus will return one day to "judge the living and the dead" (1 Peter 4), and on that day Paradise lost will be Paradise restored. A "new Heaven and a new earth", (Isaiah 65). Everlasting fellowship again with God for believers, eternal conscious torment in the Lake of Fire for those who are unsaved. (read Revelation chapters 20-22).
    That is what God says.

  46. One real problem is things like the HISTORY channel having shows about totally fantastic stories as if they are facts.
    Just to get more viewers and make more money.
    So theyre Dumbing down the country for profit.

    The channel is co-owned by Disney so yeah
    mermaids are real, fish can talk, frog will transform to a handsome prince with just a smooch, and of course cute but dangerous blue aliens love Hawai'i.

    But really people actually believe the BS on the history channel. Just because of the name.
    Sad. Sad sad.

  47. She clearly exhibited her left-wing bias, which essentially makes her unfit to carry out such a task. I genuinely think she is part of a hivemind, which I guess at least speaks to the problem she highlights.

  48. The majority of the population don't know the first thing about logical fallacies or cognitive biases and everything they think is reasonable is too simple to be true.

    whether it's calling yourself a human, a conservative, and anarchist or any other fake as fuck self-affirmation bullshit, you're all fucking delusional. You don't know what you are, you don't know what anyone else is, you don't know what the fucking universe is. All of these labels and taxonomy are nothing more than placeholders. Pretending they are real means you are delusional blindfolded child running to the universe with scissors refusing to accept your ignorance, have your existential crisis, shit your pants, change your own fucking diaper, face your fears like an adult and move the fuck on with the flow of entropic demise and chaos.

  49. At 1:13. it's a corrupted positive feedback loop and I call all of "modern civilization" the societal cult of opinionism.

    The entire so-called civilized modern world is chock-full of simpletons that pretend their opinions matter and they validate those beliefs with the corrupted positive feedback loop in echo chambers of which they create by forcing everyone to conform to their agenda because if you don't, you don't survive socially or economically… or they find Echo Chambers, both in their lives and the so-called real world as well as the internet.

  50. At 2:06. we live in an environment that is constantly triggering fight or flight responses, be it subtle, it is altogether too frequent…

    From the very beginning we are pitted against each other both with the grading system in public school systems and with sports driven brainwashing. We are taught to argue over opinions with high school debate team bullshit and be aggressive, b e aggressive!

    We are sexually repressed and must fight for satiation both against society and our so-called peers. People are shamed for expressing sexuality…

    We are constantly / fake as fuck delusional identity opinionated bullshit because people prefer to be fake as fuck Pretenders then to accept their ignorance and of course we become our own shills…

    then there is the war on drugs and every point of authority as well as unscrupulous business practice…

    then there's mainstream media like the news and even entertainment playing on the fact that we are all addicted to confrontation and violence because of natural tendencies and our conditioning which just exacerbates the number of times the fight or flight response is triggered…

    Then you're surprised when people are being paranoid? Don't be. That's a natural reaction to an environment that is nothing more than terroristic war-mongering and fear porn…

    There are plenty of things to be legitimately concerned about or afraid of and unfortunately everybody's worrying about their fake as fuck delusional beliefs more than the actual lion that is in the bushes up ahead…

    We are witnessing the downfall of civilization in slow motion. I say dump gasoline on it or run around and castrate every simpleton piece of shit. it really is a crime that the stupid are allowed to breed. They're nothing more than a cancerous mass on the biosphere breeding out of fucking control. Certain genotypes I've become an invasive species. Those in power should not have power. Those that manipulate the systems are too fucking simple-minded to be well suited for that job.

    As to how to fix all of this, you best believe I have answers and there's a high probability of success if my strategies are implemented appropriately but of course, nobody's going to pay attention to me because I'm the so-called bad guy, the modern-day witch, the non-conformist oh, the ostracized and vilified silver tongued devil. (Eyes roll fucking Petit pieces of shit)

  51. At 3:10. Those "witches" do exist and I'm proof of it. I fucking hate America. I fucking hate capitalism. I fucking hate the majority of the population. I wish nothing but the worst for the majority and their entire fucking family. They have done nothing but destroy my life since I was born and they are a fucking plague that needs to be eradicated one way or another. My preferable route is through education and execution of their fake as fuck perception of overly simplistic identity, the eradication of their psychological security blankets, the total lack of respect for their fake as fuck simpleton opinions. They need to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of the way of those of us who know what we're talkin about. they need to respect intelligence and accept that their opinions don't fucking matter and that they are so fucking stupid they are a liability…

    Of course, if they don't listen to reason, if they don't grow the fuck up, if they don't respect those of us who are far superior to them intellectually, they will burn all of civilization to the ground and then kill each other over the last can of corn while the rich and or intelligent avoid their pathetic squabbling and wait for them to die off, then we'll come down out of the hills or out of our bunkers and wipe the rest of their blight like forms off the face of this decimated planet.

  52. At the end of the video. Very wise words. Should have led with that and of course, maybe add that people need to learn how to think in general. People need to learn about logical fallacy and cognitive bias. People need to learn the history of science. People need general scientific awareness.

    just listening to experts and taking what they say is Gospel is not good enough. If people don't understand why something is true then it is no different than a religious belief and they won't stick to it because they won't understand the consequences if they don't understand the subject matter.

    the worst part of all of this is that the majority of the population might just be too fucking stupid to be educated and they are all a fucking liability as well as a cancerous mass on the biosphere.

    Very concerning indeed.

  53. So look at snoopes.com rather than youtube fo our information? So only one-sided information from experts or "experts"? I rather try to use both then than be told not to look at only one-side. Critical thinking, looking at things from different perspectives and listening, according to me, are the best method.
    "There's a difference manipulating peoples digital social-life
    and improving their digital social-life."

  54. The Da Vinci Code is not about "hey, we can figure out this big conspiracy".

    The AHA moment of the eventual realisation is shared with the audience, but up to that point it's pretty much a creative arts professor's wishfullfillment fantasy maskerading as a political thriller.

    On the video, the fusion conspiracy thing – mashups and mixups have always been a thing. I think it's hilarious that the separate "conspiracy fandoms" have started to leak together. So now it's repilians from outer space that run the government and did JFK?

    I have never been able to be sure how serious some of these conspiracy theory people are. I called it a fandom, because I think that a lot of people can enjoy some silly theories ironically. Just for the brain tickles, kind of like reading those novels were the nazis win WW2, etc. Alternative history, what-if scenarios, it can all be quite entertaining.

    And then there's the guys that realize they can make some money off of those fandoms so they create forums and TV shows and T-shirts.

    Like, who exactly is actually believing in these things? Aliens did the pyramids? That'd be awesome, but, dude, I do not believe you.

  55. People whom believe conspiracy theories to be ridiculous, ought try advertising on a hat or shirt, the amount their estate is valued at, what their possessions cost, savings/checking account balances, autos, jewelry, down to how much in their pocket, so ALL friends, family, neighbors, employees, enemies, etc. can weigh you up, morally.
    Connecting the word "conspiracy" with the word "theory" in mainstream media has been propagandized.

  56. First question: why is conspiratorial thinking peaking in America?
    First and most obvious answer: because the internet gave me the ability to get the truth on topics like: operation northwoods, the Tuskegee experiments, the gulf of Tonkin incident declassified, and building 7(which recently became proven beyond doubt that it fell intentionally by demolition by Alaska university and a new investigation is being opened by the fire chiefs of New York)
    … now back to your propaganda. Lol

    Ps Epstein didn’t kill himself

  57. “If we all just though exactly the same”, we would be the borg. This is the most pathetic propaganda attempt I’ve ever seen. Does this actually work on anyone who has at least two brain cells to rub together? Lol You’re out of your mind. People have seen what’s up, cause there’s this thing called the internet, and we’re tired of your phony crap. “We need to trust the experts”… what, like Bill Nye? Lmao 🤣

    Critical thinking

    (If you we’re going for comedy, you nailed it)

  58. There are some wild conspiracy theories. But in terms of political power, change the term to networks. And she really really needs to read history. Trapped in the research too much. I'm not saying con theories are all true. But being closed minded because someone says they are so is, well, closed minded. Remember, MKULTRA would have never been released-the documents-if there wasn't an error in their intended destructio. Look at the democracies overthrown by the U.S. During the cold war. Also, in the court of law, there are conspiracies.

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