20 thoughts on “Why Beyond Meat is Plummeting After Hours!

  1. Just a thing that analysts don’t get, vegans will not buy Tyson’s plant based meat, they will keep buying $BYND and Impossible Food 🥘

  2. There’s a HUGE amount of competition within this Category.. If I could buy a ‘Meat-Substitute’ Index I would, this sector is gonna be massive. Buying BYND at this point is gambling – they’ve no real moat in this sector either.

  3. Jeremy, judging by how things stand right now, what do you think about GoPro stock?
    (Leaving past experiences aside)

  4. I don't blame Beyond for doing a second IPO. Their stock is over 500% in less than 3 months. They would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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