48 thoughts on “Why Aren't More Women Involved in Nationalism?

  1. By and large women are programmed to sabotage society in favour of invading gene pools, look at their responses to Arab and African men (only) in Sweden and Germany. Not quite so keen on boatloads of Arab/African women. Oh wait, there weren’t any😒

  2. Unfortunately we have allowed our statesmanship to be overly feminised, and it will be our undoing and not a happy clappy multicultural utopia. I speak as a woman, in despair over our stupidly naive western leadership. Come back Winston Churchill!

  3. The problem is global so the solution must be global. We need to purge the world of all the stupid-ugly. But western governments aren't going to do it, corporations aren't going to do it, and no grass roots movement is going to do it. We need a nuclear option that doesn't require actual nukes, or any violence at all. How about a virus? I mean, the real problem here isn't people, it's genes. Modify a non-lethal strain of the flu virus to over-right all stupid-ugly genes with random white genes. Everyone gets a moderate cough and then all babies conceived afterword are white.

  4. Very interesting points Mark, it proves that it's not what you say but how you say it that counts the most these days. It's not a new method though, if you look at the work of the genius Goebbels who was behind the Nazi Party's success in the early thirties, he knew how to appeal to both men and women with his propaganda. I'm obviously not comparing you or your Party to the Third Reich and I'm not saying that the Nazi Party was great, I'm just using him as an example of how to use the media.

  5. Because waahmen want men to serve them, and they can't have that if men are allowed to have human rights…just like blaks want whites to serve them, and they can't have that if whites are allowed to have human rights.

  6. and that men worked in teams, and women worked more independently. too many men equate weak and foolish with feminine, and then get annoyed when their woman acts weak and foolish.

  7. Turns out women don't want to be valued only as sex objects and brood mares for the next generation of White Men. Whoda Thunkit?

  8. if Europe has been civilized for so long, why do whites still talk abt their habits & culture as if they just stepped out of the caves? As if you need to remind yourselves that getting properly married having familial bonds is important…..dont all humans k that?

  9. i,m a nationalist, a woman, a legal immigrant to the usa. my first loyalty is to the usa, my adoptive country.

  10. Doesn't this mean we need to hone our argumentation skills so as to speak to women? We need emotional appeal.

  11. We also ate almost exclusively meat during that 2 1/2 million year ice age . . . and now vegetarianism is being relentlessly pushed

  12. As a Right Wing female of many years’ standing, I agree with almost everything Mark says in his videos and I have read his book (which makes perfect sense to me). However, when I read through the comments after his videos, I am often discouraged by the tone taken by men, when they encounter women who are on the same side. Here you hear from women who are politically awake, inquisitive and active – you also hear from those who are traditional mothers and wives – some are both … but many men slate them for their adherence to this cause and accuse them of duplicity, ignorance and hypergamy. This isn’t fair and, more importantly, it creates division between us. Men and women are natural allies and, if we are going to win this war, we need to unite and not fight amongst ourselves – this is what our enemies want. Women need a more gentle hand, Gentlemen – many of us are part of this cause because we love men and we desire your kindness and gentility. Please don’t fall into the trap of disunity, believing that we are being deceptive. We are all in this together: we want to spoil you … and we need you to look after us, in return.

  13. The 19th amendment and women's empowerment does not work. They are too emotional and vain to make decisions for a country

  14. It can only mean they are smarter on average than men. Nationalism is the ideology of losers and idiots.

  15. Nature and nurture. I had the benefit of growing up with brothers and a father with strong political, logical, conservative, right-wing political stances. This nurturing has helped me to think more logically, myself. For example, during high school we created a legislature in class and had to bring a bill to the floor. The bill was to ban the cutting down and use of trees. The vast majority of the class grabbed onto the emotional environmentalism that was prominent at that time. I argued how would we build furniture (plastic, metal was their answer), paper (recycle what we have), build houses (no answer, save the trees, let's pass the bill). What are we going to use to wipe our butts!!? (Oh, yeah….maybe this isn't a good bill after all [high school…so anything tgat has to do with private body parts gets attention]).

    I have chosen the right because I felt it was more natural and provides me, as a woman, protection and security. I could fulfill my dream of being wife and mother within this side of the political spectrum.

  16. Women are 100% inclined towards emotional reaction rather than rational thought. Live or interact with one and you will see this on day one. Also women are natural consumers and therefore are bought into the globalist ethic of buy, consume and discard.

  17. Women are terrible, that's why marriage is terrible for men. Just knock up a random white girl and take the kid

  18. Nonsense, quite poor analysis. – Apologies, but your understanding of male and female roles is inadequate. Men vs women is a simplified form of analysis. Real alfa males and alfa females are both formidable multi-taskers, dominant by nature, exercising a leading role due to innate intelligence. Anyone else, in any generation, is by definition either a follower or a challenger.The analysis ought to focus more on importance of morals. Noble men of high intelligence (regardless of standing) naturally defend their nation and people, in such a brave manner, that they are easily followed. A third and a decisive component is the social conformity. One cannot just run with any leader; conform without thinking; do so and one ends up with one whose ambitions far exceed his competence, or a lunatic who is obsessed with politics. The society has to embrace a common logic, based on good understanding of morals and shared values. Only then can the best alfa male around take the lead and everyone else follow. Women are also capable of such leadership, but they cannot compete against other males successfully. Alfa females are highly desirable, and this quality is what they don't need across an opponent. Also, alfa women may not physically endure hardships of defending a nation in a leading role. What is more relevant to say, is that neither men nor women of sexually reproductive age should be leaders of a nation. Their sexual drift will interfere with their decisions (history is full of such examples). Only the mature men or women should lead, to avoid youthful misconceptions, passion clouding judgement, or hormones influencing moral reasoning. Now, if you've ever known a true alfa, they do not age as others. As always, they remain above everyone else, and dominate easily everyone else. Yet, their nobility is what distinguishes them from simple brute arrogant opponents. Noble leaders always act in the interests of nation; arrogant bullies think only of their own interests. Other individuals with well developed logic and reason, men or women, but lacking that alfa quality, must follow or challenge. In today's world of politics, nobility is lacking. Immorality rules, and as a result the political leadership is full of impostors. In their alfa act, they appear ridiculous, cringeworthy even. Bullies are voted in by people who no longer recognise the difference between a true leader and an ambitious actor. If women find it unappealing having to arrest the fake politicians, it is not because they are women, but because they lack moral courage, as do most people today.

  19. Mark, survival of the fittest does not mean joggers shall inherit the earth. In this Victorian phrase, the opposite of fit is not unfit, it is misfit. Those who will fail are those unfitted to their environment, not those who get a bit wheezy on a cross country run.

  20. Forget the humanist drivel…..God created man, Adam, to rule the garden. Man was lonely, so God created woman, Eve, as a helper. Helpers are generally less intelligent, so Satan tricked the stupid one, and put his seed of rebellion in the stupid one’s mind. Adam lowered his guard for a moment and ate the apple. Satan had won the world through lie and deceit. Women have stolen a superior position in this country through rebellion, bluster, lies, and the withholding of sex…..a necessity for men. Weak willed men caved into the lies….once more……and lost their God given position of superiority. Only a 2×4, and balls, will curb the rebellion, and change the female will.

  21. no. i disagree. i find the left to be less informed than the right. when i have asked people on tne left what 5hey think of the kalergi plan, barcelona declaration, marracech agreement, un migration pact etc, they have never heard of it , and when i explain, they say it sounds like conspiracy. some havecsaid i,m a nazi. when i contradict this and tell them what nazis did, and because i have not done those things i am not a nazi, they get mad. some get on an arguament that all people have intrinsic goodness in some way, even when told about islamic extremism. now, you are still going on about women being the more emotional of the 2 genders, yes, 2 genders not many genders, yet i voted for trump and agree with victor orban and beleive that hilary, macron etc are the more dangerous. i,m definately a woman and not madculine.

  22. Nationalism vs. Communism, Communism wins with women most of the time. That's why we've been betrayed by so many of our people. The rulers are playing us like puppets with their sinister divide and conquer strategies. White people deserve every evil thing they have coming if they fail to unite and remove their enemies from their lands.

  23. We should make women understand that their off spring are threatened, then we will have the fiercest ally's

  24. Because is the men duty to defend theirs territory. Men have naturally the territorial instinct so they will be involved in "nationalist" movements more easy. More than that men have also in instinct to defend theirs women. Finally, men are naturally fighters. Of course, none of these apply to soyboys, they want masculinity diluted hoping to have a chance to sleep with some ugly women.

  25. thank you mark for this vidio may be you become more Fair for women than some nationalist man not all which Exploit stupid new feminist to reduce women right but i am oppose you for the emotional of women the most years emotion control women between 16-25 years old as boy to control by his emotion by the same period of age feminist and leftest exploit girls and boys in this period of age but women change after than and the logical and mind control here decision they want a modern nationalism not a tradition women are afraid to lose there right the far right must also did not ignore women right in there agenda

  26. I think you are wrong that nationalism is not presented emotionally enough. For any reason though, I don't think it is right to be angry or hateful at women over their absence in nationalism, because for starters just look at how many men are not nationalist. What percentage of white men in the United States would advocate for white nationalism or even the halt of all immigration? Less than 10%? So the question is not really "why are women so horrible?" rather the question is why are some men a little ahead of women in this matter?

    I hesitate to make some remark that doomfully judges women as flawed in some way. The comments seem to mostly think women are just fair weather fans. This makes a little sense evolution wise. Historically women would always select the perceived "winning" males for security. But that is not to say that women care nothing for morality, logic, or justice. My own personal knee-jerk opinion is that women are not as incentivized to support nationalism because women have their own special more luxurious piece of the pie carved out in the new globalist world. Just take a look at PornHub to see how desired white women are. Essentially, I don't think Hitler himself would have become nationalistic if he was living in what he considered a globalist paradise.

    All whites are getting the short end of the stick in the globalist world but at least women get told the sweet lie of how they are "being set free". When it comes to white men we are just literally being told "fuck off white man". Also young women, due to their sexual and aesthetic value, make more money and have greater access to employment than young men so ultimately it is mostly the men that have to deal with competing with immigrants.

  27. I like to keep it simplified, as all the evidence detailing the female nature can be found just about anywhere. No matter how vulgar it may sound, I'll give it you straight… Most women are disgusting selfish creatures who are only interested in being entertained. They care for themselves above all else, this includes their own children. They are stupid beyond comprehension, they are social creatures who follow trends and cannot truly partake in individualism other than extreme child like selfishness. Even the "punk" chicks into conspiracies are just part of a trend, a smaller social group, albeit still a social group in which they fit in and get validation from horny men. Another example would be gamer chicks. There is little individuality between men as it is, and this problem is ten fold with women. Women subconsciously THINK that whatever is on T.V, is the dominant culture. (((Hollywood))) tells them it's cool and progressive to let transsexual pedophiles read to their/your children, and the mother's will trample over one another trying to be the first in line to get themselves and their family a big bowl of degeneracy. Women haven't been allowed to vote or in positions of power for thousands of years for a reason. As a matter of fact, the very first thing women did when we gave them the right to vote, was vote for the handsome candidate and they admitted it openly. We need them and they need us, the problem is they're too stupid to know it. Somewhat like a rebellious child who doesn't know the nature of the world, and thinks he can not only survive, but flourish without his parents. Boy… Are they both wrong.

  28. This is the type of video that we need to hear and see more of and make our selves ready for the great change in our near future ….. they won,t believe what white people can really do ……. because we can bring down Hell on Earth to them …. if we want too….. so don,t piss us off !!!!!

  29. Women naturally show up once the social cost is reduced. In other words they back the winning team. It's their nature. When they see us winning they will naturally come.
    In all societies women tend to be more religious than men. When Christianity went belly up they became the most pious observers of social justice. Change the ingrained social code and whatever it is women will back it.


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