Why Are We Being Kept So Unprepared for Massive Society Changes? (859)

Why Are We Being Kept So Unprepared for Massive Society Changes? (859)

okay I'm your host James way and this is North West Liberty News thanks so much for joining me today let me kick off is a YouTube channel adapt to 2030 is very popular and I've been a guest on his program he's been a guest on mind numerous times David thanks so much for joining me here at North was somebody news my friend good to see you again I've just I just read a report David on Zero Hedge where there were about a swarm of about 700 earthquakes I think in California there's a guitar there's tar seeping out of the ground and coming from crazy I'm actually gonna do a video on that it's coming out of the ground coming out of the ground now this of a sidewalk no less in the middle of the city coming out of the sidewalks I know our using out that is there's something going on tectonic we for sure no I know I would I would certainly agree with you and and we may be able to tackle this fully on the other side of the break but you know what we've talked about before and we've had many conversations about the and then that John Casey of course I had a great chair a great pleasure to interview John you and I both did I think together boy before he had a stroke and you know before we go any further how is how is John doing have you had a chance to talk to him yeah before I went to the a/v conference over on may 10th in in England or the UK we spoke for a little bit and he gave me some words of advice and told me how to deal with the flack because it was like the closer you get to that target the more flack you're gonna get he's like it's light now but you seem to be getting it now so get prepared so he was kind of walking me through what to expect and he's like just go full throttle into it because if you're gonna back off or show any kind of weakness they're gonna try to take you down it's like you go a hundred percent or you don't go period and he lost his career because of what he's talked about these volcanic eruptions coming with this grand solar minimum and he you know he was taken down hard for these connections of cosmic rays volcanic eruptions food crop losses and what to expect when we get major earthquakes in America why is the government not talking about disruption of at least pipelines in these massive quakes now we know David we've talked before this tar oozing out of the ground in in California that's probably just the beginning I mean we've talked before during the grand solar minimums and now I'm hearing before this actual interview got going that we're expecting even a worse one that we thought which is great we're expecting a the worst one that you thought so now we've got Tower already come on out of the ground and we haven't even really hit the real bad part quote unquote of the grand solar minimum David earthquakes are gonna pick up volcanoes are gonna pick up tar coming out of the ground is likely going to pick up what kind of things can people expect David as far as you know geographically speaking like I just said you know we're talking about I don't know how much snow in the in the in the Rockies in the Sierras I mean record snowfalls 100 over 100 feet of snow coming down what type of stuff can we expect to come up Dave in the next 10 12 15 years what's the landscape gonna look like two billion less people at the minimum and we were told snow would be a thing of the past and our children would never know what snow was and we're getting you know four and a half times the average snowfall in Colorado double the amount of average snowfall in the Sierra Nevadas look at the amount of rain coming down it's like five times more rain across the growing zones of the United States and Eastern Europe seems to be getting well hit with an enormous amount of rain as well and we saw this record snowpack across Italy and Austria so it's not just exclusively limited to the United States with these amazing amounts of precipitation in the atmosphere I am actually you know going out on the fence here saying we're going to get into biblical flooding something that you heared about in the new and hi Elise or something when you're reading it are we going far back in Texas when you're here looking back in historical accounts of water using from the earth flooding things not just from the above ground water but we're going so deep into a society reset here that we really should be talking about this in terms of solutions I would have been that I want to I want to clarify my statement here please let me clarify this and just don't jump off and take it out of context if the governments of the world would have warned us and would have set our that's all work together and we've got a grand solar minimum coming and this is coming now and it'll be here four or five six years whatever learn how to grow food and organize community groups to grow food and learn how to store food share it pack it whatever and work in your communities to get ready for these changes I would have said something very very different than I'm about to say right now the amount of volcanic activity on this planet is going to uptick it's already starting and this is sort of what you consider a year and one the lead-in to this was mm pretty much started in 2015-16 and it was a slow trickle but now it's actually the faucets opening your number one of the crop losses is occurring this year these volcanic eruptions are going to continue to uptick in ferocity so we're looking at cinema land algún down in Indonesia pumping ash up 75 almost 80,000 feet in the air already if you see a vei let's say six or seven eruption you're gonna need to stop at that minute what you are doing in your life and withdraw as much money as you can from the bank and go buy as much food as you can I know it's selfish to say that and it might seem like oh you're telling me to go hoard and bhayya the store out yes I am if big governments would have told us to work together that means we would have been together there's been no warning so you're absolutely on your own there's going to be nobody to help you during this time we have had no help from the government's to this point we would expect none from this point you are on your own so if you see a huge volcanic eruption that's going to pump ash up 120 thousand feet that's going to disrupt global agriculture the next year you need to run as fast as you can to that store and buy anything you can that's seeds like I have behind me here that could be turned into sprouts food but you can also eat it anything long-term food storage like you got to call the water filtration you need to buy everything immediately baking soda medicines candles fuels lighters anything you can you spend everything you have in your account to go buy food at that point you're on your own and buy that next year cannibalism is gonna sweep our planet I tell you what nobody's ready for this and before I was thinking maybe there's some chance we're gonna sort of come through this no we're gonna go down so hard that I really believe in my ultimate end of things on how low it can go you don't want to hear my projections but it's far more than two billion people that aren't going to make it through the governments have not warned any of us and it's just about more control and more silencing of the message more censorship and it's just about keeping us as unprepared as we can possibly be during this time so for me to come out and say go buy whatever you can is do you see a bi7 eruption you're going to have to say yourself because you're the only one that can save yourself you alone to protect your families that's it the government ain't can help you and everybody's going to come and try to take what you have so you're gonna have to shoot first shoot second shoot third and then maybe ask the question later because that's the world we're going into because nobody's talking about these problems and that tar using out of city streets in California that should be a wake-up call that's not making any news made regional news made local news because they had to talk about taru Singh out of the streets what about these swarms of earthquakes all the Cascadia range goes off during every grand solar minimum you got to reach on KC's book upheaval well do happen simply get a quake on the matured zone exactly that's just what I was gonna say I'm getting started get a little perturbed thinking about how unprepared we are how we've been left out here unprepared no don't purpose you're correcting you know in folks like like if you want to listen to the interview I did with John Casey I want to say it's on the Liberty brothers Liberty Brothers YouTube channel it was a really really good interview you'll find out folks that if this Madrid New Madrid fault line goes the all of the pipes all of the resource type soil natural gas anything that comes out goes up to the East Coast is all through pipelines and all those pipelines could potentially be ruptured and most likely will be and if I remember correctly David all the bridges are going to be so unstable and so and it's in such disrepair that people are gonna have to actually drive almost all the way up truck drivers will have to go all the way to Chicago basically to get to a bridge that they feel comfortable enough to cross to get back all the way with supplies back out east if something like that happens the people out happens in the winter the people out east are in some really really really perilous times David really perilous times yeah that's a huge opportunity for boat operators into it kind of be like leads going back to the 1840s with the riverboat traffic again you know something's going to come up to solve our problem so if the bridges go down and I had a boat I would sure be offering rides across the rivers as a new kind of you know business model whether it be carrying good everything will slow down to a trickle and you know that book if there is such a thing there they're looking at 90% loss of all population in North America if this happens you got to realize those numbers are stupendous and this is not even from John Casey this is what the FEMA had done Studies on well and our own governments have done Studies on if we get a quake like this and I shouldn't say won't include Mexico so much but they will be devastated as well the lack of supplies going down there but they were talking specifically in America in Canada will be a 90 percent loss of all David escalations during this time that's an extinction-level event pretty much pretty soon you know why are we talking about this because there's a quake every single grand solar minimum on the New Madrid fault zone and you got look for all these quakes are happening got quakes in Ohio this week you got quakes in North Carolina you got like I would also call it a swarm in Tennessee because they're getting quakes all up near Oak Ridge and all kind of places you just never have quakes and then we got all these massive seven tiles on something quakes over in California definitely magma is rumbling and there's definitely tectonic activity in different locales you got quakes in the Arctic Circle I mean something is waking up on the planet and you know now we're really starting to get in with this bottom of this solar minimum here on the 11-year cycle it's gonna take a little bit to kick-start out of that and then you know this next solar cycle predicted by John Casey dr. Bhutta my table at the coca-cola observatory and Valentina's are Cova they're talking about 50 sunspots average your last but the whole other you know main stream crew is saying it's going to be 120 again well that's a huge difference 50 we our society starts to crumble 120 it's sort of status quo and we still lose crops why is nobody really talking about what the possibility could be why do these voices have to be silenced if you're going against the mainstream narrative I want the conversation on both sides because it's very possible it's gonna happen and if it's not gonna happen right now we're gonna have the same exact conversation 11 years from now and solar cycle 26 when everybody predicts those solar activity so why aren't we talking about it now so this is the whole thing that frightens me there's a discern effort to silence the they want as much loss of life as they can possibly get they're absolutely verbally silencing voices that we want to bring out these Dave you back in a couple of weeks to go over this against there's so much but we're just out of time we're just running out we just did this show's over we appreciate you so much of course coming on the broadcast it's always a great pleasure so I was a great place Thursday check them out at DAP 2030 adapt twenty thirty YouTube channel you can check out what I got going on at Northwestern rain news calm folks we're just out of time so until next time this is James white from North will be news saying bye now

24 thoughts on “Why Are We Being Kept So Unprepared for Massive Society Changes? (859)

  1. Governments are in the business of picking winners and losers. If you don't have clearance to an underground bunker by now then they have decided that you belong to the latter category. Plan accordingly.


  3. 2 billion people omg , it's a fair prediction tbh, last grand solar minimum 30% population died and our civilization is a lott more vulnerable because it's sooo sophisticated…

  4. Thank you for sharing. The amazing thing is this cycle was marked with the Revelation 12 Sign observed September 23 2017. I think the Revelation sequence will be a great map to use to know what to expect. I am expecting a VEI 7 and possible multiple coming very soon.

  5. Human beings who are aware are prepared, human beings who have no clue will be struck by lightning on a clear day…Natural selection at his finest, if you are strong minded and investigate this reality you will thrive when others have to survive…Cheers

  6. Great Fantasy show ,Very entertaining but sadly factually false…. i'm Glad other are trying to Fix the Problem like Elon Musk…..

  7. David is fired up! I don't blame him. I get like that to when people don't want to learn or listen. Don't give up David…Full Steam Ahead!

  8. https://youtu.be/foZbDUSfkeA

    Watch. I made first contact with a super natural being. Truth needs to be told time is up

  9. Be selfish cannibalism zombies yeah that's totally God talking through these people today. God bless 🙏🧙‍♂️❤️

  10. The minimum is being caused by the black star draining energy from the sun. Aka Nibiru. Check out the last video by Terral Blackstar he explains it well

  11. Biblical flooding , don’t think so. New Grand Canyon. Mountains are much higher so won’t top them this time , Rainbow still happening with its real meaning

  12. I see a big banner with the word liberty on it, I also see a big Trump… does this joker actually believe Trump represents liberty?

  13. Interesting to see the change in Davids attitude over the last couple of years. Before he was hopeful that we could get everyone on board to grow food and prepare the population for what is coming down the road. Now, he seems to realize that governments around the world do not care because they are prepared and do not care if their people starve. When the people are hungry they will be easier to control. The elite really do not care. We are truly on our own.

  14. The powers that be may see this as a point in time for population reduction , feed us a line of shit until it's to late , take as much CO2 money and go to their hideouts until the dust settles . Time to prepare eh

  15. The Pacific Northwest doesn't really even have a summer. The Temps all over West Washington are way below average

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