14 thoughts on “Why are populists so popular?

  1. ….Look at this middle-aged, freak—with his pink scarf, funky ‘do, etc….lNo WONDER people are turning on arrogant jerks like him….Damn

  2. Yes, the rise of the right in the west is because we are done with elitist in their ivory tower talking down to us the people like middle age nobles!!!

  3. Politicians tend to come from the same schools and social circles, not all but a large number.
    Farage is not a populist, he has only ever wanted the UK out of the EU, he is not telling people how to run there country or imposing an ideaology.
    This guy lost all credibility with that scarf. a typical educated poser and complete waste of an education.

  4. Hear the writer then read the comments below. The answer is clear, the majority favor simplistic ideas. Nuance evades their grasp.

  5. Because FRANCE 24 is out of touch. There nothing elite about Juncker. Hes a hopeless drunk. Bill Clinton rapist. Whats to like?

  6. The elite is not legitimate. They live off of a political electoral system that benefits them and excludes all 3rd parties.

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