Whole Foods CEO Implies Obamacare is Fascism, Welcomes Climate Change

Whole Foods CEO Implies Obamacare is Fascism, Welcomes Climate Change

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back then dot com slash membership wholefoods there’s an interesting uh…
uh… art interview the whole foods c_e_o_ and co-founder
john mackey and effing mother jones and he is uh… kind of medicine at a
climate change skeptic but he welcomes climate change in the sense he’s warning
of fascism he says obama care maybe opening up the path towards so-called fascism most people probably assumed and that
many people would have no reason to doubt it that whole foods is very liberal company
at absolutely every level right not true they put together what is some kind of
progressive type branding but it is a a an an organization like any other that
is a publicly traded organization and has a a libertarian c_e_o_ and co-founder which some
progressives many progresses would take issue uh… with some of his positions lewis
who has many times though been rated as one of the top ten
companies in the country to work for that’s true so innocently says i don’t understand
why you but he’s at it i don’t understand what you prefer free-market health care system look at
the experience of whole foods in twenty ten he told her employees at the cost of
wholefoods plan as a percentage of sales and increased sixty percent in seven
years that’s a huge increase and john mackey says your assumption is
that the u_s_ had a free market health care system back in it did not the
health care system even prior to the affordable care act was one of the most
highly regulated sectors in our economy he basically wants full free-market
capitalism instead of socialism or some type of of fascism work government controls and directs
business which that’s what he believes we are headed he was asked about you are known to be a
bit of a climate change skeptic and he says contrary to what has been
written about me i am not a climate change skeptic climate change is
occurring we’ve had about a one point five degree celsius increase in
temperature over a hundred and fifty years we have a gradual warming trend since
the end of the little ice age in eighteen seventy etcetera the thing is climate changes natural and
not necessarily bad what i am opposed to is trying to stop all economic progress
because of this of climate change so you know i’d i’ve heard a lot of different things
about john mackey and when you actually read his interviews he has some views that i don’t agree
with but he is not to me does not appear to be this kind of uh… up prototypical evil
neoconservative type of guy i know that being said i often do my shopping a whole foods idon’t this doesn’t really make me wanna
shop there more certainly may be the others other there’s other places that
have was similar in organic food and stuff
like that in my area that i can go to a navy i would try to what you thought on this what does that
is your opinion of whole foods at all influenced by this now i mean they’re good to their
employees uh… their relatively company if you know as far as large supermarket chains co i would guess what his opinions on this
wouldn’t change my mind he doesn’t seem like a lunatic when it comes to the
stuff it seems like his opinions are actually a bit more nuance than most of
the die hard ah… big business guys out there can you tell
your thought i mean i totally disagree with what he’s
saying there’s anything about the free market health care system completely proposes is basically the worst thing
that this country to do with a lot going to happen here’s doesn’t have the power
of really control around where the other for child the question is whether this is the
reason not to go there is certainly i can’t think of some things that this guy
could say that would make me never go to whole foods right but he hasn’t said any
of those who having said that maybe this is enough to
get some people not to go nine monica yeah i don’t go because uh… much more inexpensive places in the area
they have also have good food their ego or

90 thoughts on “Whole Foods CEO Implies Obamacare is Fascism, Welcomes Climate Change

  1. Whole Foods is such a scam of a store. Overly high prices for food marketed as being healthy when in reality it is no healthier than other stores' food.

  2. Truth. The only thing they have going for them are their ready-mades, and stuff they cook in the store. Although fresh n easy has much better ready-mades for less money.

  3. He's absolutely correct regarding healthcare (I lecture Physiology to MDs). It IS true that there's no aspect to the healthcare that isn't regulated by the government. And we ARE poorer because of it. I got an idea? Before crapping on about Progressive Wet-Dreams, why not try reading a book on BASIC economics. As someone who also lived in Australia, I can tell you, public hospitals are the places you do NOT WANT TO GO TO. Everyone in Au wants private insurance if they can afford to buy it.

  4. Your ignorant and you don't know what is a fake chemical food vs. organic food. Keep eating your frankenstein food sooner and later your gonna grow tumor.

  5. Ugh, now I have to switch grocery stores! Me and my boyfriend spend $300-500 a week there. I cannot stand people like this!

    Not to mention organic foods are no healthier than non-organic. Watch Penn & Teller bullshit episode on organic food. Also, as a germ-a-phobe, I'd rather have pesticides than finding worms in organic fruit like I've done with Wholefoods fruit several times!

  6. It's funny that the CEO of Whole Foods is a total right-winger but most of the employees are progressive Liberals. At least from what I have seen.

  7. OMG I'm so sick of CEO's making stupid stands against the majority of poorer people just because of their beliefs. They are only doing this because people who think against them are speaking out and against them finally, they are just lashing out for a last stand… keep it up!

  8. "The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power." – FDR
    "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." – Benito Mussolini

  9. Cont.
    Obamacare is neither Socialist nor Fascist. It is a free market solution opposite to that of a single payer healthcare system.

  10. You don't think that this maybe has something to do with Finland having so much oil? Which is why Finland didn't join the Euro. It'd be like saying 'Works in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia'…..
    Also, Finland also doesn't have the issues with multiculturalism we have in the USA and AU.

  11. Its so strange to me that a company which is frequented by the most liberal people ever is run by a nutty conservative. I cant deny myself that bakery though…

  12. Gonna be really tough to cut my two a day Whole Foods Market lunch and dinner schedule. I would REALLY like to distance myself from this ass hat and his ignorant interpretations

  13. You Hire people In Prison to do a lot your packaging,I will never set foot in your store again.
    I'm sure you don't care…

  14. Medical bankrupties in the US are still sky high. In Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, every other nation with (much cheaper) universal healthcare, the level is ZERO. If there was universal healthcare in the US, his labor costs would be far lower, and he would be able to pay his employees MORE.

  15. Now I have one place in my state left that I can buy food. If Trader Joe's ever goes total Teabagger or starts selling all GMO food, I'm screwed.

  16. Yea, they are becoming more widespread, but currently they only have locations in about 30-35 states, and many of those states have only 1-3 locations.

  17. I've heard, supposedly, that his healthcare plan is "great", although it's HIGH-DEDUCTIBLE and whathaveyou. Supposedly the employees "get to regularly vote on whether to change or alter their employer-sponsored HC", though I DOUBT they have that much leverage at all in the long run. Mackey could easily just say, "Nope! Too expensive. You're staying with your old shitty plan."

  18. He has the mindset that, "Healthcare costs so much because most people use insurance to pay for it, so no one's watching out for prices and keeping costs low", which MAY sound "practical" a theory, but there's really NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE behind this. Much less any ACTUAL HEALTHCARE INSIDERS attesting to this being the reality!

    Ergo, the Mackey-WF healthcare plan is basically a high-deductible plan coupled with an MSA.

  19. I mean, yeah, if you MAKE LOTS OF MONEY AND CAN SAVE A LOT, an HSA is GREAT for shit like prescription drug costs or a routine checkup or a rare procedure like a root canal.

    But a) only MINOR treatments and drugs would be inexpensive enough to pay for it with an MSA and b) federal law DENIES you the ability to save more than something in the neighborhood of $2,000 or $2500 a year in one.

    Besides, what good does an MSA do IN AN EMERGENCY?

  20. A $5,000 deductible means that you STILL have to pay upwards of $5,000 BEFORE INSURANCE KICKS IN, right?

    Though the experts CLAIM that, "High-deductible plans have better coverage" or something along those lines… But WHO KNOWS. Big Insurance looks for all sorts of sneaky ways to give us the shaft.

  21. Oh I've got like 3 or 4 relatively nearby, I just know from living elsewhere in the country there are many places you can't find them.

  22. Is it SUPPOSED to be sickeningly ironic that in order to "Eat healthy", you oftentimes have to PAY OUT THE ASS, esp. if you wanna go organic and shop at somewhere like WF??

    I mean, really… Is there NO WAY that "progressive" companies that sell and package organic shit CAN'T KEEP THE PRICES LOW?? Not that I'd shop there since, after all, I admittedly LOVE eating shit that's not the healthiest (you only live once), and I'm not falling for that organic fad.

  23. This is the argument of freemarketters: it's not the free market until i say it is. The thing is that never will the market be "free" enough to satisfy them. There's always going to be some form of "regulation" or "socialism" getting in the way and poisoning the well. Yet when you ask them how this regulation or socialism is affecting them they just resort to name calling, saying you're a "fascist" or a "liberal elitist." It's total garbage.

  24. I find it hilariously ironic how, regardless of how "necessary" it may to be protect the environment and do good for society, the ONLY people really fighting for stuff like STRICT ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS, GOING ORGANIC, ETC. are WEALTHY OR SEMI-WEALTHY LIBERALS, most of whom MAY NEVER HAVE EVEN BEEN to poorer neighborhoods! I'm not saying I'm CONSERVATIVE on "protecting the environment" (at least FOR HUMANITY'S SAKE, if not to 'keep Earth beautiful', too), but if you think about it hard, the

  25. seeming contradiction IS a bit funny. Then again, I suppose these ARE the so-called "postmaterialist values" that some analysts and experts refer to in nations where most of the people ALREADY HAVE THEIR ECONOMIC NEEDS MET, for the most part.

  26. My favorite thing to do at whole foods and trader joe's was always to pretend i was shopping and fill up on their free samples instead.

  27. I find it kind of ODD that the people who MAY LOSE THE MOST (poorer folks in areas near the ocean, for example; e.g. stronger hurricanes) actually DON'T CAMPAIGN THE HARDEST for stuff like ANTI-GLOBAL WARMING INITIATIVES! O.o
    Of course, not ALL poor or poorer folks are LIBERAL (sadly), but it's still quite a sight. or lack thereof

  28. We had TORNADOS in Australia this week….Climate change aint gonna be a walk in the park, before now twisters are unheard of in Aus. I should imagine Kansas my be a no build zone soon….But, hey, bring it on!….:0

  29. On the whole, the poor are misinformed (mianstream media), misguided (religions of all sorts), disenfranchised (politics deliberately non representative) and easily scared by powerful (self)interest groups like the energy sector. Education is another sticking point, beacause it is not recognised just how much science can tell us about the past, present and future and the low educated are not inclined to read or listen to academics, with populists mob wranglers such as beck and A Jones shout'n.

  30. Could have summed this up with 'greed monster wants even more money and is quite happy to screw sick people and kill billions to do so'. And David being thenice progressive, thinks the guy aint so bad for this…

  31. Sure, Hitler would like obamacare, maybe even go further, so would Lenin. But hey, so would a tonne of people society views positively. Julia Gillard, john key, Tony Blair, and others. It's a common view, held by both racists and egalitarianism.

  32. Mackey was also interviewed in the New York Times (I guess he's on a circuit of some sort). He avoided answering some of the more pointed questions, and openly declared himself a Romney supporter.
    Whole Foods is dead to me.

  33. congratulation on getting all the republican talking point on health-care.
    Now, look up FACTS and learn how insignificant and DANGEROUS those points are.
    just google ech talking point and read/listen to critics of them and use you brain to understand WHO is lying

  34. congratulation on learning all the republican talking point like a parrot. NOW learn the reality and the problems with those by googling CRITICS of those idea and use critical thinking to understand which have better argument, disregarding ideology.

  35. He's right, Obama Stalin has the media backing him up as well. Only reason Obamanites are being sold on this garbage.

  36. A net loss for someone is a gain to someone else. If medicare is paying, then private hospitals have an incentive to run up the bill. Let's spend $200,000 extending this terminal patient's life by another agonizing month. Hospitals should be publicly run. That would immediately drive down cost by a large percentage.

    In a fully private system, watch Monsanto make GMOs designed to give you cancer, then start cancer treatment clinics. Shit! I hope they don't read this. They'll actually do it..

  37. I'm Canadian, so I feel like I can see things from both an insider and an outsider perspective. We got a lot of our TV piped straight in from Spokane (WA), complete with local ads for Crazy Jim's used car lot and shit. The weird thing you begin to notice about American media is how insular it is. You begin to get the idea that nothing exists outside the borders. Not that Canada's media is wonderful (or even good) but I can understand why so many Americans have such a narrow perspective.

  38. no, he implied that the idea of obamacare is fascist, and implied that people with egalitarian beliefs are also authoritarians.

  39. Michael Pollan, journalist, bestselling author, and professor of journalism, called Whole Foods "industrial-organic". In other words Whole Foods, though distinguishing itself from conventional supermarket chains, by providing more organic products, is not a great alternative to them, and is only marginally better, because they still use the same destructive large scale productions models, albeit, with an organic twist to sustain their business. They are hardly progressive.

  40. If you don't want to get your food from land raping, pollution causing, worker exploiting companies you essentially have to get away from corporate owned supermarkets, even ones that pride themselves on selling organic products, like Whole Foods. Once you reach that scale of production, even using organic methods, does not ensure environmental safety or food quality. It is best, if you can, to buy locally from farmer's markets.

  41. "Some of the comments on this board have become increasingly hostile and negative. I see the same type of interaction when I watch news interview programs. The guise of productive interaction and communication is thwarted by illogical verbal attacks & misdirection. I understand why the news does it. They try to hold an audience by generating conflict. I thought that was the goal here too but it appears that anger and conflict is being created on here to cause genuine harm and pain."
    -John Titor

  42. requiring people to buy healthcare, and penalizing smokers with huge fees isn't the least bit fascist? what about the idea that the government must make everyone equal, despite the fact that there are some people who do less work and are more dependent on tax money? or the idea that someone who doesn't want to subsidize someone else's way of life through taxes should be jailed?

  43. He isn't Jewish, only half, and non-practicing. And funny you should mention pills, were you also complaining when Bush passed a medicare prescription drug bill that cost more than 530 billion? Didn't think so.

  44. if i don't know what fascism is, why not enlighten me and answer my simple yes or no questions about whether or not those policies are fascist? i'm going to have to assume then, that your answer is no, those policies are not fascist, in which case, i will take the freedom of citing the definition of fascism: " forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc."

  45. No. Those policies would not be fascist. The definition you gave isn't incompatible with fascism, but it's not sufficient. It could refer to any authoritarian system.

    Briefly put, fascism is the merger of government and private industry.

    I actually would argue that the US is descending into fascism, but not because they're taxing cigarettes.

  46. Lunacy: when people's opinions of a company are influenced by not the products they sell, but by the CEO's personal political views. That's lunacy.

  47. Well a whole chunk of the college school systems got a huge chuck of funding for the federal grant programs so go figure.

  48. Gee a CEO not liking a hit the bloated fat system that lets him shit on his solid gold toilet. Imagine having to switch to porcelain so poor folks don't die

  49. i hate obama care .. many more people i know personally who had insurance their entire lives no longer have insurance and many more folks i know no longer are allowed to work full time because the workplace doesnt wanna pay for it … so bla bla bla all you want .. its hurt the community i live in based only on the experiences of myself and people i know personally but its nice to know Obama loves his sashimi prepared by the worlds best chefs .. yup while many of us cant even get healthcare anymore because of whomever it is that tells obama what to do … gogo bitcoins for president

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