Who were The Thugs Of Hindostan ? | Untold Truth | FMF

Who were The Thugs Of Hindostan ? | Untold Truth | FMF

“Thugs” What do we think of when we hear that word ? Dacoits, Gundas, Murderers, Robbers ? Isn’t it ? But the truth is something else ! And is quite shocking ! Before I tell you who actually “Thugs of Hindostan” were… You need to know a lot of things. If I ask you, how do the original inhabitants of Australia look… What sort of images will pop in your mind ? Something like this. This. Or This ? Nope ! Australia’s original inhabitants , known as “Aboriginals”, Look like this ! At the time of European invasion, their population was much higher than the European migrants. And when Europeans reached the continent They mass murdered an entire continent ! Today, they form just about 3% of the Australian population Lacking even the basic of Civil Rights ! Not only this In 1492 The population of Native Americans was 60 million ! And the population of entire Europe was 40 million ! And when Columbus “DISCOVERED” America The Europeans thoroughly exploited the hospitality of the Native Americans! And in return of the hospitality that they received The Europeans gifted blankets to Native Americans, infected by (Smallpox) So that the Native Americans yet infected, and die out. And this method was just one of the thousands of methods Through which the Europeans mass-murdered the Native Americans. To the world the Europeans said “Look, these are uncivilised people” “They need us to ‘civilise’ them” Now, you’ll think How are Native Americans and Aboriginals related to the Thugs of Hindostan ? Thugs of Hindostan weren’t thieves, dacoits, plunderers or robbers ! Thugs were a Kali worshiping tribe in India. Who lived in the jungles. And when the British Imperialists wanted to occupy their land In the process they wanted to destroy the jungles. And if someone tries to destroy anyone’s home He is gonna face a lot of resistance ! So to solve this issue, Britishers tried to project a bad image of the Thugees through literature Meaning… Books. And this kind of literature is called Atrocity Literature One of the books among atrocity literature Is “Confessions of a Thug”. Which was written in 1839. Sadly, it is still used as a historical reference. Moreover, in 1871 The British Parliament passed the “Criminal Tribes Act” Which made it lawful to perform mass-murder on a list of Indian Tribes Who were labelled as “Criminals” ! Every member of the Tribes was labelled as a criminal ! Including the new born babies ! Just like that, 100-200 tribes were mass murdered Because they were resisting the destruction of their home ! In the eyes of the Britishers, they were Criminals. To justify this genocide British Parliament funded a lot of scholars To write books that completely degrade the “Thugee Cult” Exactly like how they treated the Native Americans and the Aboriginals. Thug is an abusive word now ! In the English dictionary, it means A violent person or a criminal. Why is all this information necessary ? Because, this is a never ending habit of The Western Civilization. First, “DISCOVER” a place Exploit the naive people Mass murder them. And to justify the murder…. Tell the world that they “civilized” the “uncivilized” people. Moreover our beloved “Indian Intellectuals” Still believe that the Britishers “Civilized” India. Before the arrival of the British India was the richest country in the world. Contributing about 27% of the world’s economy ! And after the Britishers left India was divided into two parts. Was one of the poorest countries in the world. With just about 3% of the World’s Economy. Is this called “Civilization” ? Are these things relevant today ? Yes ! It is even more relevant in today’s world ! Till date, Western Influences are trying to destroy India ! India is the fastest growing economy in the world. And is a new threat to the entire Western Civilization. They can’t do anything about China now, they’ve lost. And India is their New Economical Threat ! These western forces Fund thousands of media houses, organisations… News Outlets and Foundations ! Their work is to spread negativity in India ! And break the unity of Indian People. Because if India Unites Nobody can stop India from becoming “The Golden Bird” All these western forces have been exposed In Rajiv Malhotra’s book “Breaking India”. In which he has explained in detail how external and internal forces Are dedicated towards breaking and dividing India. And has exposed a lot of things That have been hidden from Indians. Sadly, We Indians view ourselves through a foreign lens ! Without even knowing How we were stabbed for the last 1000 years. Our people were murdered. We were deliberately divided. Our original education system was uprooted and thrown away. Our monuments were destroyed. Our knowledge was plagiarized. And our History was labelled as “Mythology” If this video informed you and made you aware in any way Share it with people around you because it is high time That The Indian Youth Rediscovers Itself ! And Subscribe to FMF for more such content ahead !

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  1. Just a minor update guys, the blankets which were given to Native Americans were deliberately infected with 'Small-Pox', not Malaria. Malaria is a vector borne disease and cannot be transmitted through contact, whereas Small-Pox is transmitted through contact. Thanks to the people who pointed that out. !!!!

    P.S – A lot of you asked about the source of this amazing piece of information on "Thugs", I highly recommend you guys to read "Breaking India" by Rajiv Malhotra. As I've mentioned in this video too, "Breaking India" or "Bharat Vikhandanam" is an encyclopedia of knowledge and most importantly it exposes the toxic Breaking India Forces and Western Interventions that have been trying to break India since decades. It is a must read for a responsible Indian, really encourage you to read it ! Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳 ✌️✌️

  2. Your all points are legitimate & must be concerned
    But why there is a big dark difference between Bahamans & upper caste Hindus & Lower caste , marginalised, backward people in India?

  3. Kai saare Raajputo ko aaj Kal jaana jata hai lekin aaise bhi hai Jo Mughal sultanate ko seh na skte hue aapne SWABHIMAN ke lie Janglo Mei rhane ke lie chale gye, unhe koi yaad nhi karta. Hmare desh me veero ki bilkul kami na kabhi thi aaur na aab hai. Bs aapne chashme see western Civilization ki dhool ko saaf karne ki deeri hai.
    Jai Hind.

  4. I am really proud dat a young genre like u is more interested in opening our eyes with ur strong facts and bringing closer to our nation day by day by making us realise how blessed we r being an Indian..I always dream my son to be like u smeday encouraging youth of his time in making our India proud 😊👏👏 God bless!!

  5. The method which was used to destroy Native people world wide, was Of Vikings. Same thing they used to Samis in Sweden.

  6. Bhai chidiya to kamzor hota hai isiliye bharat 1200 salo se loot ta aya hai . ab apna Bharat " sone ka tiger " banega strong and intelligent Bharat👍 👍 👍

  7. absolutely loved the video…i have no words …..real truth brilliantly depicted in this video…i never miss out any of the videos from FMF….. INFORMATIVE, BRIEF AND Always TO THE POINT 🙂

  8. Hum world mein sbse jydaa civilized the.. par Britishers aur jo Muslim rulers the unlogo ne humare bholepan ka fydaa uthaya… Abhibhi humare history books mein sirf woh Muslim rulers ne kya banaya wohi sb bhara hua hain.. jiske tehet jyadatar youth ko asli ancient India k bare mein pata hi nhi hai.. sab log andhe ki tarah western civilization follow krte hai… kya woh 200 saal bhul Gaye??? bt koi kuch bhi bole k Sri krishna… lord Rama aliens the… Saboot hain k woh exist krte the.. par humme saboot nhi chahiye.. hum aise hi believe krte hai.. yahi dua krte hain ki ek din fir se yeh india Ram Rajya mein paribartit hoga!! Jai hind!!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  9. Praharash bhai I see that you are quite interested in history. Read the book called 'India's road to nationhood' by Wilhelm Von Pocchamer it's all about the truth of India's history. As a history and culture enthusiast I would strongly recommended it to you. I hope you may make some videos on it. Download the book in Google in PDF at archive. org or any other website. This will definitely give you a sense of pride and joy for the ancient Indian cultures and history. You are doing a great work. God May bless you. Hare Krishna

  10. मेरे सभी दोस्त ये वीडियो भी देखे


  11. Ya Britishers ruled us Indians for many centuries and when finally we got freedom you're the 'new Britisher' who's dividing Hindus and Muslims. I hate you FMF.

  12. taj hotel jo ki Mumbai me hai aur India ke bahut hi mehenge 5 star hotels me se ek hi lekin waaha par agar aap jaaaoge to aapko Indians se jyada ye safedi ki chamkar British hi dikhenge

  13. Bhai aaj aapki video boring nhi thi. Har baar aapka content bahut aacha hota hai lekin is baar music bhi tha.

  14. this is the saddest thing that 130 crore people in India but only 213 k subscribers to this chanelles and only 719 k view to this video

  15. i liked your piece of speech but one question is still lurking in my mind , british people who banned sati and non re marraige of young widows shoul've was a necessary step…..wasn't that justified i know that they did a lot of wrong activities than good ones but i would like to know your views. Any ways this video is quite inspiring and the speech is very dynamic.

  16. Nice video, I don't know hindi, but I understand what you say. Please provide English version or subtitles. Thanks and respect to you.

  17. i kinda feel like crying on seeing how people of my countries were tortured and harassed just to civilise us…. what a joke huh…we were much better than europeans …..they are cowards to be honest ….

  18. bhai tu negativity nai felata sach bolta hai bas, ye intellectuals ki gand jalti hai ispe i love your content bro.

  19. I agree with every point, but just before the Europeans arrived India wasn't doing too good, the kings vere busy fighting among themselves and little did they care for the people's welfare. This is what the Britishers took advantage of

  20. thanks bro,you are making nice videos.I'm also having good knowledge about our great indian culture but i cannot speak good english and presentation like you

  21. Its High time that People understand that Nationalism is above Communalism and religion.And move towards Science and technology only then we can become a World Power.a

  22. Bhai mei tujhe famous karunga har famous channel pe jaake comment karunga please dosto aap bhi karo FMF ke sub badao har jaga jaake spam karo

  23. This is highly inaccurate, there is a total of Zero 'propaganda' pieces against India in the west. Most people in the West especially the British are taught the terrible things the Empire did when we were throwing around our weight and taking what we wanted. This video itself was simply misinformed, Indian-Nationalist propaganda. I'm all for being proud of your country and reflecting on the terrible actions of the past to learn from them but this was just manipulative. The 'India Unite' message was nice as I am lightly knowledgeable on the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi conflict happening but this was no way productive to furthering this message. The video was filled with obnoxious lies and ignorance of the West and should really be taken down.

  24. Expectations from thugs of hindostan: This video.
    Reality: The shit that was released.

  25. #admin: You made me a subscriber! Salute to your work! You making stuff similar to me.. please chk this out: https://youtu.be/qCCVgoO2mHM

  26. The term "Thug" is now returning back as somewhat positive through Black American pop culture. In fact, American rapper Shakur once explained in an interview that THUG LIFE in pop culture references is actually an acronym standing for “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody.”

  27. i love you bro….please spread these things …humaare chutiya half literate janta ko nai pataa yeh sab …they just think about themselves not for nation's future……i agree with everything you said…

  28. Now the truth is that even after being destroyed so horribly India still stands. Kitne aaye Kitne gaye par India abhi bhi majboot hai.

  29. Agar koi Pakistani is comment section mein hai toh, Meri baat dhyaan se suno, bhain ke lodon is video ko dhyaan se dekho isay kehte hai relevant topics pe vid bnana, aur apni history se judna connect krna, tumahri tarah nahi saale rehte Indian sub continent mein Hain aur khud ko Arabic kehte Hain….this refers to Indian Muslims also…

  30. 5:49 Sikhs were murdered by Mugals and in 1984 Sikhs were victims of a genocide committed by the Indian state.

  31. India has been led into false belief that it's not been good enough on its own. But aren't we at fault where we have not been taught about our own culture and heritage? We all feel its like a folklore of centuries ago, whereas its just gone by in a blink of an eye. We have lived in the shadows of these perpetrators, and thankfully India has not lost all.
    There was once been a letter by the East India company that states, India can only be defeated if it loses its culture.
    How sad this is: not that they have a small heart, but that they think India should lose its culture.

    India is nothing but proud of its heritage, that has stood the test of time to include all in it's lap. We love our country and shall forever stand together to hold its glory at the highest pedestal.
    We shall unite in order to relearn everything about it culture & am also grateful to all the people that are involved in this holy process.

    Our God knows no hate or discrimination. May we rise above our sins.

    Sanatan dharm ki jai. I love my India.

  32. British divided us in a way that we never can be together again.
    But we all should focus on our future Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. We all need to see black sheeps in our society, strive and focus on raising this sub continent again, we can be together as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. If we just accept each others point of view, difference, culture, religion. Just tell these western people even you divided the people who were living together from centuries, but we remain strong and connected.
    May we all become good neighbors one day.
    May we celebrate our independence by cutting birthday cakes on borders, rather than cutting humanity.

  33. This is the reality. Anybody who resisted British authoritarian rule were subjected to character assassination and branded as uncivilised, barbarian,savage,thugee. Indian history has been mostly written by British colonial historians and after independence by Marxist who have compulsive dislike for our great civilization.British dacoits came in the disguise of traders and ruled us with an iron fist for 300 years. In Bengal famine of 1940 s alone more than twenty million people died of starvation. This was a well planned genocide of Indians. Our young minds don't know about it because it's not written in the history books. I don't understand why our intellectuals still romanticise the British.

  34. Ok but there is no to little evidence with your thoughts on the other hand they showed many evidence of that time

  35. the criminality of the 1871 Act that made nomadic tribes criminals to be exterminated by law:
    The nomadic wage-resisting tribes of India 80million in 19th cent. were sheep, cattle rearers, using livestock to transport/barter goods from (eg., salt from coastsl regions by Kuravas, in the case of S.India), and in exchange as barter, were allowed grazing rights by towns & villages near the areas of their temporary camping, and access to forest produce such a bamboo, reeds, bark & roots.
    Each cluster being an entire "village eternally on the move" these tribes had artists, storytellers, musicians, acrobats, medicine men in their coterie ! They had godsfrom within the Hindu pantheon (Karthikeya, Valmiki etc)

    When the British took over local work force and trade through wage offerings, the Kuravas were hit, when the salt trade was taken over by British. The nomadic tribes resisted a wage-earning livelihood. As they were driven to the brink of dignity of survival, and being fiercely independent, they took to plundering rather than be subject to humiliation of static ("bourgeois-like") life.

    The British who needed wage-earners and not nomadic wage-resisting tribes (120 of them spread over the country) to go ahead with their asset-stripping agenda, were finally forced to take "easy" route of enactment of act labelling these as hereditary criminal tribes.
    Nehru upon Indian independence denounced this Act which labelled the nomad as hereditary criminals, "thuggees". The post Independence scene has seen the communist and other "secular" opportunists ill informed (often deliberately) of original sources for history, and going more by opinions of largely English-educated exclusivist clubs, dividing these groups (jaatis) as outside of Hindu culture.


  36. Praharsh bhai dark side of history books that were taught in schools nowadays pe ek video tih banta hi..

  37. Bahut-bahut dhanyavad isa tarah ki video upload karane tatha Shri Rajeev Malhotra Ji ka naam va unaka/ hamara mission ujaagar karane ke liye.

  38. It's not Hindostan. It's Hindu-stan. The sound made by the letter T is produced by the tip of the tongue/or thereabouts, touching and lightly pushing against the bottom of the upper front teeth. In fact, it's Sindhu-stan.

  39. Unfortunately life in this world is a Double Standard….Those in the US believe the Thug Life is about a ritualistic scheme that is spun of wickedness and if you are killed in your poisonous acts…You will Ascend to the God they worship…This is Fact…Directly from several I have spoken too…From the nightmarish tales spun by media's Evil recants…View the thug life for Sadhguru….I question putting a gun in a gurus Hands as to what you believe his message issss…and I warn ALL of False Profits as for told….God Bless…

  40. Indian thugs were Kali worshipping people who not only robbed Britishers and killed Britishers but Indian civilians too. There is a whole documentary on this in Epic channel. Stop depicting them as Indian Hindu deshbhakts, you sick bigot.


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