Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

If the Nobel Peace Prize was given out to
people who truly made the world a more peaceful place, one group would win every year: the
United States military—the US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Now, you may be thinking, how can you award
a peace prize to a group whose purpose is to fight wars? Fair question. I’ll tell you how: because the reason we
are free, the reason anyone on earth today is free, is ultimately thanks to the US military. They saved the free world from German domination
in the First World War. They saved the free world from Japanese and
German fascism in the Second World War. They saved the free world from communism in
the Cold War. And they’re saving it now. That might sound like an exaggeration, but
only because they’ve protected us for so long. National security—the protection of citizens
from an external foe—is not a given; far from it. It’s the product of the hard work of American
military men and women who stand guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every year. And, they’ve been doing so for as long as
any of us can remember. The First World War, the Second World War,
the Cold War, the Korean War, both Iraq Wars, the Afghan War—these were all conflicts
that the US tried to avoid. But they were wars that the US fought not
only for itself, but for good, decent and free people everywhere. Where the US military was not ultimately victorious—the
Vietnam War—50 million people were deprived of freedom of speech, of assembly, of press,
of travel, and of religion. As many as two million were brutally imprisoned
and murdered. The only reason South Korea isn’t an open-air
concentration camp like its northern neighbor is because America came to South Korea’s
defense nearly 70 years ago. To this day, we still have 30,000 troops stationed
there to protect the free South from the unfree North. And it’s not just the open conflicts the
American military resolves; it’s the not-wars—all the conflicts that were never fought because
our adversaries feared the consequences of American military involvement. Let’s put it this way: The reason Iowa soybeans
can be shipped from Seattle to Shanghai, or coffee from Colombia to Cleveland is because
the American military—specifically, the Navy—stands guard over the world’s shipping
lanes. Block those lanes and the price of everything
skyrockets, and international commerce grinds to a halt. Like it or not, the US military has been,
and remains, as close to a global sheriff as exists on planet Earth—on the beat, keeping
the peace. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this very simple question: What
if China disarmed? Or Iran? Or North Korea? Or Russia? Think the world would be a better or worse
place? The question answers itself. Now, imagine if America disarmed. Think China stays out of Taiwan or Hong Kong? Iran out of Israel? North Korea out of South Korea? Russia out of eastern Europe? And those are just state actors. Islamists would quickly return, bolder and
more vicious than ever. In short, new conflicts would spring up and
old ones reignite all over the world. Freedom would be in retreat every single day. That’s the dystopian future of a world without
the US military. And that’s because across the globe for
the last 100 years and more, the bad guys have been thwarted—not only by the American
military, of course. But in every major conflict, American military
force has been decisive. That’s why when you meet a veteran, someone
who served in the Armed Forces, you should thank them. We have even set aside a special day for it:
Veterans Day. Not Memorial Day. That’s for those who lost their lives fighting
for America and for freedom. Veterans Day is different. It’s for all those who risked their lives
so that we could keep ours. If that’s not worthy of a thank you, what
is? So this year, put out a flag, call a veteran,
someone who honorably served in the US military—maybe your dad or mom or uncle, or family friend,
and thank them. Let them know that you know that you are in
their debt. We have been in their debt for so long, it’s
easy to take what they did—what they risked and what they sacrificed—for granted. We shouldn’t. Veterans Day is meant to remind us. This year, don’t forget. I’m Pete Hegseth, U.S. Army Major, for Prager

100 thoughts on “Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

  1. Fighting soldiers from the sky, fearless men who jump and die
    Men who mean just what they say, the brave men of the green beret.

    Me: Id like to thank my legs, for always supporting me; my arms, who are always by my side and lastly my fingers, I can always count on them.

  3. Please, take a minute to learn about an American hero in Chile. Last week he, and his whole neighborhood, were being harassed by thugs and looters who have taken control of Chile. He had to fire 4 warning shots in order to get away. Now he's been accused of terrorism. We, the rest of the neighbors, are unarmed and for more than 2 weeks now, have been sieged by looters and arsonists supported by the left, while the police is told to stand down.

    Here is his testimony. Please spread the word https://youtu.be/yvbxrNZ4gi4

  4. If obama can be awarded the NPP, for no reason other than being a well spoken black politician, with a false message of hope, all the while using lies and deception. Then the award has been tainted and now useless!

  5. Do you really count your impact in WWI and WWII so much you are telling lies? I thought this was an exaggeration. Now I am thinking you are really bealiving in it. Not cool.

  6. So many people calling themselves Veterans these days, it used to be those who fought in conflicts etc, actual War Veterans, now it seems like you just had to be in the Army etc, for a little while..

  7. Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama simply for existing delegitimized it. Maybe forever. I'll still take the money, though.

  8. Why is there only one day for veterans but a whole month for Gays? (what have gay people done to make the world better) They should make a veterans month not just day.

  9. The US Coast Guard is a part of the armed forces! Please change this and add the USCG! I was part of Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. My shipmates and I protected shipping lanes during this time. The USCG has been apart of every conflict this country has been a part of! Plus the USCG protects this nations borders every day. I’ m not trying to discount the others, I just want my shipmates service recognized. QM3 Martin Nona, former US Coast Guardman

  10. Wow, PragerU went into full military industrial complex protection mode with this video.

    Remember when veterans day was called armistice day?
    Armistice Day was in memory of the moment when the First World War ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.

    Armistice Day was a valuable holiday!

    It reminded people of the biggest mistake the political class ever made — a world war fought over nothing! Politicians could not abide such a reminder of their own folly, and so they changed Armistice Day into something they could exploit — Veterans Day.

    Whereas Armistice Day highlighted the dangers of militarism and interventionism, politicians now use Veterans Day to promote those schemes. They loudly proclaim: “Our soldiers fought to preserve our freedom!”

    Consider all the wars after the US Civil War:
    -Did the war defend America?
    -Did the war defend freedom?
    -Did the war improve things?

  11. I'm just so glad that their are still decent people out their who support what we do, and that's the driving source that makes us want to continue doing what we do.
    And why I want back into the Army.

  12. I'm with you on the thought but you lost me on the Afgan War. We are still there for the poppy fields and it caused the heroin epidemic.

    Also we had no business going into Iraq. If we left them alone we wouldn't have ISIS or other crazy groups. Saddam was horrible but he kept that place in check. We caused nothing but more chaos over there.

    Them invading Saudi Arabia in the 90s I get and that was warranted. In 2001, they weren't invading anyone.

  13. Wow I just took a school survey and it was so damn liberal it pissed me off. Every question was saying do these groups feel discriminated and it was everything but a normal white dude, OML people grow up and then for sex and gender they let you type in what you want! People like this are alive on our earth we have to find a way to make society normal again……

  14. You know, sometimes PragerU makes decent, informative videos.
    Otherwise, they just put out these absolutely absurd videos that are plain pats on the back.
    The US Military doesn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
    They don't deserve praise. They need to be confined within the boundaries of their own country and act solely as a defensive force.
    No more fighting wars for Israel.
    No more bombing of children.
    No more crooked greedy politicians trying to snatch another country's oil.
    If you're about being rational, then why are you such ass-kissers?

  15. It doesnt sound like an exageration. It sounds like you are just pulling made up stories out your ass.
    US Saved the world in ww1 and ww2???? Really??? Lets look at the numbers shall we then. I dont have time for both so will do ww1.
    Forces mobilised:
    Russia 12000000
    Britain 8900000
    France 8400000
    Italy 5600000
    USA 4300000
    Romania 750000
    Serbia 707000
    Lets look at actual combat death toll:
    Russia 1700000
    France 1150000
    Britain 744000
    Italy 460000
    Romania 335000
    Serbia 127000
    India 64000
    Canada 56000
    USA 53000

    So it seems the USA had more of a support role (which it did). But to say that they saved the world because they supported the allies is like saying that the president got elected because of my vote…

  16. But didn't obama win one when he became president? isn't the president the Commander in Chief of the US army? whatever, sorry but i don't agree.

  17. That's largely true, but while they played a part, the US emphatically did not defeat Germany in either World War. The role they played in both European theatres was pretty peripheral. Please stop saying otherwise, it's disrespectful to those who actually bore the brunt of the fighting.

  18. Usually I like PragerU videos and I agree on the many points they make but then they reelase videos like these and I get disappointed.

  19. See as many videos as possible on Noam Chomsky and American foreign policy. He gives the facts. See Oliver Stone's The Untold History of the United States, more verified facts. See America for what it REALLY is.

  20. Thank you Prageru for keeping these videos free and accessible. Freedom men fight for freedom of knowledge will ultimately make a world a better place. God bless you.

  21. Wow, i liked pragerU but dear God this is based…America isn't the only country that fought those wars, and the US military has been involved in a lot of places where they destroyed lives. Know your place. Know who you are.

  22. Sigh.. Probably owe the great US armed forces many peace prizes for the WW2 & cold war.
    Iraq / Afghanistan / Vietnam War? Questionable if the local people really appreciated that.
    Still, the US's definitely on the better side compared to warmongers, but just as almost all great nations, they fight valiantly primarily for their national interest, and then for the higher pursuits.

  23. Tfw you were attacking a couple stable nations and these nations becames sorta unstable and riddled with some uneasy terrorist fellas.

  24. The number of dislikes on this video should be a chilling wake-up call to the enemy within. I'm a "use the minimal amount of force and intervention necessary" kind of guy and and those down-votes trouble even me…

  25. As a citizen of Romania, I can agree with this message. Russia was always on Eastern Europe tailback, to impose his regime and sustain their economy through our resources. Thanks a lot US military.

  26. The only major problem for US military dominance is that it is unsustainable in the long run. Budget constrains will force the scaledown and selectiveness of military compromise around the world hence the need for US allies to scale up and take their fair share of the defense burden.

    Worst arms race will be with China which have the economical means of technologically catching up with US hardware and training in the upcoming decades. This will requires all of East Asia to come together with the US in order to contain.

  27. America: we bring freedom to other countries
    Also America: uses the CIA to topple democratically elected governments.

  28. Would say video is an extreme exaggeration. Not very truthful. Especially most recent wars which were avoidable. Also ignores our exporting of weapons that lead to more violent confrontations of disagreeing parties. Video not very prager like.

  29. A wonderful Veterans Day message. And the same for all those from the military services of good, freedom loving country's around the world.

  30. Complete disappointment that PragerU did not include the US Coast Guard! Please revise this video to include as they were a part of every major conflict or war since the beginning.

  31. I nominate our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus for the peace prize. Not disrespecting others…just that I know the only way to peace is through Him.

  32. "I think we should win". Man im happy the nobel prize commitee isnt under US control, they would win everything all the time. Nuking civilians and invading whatever country has gotten a bit of oil left and then getting the nobel prize for peace. Give me a break.

  33. Let's give respect where it's due. Thank you, every serviceman past and present, for giving me the opportunities and freedoms I have today. Thank you, God, for appointing me to be born in this time and place, that I might reap the rewards sown by so many veterans.

  34. I'm surprised you didn't bring up how Hitler was able to become so powerful and how averse the League of Nations were to stopping Japan and the Nazis early on. Politicians failing to act quickly and decisively made the war more costly.

  35. I disagree. Without hardworking tax paying men and women of the private sector, there would be no military. Military personnel of today follow orders from public elected officials. They get paid from gov and pay taxes back to gov (No net gain) which is OK but the sacrifice to benefit ratio is not sustainable. There was a more respectable military during WWII. Today's military are glorified welfare recipients. It's un-sustainable. I don't buy into this modern day military glory giving. There are surely a few who pay a heavy price for what they volunteered for. Most, however, become a burden on our society. Again, it's not sustainable but short sided views from videos like this seem to prevail. Any politician taking an opposite position from this video is committing political suicide because this lie is touted over and over in the name of patriotism. What Veterans Day has become sickens me. I'm a conservative and a veteran and a patriot.

  36. In the name of all my Polish ancestors who lost their lives due to communist deluge and subsequently regime that wouldn't have happened if Eisenhower had allowed Patton to lead combined Polish-Chech-Vlasov forces against Soviet Union in May '45 (when there was a chance to eradicate Soviet influences in central Europe for good), this I can tell you: American military serves primarily the temporary wellbeing of the USA, not any noble idea like world peace

  37. It reminds me of a story, when American troops were on a joint NATO exercise in Lithuania. The US Army Officer asked our local politician if there wouldn't be any protests or upset people, when the military is travelling during those days. She assured him that it's not going to happen and added that her grandfather had been waiting for the American troops on our land for fifty years during the Soviet occupation.

    Thank you for your service for all the veterans and those, who are still serving!
    We are proud to have allies like you!

  38. By 0:42 seconds in… have you forgot Britain. Americans haven’t been responsible for peace since the 70’s let’s be honest. Video is right at its core but hey don’t toot your horn to hard, british and French troops defended western liberty in World War One, and maybe not even so World War One was a imperial war less than a war of subjugation

  39. Bruh, when its about your military then u are brainwashed too like leftists are. Dont care if you are proud of it but you have to accept that the US military invaded iraq and other countries illegally. All the lies came out soon about syria and ukraine. WW1 was a campaign to destroy germany and its still happening.

  40. THE PEACE PRIZE?? why they do not eliminate this PRIZE?!?! 1.000.000 $ for CORRUPTION a manipulation of UN?!?! like Clinton or Al gore!!?!?!
    Peace prize has become a CRIME to people by imposing Green Policies! IT IS a ROYAL JOKE!

  41. Learn about history! The official storry about the 1st world war is a anti-german propaganda storry. (what continued with the 2nd one)

  42. While not a fan of US's military meddling with other countries ( specially the middle east), of the three biggest powers in the world ( Russia China and United States ) , US is the only one that can be called a free society and thus just , hence yeah US kinda keeps them in check.

  43. If the United States were to collapse, all freedom, and peace as we know it will cease to exist. The evil powers in the world will swiftly take advantage of the vacuum of justice that newly exists. All the progress the modern world has made will be quickly reversed. Keep weary, if we do not secure our own affairs on the inside, this is very possible if not inevitable.

  44. 0:32
    Most casualties were sustained by France, Britain, Russia, Romania
    And the US was only the sole decisive factor in the Pacific theatre. Remove the USSR, Britain or France and the US wouldn't Be able to successfully ivade Germany

  45. I think it's time. Crazy as things are, the world sees our capabilities clearly. The cruise missle strike on Syria for example but the list goes on.

  46. « Saved the free world from German domination in WWI »
    No, you waltzed in 3 years late for the sole purpose of defending your interests. Piss off.

  47. World War one wasn't really are war sure we scored some major victories and Germany almost won the war with the Russians losing but I'd give the Credit to Britain or France. Even though there oppression for certain groups of people were more Then Americans at that time. Still pretty free country's for that time.

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