40 thoughts on “Who Is Your Least Fav Democratic Candidate?

  1. John Delaney is the worst for me, but he irrelevant. For the major candidates it is a tie between Mayor Pete, Harris and Biden with Booker right behind them.

  2. John Delaney hands down. He's so out of touch with the people from his own party. He criticize popular policy ideas like a single pay medical system and free collage all at the same time having no counter solutions or ideas.

  3. I really disagree with that evaluation of Buttigieg. He has a long history of civil service and is the only candidate who isn’t super wealthy. He very much has his own persona independent of Obama but I will concede that he should have more policy planned out already.

  4. Kinda felt bad for liking a clip about nothing but hating on particular people… then again, Kyle’s so damn funny here.

  5. Surprised no one mentioned Cory Booker, he exemplifies faux political speak more than anyone I think.

  6. Biden due to a long, obvious path of corruption. Most of the other corporate dems don't quite have Biden's decades long track record of selling out.

  7. They all stink except Tulsi and possibly Bernie who isn't a leader compared to Tulsi, and would probably lose to Trump. Tulsi is a leader and can destroy Trump because he's a chickenhawk. Sanders supported Hillary. Took a month to back Assange, was loose y goosey on Venezuela.. Tulsi is a leader. Sanders will just talk about socialism and mostly that equates to communism to many Americans.. Trump will destroy him. But I think Warren is the worst. Disingenuous lied about being a native. Supported Hillary. Wall Street funded. But people think she is progressive. Tulsi is attractive and smart as a whip. Not a chickenhawk

  8. Honestly, Biden. Not due to the corporate and status quo thing, even though that is a huge problem, but because I legitimately believe he has some kind of pedophilia problem. He exhibits so many signs with his behavior and the things he says to children. I really think they should investigate that if it looks like he will become the nominee.

  9. Kamala, she is the most disingenuous. She'll say or do anything to get elected. She has 0 principles. She is a danger

  10. I'm not joking when I say: Marianne Williamson.
    Listening to her hurt my head. The entire debate and any time she talks, it's like .. someone get the hook. (You know, that hook they used to use to yank unwanted performers off the stage?) You're damn right about her acting like some kinda old school hippie. That winning with love comment was horrible.

  11. My worst candidate is going to be Joe Biden. My main reason is because one he's too old, two his policies are terrible, three he's no different than Trump really, and four we have so many better canidates.

  12. Of the true "contenders" I would have to say Pete Bootyjudge. He's fooling a lot of people who would probably support a real progressive. He seems smug and I can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

  13. Booty-judge, although that is a tough call; but in addition to Kyle's reasons, I eventually picked him for two other reasons. First, I think he's one of the worse when It comes to foreign policy, and that's the area where the president actually has the most direct authority, so as important as social issues are, that should always be the first criteria for judging a presidential candidate. He's not only up there with the worst of them when it comes to being in the pocket of the military industrial complex, but he's the most dishonest about it.
    The second reason is related to that. It's incredibly frustrating how he's managed to convince so many people that he's some kind of firebrand progressive. I don't find his vapid blathering convincing at all, but I have friends who do. He's eating up attention from solid progressives, that should really be going to better candidates. Even though if you really press him to say what he means, he's obviously just as neo-liberal corpratist as the worst of them, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  14. 1-Pete- because he’s a fake in regards to the south bend scandal. I can’t stand the lying although most of them are.
    2-Deblasio because he’s fake AF too
    3-Harris-can’t stand the idea that she jailed so many people and had a career of soullessness

  15. Without a single sliver of doubt, its Biden. Because he's had the biggest hand (no pun intended) in creating the political landscape we have today. He's been in seats of power for over 40yrs defending the powerful. He is fully aware of the corrupting influence of money in politics yet still out there sucking bid donor d. He's prideful of his work with segregationist, of deregulating banks & of creating the racist crime bill. Biden has been a bitch-boy to the wealthy & powerful when he was elected to lead.

  16. DeLaney – running as Discount Republican in 2019 is the single dumbest strategy of all candidates. Toupee Fiasco didn’t even bother running that way.

  17. Hands down, easiest pick of my life, John Delaney. John seems like the type of guy who is on the Democratic party because he wouldn't accept the notion that christianity is right and everything that goes against it is bad. John seems like a Republican plant in the Democratic, his entire promotion is "Those other democrats proposing legislation that will benefit Americans are stupid, we should keep it the way it is with a public option blah blah blah"

  18. Notice how nobody is mentioning Warren. This confirms my feelings that she has a shot at the nomination. The others not being mentioned (the unctuous Gillibrand and de Blasio) are not worth of a mention, given that they are negative 2% in the polls.

  19. Least favorite – Biden, bc he represents status quo socialism for the rich, austerity for the masses; endless war; fellatio of fossil fuel corps and big pharma
    Biggest asshole – John Delaney (drops mic)
    Biggest asterisk- John Hickenlooper. Think of Doonesbury’s depiction of George HW Bush
    Thumb pointers (overly pr managed insincere careerists) – Harris; O’Rourke; Bootajig (not gonna try)

  20. You should concentrate on the most win-able candidate. You should look for modernity! I see only one: "Peter Budigieg" he is the candidate that could trumf "Donald Trump"! He can tackle every political problem.

  21. Kamala because I cannot believe she is trustworthy. She will not look out for our interests. But the same could be said for all the rest aside from Bernie.

  22. Though Delaney is worst, he doesn't stand a chance at winning the candidacy, so he's a non-threat. Biden However does have a chance at swaying the masses to vote for him, and that's a problem. Put me down for Biden.

    Sidenote as a Slovenian: first Melania, now Klobučar, what is it with all these Slovenians at high levels of US politics 😀

  23. I rank my worst as who I like the least and also most threatening to take the nomination. So from there I hate Booty-Judge the most. Biden second. And Kamala third.

  24. BIDEN! I f*king hate Biden
    Oh wait, he's actually a Republican at heart. So the properly Democrat candidate I hate he most would be Kamala

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