Who is Really Behind the Hateful Rhetoric in America?

Who is Really Behind the Hateful Rhetoric in America?

Bill O’Reilly here for Newsmax and this is the Talking Points Memo. I’m on my national radio program today, The O’Reilly Update. I did a long analysis of hateful rhetoric in the USA and there is plenty of it, as you know. So the genesis of the hateful rhetoric in the last three years was the ascension of Donald Trump to power. Before that, there was hateful rhetoric directed at President Obama, President Bush the Younger but it wasn’t nearly what it is today. So we have two mass shootings over the weekend and right away the hate Obama people blame the president for those murders. That is grossly unfair. In fact it’s revolting and I say that with no ideology, I’m not rooting for anyone, just as a human being, as an American citizen. Grossly unfair. Now the hateful rhetoric began in the campaign when Donald Trump basically slashed and burned his way to the nomination by calling other Republicans, white guys. Little Marco, lying Ted, that kind of thing. President Trump believes and you will see this in my upcoming book, The United States of Trump that the best way to win is to personalize your opponent, in a negative way most of the time. And that’s what he does. Is that hateful? Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is. There’s no doubt about it. So President Trump has some blame, if you will, for the rhetoric situation we have in the United States. However, once the president won, he was fairly gracious to Hillary Clinton, to Barack Obama when they made the transition. There wasn’t a lot of angst. He wasn’t acting out. He was basically assuming power but the American press hated him and I use that word “hate” literally. And did everything they could to marginalize, embarrass and subsequently try to destroy Donald Trump. He fought back and the rest is history. You know what happened. Then the Democratic Party basically said you know what, if the media is going to hate him like this, we’ll do it too because there’s no constraints. We can hate Donald Trump as much as we want. We’ll never get criticized for doing it. So there was like an alliance formed. The Democratic Party and the national media will both hate Trump. So how did the president respond? Like he always does. He hated back. He hit back. Now I’ve talked to him about this personally, man to man and he says to me, look if I don’t protect myself, who’s going to? The press insn’t. So I’m going to allow myself to be a pinata and get bashed every day without response? Donald Trump’s never gonna do that and I don’t blame him. I don’t blame him. There is a way to do it, particularly when you’re president of the United States. I tamped down the personal stuff and I told him that. But the rhetoric directed at Donald Trump is a thousand times more hateful then what Mr. Trump gives back and then when you’re analyzing Donald Trump’s political rhetoric, it’s all been taken out of context. There’s an interesting thing on Prager University, you know Dennis Prager? Go to his Web site about the Charlottesville situation and I write out this extensively in the United States of Trump. I document it so there’s no doubt. But Prager basically puts forth, this is the biggest lie in America today. What Donald Trump said about Charlottesville, Virginia. So, look whether you agree with that or not it’s worth reading or seeing what Prager is saying. But there is no question that the hateful rhetoric is now fueled by a hateful press and media. That’s who’s driving this train. Now I don’t believe in blaming anybody for mass murder. That’s not fair. But we as Americans should be a fair people. You want hate? Look at the New York Times, The Washington Post, listen to CNN, NBC News. Every single day you got hate. That is the Talking Points Memo. More commentary based on facts on Bill O’Reilly.com I hope you check it out and we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Who is Really Behind the Hateful Rhetoric in America?

  1. Donald Trump has proven 3 things:

    1. Evangelicals were never really concerned with the teachings of Jesus, family values or morality.
    2. The Tea Party was never really concerned with the national deficit or debt.
    3) Republicans have more in common with dictatorships than democracies
    Hope you can SEE this Bill.

  2. Fox is now crap Bill, they hired Donna Brazil so Trump should wise up and see that fox will spread fake news about him too.

  3. I think Pres.Trump has to take the fight to the enemy of America. It gets ugly at times. The enemy of America is his enemy.

  4. O'Reilly nailed it, the media along with a lot of help from the Dems is behind the hateful rhetoric and they are the ones responsible for tearing apart our country. The media hates President Trump because he called them out when he was running for president. He hurt their feelings, no one is allowed to do that to the great and powerful media so they set out to teach him a lesson and destroy him. Ironically, they have actually sealed his win in 2020 and probably a Republican House majority too. THANK YOU MAINSTREAM FAKE NEWS MEDIA.


  6. The so-called democrats, including MSM and selfish politicians who work against the interests of the American people, are responsible for the deleterious athmosphere that is pervasive in today's political life.

  7. The Democrats are everything they claim they aren't! They thought they had the country under control! Thank you for standing up for our country!

  8. Deep State said they were going to create havoc and chaos on the streets, specifically targeting Trump supporters and they are doing that.

  9. The Democrats had the House, Senate, and Presidency from 2008 to 2010. They did absolutely nothing in regards to gun control despite dozens of mass shootings. Now, all of a sudden, it’s Trump’s fault. Ridiculous.

  10. Mr. O'Reilly I must Correct you about Name Calling During Republican Debates' President Trump was getting a lot of Non Stop Nasty Rhetoric From Fake News and most of all the Republican Candidates Now Being a New Yorker as you Know you don't take Crap from anyone Especially when its not deserved they drew First Blood on Trump and He Gave it back to them Ten Fold That's one of Reasons why I like Him So Much, your the same way Mr.O'Reilly Especially when you were Younger. But Glad to see you old friend.

  11. It is pretty sad when a man, the president Donald Trump, has to defend himself every day from the onslot of hate that the leftist and media create for him. I have to say he handles it well. Keep up the good work Mr. Trump, they're are so many of us counting on you and appreciate what you are trying to do for America. Trump in 2020.

  12. It is obvious that the freedoms that your country is enjoying have been grossly abused and corrupted. Some sectors are willing to pay for the sake of their business interests. It is greed and it is evil. It is already a miracle this president survived until this time. What chaos would happen if they force him to go away. Remember, a divided nation becomes weaker no matter what. Are you Americans willing to pursue for your own interests rather than for your beloved country. Note your role for the rest of humanity, so better shape up. No respect for the presidency would create a bad precedent Do you think the opponents will not do the same for whoever will be elected? Respect and your own time will come if it is the will of the people and God so that you will have peace. Focus on the problems that your people need to be solved. I am not American but I can feel the pain of your people of what is going on. So think of all these nonsense.

  13. I don't get all the finger pointing. Hate has existed as long as people have recognized that they have emotions and opinions. Whether the president hates people, or the media, or whoever, it's a matter of individual responsibility to temper our hate, not project it carelessly over pettiness, and just generally be more adult in our composure. It's ludicrous to believe that any one person, regardless of status or title, is responsible for hate, prejudice, or violence. If a person is so thin skinned or unstable they would turn to violence over such nonsense as politics, that person needs professional help. This is mostly hyped up by the media and certain politicians. They are always trying to convince us that we have all suddenly became barbarians, as if there was a time when everyone on Earth loved each other. That's just silly.

  14. I have turned off my TV because their (MSM) insanity is exhausting and they are what we know them to be…fake news. #WWG1WGA

  15. Let's face it when you are a low-down conniving deceiving piece of SHIT, YOU do whatever you can to make one good person look bad and this is basically the textbook words for what the Liberals , Democrats The rich pedophiles, and what the rest of the ignorant idiots have done to OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP.!!!

  16. It is a FACT that OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more GOOD and POSITIVE for this country than any other president in the past 60 years.!!!

  17. Bill, you were spot on when you said years ago that America is headed for a culture war! We are certainly living it now. Basically good vs evil..smh

  18. BTW – Acting "Presidential" goes both ways. President Trump earned the right to be treated with the respect the Office of the Presidency deserves, and it's shameful and dangerous for the disrespect to continue. Phucing Hypocrites!!!

  19. I live in the state of California, totally out of the mix…I want all other states who can make a difference to vote for Trump in 2020. Please. My friends and family are not part of the process any longer. We need all of you to keep Trump in office so that maybe, just maybe, in small increments, he can make an impact in this once great state. Please.

  20. Most of the hate today is directed at white men. It somehow became socially acceptable to say extremely racist things towards white people.

  21. The rest of the planet is well aware that trump is a pig you would not leave alone in a room with a female you loved. You elected him,so rest in the swill with him. The world is disgusted by your country. I just spent a week in the US. Violent, ignorant,racist,christian crazies.I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the border.

  22. TRUMP STARTED THE HATE ,THEN EXPECTS EVERYONE TO STOP HATING.?Bill, your full of BS.Its division,plain and simple which TRUMP continues to this day.There are narrow minded TRUMPPETS that support his every FART.

  23. For a moment….take you back in time:remember how the Chicago maffia.treated Mitt Romney???and O,his Chicago gang..by Holder,Axelrod,Biden,Rice,Lunch….well then..Trump watched that and bet$$ he told himself..that will not happen to him…except..now is out of control…..out with the democ party…👎🙊👿👀💩👎👎👎👎👎

  24. I did not support Trump when he was elected, I thought he and Hillary didn’t deserve to be President. Now after three years and seeing our judicial department, government, and media go after him for nothing I will support him in 2020.

  25. O'Reilly u have your whole hate rhetoric ass back wards . trump has encouraged or ignored hate groups in our country since he took office.he hates the press because they call him out on his lies, his statement about Charlottesville having good people on both sides is moronic and gives hate groups more incentive to kill. He ignores a nation pleading for tighter gun control laws because he needs his friends in the N.R.A.trump is mentally unstable and a pathological liar,he has a hate agenda against South Americans as murders,rapists and scumbags along with non whites everywhere.hes racist by his own words.Bill trump is just like u and all other white bible pounding HIPPOCRATES, so Bill when u wonder where all this hate comes from look in the mirror and your POTUS.trumps agenda reminds me of Hitler's u FASCIST old fart nobody listens to u and your conservative Republican bullshit..

  26. I used to watch David Muir on ABC evening news. I could put up with the bias; I expected it. But I couldn't put up with the hate, as Mr. O'Reilly says, they ooze toward our president. It's, frankly, demented.

  27. C’mon you Globalist shill…cant compare Trumps rhetoric with the Vitriol coming from the left….Who Hates Trump?….Wall St and Silicon Valley ,Globalist Billionaires….The Lying Corporate Media in All its Incarnations….and Hollywood……(Do you Trust any of them?..if so ,Why?)and of course their sycophants…….Trump put a Stop to their desire for Bush the Elders ..”New World Order”…thats why hes so Hated…Doubt this…Just watch how the Globalists on Faux Business channel try to undermine anything he does …After all ,China is their Greatest Love…..Traitors ..the lot of them..And I have my doubts about the author that spent an entire chapter of one of his books ,complaining about how much in taxes his rich ass pays…

  28. You both have been. In the past through the 1980s it was you asshole conservatives who were calling everyone else fascists, Nazis, and communists and other assorted shenanigans. So I have no sympathy for you. But I totally hate the irrational behavior of the left.

  29. The Left doesn't play fair. Period.
    Obama was blamed for shootings when he was cheif? No, the NRA was.
    Gays are filled with hate. Do they play fair?
    No. They bully anyone who dosen't agree with or opposes the LGBT cause and calls them all kinds of silly immature made up names. That's not freedom, that's mafia like fascism.
    This is the 2nd Civil War. The Left can't win because they are liars. They have no truth on their side.
    Republicanism is destined to win. The only question is how long it will take..

  30. He Oreally Orielly you ask who is behind the hateful words in our nation.doesnt it all start with a man that said this on Howard Sterns radio show,and I've never heard you say a word in defense of our nation's Veterans but everyday you defend the man who said this .My own personal Vietnam'was not catching an STD from a Veitnam Veterans widow Donald drafhdodger Trump on Howard Sterns radio show.so Oreally is that how a president shows respect for our military and their widows and what kind of man would openly brag about fucking a fallen heros widow only Drafhdodger Trump that's who.so why is it that you have no comment on your draftdodger hero Trump saying that about our nation's Veterans and openly bragging about it as he told Howard how hot his Ivanka was .,you yourself where kicked off tv for being a sexual predator so I see your deal on this and you also are known as a republican Drafhdodger ,and you never seem to have any balls to tell our nation why you didn't serve in Vietnam .it's simple as hell you could give a fuck about our nation and those who have served .not once have you or will you defend our nation's Veterans ever. But everyday your on the air with your smug laughing face talking shit .I still wish that have for once call out your fellow drafhdodger Trump and ask him to apologise to our nation for stalking and openly bragging to our nation that he fucked a fallen heros widow. Someday maybe you will see that our nation is only great because of those that have defended our nation and given their lives and did so without question.its time for you so called conservatives to tell the nation the real story of your patriotism and explain why you for one believed his self to be above the 58,823,00 Americans not counting the wounded and POW community just why in your opinion you where above all of those young men and women , but I realize your busy so I don't expect to ever hear you say one word or give one moment of yourself to explain a thing to a group of American patriots that you feel are below you heros of our nation ,so maybe just maybe as a little patriotic Oreally Orielly moment let's hear you on national TV give us Veterans your war cry from your service days.oohah

  31. Its cover and diversion for the clinton and obama crimes against the state. Notice as 2020 approacheches,they get louder and more outrageous. When trump wins In 2020 they are all going to prison. If democratic wins it all goes away

  32. The anti-God Kazakhstan-Swiss Luciferian families' devil Zionist Jeuw & Jesuit Freemasons are behind the hate & violence.
    All wars & social upheavals in all history have been instigated & controlled by them. Last 100 years, the families delegated British Monarch as worldwide head of all Freemason sects & control legal & monetary system, and delegated Jesuit office of Catholic Pope as head of all Knights Templar Freemasons.
    Knights Templars created Islam with Mohammed.
    Their enforcers are CIA/Mossad/MI-6 Intelligence agencies. Their days are numbered:.

  33. I think the media started all this hatred during w's second term. And it's only gotten worse because they are taking orders from their masters who want to destroy this country 😇🙏😎🐶

  34. Are you kidding? You act like the left just arbitrarily started hating Trump! There are good reasons this lying, no integrity, ass is hated.

  35. Loathsome Democrats !!!! The fake media will get theirs what goes around will come around!!!!!all of them realBASTARDS

  36. God predicted this chaos and evil in the end times. Satan is running wild right now, but it is temporary. He is using the liberals as his tools. They hate God and promote everything He is against. You can easily tell by the fruits that they bear.

  37. Nobody takes the lame stream media seriously anymore. Nobody trusts them anymore. Their day is over. Victims of their own hate.

  38. Hay Bill,

    Thanks for your continued reporting to be true……I believe you were “silenced” on major media for your reporting…….I cringed over the news of Epstein’s “suicide”…..at the high level people he included in his sexual parties over the years…….dead men tell no tales……

  39. Obama’s goal was to divide America.
    He is the Anti Martin Luther King.
    His goal was to overthrow the Constitution of the US by use of identity politics.
    Trump inherited that Cauldron of manufactured hate and has done everything in his power to be president of all the people .

  40. Bill, you are master of the obvious and NO I will not be reading another juvenile book written by you.
    The msm is that chickenshit little pipsqueak mama's boy in grade school egging on the two big guys in the next grade.
    UNTIL they realize what's going on and they turn to look at him, the troublemaker.
    That's when he turns and runs to mama screaming his head off.
    Everyfuknbody then wants to beat him senseless.

  41. There's nobody else who could win the oval office and accomplish what Trump has for America with foreign and domestic liberals/Globalist, MSM, Hollywood etc and still be standing….
    Most would have resigned… Trump is strong…. Believe or not I think Trump has thought about runnig for President for a long time. He was prepared… He won… He is the most interjetic multi tasking person I've ever seen and Trump works tirelessly for the American people…. I'm thankful for Trump each and every day….

  42. A concise and accurate representation of what's going on in America. Most Americans know it and why the hateful US media is losing viewership big time and more balanced media outlets like Foxnews is gaining viewership. Hate trains expose themselves in time and pushing the Russia hoax exposed the "news" impostors. Let's not forget that during the presidential campaign, media outlets were sending stories to the DNC/Clinton campaign for approval before publishing.

  43. only real hate form anyone or anything they are as listed: leftists, liberals. communists, socialists, democrats and all parties linked ran by or unknowingly let these parties control their lives. sad and true fact have came from these 5 groups for over thousands of years of history, they change their story names but they are all the same evil. which took down rome, china, Russia, Germany, south America, Africa, asia  they are axis of evil for every war through history. these 5 groups formed slavery banking and all means of death in the end application of their own goals. ask billions who these groups killed through our history oops can't they rewrote history as often as they can to prevent truth and facts. time to wake up maybe too late god has not forsaken all of us, unless we let him and we stand aside let these 5 groups keep a single scrap of power of any sort. or as those who died to these 5 groups might say if heard stand up vote oppose these groups here and now and for ever more or you will be us dead under these 5 groups feet, your children and their children will be next after you.

  44. Dear Bill, it’s good to see you back in action. Please continue to shoot straight no matter who’s going to cop it. People want the truth and will now, more than any other time in our history, research what we’re being fed.

  45. When you listen to all the dementocrap candidates they talk about "Fight" for you! We don't want people in politics to fight for us. We already have an excellent cadre of military men and women doing that for us and keeping us safe. What we expect from politicians is that they "work" for us when they are sent to Washington. They can fight amongst themselves all they want and even kill each other, for all we care. Just do the job we expect of you and stop fighting for US!

  46. It would be different to hate somebody but when they make up lies to hate somebody is not good !!! These lies and lyers should all be fired and the news that supports the lies should be taking off the air i hear the Wal-Mart people talking and there believe in the lies !-!!- thats how people with no education are you can tell them anything and it will spread like wild fire !!!!

  47. Please tell me something I don't know. Most of us that have a half a brain knows what the Main Stream News Media is all about. They are just an extension of the Left Wing Democratic Party pure and simple. I have no respect for the news media anymore. You would have to be "Blind & Dumb" if you can't see it.

  48. I pray to the Lord for our presidents protection and victory every day. He is the only one who does not want band aid or kick the can down the road. He wants to solve problems and stop bleeding $$$ with truth and logic not pc baloney. How can you hate those tactics? I don't care about his personal life. Mines not all that pretty.

  49. Excellent Bill. As a witness, no doubt that CNN started this whole hateful period we are in. I've always seen Trump as defending himself and not as the aggressor. Never in my over 50 year lifetime have I ever seen a US President so viciously attacked as Trump. I pray for Trump. I really don't know how he stands up to that everyday and still has a heart to see America great again.

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