23 thoughts on “Who Funds Political Parties & How? | The Quint | Election Information

  1. Fighting elections is just abt profit and loss. That's why say no to party bhakti. Ppl in india gotta understand that. Political parties n govt will not always stand beside u for better future.

  2. But congress also agreed to keep this secret with bjp. Now quint is arguing just because congress is getting lees donation.

  3. It's all business guys, US me bhi hota hai, never change your opinion about voting someone just on basis of an ad that's all 🙂

  4. If CBI itself can't fight the case of BK Bansal suicide case then what can we expect from EC …. Just saying 🤷

  5. A woman officer working for Punjab government’s Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) wing was shot dead inside her office in Kharar near Mohali on Friday morning by a pharmacy owner whose licence she had cancelled after a raid

  6. I feel EC with the help of SC should take serious note and make the 2017 law useless, you can't expect anything good from political parties, surely they will try there best to avoid it.

  7. Same problems in the US as well but with major differences …… BTW what's the point of election commission if tracking donations is not part of its job …..

  8. Who pays ?? – Reliance, Bharati Airtel, Adani groups, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi etc….. ONLY CORPORATES ( 99%) WILL DONATE…… We know who donates but can't do anything #transperenttheifs

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