Who Are The Kurds?

Who Are The Kurds?

In Iraq right now, the Sunni Militant group
ISIS is fighting against the Shiite run government for control of most of the country. But those
aren’t the only groups in Iraq. There is a whole other section of people called the Kurds,
who are involved in the dispute, the politics, and pretty much everything else going in in
the country. So, who are the Kurds and what do they want? Well, let’s look at a map of Iraq. The Kurds
live in this area, which makes them seem like a small group, but if you were to pull back
to show more of the region, you’d see that the Kurdish people actually live across a
large contiguous block of the middle east, that spreads across Iran, Iraq, Syria, and
Turkey. There are 15 to 20 million Kurds, with their
own language and culture, living in this area, slightly more than half of which are in Turkey. Kurds by religion are Sunni Muslims, but they
don’t identify ethnically as Sunni. They existed prior to Islam and were resistant to Arab
military expansion in the 6th century. In order to create the first Sunni Caliph all
those years ago, Arab forces had to defeat many different Kurdish princess and feudal
groups. As a result Kurds don’t self-identify as Arabs, like Sunnis and Shias do. Again, this all started in the 6th century.
We’re talking about an ancient tribe of people who live primarily in the mountainous areas
of war torn countries. To say the least modern history has not been easy on the Kurds. It starts with the fall of the Ottoman empire
and The 1920 Treaty of Sevre. This formed the nations of Iraq, Syria and Kuwait and
was supposed to leave the option open for a Kurdish nation, but that didn’t happen.
In large part because Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq refused to recognize Kurdish independence.
Now, they are a largely marginalized group stuck in those nations. Turkey, is trying to deprive them of any sort
of national identity by designating them as “mountain Turks” and outlawing their language
and traditional dress. They also refuse to recognize the Kurds as a minority group, stripping
them of any collective bargaining powers. Similar things are happening in Iran, a country
that exists under Sharia Law. And in Iraq their history, until recently was even worse. The kurds sided with Iran in the Iran-Iraq
war in the 80’s, and drew the wrath of Saddam Hussein. He razed entire Kurdish villages
and used chemical weapons against the Kurdish people. Now, they have their own regions in Iraq and
Syria pretty much under their own control, but the fighting in those countries isn’t
over yet and stabilization, depending on who wins, may not be a good thing for Kurdish
independence. Plus, the Kurds aren’t one united group looking to create an enormous Kurdish
nation. At this point, they’re just a minority group trying to stay alive.

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  1. Of course, they don't want to make Kurdistan a state… they knew the real history of the people of Kurdistan. Pfft.

  2. Who are the Kurds ? —> another 'covert' PROXY-ARMY OF ISRAEL fighting to destabilize the middle-east for the the benefit of jews and Greater Israel. It's the old 'Yinon-plan'. Just like ISIS…

  3. The main reason for this is because of British fail to fulfill their promise to eetablish Kurdistan after Kurds help them to fight Ottoman Empire.

  4. On the contrary! Your statistics are failed, we are more than 70 million as populatin. Just in Turkey we are 25 million wich equals 20 percent of all Turkish socity, and in Syria 4 million whereas 6 million in Iraq and 8 million in Iran. the numbers have been written in order to revise your information.

  5. We want freedom just separate us from those iraqi idiots and WE ARE NOT ARABS i hate arabs man 😪😔

  6. Do you mind to turn the background music down a little bit? It really does interference with your video context. Thanks

  7. I am Baloch i like kurds ..Balochs and kurds are brothers if you see histiry they both came in country of syria in city if halb.and its belongs to arab or separate nation

  8. Long live to Kurds from Greece, we will never let you alone.. the Turkish government will pay for every action that they've done.

  9. sunni/shia term aren't equal to Arab 🙂

    there are millions of sunnis outside the arab world 🙂 ♥ i hope, u got it

  10. I like how all these 13 year olds saying free kurds and there country next to it but little do they know the peshmerga and pkk and ypg ( all Kurdish groups ) go into Turkish mountains and try to shoot at them then next thing you know there little group of 4 get hit by a f16 and then kurds complain that they have done nothing wrong

  11. You all support the Kurds yet you don’t know what the have done to the Assyrians. They stole the land originally belonging to the Assyrian people and oppressed them and threaten to steal their lands if they continue to disagree and try to fight back

  12. Are the kurds good are u crazy they are killing our people they all should be died. Im from Turkey and Im nationist. I hate them all

  13. I can't believe the comment section actually love the kurds and want kurds to have a country. I've seen these people and what they do to minorities. They treat them like second class citizens. They aren't the heroes our western countries are showing them to be.

  14. lol :D:DDDD
    where are kurdistan
    kurdistan is nothing . kurdistan not country .kurdıstan never can be country

  15. I'm so happy people from different countries are supporting us lol thanks 💚

  16. There is no kurdish history
    Iranian Armenian Arab Turkish syrian Med Assyani Kard vs Community are about 10 nations mix

  17. وەی گیان لە ئاخیرەکەی باسی کوردیان کرد کوا کوردە حەیاتەکان لە کێندەرن؟😂😂😂

  18. عەڕەب + تورک + ئینگلیز= بە پێلاوەکانی کورد😎😎😎😎😎 لەگەڵ ڕێزم بۆ ئەوانەی کوردیان خۆشدەوێت

  19. Mehrdad Izady's complaint: 'It is an amazing fact, if not an obvious embarrassment, that in any museum in the world an item has ever been identified as' Kurdish' – not even a broken spearhead, a pot shard or a piece of a mosaic …"

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