White Supremacy Massacres Ravage El Paso And Dayton

White Supremacy Massacres Ravage El Paso And Dayton


100 thoughts on “White Supremacy Massacres Ravage El Paso And Dayton

  1. The Dayton shooter was an Anti-Gun Elizabeth Warren supporting socialist. Ohio Shooter Was a Socialist Warren Fan – But, ‘We Don’t Blame Anyone But the Shooter’
    It's always easy to blame the President but we have tons of them under Obama as well. We are not the number country in the world for mass shootings, we are 6th. While 6th is nothing to brag about, we are a country of 350m people with all the undocumented immigrants as well.

  2. Sounds about white.
    Hey pink males….Women hate haters. You run your women away. Painting black males as monsters only increases the curiosity. I know brothers that are constantly being pursued by white woman to the point of exhaustion. Richard Pryor said it best. " My father said boy…Don't you ever kiss a pussy…I couldn't wait to kiss pussy." He had been wrong about everything else" 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Not just Thoughts and prayers but now lets blame the video games! evil video games are what makes shootings happen not the untold number of guns and ammo around.

  4. If these white supremacist cowards don't want to be around latinos, or brown peopel, they should move to Europe. This is America, home of the brown people. Don't like it, leave!!

  5. Thoughts, and pr…..the disgusting pig in keeps calling for violence at his rallies; and his subhuman base keeps giving it to him. Oh I'm praying alright. I pray trump dies in a goddam fire!

  6. you were busy with work? as in … a table game convention 😛

    jokes aside tho, this is a mess. it feels different right now tho. call me dumb, but i feel like we may actually get some progress fingers crossed

  7. let's call them for what they were, DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACKS!

    Now, I will say this, both of Trump's speeches he gave were full of empty words. He didnt mean any of what he said. He was forced to go out there to a peace the people and the media.

    There is a Mexican saying that goes like this: "The Words, The Wind Took Them Away" 🍃

  8. America needs stricter background checks of gun buyers. Gun manufacturers should be held legally accountable, there are enough guns in America, & enact laws making gun purchases harder.

  9. Trump’s out and the open racism is worse than when republicans use to be secretive about their racist views now more and more racist are attacking innocent people living their lives 🤬🖕🏾😡🤦🏾‍♂️😔😢💔

  10. And like before trump and Republicans blame mental health, the media and video games. The only reason tRump mentioned white supremacy and hate because he was on teleprompter. If not for that I garentee he would've try to pin this on Mexicans and called the shooters hero's for shooting up and killing people of color and immigrants. And now republicans and tRump are trying to playi it down low just for policial points.

  11. Great job congress keep letting white supremacy rule of this country the only thing y’all care about our money 💰

  12. I am really surprised that nobody has gone after them because they do all these big rallies and they march without their hoods and it’s like we have this major problem in our country and all of those people add to it I don’t understand why they aren’t all arrested I understand they technically haven’t done anything to break the law but at the same time they represent a potential high risk

  13. Horrible, but still a drop in the bucket of our total gun murders. Guns are the main problem, not a handful of neo-nazi idiots. There's really nothing you can do about the latter.

  14. The ironic part is that the US government literally had a first-person shooter developed for the military as a recruitment tool for gamers. So, the government decrying violent video games literally uses a violent video game to recruit army personnel.

  15. We reject all ELITISM in whatever form it appears or attacks… Ours is a melting pot country of cultures from all over the world….
    Those who espouse elitism should be barred from positions of leadership and or authority….including the now sitting illegitimate wannabe cowardly shameful potus. Congress has job to impeach ineffective president: do your dang job! It is not, NOT, the responsibility of the People. If dems leave it to us, the People, we should impeach and replace every dang member of the current broken down guvmental system! Aaarrrgggghhh!

  16. The Dayton Ohio shooter was a lefty. You might want to change that title if you consider yourselves to be a responsible news outlet. Just saying….

  17. Trumpians claim to be God fearing and yet they love a guy who is anything but God Loving. A racist and a hater. What would Jesus do? Vote for this lying man?

  18. I get that it’s no surprise anymore that every time this shit happens it’s someone from the alt right . But can we have some evidence that they are in fact white supremacists ?

  19. I'm not a right winger, it's a fact that the Dayton shooter was a leftist (though the shooting had to do with mysoginy not leftism.

    Please change your shit before people start calling you liars.

  20. Dayton shooter was a satanist and the El Paso shooter was an environmental extremist, neither said diddly about white supremacy.

  21. Thanks The Damage Report.😊 "And so whether you believe in some higher power or not, they're spitting in your face every time that's ('Thoughts and Prayers') what they give you and nothing else."😁

  22. white nationalism – that is real terrorism.
    Notice when terror strikss the muslim community they stand together in love? not just with themselves but other religions also.
    White supremacy does not administer that.

  23. I agree.. I'm so sick of the "thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out…. blah blah blah".. It's become a tone deaf tweet in this country. It's as though they're saying, "Ohhhhh.. so sorry that happened to you and your family.. now let's go back to business as usual"… It's hollow.. it's irreverent to those who really do pray.. to those who hurt due to their loved ones being killed in senseless and legitimized acts of violence.
    Even with making our nation's patchwork of gun ownership laws will not stop this craziness, until we address the elephant in the room. White Nationalism and right extremism. If you have ties to any hate group, if you post this type of rhetoric online, if you show violent or unstable tendencies, you should not be allowed a gun, until you can prove stability otherwise.
    I support the 2nd amendment as any other person would. I own two guns myself. But this madness must stop.
    If you are a Republican who believes in anti-abortion, right to life, children were killed!! BABIES were threatened here. Their mothers and fathers murdered, trying to protect them.

  24. this is such a shame for a country that is so rich in diversity and potential for real humanity here on earth…these people should all be eliminated..and i mean all racists and hateful people of such like..regardless of colour…creed or anything..the world should not tolerate such evil viruses any longer..my heart really goes out to all those who suffered such sickening acts of cowardice ..deranged mentality instability caused by insecurity of self worth..my heart goes out to all their families who will have to endure this hurt pain and loss for many years to come..may god bless them strengthen them in these times with hope.that their loss will not go unnoticed by the divine light that shines through us all..god bless them..i've no words all this coming from a country that could really have made a difference for our world in such a unique and positive way…no words ..sickened…

  25. Pity those who live in fear, plagued by their own ignorance and bigotry. They seek refuge in modern tribalism but find only hate and violence. I hope that through compassion and unity we can begin to heal the hearts and minds of those who conspire to harm us and show them that embracing our diversity is not the illness, but in fact the only cure.

  26. Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. Are useless. Their god isn't helping in any way.

  27. War Gear on he was ready to go down with the kill. People should be very alarmed about this, he had nothing to loose.

  28. In 2017 Trump repealed the law that helped prevent mentally ill people from buying guns. For Trump to say it is a Mental Illness problem is to say it is a problem he helped to happen. Don’t let Trump and the Republicans change the narrative. That Trump no matter if it’s his Rhetoric or Mental Illness has to take some responsibility.


  30. What ever happened to the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? Remember that golden oldie the NRA and their puppets were pushing. All I see is bad guys with guns killing innocent people. Enough is enough, you can point your finger in any direction, like video games, Mental Illness etc etc, the blame is one you the politicians that care more about campaign contributions than human lives.

  31. If anyone should be flipping the fuck out and shooting innocent white people…It's the black male in hells of ameriKKKa. MOST HATED, MOST EMULATED. We've internalized our self hate, given to us by white people. No worries, black people aren't built like that(our biggest flaw} We made every race on the planet. The world is like 2 drunk parents, passed out and the kids are running amuck, fucking shit up!

  32. Thoughts and prayers my ass! The only thing that will help is for those useless politicians that were voted into office to do their fucking jobs and fix the gun laws! Instead of making Moronic Excuses as to why it's "supposedly" happening!

  33. People have been praying for thousands of years for peace, I really don’t think it’s working #pennyarchade

  34. erm ….. the Dayton shooter was a far left AntiFa supporter, but as he was white and wore body armour, a semi-automatic rifle, and plenty of ammo, he must be a white supremacist …. got it.

  35. What's disturbing is all those Mexicans that were attacked. Were at the trump rallies when don came through town. No one of our race ever speaks on how stupid the Mexican race is in el paso, that the sons of Mexican immigrants are chanting "build that wall"
    So pretty much chuco got what they asked for.


  37. Why does John LIE to America? "White Supremacy Massacres"

    Was Dayton Mass Shooter a Self-Described ‘Pro-Satan Leftist Who Supported Elizabeth Warren’? (spoiler alert: Yes, yes he was)


  38. It has been proven that the Dayton shooter was a leftist and supported anti for are you gonna do a retraction for your fake news bullshit??

  39. White. MALE. Supremacy.
    Pisses me off that all refuse to notice that WMS hold white WOMEN as chattel property.

  40. I don't want this, I don't need this
    I don't give a single fuck about your thoughts and prayers
    Salvation in destruction, and I am the apostle of pain
    There's more money in tragedy, and more net worth in self pity
    So you're doubling down inside of your screen, hiding behind attention you seek

    There's nowhere left for you to hide the bodies

    Don't pray for me when you're the one to blame
    Don't think of me when you go up in flames
    Don't pray for me when you're the one enslaved
    No miracles, just fantasy


    So spare me your pity symphony
    Wake up and get up off your knees
    Handcuffed by Sunday fallacy
    Crucify the saint in your soul

    An addict for plaudit, you get your crucifix

    Don't pray for me when you're the one to blame
    Don't think of me when you go up in flames
    Don't pray for me when you're the one enslaved
    Don't wish me well, in your fantasy

    You know the dead can't hear you
    The holy well is dry
    So when you face the truth
    Open your fuckin' eyes
    Preying on the violence
    You fabricate a script
    Preaching to fill your pockets
    But your god is counterfeit
    You love to play the victim
    Can I get an amen?
    Yet you canonize yourself
    While you wear this crown of shit

    You get what you pray for
    You don't get anything playing the part when it's insincere
    So give up the pain, give up the game
    Just give up the holy ghost
    You won't get what you pray for, won't get what you pray for.

  41. I see the white supremacist shitlords are out in full force to diffuse the cries of terrorism

    Fuck y’all no one said the Dayton shooter was politically motivated.

    And the El Paso shooter quoted trump and Fox News. Go back to school and learn some critical reading and realize that there is no great replacement before y’all hurt more people for no damned reason but hate.

  42. White Supremacy?!?!

    Last time I checked one guy was an atheist and very anti god.

    The other guy was a democrat who was into environmentalism.

    Two of the things SJWs and Leftist support.

  43. 🤯 DONALD J TRUMP 🤯isis Contributing to the Destruction of America. Isis this the What AMERICA deserves ? Details —–> https://youtu.be/dTT8qdDsdrw

  44. Maybe the constant hate coming from the left, telling that they have everything are privileged and they are responsible for all the ills of the world, cause them to embrace nihilism and turn that inner hatred that your force upon them outward and unleash their wrath on to the world as they hope to depart it.

    Keep up the hating and see what you get

  45. 1:12 I wouldn't buy into the term terrorism so quickly. Once we define it the same way their laws are written, it's justifying their wars.

  46. I keep asking you libs, which hate group did he belong to. I'm talking about the kid in Texas. Not the Warren supporting registered Democrat in Ohio.

  47. As usual, the left is exaggerating and reading too much into Trumps tweets and using this as a political opportunity to get rid of the 2nd amendment.  Mental illness is to blame for these shootings.  America has turned it's back to scripture and adherence to God's law.                                                                                                                                                                          John 3:16  "For god so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son."

  48. Two Corinthians 5:21   "God mad him who has no sin, to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God"                                                                             Liberals should not fear guns but the wrath of God and God appointed Trump with that miraculous win in 2016.  You can deny that, that was God's handy work.

  49. Trump uses the speech of the left and everyone freaks out. The Ohio shooter supported Elizabeth warren. The El Paso manifesto was a straight out of the liberal playbook. He hated cooperations environmental destruction and consumerism. He needed to destroy immigrants to AVA e America because he hated republicans for supporting cooperations and democrats for supporting immigrants so I would say there is plenty of blame to go around. These news sight using this tragedy as a political game disgust me.

  50. Domestic terrorism (or mass shootings) has become an everyday occurrence (obviously not literally every single day, but it happens so often that it near as makes no difference an everyday occurrence), it is no longer a surprise but a given. The only factor that is a surprise is the location, you don't know where the next one will be, but you can 100% guarantee that there will be another one soon.

  51. This video is idiocracy in action. Shame on you for lying for your political agenda. Wake up – both nut jobs supported the left. Dayton supported Antifa, El Paso supported environmentalists. Btw, if you want to curb gun violence, why don't you outlaw liberals from owning or touching guns?

  52. Love your comment john, as an atheist i have zero respect for those who only write ”thoughts and prayers” they do shit but sure ”look” nice on twitter

  53. The Nazis are out in force, using Putin's talking point…. Nazi terrorists are cleared to massacre citizens cuz Chicago. They never say black Chicacoans are cleared to massacre white men cuz Nazis kill.

  54. Don't worry liberals I don't blame you for the tragedy.

    It's not your fault these lunatics share your ideas.

  55. It's OK John, you really can't help it, after all, the Antifa member, the one with balls, the one that shot up Dayton, was a sub to your channel and possibly more, it does make your hypocrisy hard to explain I'm sure but do remember, you and Mr Cousins and Mama Cenk are the biggest hate monging hypocrites on the tube, but you know this, it's OK John.

  56. Meanwhile, as of the end of June, the murder rate of Chicago was around 268, a dozen or so less than 2018, could be Trump supporting white supremacists gave Chicago a break, maybe Smollet had a "prayerful" moment and asked them to not kill so many this year. Were they killed too because Trump is a white nationalist? What color were they? Did those white dudes show up in black face and commence to shooting? I can't find a single video from you or the fool's folly you represent on this murdering hiatus those mean white boys do. 268, damn! Help us out here, we just want Justice, don't you?

  57. Meanwhile the military on both sides are no longer around right the day of the incident. After having their presence there for a week before this happened. Supposedly to protect the border from an invasion. Yet all these comments still holding on to the past about party over comon sense.

  58. This is the first study to examine stability and change in the characteristics and behaviours of mass public shooters in the United States.

    4Contrary to popular perception, mass public shootings are not a new type of mass murder. This phenomenon has taken place throughout American history but not nearly at the rate seen after 1965.

    The results show significant changes in the racial/ethnic make‐up of mass public shooters. Relative to 1984–1999 time period, offenders today are significantly less likely to be White (crude OR = 0.41, p ≤ .05) and significantly more likely to be African American (crude OR = 2.31, p ≤ .05). Relative to the 1984–1999 time period, mass public shooters today are significantly less likely to be single/divorced (crude OR = 0.05, p ≤ .05) and significantly more likely to be college educated (crude OR = 2.03, p ≤ .05).

    Multiple incident‐level behaviours have evolved significantly in the last 16 years. This is particularly the case for victim selection. In the last 16 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of shootings where strangers were targeted (crude OR = 1.55, p ≤ .05). Conversely, there has been a significant decline in mass public shootings in professional settings (crude OR = 0.35, p ≤ .05) such as workplaces and schools. Compared to 1984–1999, mass public shooters today are significantly more likely to select hard targets for their attack (crude OR = 2.64, p ≤ .05). Perhaps for this reason, there has been a significant increase in the number of attackers who encounter physical resistance (lethal and/or non‐lethal) during the commission of the attack (crude OR = 1.50, p ≤ .05). The use of shotguns has significantly increased in the last 16 years (crude OR = 1.95, p ≤ .05), whereas the prevalence of rifles/assault rifles has significantly decreased during this time (crude OR = 0.58, p ≤ .05), a very surprising finding in its own right.

    Empirical research supports the idea that social (i.e., macrolevel) forces shape the incidence and distribution of mass public shootings. After controlling for population density, Capellan (2016) found that mass public shootings tend to occur in areas that are more rural and enjoy higher levels of marriage stability and socio‐economic status. Capellan (2016) also found that states with higher levels of religious integration (as measured by the density of churches and rate of adherents) have a significantly lower risk of experiencing a mass public shooting.

    Finally, we must take note of the lethality of attacks across both time periods. In the 21st century, the United States has experienced the most lethal mass public shootings in its history: from the shooting at Virginia Tech (32 fatalities) to Sandy Hook (27 fatalities) and, most recently, the Orlando Nightclub (49 fatalities). These, and other high‐profile shootings, have been overemphasised by new organisations and created the impression that mass public shooters today are more lethal than ever (Shastry, 2015; Ting, 2016). The results, however, contradict this notion as we found that the average number of fatalities and injured victims has remained stable across time periods (at about 3 fatalities and 3.4 injured victims).

    — Change and stability in offender, behaviours, and incident‐level characteristics of mass public shootings in the United States, 1984–2015
    Revised: 8 August 2017

    Joel A. Capellan Law & Justice Studies, Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey, USASimonPeterGomez Political Science, Reinhardt University, Waleska, Georgia, USA


  59. Lets see just how bad is the white supremacy issue- white politicans brought about welfare-affirmatitive action – made laws that employers had to hire minority workers – integration in schools by forced busing- made laws that force landlords to rent to people of color. Termination of employees of color by employers must document all aspects of work violations or lawsuits will be brought about by the old bullshit clause { Racism}. I was not born to dislike a person because of their color but in 69 years of constant bitching-throwing the race card-burning businesses and homes by the other races of color I favor white supremacy ! If this nation allows more of the vagrant parasites from mexico to continue entry then just watch a see this nation become a piece of shit like mexico and ALL central American countries which are controlled by the catho;ic church and cartels ! Build the wall andopen fire on these invaders ! Their god will sort it out if their really is one !

  60. You are sooo right about thoughts and prayers.
    But gess what some of us that believe on a higher being do pray for our brothers and sisters don't matter the color, race or creed.

  61. what white supremacy? some mentally ill guy? who by the way was a socialist democrat elizabeth warren supporter. liars!!

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