White Supremacy in America: A Guide

White Supremacy in America: A Guide

White supremacists have emerge from the
shadows and when they come offline and into the streets, they may look like a
unified force, but it’s not that simple. Here’s how you can distinguish between
the different factions of American white supremacy. Let’s start with a so-called
alt-right, which over the last two years or so, has hijacked certain parts of the
internet to help recruit alienated young men to their cause and help spread the
hateful ideology. Founded in 2016, the group called Identity Evropa has styled
itself around preserving “white American culture.” The group uses online platforms
to recruit heavily and also makes a point of distributing fliers and
leaflets at college campuses which they think is getting into the heart of enemy
territory. Identity Evropa adopted the ancient European symbol of the blue and
white dragon’s eye, which they see as a symbol of protection. You can see
Identity Evropa’s dragon’s eye emblazoned on shields and protest signs
at the charlottesville valley where they marched along with other far-right and
all white groups chanting their slogan: Then there’s the Proud Boys, established
by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McGinnis in the midst of the 2016 elections. They
reject the term “alt-right” and instead describe themselves as “Western
chauvinists,” but they still marched with other hate groups in Charlottesville. In
July the Proud Boys were filmed assaulting counter protesters at a
far-right rally in Portland Oregon. The Proud Boys pride themselves on their
“uniform,” a Fred Perry black polo with yellow trim and, on the chest, a small
yellow wreath. That’s the slogan for Vanguard America, who believe that
America should be exclusively white. Their “blood and soil” slogan harkens back
to Hitler’s popular saying “blut unt boden.” Vanguard America believes that
white blood has a special connection to American soil. Their insignia includes
the fasces, an ancient Roman symbol of judicial authority, which became the
emblem of Italian fascism. The man who drove his car into a crowd of counter
protesters in Charlottesville, which killed Heather Heyer, was seen rallying
with Vanguard America members at Charlottesville,
although Vanguard America denied that he was ever a member. Regardless the group soon split up after Charlottesville. Many of its former members however rebranded themselves as Patriot Front. Smaller groups in this
tech-savvy world of white supremacy have also co-opted Nordic and Celtic symbols
similar to emblems used by white prison gangs. Then there’s the older guard of white supremacy, neo-nazis and skinheads from
the 1990s. These groups tend to have more extensive criminal histories, but a less
tech-savvy. Founded in its current iteration in 1994, the National Socialist
Movement used to be the largest neo-nazi organization in this country. The NSM
idolizes Hitler, disavows communism and capitalism as quote-unquote “the
two-headed Jewish monster,” and calls on America to become a white nation. They
used to protest in full Nazi garb but now they dress in all black. They are recognizable by their shield featuring a large Nazi symbol centered
over four quadrants: parts of a Nazi flag and parts of the American flag. Another
group, League of the South, was also founded in 1994. They advocate for
another secession of the south — this time successfully. They are easily detectable
by their stark flags and shields: a white field representing white purity and a
single black saltire meaning no surrender. The design is an ode to the Confederate
flag and according to the league a sign of certainty and strength. These groups
can be found at any given white nationalist rally. Conversely, at a
conference, you’re more likely to find the quote “intellectual white
supremacists.” In the last I would say two or three years, there has been, in historical terms, an absolute explosion of white racial consciousness. Jared Taylor graduated from Yale University and in 1990 founded American Renaissance
magazine, which promotes eugenics and other pseudoscience that aims to prove
that black people are inferior. Well, believing that the races are
equivalent and interchangeable in every respect, that is like believing that
earth stands still. At the magazine’s 2013 conference another suit-and-tie
wearing white nationalist, Richard Spencer of punch-a-Nazi fame, promoted
similar ideas the ideas. The ideal I will put forward is the creation of a white
ethnostate on the North American continent. And then there’s Occidental
Quarterly, which the Southern Poverty Law Center described as “a ‘Who’s Who’ of
the radical right” and “a favorite among academic racists in America.” It might feel like white supremacists are becoming a powerful force, but these
groups are not united. Their factioned, they’re fighting, and if we can further
distinguish them, we can further divide them.

44 thoughts on “White Supremacy in America: A Guide

  1. Thank you for putting this video together. There's a lot of scapegoating, and while I think it is ultimately deprivation of participating in team sports, it's more apparently disgruntled mis-education. People are scapegoating unconsciously, it's sad. That's why we have a police force, to defend against violent nonsense, not to protect violent nonsense.

  2. Pretty desperate with the mental gymnastics. Protip guys just wanting western civilisation to survive is not white supremacy – you're just anti white.

  3. No surprise that Russia Today RT has been giving a platform to white supremacists such as the KKK's David Duke, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor amongst others: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DjsEUGbU0AEsBMW.png

  4. Think progress are liars and thieves. People, these morons are lying to you. This guy in the video also looks like he has a massive a drug problem.

  5. Proud Boys aren't white anything. However, you fukups are anti-white racists and we will remember that when the time comes.

  6. Same I guess I better tell the Jewish guy and black guys in our proud boys chapter they are racist white ppl lmao…guess our drinking club is wayyyy worse than I thought….smh do some more research on who the pb are please lol

  7. White supremacists think they belong to a superior race though all of them prove time and again how incredibly stupid they are. Nazi president Trump won't be able to help them. He will soon spend his time behind bars.

  8. All 75 of them. Sounds like an existential threat if I've ever heard of one. It's interesting to note the TP article I got this link from shows some alleged 'white supremacists' marching in Charlottesville. They look way more diverse than the almost exclusively white bread Pantifas. What proper white supremacist marches alongside blacks, Latinos and Indians?


    The Marxist left is watching their narrative fall apart and it scares the h3ll out of them. How else can we explain the increasingly absurd and desperate hit pieces they keep pumping out?

  9. This vid. is utterly crap! There is no such group 'White Supremacy'. But every totalitarian ideology, like feminism, diversity-open-border-equality, needs an enemy. The term White Supremacy' was invented to give a name to its imaginary enemy image.
    For the feminists and globalists no border idiots it's the 'White Supremacy'.
    Identiterian (IB members) and Proud Boys are patriots. The human race doesn't matter. Europe's population is almost white, so the most members are, surprise, surprise, also white.

  10. Really awful reportage, full of lies. The dissident Right is motivated by love of ones own people, and not hate for others.

  11. At 4:44 the clip refers to "pseudo-science" . . . " which aims to prove that black people are inferior." Dr. David Reich's massive study (Who We Are and How We Got Here (2018)) of the human genome found that almost half of sub-Saharan black DNA was contributed by archaic hominids, compared to 2% of white DNA (from Neanderthals) and 2-5% of east Asian DNA (from Denisovans). Racism is not pseudo-science, it's just science. It's the left that cranks out pseudo-science on the subject, or, more often today, now that they're cornered, they just scream and smear people. The left has always lied about this subject, for obvious reasons. Stephen Jay Gould (The Mismeasure of Man) went so far as to falsify Morton's legitimate data on skull sizes. Morton lived when abolitionists were claiming racial equality on the basis of our common descent from Adam and Eve, who lived 6,000 years ago: it's in the Bible! It must be true. Of course, the Abols weren't lying, they were just ignorant fools.

  12. This is a dog whistle for Antifa, they watch these videos and then go out and attack white people. 5:00 and you can see this video promote violence.

  13. thank you, this is the video the world was waiting for. loving all the alt-right butt hurt coming off the comment section. keep it up Think Progress

  14. These pink nationalists and pink supremacists (whites are actually pinkish, not white) all have something in common, beside their obvious stupidity: they are all fat and ugly. I understand these losers' feelings of doom, as all they have to do is look in the mirror to see no future!

  15. I hope nobody out there really believes this anti white propaganda . This is beta white male narrator that's filled with self hatred for his own people and homelands. He looks like he'd not be the type of guy to protect women, children and elderly of his own ethnicity if they were getting hurt but would turn around and run the other way to save his own hide. I wonder how much he is paid to spread this false narrative of normal white people that are seeing the massive replacement of their people, culture and homelands as "extreme right" and "hateful"? He's a traitor and a coward.

  16. 1:27 is not accurate, the group that they were "Assaulting" started the clash, the group is known as ANTIFA and when confronted by Proud boys started throwing explosives and other objects into the proud boys collective.

  17. It's not fucking a racist to want to honor and be part of your own fucking race you dumb liberal cont. America is full of liberal pussies. Everyone screams everything is racism. It is completely natural for a person of One race to be attracted to only his race. That is the law of nature. It's common sense that people from the same race would rather interact with their own race and not those of another race. What's with this race traitor trying to say it's racist to be proud of something?

  18. You have the proud boys in here? You're an idiot. They have nothing to do with these other people/groups. You call yourself a journalist, lol.

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