White Supremacy and White Nationalism on Facebook: Social Media Censorship | NowThis

White Supremacy and White Nationalism on Facebook: Social Media Censorship | NowThis

37 thoughts on “White Supremacy and White Nationalism on Facebook: Social Media Censorship | NowThis

  1. Are Mexicans in Mexico Suprematist? How about Chinese in China? How about Japanese in Japan? Indians in India? Africans in Africa? OH, that’s right, ONLY WHITE EUROPEANS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES have no human rights to exist, persevere their peoples, culture and Civilizations. GOD FORBID if you dare believe to have the same rights that every peoples or races in every OTHER Nationality on earth, including the intact homogeneous Homelands of EVERY SINGLE IMMIGRANT who chooses to live in a EUROPEAN CREATED NATION, that somehow makes you a hateful racist? POC Narcissistic Supremacy immigrating to European Countries is the problem that’s DIVIDING OUR NATIONS. If you think America or Europe belonging to White peoples is racist then you should take a look at the demographics of your own ancestral homelands. Notice anything different from what White peoples are seeking? No different.

  2. That's okay. Keep oppressing us. Keep attacking us. Keep making us your enemies. I'm sure it will work out just fine for you.

  3. 'Allahu Akbar' means 'Allah is supreme'. This is supremicism. If youtube doesn't permit white supremicism then it obviously cannot permit Muslim supremicism.

  4. Any kind of nationalism is viewed with hostility by Jewish supremacists because for them a non-nationalistic globalism is the most fertile ground for them achieving their goals.

  5. If you dare to voice an opinion that mass immigration into a nation can cause massive conflict is now outlawed from the biggest discussion board on earth. Will all Jews in Israel or the U.S. who don't want open borders for Israel be also banned by Faceberg? Fat chance!

  6. Woah!…pump the breaks here… I am a US Military Combat Veteran…so am a Nationalist….and I fought  and bled beside other American Nationalists who were brown, black, red and yellow…I am white.
    DO NOT confuse White Nationalism with White Supremacy. Nationalists display love of Country, not bigotry.
    This is one of the more stupid Media driven global crimes….time for consequences on these news organizations and any group that supports this divisive Marxist nonsense.

  7. The Christchurch Attack and pressure from New Zealand has forced Facebook to shut down these despicable accounts. It shouldn't have taken this long or an act of terror to force the issue!

  8. Wow. The amount racist lowlifes this video has attracted is just sad. There should be no site that should condone white supremacists. Banning them is the right way to go.

  9. A Jewish lady from the ADL talking about white peoples ability to harness the internet is Evil. The ADL is a Jewish group harnessing the internet with the help of Israel who are Nationalists and only want Jews living in Israel. The Hypocrisy will make your head spin.

  10. youtube comments are all about white genocide, yet there are more whites than ever before in history and whites in urban centers continue to grow. what angers white nationalists is the growth of other populations in these urban centers. they want 100% white urban centers and countries, and to to commit genocide on other races. They want USA and Europe to be 100% white. They are extremists.

  11. Come on, do you even hear yourself? this is absolutely insane. go read 1984 and tell me you're not the thought police.

  12. White nationalism will prevail.

    Even if no ethnostate comes from this, our identity will be made.

    You do not get to define us. You do not get to control the narrative. You do not get to control the conversation.

  13. what a load of BS 😂😂😂😂
    no wonder there's more dislikes than likes ratio on YT.
    hey keep the videos coming "Now this"!!
    it's really amusing to watch brainwashed people try to brainwash other libtards 😂😂

  14. To answer your first question no, because what they choose label white supremacist content is not even remotely close to that.

  15. Should Facebook censor black nationalist. BLM is a racist organization. Everyone is protected under the first amendment.

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