White Nationalists Disrupt Jewish Author's Book Reading | NowThis

White Nationalists Disrupt Jewish Author's Book Reading | NowThis

48 thoughts on “White Nationalists Disrupt Jewish Author's Book Reading | NowThis

  1. They choose their racism and false sense of superiority over actual liberation of the working class from our suffering. They are bootlickers.

  2. God bless these courageous sons of the west.
    Time to start openly naming the Jew as the cause of all the troubles our people face today.
    Keep in mind non-whites, once the Jew mongrelizes all whites, you’ll be next in line for their subversive nation wrecking.
    One doesn’t face 109 expulsions for nothing!

  3. Go get 'em boys! This video was actually relatively good at listening. Too bad trying to tell boomers to think critically about media presentation is like trying to tell Deltas they don't need soma to be happy.

  4. Are you people that brainwashed? What if a White Man wrote a book called “Dying of Blackness"? You sheep would call it racist. The Suprematist position this Man takes is repugnant. He’s not a White person, has no right to publish a book on how White peoples are too stupid to help themselves. HE IS RACIST. If you can’t see that, then you are too far gone for help.
    By the way, I don’t support Black Suprematists, White Suprematists or any peoples with such beliefs.

  5. No one was physically attacked. They came in and made their protest. Then they left peacefully. And they are correct about both the GOP and the Democrats not having the right answers for a positive, constructive, peaceful society.

  6. all the goyims/leftists/cucks rage in this comment section is amazing, i wish you could post more, can you ?

  7. No. They weren't voting for corrupt politicians. Trump gave them hope and for some weird reason you want to demonize him? Your less rational friends on the left attack him and his followers and you wonder why there aren't more honest people running for office. The ACA was a crony capitalist mandate.

  8. White nationalism is a national curse to our country. Young men, who otherwise are intelligent people, are brain washed and misled to do things against the society. Once they reach a certain threshold there is no going back. They cannot go back. They get lost in the wilderness of white nationalism. Those intelligent and vibrant people are lost to the society at large . They are lost to themselves. They are shunned from the rest of the society. They become lost souls. Pity.

  9. Technically speaking. “Indigenous” peoples were just an invasive species from Africa. Not that I agree with white nationalism, but “ownership” determined by being there first isn’t really a good argument. Everyone wants to be equal until equality comes for their stuff.

  10. Wait a minute, why wasn't the police called on these white men or why wasn't they trespassed. Double standards.

  11. They did not criticize Israel, so you can't say they are anti-Semitic. It is only anti-Semitic if someone criticizes Israel.

  12. This Jewish man is not being genuine. We have had a policy of open borders and deindustrialization for 25 years now, with the attendant wage stagnation that naturally results. Reversing those policies will bring back pride to a people, in this case the white working class. Gun control and free health care are not what these young men need. But I’m not surprised at all a Jewish intellectual cannot accept this.

  13. What a bunch of loosers! They need to be spanked with a shoe in their whitey butts and sent to mow their daddy's lawn! Who in the Jupiter do they think they are?! This land was stolen from the natives. It's not theirs! Send them back to their ancestors's countries! Or, send them in a one way trip to MARS! As a matter of fact they look extraterrestrial to me!

  14. This is the lamest, childiest "activists" ever..I thought neonazis were supposed to be scary..just give them some apple juice and a nap

  15. This is nothing new
    White people have always been screaming this land is their land but I want to remind them of the Mayflower
    Which clearly identifies you as being an immigrant to this country that's all white Europeans are immigrants to this country and none should make the claim as this being their land

  16. Those chanting fools t too stupid to know or to try to learn what’s really happening…the get a 3 syllable chant going and think it solves their problems….oh yea…I’m a white guy and I see just how righteously ignorant we r….sorry dude

  17. Behold I give you the longest lasting terrorist threat in America's history, ignorant white insecure men who think America belongs to them it's indeed embarrassing for the majority of white people.

  18. Being a White Nationalist…..so easy a caveman can do it. I almost didnt recognize them without their MAGA hats and Tikki torches.

  19. Oh wow. This land is our land? Hey fist pumpers, you skin color is the first sign this is NOT your land.

    I do believe Native American tribes are the only ones that can actually use that phrase.

    You dum dums.

  20. Alll scholars I see here. Wow, what a productive day boys, onto McDonald's after and hit the dollar menu? Smh…

  21. Jooz committed the worst genocides against Whites. They hate us. The Talmud is their inspiration.

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