41 thoughts on “White nationalists and counter-protesters clash in Charlottesville

  1. It would be more appropriate if the counter protesters said all lives matter, since the whites were basically saying they only matter, saying all lives matter counters it, instead of it feeling like white lives don't only blacks.

  2. Looks like a set up. Perhaps a bunch of crisis actors? They don’t look like real neo-nazis? And antifa? They always act dodgy whenever they are approached and questioned by independent media. How come when you look up the truth about this incident it’s always mainstream, and almost Zero independent? Just like when you look for an update about the French riots? Way to much bullshit in the world all at once.

  3. I misheard at first hearing – I originally thought they were saying 'Jews will not replace us' but on a second playing it was obvious they were saying 'you will not replace us'. s a Brit it is still something of a mystery what was going on here. Is it to do with historic statues being removed?

  4. Of course all lives matter but the reason we say black lives matter is that with all the ruthless killings of black people we feel that people forget they matter so we have to make it very clear

  5. Holy shit. People walking around with sticks, helmets and shields like they are dressing up for the re-enactment of the Civil War. Maybe its Yanks warped interpretation of "free speech," or maybe the cops in America are idiots (probably both), but no way in Australia would the police allow people to attend a march dressed like they're going to engage in a fight. Black or White, Left or Right, Americans are just plain stupid.

  6. Although, I agree that the counter-protesters were violent towards the Alt-Right on their part, which is fair criticism when bringing up Freedom of Speech. The Alt-Right, however, are a far bigger threat. Seriously they have committed murders, which makes more violent than that of Antifa.

  7. Black live suck…Black lives in Africa not in white america…..great job white nationalist you are a true american warrior……I hope more people understand and the number grew…now the people of america are becoming minority…..asaia Africa dnt change but Europe and America will change if you dnt fight for your life

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