White Nationalist Found Guilty In Charlottesville Murder

White Nationalist Found Guilty In Charlottesville Murder


100 thoughts on “White Nationalist Found Guilty In Charlottesville Murder

  1. How come no cameras in the courtroom for such a high profile case? There's a lot of questions about this incident the MSM and even alt media aren't covering. Very fishy.

  2. Looks like he will not get his blood and soil.. However, he will receive three hots, a cot, and a super-cuddly roommate named Bubba.

  3. Keep driving wedges between us until it results in violence. Civil war? We'll surround your cities and let the Lefty hipsters starve to death. Easy win.

  4. James Fields car never toughed her and she fell over and died of a heart attack.

    Dont take my word for it, search the truth yourselves instead of having these anti-white pigs at TYT omit the truth.

  5. i thought james fields was a blind, deaf, mute, and obese with special needs?? maybe he just had really bad diarrhea?? c'mon guys sometimes special needs people get to have licenses too.

  6. Don't care if Trump speak about this trial, he can't comprehend freaking law. Justice for Heather is strong, this man had no excuse to ram his car threw a crowd. I've seen the video and that was done with intent to harm. This is 1st degree murder and when you commit first degree murder you go to trial and found guilty. I don't sympathize with this man, I don't care about his life or his family life being ruined. He made a choice and picked a side that usually leaves it's follower in jail or in the same perdictiment, still lost with no voice. Racist extremist groups are the parasites in our society. The freedom of speech, freedom to protest and human rights is a liberal concept. These racist groups benefit from having these rights than try to play judge, jury and executioner towards those who don't fit their political agenda. Be a free thinker don't fall for extremist group, you'll sign your life away.

  7. A murder conviction for a hate crime in a southern jury where only one juror is a person of color is definitely a cause for celebration.

    How sad that its celebration worthy when the justice system actually works in this country.

    And then a friend points out to me that the guy was likely only convicted because his victim was white.

    If Heather had been a person of color, we would likely be having an entirely different conversation about this trial.

  8. I am a simple person if the constitution does not say that a sitting president has immunity from criminal prosecution then surly he CAN be prosecuted!  I know he is immune from civil proceedings since this prevents nuisance suits.   One would think that a president who has been accused of felonies would want his name cleared so would be DEMANDING a trial. Since he is a republican president why do his fellow republicans not want a trial to clear his name?   Having a president who is trying to govern while under such a cloud cannot be acceptable to anyone.   Fiat justitia ruat caelum   "Let justice be done though the heavens fall."

  9. Death penalty, by torture, then hang his body in the streets to show what we will do to all Nazis and racists in the future. They all need to go, asap.

  10. A premeditated intentional killing, I'm confused how that could not be First Degree Murder to people in the comments. He drove his vehicle down a closed off road and targeted people. The premeditation can and was proven through him driving through a closed off street, the intentional can and was proven through his use of an accelerator while approaching people on foot while he drove on a closed off street.

  11. To the ladies point she's glad that it didn't work the fact that he said that he was scared of them. I feel in my opinion the only reason it didn't work as the woman that died was white and not black even though at this moment it's not about a white or black issue as a totality but do the court system history we have been shown that my statement is true 90% of the time

  12. Your thumbnail proves that the jury had 20-20 vision. The brake lights are on. Nobody who deliberately runs to crowd brakes.

  13. no terrorist charges?
    because this is clearly terrorism…
    he did violence for political ends to effect political change.

  14. This guy is a solid argument for the death penalty. Faith in the justice system, only when it punishes the powerless. No justice when it comes to crimes by the wealthy.

  15. In the last three years, which—uh—individual has been the main accessory before the fact of most of the episodes of gross physical violence, including mass-murder, committed in the USA against strangers by weak-minded and easily led boys of various ages up to (physical) maturity?


    But, dear TYT, what “accident”?

  16. Thumbs up if you agree Trump might've been speaking up for his dad, Fred Trump, who was arrested at a kkk meeting when he was young man. Did he feel any stigma I'd want to ask DJT. Anyway, I think that in his Trumpish way, he was defending at least one person……ugh,dammit

  17. No @pasizon u are wrong. On every point. however I respect as an oathkeeper your probably embarrassed u were there protecting Nazis. We told u over and over. U knew. U probably protected his car personally. That y u feel compelled to spin a false narrative.

  18. This animal deserves the Death penalty and the jury makeup is disgusting! No matter what whites do they still have it easy! NO JUSTICE AT ALL IN THIS DISGUSTING COUNTRY!

  19. Over at the Washington Times one comment claims that, in Virginia, killing people with a car is only a crime if the victim is on a pedestrian crossing. Otherwise it is fine! lol.

  20. He'll be a hero in the joint and all the white nationalist gangs will be fighting over which one he joins.
    After they're done buggering him for a while.

  21. The assistant chief medical examiner confirms blunt force injury as the cause of Heather Heyer's death. She WAS hit by the car. James Fields ''sobbed'' to police when told he killed someone. Later when James was being recorded on a jailhouse phone talking to his mom his mom said she felt sorry for Heather and her family. James said he didn't give 2 shits that he killed someone. That shows he had no remorse for what he did. What part of ''Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law'' do people not understand? James sealed his own fate with his actions and words. You can call this a kangaroo court all you want. You can disagree with the assistant chief medical examiner. But facts don't care about your feelings. If this was true self defense and he did accidentally kill Heather because he ''panicked'' wouldn't he have shown some remorse when talking to his mom on the phone? Instead he said he didn't care that he killed someone. I'm glad that the prosecutor went with first degree murder instead of the less substantial second degree murder.

  22. If you shouldn't be scared for your life while holding a gun when being attacked by someone without a gun, you should NOT be scared for your life when under the control of a 1-2 ton vehicle next to (not even surrounded by) a crowd of people

  23. So an innocent man goes to jail and TYT celebrates.
    James Fields actually was fleeing from a man who approached his car with a gun. The same guy admitted to doing so just before James drove down the street. He didn't speed down the street and was only going about 20 miles/hour. In the video you can clearly see his brake light turn on before he hit the crowd. The crowd were attacking his car before he hit anyone. This includes a second man with a gun. The crowd were on the street instead of the sidewalk. James originally backed up in order to find another way out of the area, but streets were blocked and forced him to go in the direction he did. He didn't stay at the scene because the mob was attacking his car.
    Those are the facts.
    Let's look at it from a legal perspective. Whether he was a white nationalist or not isn't important. The actions were clearly not premeditated. Had he intended to kill or hurt people then he would have not driven down the center of the road but would have swerved to hit people at the sides. So legally this would not be first degree murder. Also, would not be a hate crime. From the video evidence it would appear that he had panicked and ended up killing and injuring a bunch of people. Yes, it was horrible incident but it was not murder.

  24. Let's unite the Right in this comment section. Who else believes this case was a miscarriage of justice, and that he was sacrificed to the rabid Liberal mob? Level-headed people gotta stick together. These Lefties taste blood, but when future generations look back on them, they'll look back in shame

  25. According to her autopsy and her mother's statement, Heather died of a heart attack due to her morbid obesity (4'9", 320 lbs). His car didn't even touch her. Why, then, was James Fields charged with her murder?

  26. Couldn’t show the video or the face of the guy? Only 100% opinion in which everyone on the show agrees. Not very thorough reporting. The video would show the guys car being surrounded by people wearing masks and attacking the car. Any 21 yr old would be freaking out and trying to get out of there. They were blocking his exit. Not saying it’s right but more people here should be accepting the blame for this lady’s death.

  27. It was a Kangaroo Court. It was obviously self defense as the angry crowd was smashing his car up with blunt objects. If you actually watch all the angles the rioters were getting ready to go reginald denny on his ass.

  28. So he gets drawn and quartered, right?
    Tied to a table and force fed water until he expires?
    Put in front of a firing squad?

    This man shouldn't be allowed to waste our money wasting away in jail.
    It's beyond the shadow of a doubt, he should be put down. Nothing would be too cruel or unusual for a piece of shit like that.

  29. I find it suspicious that the right is saying that simply being afraid for your life is enough justification for anyone to commit murder, even if they are the ones who started the altercation in the first place(i.e. walking into wrong apartment, go onto neighbor's property to complain about music, following a "suspicious" person, etc.). They are also telling themselves to be afraid of everyone that isn't like them. Seems like they are priming themselves to commit race crimes with full legal justification.

  30. Talk about the racist cop 👮 that pulled over a famous YouTuber Tallguycarreviews he stops him walks up to his car an ask for his keys 🔑 an accused him an his brother of racing blessing that all this was on camera 🎥 recorded 👌🏽highlighting racial injustice 👮

  31. This is part of the problem with the broken judicial system. This guy should’ve been dragged out of his car and killed on the spot. Justice will never really be served.

  32. I was waiting for someone to realize or comment that the only reason Justice was served was because the victim is white. It is illegal to murder a person however people of color are not considered a full person according to the Constitution we are only 3/5 which is why so many caucasians are able to get away with blatant murder when the victim belongs to one of the most hated yet most imitated races in the country.

  33. She's white. Of course, he was found guilty. I'm not surprised. You know in the hood, the white chick is the safest person in here because if you're black, you getting the chair or you never going to see the outside world again.

    Not surprised at all by this verdict.

  34. Will or maybe can human ever evolve enough to stop acting like dogs with rabies. Why can a few dumasses make it so bad for so many

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