White Genetics: What Determines IQ—What Makes Us Intelligent

White Genetics: What Determines IQ—What Makes Us Intelligent

So I’ve recently been having this debate to
do with the topic issue on genetics and of course stemmed from that was the white supremacy
and the white nationalism. Now, I had quite a few interesting answers. The white supremacists
are the type of people who believe in the supremacy of the white race, in other words,
being dominant and superior to all other races, which I completely disagree with, I just think
they’re complete… they’re nazi’s basically. Those who defend white nationalism, now, the
problem I have with it is the term white nationalism. I’ve not got anything wrong with their view
of defending their white race as such. In terms of white nationalists, they believe
in defending their heritage and their culture. If you remember and you go back to a time
before I deleted all my old videos, you will remember I did videos on the ancient Picts,
my pride of Scotland, I did videos on Scottish accent, it was strongly Scottish, so to speak.
I did videos differentiating what was British and what is not and defending Scotland and
all the rest of it. I’m all for people who want to defend their own heritage and culture
and it just so happens to be that when it came to Scotland, our people were predominantly
white, so obviously if I defend my culture and my heritage, which I do, I would be classified
as somewhat as a white nationalist, right? So, why don’t they just say they defend their
culture and their heritage of where they came from? That to me sounds more reasonable. Using
the term white nationalism doesn’t sound reasonable to me, because all you’re doing is you’re
giving your opposition ammunition to fire back at you and that’s all you’re doing. I
understand that you’re saying to me that you’re not a racist, that you’re defending your culture
and your heritage and therefore, you’re not a racist. Fair enough, I agree with you. You
don’t want to become the minority in your own country because you want to defend liberty,
okay, I can reason with you, I can understand where you’re coming from, I just think using
the term white nationalism is… it comes across as extreme. If you are a libertarian
and you’re part of the Alt Right and you’re using the term white nationalism, I don’t
think you’re doing yourself any favours at all. The other thing is to do with the genetics,
right, because this is what the main debate is all about, right, genetics, in relation
to do with IQ and folk saying this is primarily the reason for why one race might have a higher
IQ than another race. I don’t think that it’s primarily down to the fact that it’s because
I’m white, somehow have a higher IQ than some other race. Don’t get me wrong, I find it
an interesting debate. So, the second debate to do with the topic on genetics, you’ll remember
my old videos on the ancient Picts etc. The thing I disagree with and it came down to
the topic on the IQ, in other words, the argument was by folk that it’s genetics that primarily
determines whether one race is smarter than another. When you compare Scotland today to
what it was like two hundred to three hundred odd years ago, it completely contradicts that
statement and it’s not like I’m having a go at this person, right, I’m not and I’ve done
videos, that’s why I mentioned about the old videos that I did, in terms of our ancient
history. We are genetically different in that regard and there is certain differences, that
genetics does influence to some degree to do with a people’s IQ. I don’t think it’s
the primary reason for why one race is genetically smarter than another race, it’s primarily
down to two things; number one is education and number two is the style of economy that
you live under, in other words, economic liberty, that’s what it really boils down to. Like
I mentioned in the previous video, sad as it is to say and I’m not having a go at folk
who are catholic etc, the reason why the Scottish Enlightenment did not kick off in the likes
of the fifteen hundreds or sixteen hundreds, the reason why it kicked off in the seventeen
hundreds is because things reverted back to John Knox foundations. People began to have
the liberty of freely reading and writing, it was because of that liberty, enabled Scotland
to come out of nowhere, it sparked, no just the Scottish Enlightenment, but was largely
what sparked the industrial revolution. Now, the industrial revolution started in my city.
If you were to look at per head of the population and you looked at the average Scot in that
time period, the Scottish Enlightenment more or less kicked off in the same time period
where you seen the highland clearances. There was about two million Scots that were fled
off to every continent on the planet and surprise, surprise, every continent on the planet that
the Scots touched, the Scots heavily influenced, which tells you that the average Scot in that
time period had a very high IQ level, which is why we produced so many greats; we produced
the likes of John Muir, Adam Smith, David Hume, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Robert Burns,
you name it, right, and these weren’t just average folk. Scotland was the world leader
of medicine and education, in fact, you could turn your attention to the American history,
where do you think all those Americans who were gaining their medical education, where
do you think they going to? They were shipped off on their boat loads to Scotland to gain
their medical education, that is where they gained their medical education from. Scotland
is trailing behind the rest of the UK, right and it’s trailing behind so many other countries
across the world. That is a colossal difference to what Scotland was like back two hundred
or three hundred odd years ago. Why is Scotland went downhill? If it was primarily down to
genetics that determined everything in terms of your IQ, surely we would be producing just
the same amount of folk who would be strongly influential. We’re not, that’s just the sad
truth, we’re a shadow of our former self and the commenter Capitain Capitalism in his second
comment, in his second paragraph he goes on and he mentions how the average IQ of the
Scot is about 98 and he concedes by saying it’s lower than the rest of the UK and I’m
not having a go at this person, right, but the excuse is that perhaps it’s to do with
the fact that the creme of the crop has left Scotland and moved to places like the City
of London. Part of that it may sound reasonable, but here is the problem with that argument;
if you were to compare the amount of Scots leaving Scotland today to that of the Highland
Clearances, people would laugh at you. The Highland Clearances more than two million
Scots were fled off to every continent on the planet, even when more than two million
Scots were fled off to every continent on the planet and influencing every single continent
that they touched, the Scots who were left behind, who were homebound still had a strong
influence, after all, how else do you think the industrial revolution kicked off in Scotland?
The truth is, when the catholic church was ripped out of Scotland and things reverted
back to Knox way of thinking and economic liberty started to free itself up into the
eighteenth-century, into the seventeen hundreds, you saw the Scottish Enlightenment kick off.
You saw it kick off because of economic liberty, it’s not because, oh, they were genetically
superior, well if that’s the case then, how come they couldn’t have done that in the fifteen
hundreds or the fourteen hundreds or the thirteen hundreds, why was it seventeen hundreds that
the industrial revolution kicked off and of course the Scottish Enlightenment, why did
it happen in the seventeen hundreds if it was primarily down to genetics? To me, primarily,
it’s down to your education system and the style of economy that you live under. When
you talk about the African continent, of course we are going to have a higher IQ than the
African continent. The African continent for more than two centuries has been living under
oppression and if you go back to Africa of the seventeen hundreds, every continent on
the face of planet earth was living in extreme poverty and then you were faced with the slavery,
then the British colonialism, it had the opportunity to finally flourish, because of the Soviet
Union, they flirted with Marxism and Leninism and there spells the reason why the African
continent has been left so far behind, that much of the African continent pretty much
resembles, sadly to say, but the eighteenth century would have looked like. That’s not
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25 thoughts on “White Genetics: What Determines IQ—What Makes Us Intelligent

  1. I think you should probably go and watch Jean Francois Garépy and Alternative Hypothesis (Ryan Faulk) and ideally their talk together which clarifies a lot of things.

    It's very possible that hundreds of years is enough time to change the population IQ and it would because Catholics tended to send their more intelligent people to be priests/monks/nuns and hence they don't pass on their genes.

  2. We call ourselves "white nationalists" instead of just nationalists to differentiate ourselves from Civic nationalists who believe that if you replaced the populations of Germany and Iran today, the countries in question would remain unchanged. Okay, that was a bit of a strawman but you get the point. I'll be a minority in my own country by the time I'm 40. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

    Scotland Isn't a world leader in anything today because It's population has been stagnating for centuries and 5 million people today are going to make far less of a difference In the world than 3 million people in 1800.
    Hong Kong has both the highest average IQ and the highest concentration of geniuses in the world and yet we don't hear a whole lot about them because a couple million people aren't very significant in this day and age. The smartest Hong Kongers work for either Chinese, American or European entities and their achievements are attributed to these entities instead of to Hong Kong itself.
    I made the creme of the crop argument in regards to Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries, btw.

    Europe and Asia weren't any more or less free than Africa 40,000 years ago and yet Europeans were making trains and establishing global Empires while the sub Saharan Africans hadn't even Invented the wheel yet. Why do you suppose that African Americans and African "Europeans" today still lag behind Europeans and Asians in terms of Intelligence and Income, 200 years after slavery?

  3. I blame our nihilistic society. If folk ditched the drink and drugs maybe we would see an improvement. Also poverty is a big factor and the welfare state.

  4. Scotty for me my ancestry bounces about the British isles due to me mother who's Irish-Scottish on her mums side and English-Irish on her dads and a wee bit french from the Huguenot exodus (which is why were protestants) but my father is black English (parents were born in Jamaica) but I've turned out white so when it comes to culture and protecting our heritage and culture i think on three lines one is with Yorkshire (as this was the county i was born in and adore so i'm a Yorkshire lad first) and then comes the British isles on a whole (so preserving English, Scottish and Irish culture and traditions), and third is my faith which umbrellas the two usually, i believe its under threat now more then ever.

  5. Also guys i wish to share with you a couple scriptures from the good news bible ( for the seculars heed it just the same) (Maccabees 1 and 1.2)

    "The fort was a threat to the temple, a constant, evil menace for Israel. Innocent people were murdered around the alter; the holy place was defiled by murderers. The people of Jerusalem fled in fear and the city became a colony of foreigners, Jerusalem was foreign to its own people who had been forced to abandon the city, her temple was as empty as a wilderness; her festivals were turned into days of mourning, her Sabbath joy into shame. Her honor became an object of ridicule, her shame was as great as her former glory, and her pride was turned into deeper mourning."

    " Why was I born to see these terrible things, the ruin of my people and the holy city? must I sit here helpless while the city is surrendered to enemies and the temple falls to the hands of foreigners? the temple is like a man without honor its splendid furnishings have been carried away as loot. our children have been killed in the streets, and our young men by the sword of the enemy. Every nation in the world has occupied the city and robbed her of her possessions. all her ornaments have been stripped away; she is now a slave no longer free."

    You can draw conclusion from Maccabees it seems to the rape of the west just replace foreigner with islam. The 'foreigners' throughout the passage sound a lot like the Marxists we have today as they wish to dilute the culture of the nations they conquered and replace it with a homogeneous one (EU eh?).

  6. IQ doesn't determine libertarian thought across the population at all. Also before the Enlightenment China was richer than Europe.

    However IQ gives you a good guess about an overall quality of life. Would you rather live in a neighbourhood with people of average IQ 80 or 120? Would you rather work with first or second group? And lastly – would you rather have majority of voters from which group? Who are you more likely to convince to libertarianism? Quoting Molyneux from one of his old videos "how to convince someone to gold standard if they cannot spell 'gold'?"

    The lower the IQ people are less likely to understand consequences of their actions in the future. At some range of the scale they are much more violent (around 70-90) than they peers lower and higher. etc.

  7. Greetings comrade.
    Since you're back in business. I think you should set up an account so people can support your work. Use https://twitter.com/Patreon : https://www.patreon.com Many youtubers that have been demonitized by the left that control Google/Youtube are looking to patreon.com to help with membership, one time or any amount. I dont know. but even Patreon run by the radical left have removed right wing views but I'm sure its improved and is used by some folks like Jordan Person or Gaad


    We missed a bullet on this side of the pond


  8. FYI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd86NK4GKWE

    My inferior IQ is doubled cursed. 1st generation American and every ancestor/relative living in the Scotland. I wonder if these horrific disabilities qualify for a special tax break or government job?

    Interesting Red Pill Black

  9. Well I always believed regardless of race any one under the right guidance can achieve greatness even if they don't at least they'll have a better chance.

  10. Good vid bud. In my opinion people who obsess over race and define everything by it are by definition racist. White supremacists are at least honest about their racism. White nationalists are trying to hide theirs, and may not even be aware of it. As far as I'm aware the genetic variable between races is so small it's considered irrelevant. A black man and a white man have more in common genetically than say a white man and a white woman. I reckon culture has a bigger impact on IQ than racial differences.

  11. Hah, I found you through an accent video years ago. Been following you off and on since then.

    I think you're right about economics systems playing a huge part in people's success and intelligence. My ancestors and extended family members on both sides are white, but very spread out. Each family and generation grew up with different cultures and values. Subsequently, my family members are diverse in levels of wealth, in religion, in substance abuse, education, physical and mental health, family size, politics, etc. If all of us have extra IQ points for being white, it sure doesn't show.

    In the US, though there are and have been many successful black Americans, they are on the whole disproportionately poor. Race hustlers tell black communities (native reservations, too) that any problems they have are not their fault and not in their power to fix except by clamoring for welfare programs and reparations. Or by rioting in the streets. They encourage voting with the party rather than learning about issues and making up one's own mind. Money is pumped into the system but falls into the hands of corrupt politicians and activist foundations. It's a bad cycle, not limited to any one skin color: reliance on government leads to ignorance, which leads to more government interference, which perpetuates ignorance. I recently discovered an obscure part of US history that surprised me. Chinese immigrants faced intense discrimination from the 1800s till the 1900s. I'm guessing no one talks about it because it proves that historically oppressed non-whites can overcome the past and do well for themselves when allowed freedom and education.

  12. Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

    Scotty please watch this SHORT video! Its critical toward understanding why the west is commiting suicide. Its short and not hateful but youtube has restricted viewing.
    BTW my prior name on your chanel was Romney,Mitt. Dont know why I used that as it was just for a quick comment. You and others please watch to start a conversation.
    Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

  13. IQ and Initiative are the 2 factors that predict your position in life. Think of IQ as the size of the motor its ability to generate speed. So, if you have the innate powerful engine (IQ) and the desire to push its limits you will achieve. But if you have a powerful engine with no initiative you may not do as well as the smaller less powerful engine (lower IQ) run with high initiative.

    But a high IQ is the most powerful predictor of your future.

    Lastly, there are differences in RACIAL and Ethnic IQ

    BUT the “standard deviation”, the variance is far greater between individuals within those measured groups.

  14. Scotty this explains why the west wants to destory itself. The narrative has been pushed by the left to destroyo the west. The short video was produced by a Candian living in Japan for now.


  15. This short movie on fictional mental sickness for equality produced 1995 but is more current

    Harrison Bergeron 1995



  16. All humans are racist. Racism is an evolved survival mechanism. The reason there are laws against racism is that without such laws whites would have defended their territory by now. Anti-racism is code for anti-white. Libertarians obsessed with individualism are as bad as the neomarxist globalists.

  17. plus the dominant allels between shorter people and tall people proves that the short gene allels are dominant.

  18. What you are about to read will utterly destroy the concept of the IQ test and the myth of the Bell Curve. No White Man Or Woman Will Ever Excel The Following. If intelligence fails to afford one happiness, one will know whether a given race or individual possesses intelligence. You see, happiness is the one fundamental thing in the whole of creation which all sentient beings seek. Indeed, happiness alone provides peace, contentment, security, identity, fulfilment, life. True happiness is the very face of heaven. This is by no means an exaggeration. There exists but one thing in life alone which every human being on earth is in accord with, and that is the irresistible allure of happiness. To attain happiness is to have arrived at the soul’s goal. To attain happiness is to have fulfilled all one’s heart desires. If intelligence as we perceive to understand it doesn't grant happiness, true and all fulfilling happiness, then of what will intelligence avail us? Indeed, any intelligence which doesn't grant one happiness isn't worthwhile or worthy of us. Allow me put this another way. If accepting intelligence is devoid of happiness would one choose to possess it over happiness which is devoid of intelligence? It is for my readers to decide which one they would rather possess. But I have arrived at my overall point. I know of no white nation or man who professes himself to be intelligent who is truly happy. If the white race is as intelligent as certain members of his race assert then why is he so destructive towards mother earth? Surely a happy race, a race imbued with the bliss of happiness would not create technologies which pollute and poison the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat? If the white race is so intelligent above all other races why is he so destructive toward other races? A happy race would never conduct such acts of violence and barbarism on other races. If intelligence is so mighty, brilliant, majestic, beautiful, prized, of what need does it have to brag and lord itself over mother earth and other races? Isn't this in fact the very face of insecurity, fear, narcissism? This mythological superior white race is possessed by the crazed demons of anger, rage and destruction. We can corroborate this by accessing his own written history where we learn of the colossal terrors and violence which white imperialism and colonialism unleashed on the brown and black peoples of the world. Lo, in his own books drafted by his own hands he, the white man, informs us of how he built boats and sailed across many different sea's where on discovering new lands he murdered, raped and infected indigenous people with disease. His own books recount of the theft of lands which his perverse and lustful eyes fell on. This depraved parasite reveals to us through his own sickening confessions the millions of slaves he stole, the complex cultures he trod under his satanic heel, the indigenous peoples who he turned into alcoholics and who he tossed crumbs to from gigantic tables straining under the load of riches he plundered. Then having cut a swathe through one country after another, across one century after another this antichrist called the white man spews his confession of vast lands and resources he stole, which enabled him to build his own empire. Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, the white race has no peer when it comes to the horrors of technologies, he has unleashed on mother earth and mankind on an industrial scale. Chemicals, pesticides, Nano technology, Nazi gas chambers, whaling ships, the rubber sex doll, depleted uranium, plastic, oil tankers, nuclear bombs etc are all evidence of the rage, anger and depravity of this mythological superior white race. Behold, before the white race arrived on the scene there was not one poisoned river on earth. NOT ONE! Now fish swim up and down our rivers with cancerous lesions, and are even changing sex. Lol, the white man's version of intelligence has plunged all mankind into a pit of horror and despair. Your very sciences have massively damaged not only human DNA but the DNA of countless species of animals and plants. And yet you have the audacity to brag you are intelligent? Chuckle. Ladies and gentlemen, happiness and intelligence are synonymous. Eternally they will remain joined at the hip, one looking exactly like the other. No one will ever be able to tell them apart. Happiness and intelligence are the very heart beat and life blood of each other. Their love affair spans infinity, having no end. But take a long hard look at the white man! As can be seen, this is no creature endowed with intelligence, for not even a mote of happiness can be discerned in him. If he were intelligent then he would be happy. If he were happy then he would not be so destructive. (Intelligence and happiness as I have previously said are synonymous.) However, on the contrary, misery itself has become this creatures middle name. Rage, toxic waste, violence, theft, war, narcissism, unhappiness accompanies him wherever he wanders. He has merely sold himself a fairy tale that he is the most intelligent of God's creatures. This fairy tale is the one fundamental thing which keeps him alive and sane. If the truth be known, he is the prophesied antichrist. Take a look at the world and all he has done to her! The white man is the greatest nightmare of creation.

    I shall draw this to a close with the following. No one can deny that one of the core fundamentals of intelligence is that through its application one can, among other things, navigate a path toward happiness. Certainly we all use what we perceive to be personal intelligence to attain happiness. So, what man possessing intelligence would not first seek that which all species including mankind ardently desires and yearns for, namely happiness? My point is this. Ask any white man or woman who has scored high marks in the IQ test if they are truly happy, and one will invariably discover that they are ever harassed by some kind of fear, self-doubt, unease, insecurity, pettiness, lust, avarice, frustration, greed, anger, all of which of course contradicts happiness and intelligence. FACT! You will always know an intelligent man by his fruits, by what dwells in his heart, by what moves through his mind.

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