Where Do You Stand On Capital Punishment?

Where Do You Stand On Capital Punishment?

William bar the Attorney General is now going to be enforcing the federal death penalty again for the first time in 16 years we have not executed a federally condemned criminal since 2003 and the reason the story isn't getting a lot of traction is because the left says the death penalty is the worst thing in the world and the right is kind of divided on the issue a lot of conservatives don't really understand what the death penalty is for so I will defend the death penalty I will defend as your resident bloodthirsty autocratic theocratic whatever lines they want to use I'll defend the death penalty so the left here's their argument cory booker says the death penalty is immoral and ineffective Senator Spartacus Ayana Presley the Ringo star of the squad says quote the death penalty has no place in a just society Ilhan Omar she took a break from sympathizing with al-qaeda to call the death penalty a heinous totalitarian practice often used against innocent people the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment oh by the way all of those people support abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy they all support killing innocent babies up until the moment they're born which is the law now in New York because of the current Democratic governor there in the case of the governor of Virginia he supports killing babies after they've been born but they don't think that we should kill violent awful terrible murderers that is unjust that is the worst crime in the world the left as always gets it exactly backwards who is this going to affect five criminals who are going to be executed they are murderers they are child murderers and child torturers people who tortured and killed their own children white supremacist murderers these are the worst people on earth but according to the left all those people should live and innocent babies should die one of these stupidest arguments against the death penalty is an argument that disingenuous left wingers use against conservatives they say well if you're pro-life then you need to be consistent that it's inconsistent to be pro-life but then support the death penalty not true at all there is nothing inconsistent about thinking we shouldn't kill innocent babies and also the state can execute criminals nothing inconsistent I mean this the left does their politics and slogans and slogans are usually pretty stupid the right doesn't use slogans too much but one of them that we use is the term pro-life which basically defines what we think but if you want me to clarify I'll clarify I'm Pro innocent life I think I think we should save innocent babies from being killed and I think that the civil authority can kill criminals of course as has every civilization that has ever existed for all of human history and the reason for that is I'm Pro justice justice is a wonderful thing there's two reasons why I think support for the death penalty has dropped even among conservatives on the one hand we've lost a sense of justice we think that the only purpose of the criminal justice system you hear that we're just as in there is to rehabilitate criminals and obviously you're not going to rehabilitate them if they're gonna hang from a noose actually there's an argument there that that hanging or facing capital punishment will actually really clear up your mind and it might not save you in this world but it might reform you for the world to come but still let's let's say it's not going to rehab you okay there are three purposes of punishment one of them is rehabilitation the other one is deterrence and the death penalty when it's actually carried out is a great deterrent and the third one is retribution and this the retribution people now say that that doesn't matter at all we don't want to actually punish people because they committed a crime we want to punish them to rehabilitate them we want to punish them to deter other crime no the most important one is the retribution because of the justice because of the injustice that they've committed the civil authority has to exact justice from the criminal the reason this is the most important one is because look we could all use a little rehabilitation we could all do things that we could all improve on our lives and do things that we shouldn't or stop doing things that we shouldn't do it we could all deter other people from doing things the reason that you get arrested and prosecuted and sentenced is because you committed a crime the differentiy know fit differentiating factor between me and those guys who are going to face the death penalty is not that I can't use some rehabilitation I'm extraordinarily imperfect there's a lot I could improve on in my life the difference is they committed the crime and I did not

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  2. I follow the logic here, but I don’t entirely support the death penalty because there’s always a possibility that the court gets it wrong.

  3. The death penalty is for criminals not for baby’s. As Americans we don’t like killing people even criminals but the way that it happens is very moral. We don’t just execute them on the spot we give them a final day even though there a criminals. We let them pray to any religion. A final meal of almost anything. And when there in the death chair we give them a serum instead of the electric chair. All in all we don’t torture them then kill them we show a lot of mercy even though what they did to get the death sentence

  4. It's simple really. Heinous murderers and rapists should be put to death. Some people tend to forget we're talking about people who chop bodies up, people who hold children captive as sex slaves, etc

  5. Google "George Stinney" and how he was put to death only for mistrial to be declared posthumously. Thats what real racism looks like, not people who simply disagree with the left.

    "A number of people are claimed to have been innocent victims of the death penalty. Newly available DNA evidence has allowed the exoneration and release of more than 20 death row inmates since 1992 in the United States, but DNA evidence is available in only a fraction of capital cases."

  6. What happens if you are wrong? How do you fix it if they are dead? Law enforcement and courts are a joke. If you've ever been involved, you know that. People's lives shouldn't be taken by such a joke. They can, and are sometimes, wrong. People have been killed and later proven innocent. How do you fix it if you have killed them, already? Oops?

  7. understandable

    What would you say if I told you that the appeals process for death penalty trials makes it more expensive?

    Also we sentence people to death who are later found to be innocent. It is not perfect system and you have to be ok with innocent people being killed by the state as a natural consequence of the death penalty.

  8. Frankly it's simple math. When you fall off a motorcycle the ground hits you back, both equal and opposite. Punishments should reflect the laws of nature.

  9. Well, I'm not for the death penalty for complete different reasons… Cause they make us waste money on scumbag criminals by electrocuting them or injecting substances that the US has to buy from Europe. Just make them work painful jobs for the rest of their life. Sounds like a much better plan for me.
    They don't deserve death, they deserve to be tortured and to repay society for their deeds by doing difficult jobs for free.

  10. Death Penalty is useful as a negotiation tool. That's really the only use for it that I can see: at least how it is practiced here in the U.S.

  11. I support the death sentence. If someone murders another person in cold blood then they shouldn't be allowed to continue to breath air. The same goes for those who destroy the lives of others like pedophiles, drug dealers, crush porn & snuff porn, rapists & human smuggling, etc. I'd bet that those crimes would take a drastic dip as a result.

  12. Can someone tell me what to say when someone asks me these anti death penalty sayings?

    “Who are you to take away life that God has given?”

    “Can you give me solid evidence to show that the death penalty deters crime when there are sources where it does not?”

    “Retribution is just another word for wrath, and wrath.”

    “ Putting the person to death won’t make the victim’s family feel better, just empty.”

  13. The problem with referring to the Bible as "OK for death penalty" is the way the death penalty is carried out. It once served a purpose in that it was done very publicly and in the case of stoning, actually required the participation of the local citizens as a universal condemnation of the crime being punished. Even the "wild west" public hangings were a public event, but today's executions are little more than "putting them to sleep" much like one would a beloved pet which is suffering. A peaceful, quiet death is this the best that any of us can ultimately hope for in the end, so how does this equate to "punishment" at all? The condemned is going to die a little sooner than perhaps would have happened normally? So what! We offer a nice, quiet and peaceful passing into oblivion as the ultimate penalty afforded to us under the law? No, the "death penalty" as currently exists is an oxymoron. There is no "penalty" to be found in killing a human conducted as such and it perhaps strangely amounts to something of an award to the criminal instead of anything resembling justice. Don't even get me started about how many innocent people probably stand to get murdered by the state in part thanks to over zealous ambitious and perhaps racist if not a bit self-righteous "dirty-cop" prosecutors.

  14. I definitely agree morally with the death penalty but I'm not a fan of giving the state the power to kill a human being

  15. Yes convicted child rapist should be sentenced to death there is no place in a good society for them… I think the people who want lighter sentencing are guilty themselves

  16. Even the death penalty is more human than any of the murders that are inflicted on victims . The victims don't get to be put to death in an orderly painless way . I prefer the punishment to fit the crime , if you poison someone you should be poisoned , shoot someone you should be shot , behead someone etc. etc , But not matter the violent , brutal way someone is murdered the convicted always get a last appeals after appeals sometimes running for years , a last meal , a last word , they get to die with the dignity they refused their victims . So yes I'm in favor of the death penalty , not because it's human but because when you take a life , you forfeit yours .

  17. I'm a conservative leaning Libertarian. I'm pro abortion ( mandatory abortions for folks on welfare) but I'm against the death penalty for one reason. What if you execute a wrongly convicted person? It's rare. You can search Indiana dept of corrects website for me. I know of what I speak. End welfare and I'll change my stance on abortion. No to the death penalty though. Make the guilty suffer in prison for life. Dont end their misery. Make them work for society.

  18. I support it in those incidents when there is no question of innocence. People caught in the act, DNA proof, or admission of guilt should remove any doubt. Then, carry it out expediently (within 24 hours), and with a device that works 100% of the time and is totally humane — a guillotine. It’s cheap to make and maintain, too.

  19. The life of the murderer's VICTIM is what pro-lifers should emphasize. When the state preserves the life of a murderer, it's essentially saying that the life of the victim doesn't merit enough value to justify taking the life of its deliberate killer.

  20. Lots of interesting takes in the comments section, good job gang.

    Like Micheal I do think being pro-life is consistent with the death penalty.
    Crime is the main difference. No one in their right mind would accuse a pro-life person of hypocrisy for believing in self defense.
    Even in the death penalty the human dignity of the person is respected. If they were executed in the same fashion as unborn babies and thrown out like bio hazardous material. Then I'd have a problem.
    I like the retribution argument, some crimes are of hellish proportions and need justice.

  21. death penalty for the crimes that GOD has prescribed it for is the only common sense way to bring down crime

  22. Death penalty? I'm conservative, but I oppose the death penalty. It's not that I am confused; I've thought this one over, and I still don't countenance the taking of life by the state other than for self-defense. Here is a list of my reasons:

    1) I do not believe that something that is morally wrong for an individual to do could be morally right for many individuals working in concert (in this case, the United States of America) to do. If the state can hold that it is morally wrong to kill a legal person, i.e. an individual that is, under the state's rules a "person", then no amount of and's, if's, or but's is it morally correct for us, collectively as the state, to be morally correct when killing a legal person. In other words, if you are not morally allowed to kill someone sitting in a prison cell, how can you say that the state is moral when it does the same thing that you are not allowed to do.

    2) Unlike Louis XIV who said, "L'etat, c'est moi! (I am the state)", I do not believe in the divine right of kings, (and I do not believe that you do either). The power of the state is granted collectively by the citizens of that state. The obverse of that coin is that responsibility for the actions of the state are lodged in the individuals that form the state. This means that all people in the state are individually responsible for the actions of the state in executing a criminal. It is morally wrong for you to force responsibility for an action that you approve the state of doing on me who does not approve. You may well claim that democratic principles apply, and that if a majority agrees with the death penalty, then it should be implemented. However, would your feelings be the same if the majority agreed that conservative speech was evil and outside the purview of freedom of speech, and therefore, you were censored at every turn, and if you insisted on speaking your mind, you were thrown in prison?

    3) Conservative hold that "small government = big government". Big government has too much inertia, and therefore is not responsive to change. The bigger the government, the more likely for it to make mistakes. The hold to the Jeffersonian ideal, espoused here by Henry David Thoreau, of "That government is best which governs least." But then, on issues like the guilt or innocence of men holds the notion that the judicial branch of government is somehow special and immune to the notion that this branch can be in error. Even if you do not accept my first two points, this one should be acceptable to you. If you grant the government the right to kill people, and given that the courts can and do make mistakes, concatenation of these two premises leads to the conclusion that eventually, an innocent person is going to be executed. Try as you might to make that chance as small as possible, you cannot eliminate the possibility of error. You said that you are opposed to the taking of innocent life. However, you support a system that makes it inevitable that an innocent life will be taken by the system you support. I see conflict.

    Now, I would like to call you out on several points. First, you start your argument by listing a bunch of people who claim that the death penalty is morally wrong, and then make the "counter argument" that each of them support abortion, and therefore, their claims that the death penalty is morally wrong are rendered untrue. But Michael, your counter claim is not contrary to the argument that the death penalty is morally wrong. It is simply a claim that these people are hypocrites. This is true, but not a logical counter to their original premise. Just because someone is a hypocrite does not mean that their argument is invalid, just as claiming that someone is conservative renders any claim by them invalid. This is argumentum ad homenum. The bad thing that you call them may well be true. It has no effect on the logic of their argument.

    Secondly, your "nothing inconsistent about thinking that we should not kill innocent babies and also the state can execute criminals" is incorrect. See point 3 above.

    Thirdly, your argument about the state being able to kill criminals is supported by the fact that every civilization has granted that right to the state is equivalent to "If Jimmy jumped off a bridge, you should to!" Western civilization was the FIRST civilization in history to abolish slavery. Every other civilization in history supported slavery. Does this mean that because EVERY other civilization supported slavery, that western civilization is WRONG in its approach to slavery?

    Your spurious argument about the death penalty rehabbing you so that you are reformed for the world to come would not, according to your beliefs, apply to a non-Christian John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” A Muslim, a Hebrew, a Hindu, etc. would not be reformed for the world to come, for they are destined for the lake of fire. However, I do recognize that this was a throw away, a spur of the moment thought, so I won't drive it home any more.

    Your argument, "There are three purposes to punishment. One is rehabilitation, one is deterrence (you claim that if the death penalty is carried out, it works as a deterrent. However study after study after study all contradict each other on this point. You can find studies that support your position, but, if you are honest with yourself, you will also find studies that contradict your position. Historically, however, the death penalty was far more prevalent in the past, and during the same periods, the crime rates have been far higher than right now, so this should give you pause) and the third one is retribution." To this I say to you, "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all." Henry Wadsworth Longellow. I'm surprised that, as a Christian, you believe that these evil people will end up in the lake of fire, yet for some you want to hasten this eternal punishment. Did not Jesus say, “Blessed are the Merciful, For They Will Receive Mercy” (Matthew 5:7)? Did he not say, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" (Matthew 7:1-3)

    And, if you think that the above is an ad homenum attack on you, calling you a hypocrite, you are quite right. How does it feel?

  23. The Death Penalty may be a just punishment for an actually guilty offender… but I just don’t trust any government to administer it fairly.

    The number of innocents killed by the death penalty is too high.

  24. We should also consider the fact that people have mental health problems, I disagree with his assessment that Atheism is responsible, he also uses the word materialist wrong.

  25. Please have a look at South-Africa …the downfall of civilization …57 murders per day, 20805 murders per year…South-Africa covers 470 900 mi² (The size of Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Michigan and Minnesota combined)..population of 59 million people…we abolished the death penalty in 1995…4000 of our employed Police Officers have criminal records.

  26. Problem with the death penalty is I'd rather have 100 guilty people live than 1 innocent person die due to justice system error. Also, death penalty with death row costs seems to be more expensive than life imprisonment from what I've read. For these reasons I just can't be for it. Life imprisonment with no chance of parole ever seems to be sufficient for even the worst people. And honestly I think sitting in a cold empty cell alone for 50 years is a worse punishment than death, while still allowing a window for justice to be served for anyone wrongly convicted. I haven't seen compeling stats showing the death penalty is a more effective deterant over life imprisonment either.

  27. Reformed Protestant here. The catechism of the Catholic Church says that the death penalty is “inadmissible”.

  28. in this video you haven't prooven why we should have the death penalty you have only pointed out the lefts hopocracy on it

  29. When a crime meets the significant criteria and evidence that justifies the death penalty it indeed needs to be an option. *Significant criteria being key.

  30. Bring back corporal punishment, it WILL deter crime through a healthy dose of fear. Make punishment great again! Make punishment scary again!

  31. My main concern about the death penalty is executing an innocent man. In theory I think it has an important place in society — it's the in practice part that I'm worried about. It seems to me that there are too many cases of people being wrongly convicted (of all sorts of crimes) to not have to at least think twice about how to properly implement the death penalty.

  32. There are fates worse than death. Thinking out of the box, the sentence should be life in Omaykon, Siberia with no indoor plumbing. It is the coldest place on earth. Winter can get to 90 below zero Fahrenheit.

  33. I will support the death penalty when the infallibility of human judgement has been demonstrated to me.

  34. I'm all in on the death penalty. In my eyes there is no redemption for someone that has taken the life of another especially a child. The victims and there family suffer for years upon years. So the perpetrator needs to be held accountable for there actions.

  35. The death penalty is a great idea but the appeals process makes it very slow and very expensive. Death penalty was better when done by rope, locally.

  36. I don’t mind killing psychopaths. The problem is the psychopaths don’t mind either. Shove them in a dark hole and let atrophy do the job.

  37. Let me go on record making the following two statements, which may seem to contradict one another, but please hear me out. I agree with Michael Knowles almost completely on his statement about the capital punishment; I also agree with everything the ACLU had said about capital punishment. I will explain my opinion by siting three examples of where either the death penalty was applied, appropriately, or should've warranted its application. Ted Bundy one of the worst serial killers in the history of this nation, he was the perfect example of a serial killer, in fact he was a text book for the FBI's behavioral analysis program. He was executed by the electric chair, January 24, 1989. Given the scope and number of his crimes, which were heinous, cruel and unusual, didn't he deserve the death he received? Or does the suffering of his many victims not warrant the most extreme retribution available to civilized man?
    Let's consider the murder of James Byrd, Jr.; dragged to death by a trio of Neo-Nazi scumbags, and left like a heap of garbage to be found later? Yes, I know the names of his murderers, but they we gain no fame from me, to reiterate them, their deeds were monstrous enough to speak what they were. Did this crime, so horrific that two very racist men I knew, repented stating, "That poor old man never hurt no one, he didn't deserve that.", shout loudly, "Let the heaviest penalty justice can wield be brought to bear!"? Or would you tell his loved ones, "These fiends have the right to live, just as surely as did James."?
    Finally, I will bring up the monster among monsters, the beast which, in my mind murdered the conscience of the 20th century, Charles Manson. I state this with most serious conviction, that summabitch burned his membership card in the human race long before he died in prison. I can't see any sane, logical or rational argument which would cause me to forebear or hesitate to say, let be done that which nature and conscience says must be done, remove this evil from existence.

    Let me conclude by saying, I don't like the death penalty, I don't believe it should be appointed casually, but rather reserved for the most heinous of crimes; neither do I believe society can keep monsters, and these which I have mentioned are monsters, merely wearing a human skin, in captivity monsters breed. Where monsters breed, the world suffers.

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