36 thoughts on “When to use capital letters | Capitalization rules

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  2. Hello Andrew, hello everyone,
    I need your help. I know that my title "Head of Treasury" is correct, but… If I want to tell someone that I am a relationship manager what is correct.
    1. I am relationship manager OR
    2. I am Relationship Manager

    It is really important!

  3. Very useful video.
    I am currently doing my research project, can Andrew please make a video on how to set up complete settings of spelling and grammar checker?

  4. Hi, Andrew. I think you made for the Crown and English much more than all other language school taken together. CAE is the sign of the time. And YES. You are the best!

  5. Very goods tips and usefull also thanks for tips , because I made the mistake mostly in Capliziation once again thank you Sir

  6. Hi! Andrew you are good teacher of English. You taught me about capital letters of English grammar & I taught about capital letters. Your this lesson is very helpful for learn about correct use of capital letters so thank you very much Andrew !

  7. Parse syntax grammer is a great tool to weed out Lies.
    All capitals is the language of the dead. Along with its signiture…….mostly used by the state, Banks, Gov, phone companies list goes on & on to contract with the state owned Legal entity…….meaning ficticious character dead entity not living one.

    Parse syntax grammer is english reading and writing lvl 29…
    I speak babel also…….

    Any word that starts with a vowl followed by Two constinants spells =

    De, Ab, Re, just few examples of NO before a word….fact..

    English language has been tampered with most of us are still on lvl 2 fact..

  8. "Improve your English with Crown Academy Of English" why of is with capital letter in your video from 21':14" ? 🙂

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