When a Modern Society Turns Stone Age (857)

When a Modern Society Turns Stone Age (857)

this blue is like I'm rating craters to get into the people you know like how you became you and you mentioned you kind of had two major chatterings of the truth ease the world you used to live in the first one I'm telling you was just at this last conference I went to at the AV 10 or the alternative u 10 in our cranes thing that I visited in London because I never put together the five G thing on the crowd control and I never put together the EU integrated Defense Force going into North Africa to take what was formerly the Roman grain growing belts on how they were gonna get it I just didn't understand that I didn't even know the integrated force the EU defence force was gonna go down into the northern African countries I did not know that totally unaware and I didn't know that brexit also it's not so much about wrecks it with the economy and the loss of jobs it's about they don't want to get stuck in the integrated UV u Defense Force well there'll be no more branches of military there'll be no army don't nobody know Air Force and the Marines are just going to consolidate it into EU Defense Force and then without the differentiation of any branches inside the the military then that is to be Hoeven over to the EU integrated customers know they're all appointed there's no it's a pure dictatorship call it what it is and then that person makes the ultimate decision what the entire United Defense Force interoperability like the airplane has to work in this country and this arm has to work in that place in this repair part has to fit everywhere in every place across the EU interoperable so no countries are making their own weapons anymore it's all interoperable yeah that's such a small view and just focused on the grand solar minimum how tiny was that view not seeing the periphery what else is going on on all these other places were that it's turning greener where governments are positioning themselves across the planet mm-hmm you know there's a lot of strangeness going on and these all areas are becoming greener yeah so wherever the most polity like political posturing and you know chessboard and saber rattling is going on there's massive changes in agriculture going on either they're going offline or they're coming online so instead of looking at natural resources like oil and these kind of things start to look for the food the food growing areas where you gonna grow food or where it's not growing food this is gonna you already see it across the news usually the greatest things happening in politics yeah and okay I can link to that and the shownotes the the maps that show the yeah during the last grants on the moment where it got warm and where it got cold because it's kind of that the same pattern is some exempted heating so yes so we can predict and fish then that's an issue yeah and then when you look at the world events that are going on it starts to put in a different a different context and all the dates keep matching up 2023 they need by law to have the 5g grid rolled out by 2023 no later has to be operable by 2023 take a look at the the new highway system for the Rapid Response Force or whatever it might be in the EU that has to be completed by 2023 the interoperability and the full integrated EU Defense Force needs to be fully operational by 2023 so what is it in Europe and across that area that 2023 and it matches exactly with my her first heaviest crop loss across the planet like I really believed 20 23 and 24 that year of crop harvests are going to be the wake in defining crack the camel's back we are in a new territory year because they're gonna understand for the previous years that they keep hearing in the background you know crops are being lost crops formula okay I kind of understand it now but it couldn't get too bad until we get into 2023 into 4 where we lose so much that it takes us below the carryover stocks we've got nothing in the silos and people are gonna start buying for food for serious this is the year that it's going to start in my opinion but why is it that everything else across Europe needs to be integrated fully functional by 2023 that was another part of the piece of the puzzle but I wouldn't I got so talking about that you integrated defense forests and all these things but then when they put the dates on it hmm that was the homerun for me because talk about a you force gonna take North Africa whatever that okay but put the dates on exactly why it has to be that it all needs to be revolving around the same set of circumstances that they're also preparing for so that gave me the secondary confirmation tertiary confirmation of government's knowing what's happening and positioning themselves for continuity of government in the future and that's just another example the Americas doing it China's doing it wholly use up on it so obviously most people know yeah except the citizens yeah they don't know know what they're willing yeah it's just better to know now yeah really Khan 2020 it's gonna be an important one yeah we'll give you a bag of rice if you come because it'll get it's gonna be double price yeah point cuz we're gonna buy the rice now it'll be a gifted you be like damn I got rice your your the Lak gift back when you arrived will be more than its people more than you tickets to get yeah right don't worry about it well and then there was one other big shattering of the truth if you want to go into that here oh yeah when I traveled in India cuz again you know I got to realize I grew up in the states and the education system that pushed me through through high school university it was always you know World Bank started how you knighted States there how poor the ones leading the world is that the other the other whatever the indoctrination is that you learn in the United States growing up in the educational system we're here to help we're helping everything that we support helps all these other poor countries get not poor and it should be throw the money we need the taxes we're gonna help develop this country need keep hearing about development and all these things going on that's all I knew yeah I had no other outside influence at all but then I landed in India and Calcutta of all places early I was like 94 1994 Calcutta and the incident I got there took about 15 seconds for me to break down and understood everything within 15 second maybe 30 maybe 30 after I got out of the taxi down downtown 15 to 30 seconds and I would look to her and I realized everything I had learned at that point was a lot and everything I'd been taught told it's shattered in a second like I realized almost everything except breathing perhaps or drinking water everything else is kind of fate mmm I was like wait a second they brainwashed not only myself like that and indoctrinated us to believe a certain belief system but they did everybody else too so I was like there's 300 million people that thinking the same I am 20 50 million at that time was less but still it took me years to kind of you know put all the pieces together all right so everything's a lie well at least a lot of what I learned on the finance side to help side the government side the military side the economy side and everything the donation' side NGO side charity work side everything was fake completely fictitious made up of narrative that you're supposed to believe on how it worked and operated and held people's lives get better well when I saw in India okay so a city block that wasn't being built somebody started throwing trash in there and eventually they got about 10 15 feet deep on the trash it was nearly over the top of the brick walls like solid just one solid trash is thrown in there people dug out who were living in it oh I can't remember that was a defining moment – I thought all the money was going to help people and we're trying to develop the economies and I'll never forget these kind of moments that I had that shattered mine but then you know the rebuilding of trying to figure out all right what was fake what was real what's the real thing okay what's behind and then you start to get it in to meet a whole new group of people and I didn't so much know so much about how the banking system revolves but I'm glad I learned that because now I see what's gonna happen with the economy and the rising food prices from the grand solar minimum so how that's gonna be controlled and go back to sound money again and how other mediums have exchanged that cryptocurrency you're gonna come to take up the Fiat collapses so you know some people might go all you got a traumatic like a life shattering experience going to India yeah but then it got me all this knowledge where I can acquire and use it at this point so may perhaps that fracturing of you know what was reality at that point through the university system through all United States after graduation even at the University of Utah they would have had more discussions we learned about the Vietnam War and all the stuff we did there but beyond that that's all we really learned about it the in-depth and Asia well we never really rarely talked about India it's just a bunch of guys I used to work with drove magic buses from like Paris all the way through Afghanistan back said this is way back in the early 60s before is dangerous you know everyone hippie bus magic bus they drove from Paris and over to like Istanbul through there and then they come down to Afghanistan Britney HD and drove all the way to India yeah and any stories these guys were telling them they want to go to India because it was so exotic right so I kept hearing all these aura but I went by myself till I landed in Calcutta oh my god you have no idea no idea mmm it's like the truth destroy what I used to live in but it offers you a better one all these people have ins the same experience the world they used to live on the truth they used to believe shattered like yours what's your defining moment of shattered belief is your problem no you know but I think what really was my defining moment was went to Somalia and I was there right at the end of Black Hawk Down that movie which is very authentic right at the end that's when we showed up and the road to see the guys were down the end of what Black Hawk Down is watch the movie over that little tent was that's where we that's where a base was and we were there for four months and I saw pretty much humanity after the Cataclysm and I've always felt like one of the reasons why I'm involved in this is I feel like there was some reason I saw that because there I was and it was not only a first world country in the first place but through the Civil War then through us showing up it had become stone-age overnight and I got to see like what happens when a modern society becomes Stone Age and I watched and I can say that it would take way too much to get into in this interview but I learned a lot and if you want to know more you should listen to our interview because we talked about this in depth you know adapt 20-30 Channel part one through four mm-hmm we have four part series between he and I doing the interview and talked about that whole experience about what you've seen in the mode and also what I read and gleaned out of that year in heavily Bosnian war scenes like when were the most valuable items to trade and we talk about that at length we dad was most valuable stuff in these siege situations or collapse in a stone age or just blockades of cities yeah watch the interview adapt 23rd definitely watch it and some of these things are so easy and they're so cheap now like the value that a box of those little neosporin packages hmm oh gosh to be worth more than mo and I was because medicine was a we talked that medicine was like the number-one thing ammo second second yeah

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  1. Here you go, throw this forecast into your future calendar for the GDP and populations of the worlds countries in 2025. Take note of the great falls in the Western countries. 2025 ties in with your dates. Click on country of interest for more detail.

  2. You can't throw money at something and solve the problem just like one guy said it's easier to get out of a ghetto then to get ghetto out of you we can't give country handouts and expect them to improve their own country without changing their ways

  3. Smart Meters + G5 + Quantum AI + Graphene/Silicon Gel Shell Autonomous Killer/Flesh Eating Robots YEAH Welcome to The Eddy Grand Solar Minimum …

  4. im trying to find the 4 part videos where your college discusses his time in Somalia , I count find it I was wandering if you had the link for it please thank you

  5. Sweating here in Britain, only hot air being sucked in by a big cold vortex tho, cold will soon be back. Well below temps all year in Britain, and yet they mek play on a few extremely dangerous and hot days. Weather's compressing and compacting, the heat will get Hotter the cold will get colder. The fridge mechanism it is, heats up then boom creates cold. Guaranteed the Northern hemisphere is in the deep freeze this winter. Brace urselfs. Another cold wet spring is predicted next year too so make amends now. Cold bubbles will win, heat bubbles will get unbareablely intense tho. Heat burns different wen it's on a cold background air. Background air is still cold. It'll go cold again. See the zombie hordes have still got their let's play whilst it's sunny heads on. And wen they dangerous snow come they put their silly snowman heads on and play in it.

  6. David, the financial system is not based on a fractional reserve system, as you recently stated. See Prof R Werner for more on this.

  7. So, you're saying the unrest in Libya will be used to seize their growing regions in hopes to back fill the crop losses in Europe and those purchased off the world market…….. Blood for wheat?

  8. Brexit, for the rich anyway, is about protecting their money in tax free havens from tax avoidance EU laws. They own the press, fund enough politicians to buy whatever legislation they need.

  9. Some ones took over Dave channel, that ain't Dave, thats an FBI imposter. Nah only lolling. Cud get that bad tho.

  10. A friend of mine used to drive a hippy bus from Calais to Kathmandu back in the seventies. What a cool experience that must have been!

  11. David, my aha moment was when my son was born with food intolerances to certain chemicals. It affected his behavior. I learned about the Feingold program. Then I started investigating into our food system. Needless to say I no longer really trust it… There’s too many chemicals and pesticides in it. As a schoolteacher in elementary one, often have looked at children who missed behave and wonder if their problems were based on the chemicals they were eating. As a middle school teacher I could see the direct correlation between the students who ate theBlue suckers after lunch.

  12. What a terrible place to have a program. You may as well have been in an active gymnasium. Lost the value of it.

  13. The current heatwave in UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium E.T.C had brought out all the Global Warming nonces 😩

  14. Watched this twice. Lots of speculation. Very different than your usual videos. The EU has lots of internal conflicts. Can’t believe it will be sending an army to Africa with so much migrant unrest at home. If the weather is as unpredictable as expected who knows for sure the actual outcome will be? Only the One who controls all things.

  15. When a modern society returns to the stone age, most of the members of that society will die. They lack grit, resourcefulness, and won't be able to stomach the idea that they will have to kill and butcher animals to survive. Not to mention that that society would have to learn to get along with horses. Although gratifying to me, horses don't provide instant gratification that our society has been accustomed to.

  16. My defining moment. My new husband and I, sitting in a coffee shop somewhere along the northern California coast. It was 1976. The bicentennial year and we were on our bike centennial one month long cycling honeymoon packing 70 pounds of camping gear on each bike. We were approached by a somewhat suspicious looking character who asked if he could join us. He was whispering. He told us a story. Said he was a publisher and that entities I will not name here were threatening his life, had his family under surveillance and he was more less on the run seeking safety. We were intrigued, if not a bit disturbed to be associating with him. It all seemed so crazy, but we also sensed his urgency and sincerity. He pulled out some files and asked if we would take some of them. We didn’t have any understanding of what he was talking about at the time – there was some very interesting information about Kennedy. Area 51. He claimed he was handing us some classified stuff. It was all brand new to us at the time. Only god knows what happened to those papers over time because during our travels most of what I had in storage was pilfered.

    Before he took off, he thanked us for giving him a little companionship and handed us a book. None Dare Call it Conspiracy.

  17. African Apocalypse…those of African lineage understand this well…how society falls apart and the difficulty of restoring confidence…African people don't trust African institutions, culture, beliefs, or lifestyle…This occurred as a result of hopelessness during extended periods of crisis…Fear and scarcity become violence…When those things you hold dear…CANT SAVE YOU…men revert back to beast…Society is weak and will always fold

  18. Those behind the Club of Rome, Stern Review, etc., knew about the impending GSM. They initiated the Kyoto Protocol as an inroad into the developing nations to enable a "friendly" neocolonization.

  19. Part 2 Learn about food and medicine independence from your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents. Learn from the Amish and from the Native American Indians who still knows a lot of the old ways and write them down ON PAPER AND MICROFILM THEM ALL! Learn from the still independent South American, Mexican, and Asian farmers not dependent on corporations and write them all down on PHYSICAL PAPER AND MICROFILM THEM ALL. Learn from them all on how to make good soil, good food, good medicinal herbal pharmaceutical crops, and learn from them on how to inter-crop, double-plant, multi-altitude planting-cropping, and tree cropping combined into a single symbiotic self-helping farm. REVIVE YOUR WW II VICTORY GARDENS-FARMS AGAIN and this time make it PERMANENT AND FOREVER BY LAW! For that is your 4th Constitutional Right! Learn also on how to make your gardens-farms a self-contained/self-recycling farm. People living in the cities is worse for the environment for HUMANS ARE ALSO PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM and lethal to the people for if something went wrong with the linkages between cities and farmlands, you cannot eat concrete and steel. Look at your history books about the Incas and the South Ameridian civilizations that flourishes in the millions because they were all spread out and practices intensive self-contained/self-recycling agriculture alongside with nature. In fact, one Spanish Chronicler once said about the Incas which has a population density of modern day Monaco in the mid-1960s, said "IN THAT LAND HUNGER DOES NOT EXISTS". And all of that existed before the existence of modern day agriculture. No GMOs, no hybrids, no agricultural chemicals, etc and the people, before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores, are healthy but the Spanish Conquistadores brought with them are European diseases that they are immune already but the Incas are not and at the same time the Spanish Conquistadores went face to face to new diseases and medical ailments to which they are not immune but only the Incas are immune to. The destruction of their civilization which is closely intertwined with agriculture and nature with the brutal Spanish conquest and lust for gold and silver almost destroyed their agricultural urban/rural knowledge but wise Spanish Missionaries Chroniclers immediately went to work to talk to them with an interpreter to write everything down and make as many copies as possible to share with each other and to be compiled together.The destruction of the Incan human capital that has both the knowledge and experience to maintain their high density agricultural productivity which is in synergistically happy cooperative concert and full cooperation with nature while enhancing both nature and Incan agriculture was nearly destroyed and without any HUMAN CAPITAL PRODUCERS THEN FAMINE WAS ARTIFICIALLY IMPOSED UNWITTINGLY BY THE IGNORANT SPANISH CONQUISTADORES.

  20. Big banks, UN, World leaders, are part of the New World Order. Depopulation plan by 2030. Georgia Guidestones etc…

  21. Read "The City of Joy" by Dominique Lapierre for an eye opening of history and life for the poor in Calcutta India…… Skip the movie… There's no comparison… The Movie is useless.

  22. Those are my dates I had mentioned a CPL years back. 2023-2024 Major, major food problems. Wars and other things will come from it. Gonna get very bad… Then even worse.

  23. The reason you didn't know about all that stuff before, is because you were sane before you went to those conferences. Now you're not. Lay off the conspiracy theories and stick to agriculture and GSM. When that's what you focused on, you sounded off the beaten track, but sane and very intelligent. Not true more recently.

  24. Not totally on topic, BUT "Come The Quiet" on amazon, is a take on how to deal with failure of the grid…. A great read. "Dig Deep and store rice everywhere." Mao's little red book.

  25. Hey David another great video. Did you here about the 90% wheat crop loss in Ottowa county in Michigan..sign of things to come


  26. SPOT ON: The foreign aid system doesn't help the poor its typically corrupted …the UN should be only for the 3rd World, the West is a one way welfare bridge to the 3rd World

  27. SPOT ON: The foreign aid system doesn't help the poor its typically corrupted …the UN should be only for the 3rd World, the West is a one way welfare bridge to the 3rd World

  28. China's population density over the whole planet would be 22.5b people; India has 1/3 the land area and the World density of India would be 68b people. …. how is such density sustainable if food supply nations cant supply food to densely packed nations like India and China …NB FOOD RIOTS IN AUSTRALIA WW1 FORCED TO SEND FOOD TO THE WAR EFFORT https://labourhistorymelbourne.org/2016/12/06/opposing-war-womens-protest-in-world-war-i/ HOW IS CHINA, AND OTHERS, OWNING THE AUS FARMS GOING TO GET ITS FOOD OFF THE WHARVES?

  29. Its always about the power elite operating at arms length through Brussels, UN, City of London, wall Street, whatever … what they are not considering is the effect of:
    1.nations with food not trading and storing by way of preserving or siloing for their own populations;
    2.when/if fiat currencies crash you can't sell food for useless currencies – when/if the $US crashes that's it for all currencies not supported by gold, or food (or mineral) denominated as a currency;
    3.China and Indonesia cannot feed themselves and they will invade Australia currently 30% of Indonesian children are undernourished and with Australia $300m aid/protection money will not suffice.
    CONCLUSION Australia forming another row of stars on the US flag would be preferable to Indo-China invasion …. Australia will be heavily sort after because we could, although we don't, manage are water and store it in dams and weirs, lakes … Australia has sacrificed the people of East Timor and West Papua and we need to stop doing so, they were Australia's allies in WW2.

  30. After I graduate high school this next May I was planning to go on a trip to Italy or Iceland somewhere like that, but I think I may head to Lakcon 2020 instead. I don't think that's spelled right, but you know what I'm talkin about. If I make it up there I'm expecting a bag of rice. Lol

  31. Return of the Gordon says no electricity, for 30 plus years after first super EMP….they wrote on stone.


  33. Thank you David. You make complexities seem more understandable.
    And make more sense of things we have been Fed as fact, showing the lies and propaganda for what they are.

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