What’s Scarier To Racists Than Reparations?

What’s Scarier To Racists Than Reparations?

What’s scarier to racists than the idea of reparations for slavery? I’m Francesca Fiorentini, and in this episode we’re talking about another Reconstruction. Like the one after the Civil War. I know, I know, remembering the Reconstruction from 11th grade history is tough because we were all high. It’s okay. Our teacher probably did what the nation did and basically skipped right over it. For the first time in a long time Americans are talking about reparations. You know the “40 acres and a mule” type reparations promised to former slaves after the Civil War. Although in today’s money it’d be more like a 2-bedroom apartment and a brand new Honda Accord. A very reliable apology car. But of course you can’t have an honest conversation about reparations without a whole lot of Dishonest white pundits weighing in The reparations thing eventually as the decades go by becomes ridiculous. This term “reparations” is just a nice-sounding word for shake down. They keep blaming America for the sin of slavery, but the truth is throughout human history slavery has existed, and America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years, and we get no credit for that. Okay, okay. Let’s just peel off one layer of that idiocy. America gets no credit for ending slavery? That’s as asinine as saying, “Hitler never gets credit for killing Hitler.” While 58 percent of black Americans support the idea of reparations, it’s an incredibly difficult discussion to have with many white people. If only there were some soft-spoken white woman like a life coach or therapist or presidential candidate who could look Americans right in the face and say We have not lived and we are not living on the principles on which we purport to stand. One of these areas is the issue of race. I propose a hundred billion dollar plan of reparations. Okay, Becky with the good incense. Oh, no, I’m starting to unironically love her. Quick, someone dig up an old tweet of her saying something weird about vaccines. Look, reparations for two hundred and fifty years of systemic violence, mass murder, torture and rape that killed millions and inflicted generations of collective trauma shouldn’t be controversial. And no I’m not even talking about Native Americans. If you think reparations are controversial, go watch “12 Years a Slave” again, or for the first time if your name is Tanner. The US has given reparations before back in 1862 to former slave owners. Yeah, that’s right. Those who did the enslaving got $300 per slave freed. That’s like telling Jeffrey Epstein. “Sorry you can’t fly your plane to Pedo Island anymore. Here’s Micronesia.” The fact that we can’t even talk about reparations without a national freakout is indicative of how far we have to go in dealing with our racist history. Also the fact that this is our president. Some say we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for slavery. Something similar to South Africa’s when they took stock of the atrocities committed to maintain apartheid. Others are looking at this special moment in whiteness and seeing it as part of a familiar pattern. A racist reaction to whenever black people get… …anything. The little mermaid included. And dealing with that might require something bigger: Perhaps a Reconstruction. The part of American history that Bill and Ted, like, totally skipped over, dude. So this is Franifio’s Less Than Excellent Adventure [Bill and Ted voice] Excellent! [electric guitar solo] How did we go from the Emancipation Proclamation to a hundred years of segregation? Well, that actually wasn’t the initial plan. The initial plan was something called the Reconstruction. No Way. Way. The Reconstruction was essentially the federal government’s plan to ensure equality to newly freed people right after the Civil War. It was what Harvard professor and historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. calls “The maximum period of black freedom in the history of this country.” Yeah. The Reconstruction was such a critical moment in this country the many also call it “The second founding of America.” Congress passed the first Civil Rights Act and the new constitutional amendments fundamental to American democracy: the 13th 14th and 15th. And black men got unprecedented political representation. By 1877, 16 black men were in Congress. And to think that’s a full hundred and thirty-nine years before Hamilton. Many, like the leader of the Poor People’s Movement, Reverend William Barber Call the Reconstruction “an experiment in interracial democracy.” African-americans join hands with white former farmers in the South. They rewrote state constitutions, they guarantee public education as a constitution right in the south, they were talking about labor rights in 1868. This is 1868. Blacks and whites working together. That’s incredible. It’s like we were building a more perfect U— —But. How’d I know that was coming? Many former Confederates saw the black citizenship and black leadership connected with white leadership as inherently illegitimate. Yep, the whole plan ultimately failed, mostly because of southern white terrorism. The KKK was formed and began attacks soon after the Thirteenth Amendment was passed. No way. Way. The Reconstruction also failed because Lincoln was assassinated, and his vice president didn’t actually believe in it at all— in fact Johnson was impeached and nearly removed from office over his support for white supremacy And to think 150 years later we can’t even do that much. The federal government under hipster dreamboat Ulysses S. Grant tried to protect the black population in the south with federal troops, but the economy nosedived, and the government decided it was too expensive to keep them there. So even though black people were free, there was no mechanism to protect them, which is insane. That’s like when your parents brought you to Chuck-E-Cheese, but gave you no tokens for the arcades… And the ball pit was made of snakes. …racist snakes. To politically rollback the Reconstruction state legislatures in the south created Jim Crow laws that segregated whites and blacks and chipped away at the new amendments, forcing people to pay a poll-tax or pass a literacy test to vote. No way. Way. That’s why there was another Reconstruction ninety one years later, also known as the Civil Rights movement, which tried to establish what the first didn’t. It dismantled a hundred years of Jim Crow policies and got the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act passed. But the movement actually became broader. It became about critiquing war, capitalism, patriarchy— No way. Way. It’s actually pretty cool. You should like Wikipedia it or whatever. The importance of this second Reconstruction is so powerful even Trump paid tribute to the life of MLK, even though until recently he probably thought the MLK Jr. was an item on the Burger King menu. I love the MLK jr. but why is it only available in February? And just as after the first reconstruction, there was a violent white backlash to the second: Assassinations by white supremacists and repression by police. Bogus. Okay that’s just insensitive. The backlash to the second Reconstruction has also taken forms like Bill Clinton’s welfare reform or the war on drugs, which grew the prison population into what Professor Michelle Alexander calls the new Jim Crow. Today there are more African-American adults under correctional control, in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850. No way. Did you say it? But the backlash gets even more insidious. It took forms like Nixon’s Southern Strategy: appealing to southern white racism. Just listen to Ronald Reagan’s advisor, Lee Atwater, back in 1981 talking about how Republicans can get the racist vote without sounding racist. You start at 1954 by saying n[bleep]er, n[bleep]er, n[bleep]er. By 1968 you can’t say n[censored]er—that hurts ya. Backfires. Now you’re talking about cutting taxes and all of these things you’re talking about a totally economic things and a byproduct of them is blacks get hurt worse and whites. “We want to cut taxes” is much more abstract than even the busing thing and a hell more abstract than “n[censored]er, n[censored]er.” Oh, yes quite abstract. You might say that Reagan was the Picasso of racism whereas Trump is the macaroni art of it. That racial coding around social program continues today. “Entitlements,” “poor work ethic,” and other coded language. I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. Okay, well that’s code in the same way that this is code for “Table for five.” The pattern is clear. Every time there’s a fight for black rights, it goes deeper than the last. And each time black people gain a bit more power, especially executive power, there is yet another backlash. Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? Wouldn’t you like to see one of the NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, to say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.” Look how much African-American communities have suffered. You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. What the hell do you have to lose? Your dignity. So if the first Reconstruction was fought against, and the second did a bit of what the first was supposed to do but continues to be rolled back, especially now with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, maybe what we really need now is something bigger than reparations—something even scarier for racists: We need a third and much bigger Reconstruction—one that Reverend Barber sees us in the middle of. You got fight for 15, young black and white, Latinos coming together in this country all over. That’s the sign. You have moral Mondays. You got Black Lives Matter. You have the environmental movement happening. Signs that we are seeing a third Reconstruction. The third Reconstruction is picking up where the first two left off: Tackling voting rights, but also bigger, structural changes around the economy, the environment, in our justice system because in many ways the fight for black liberation is at the center of a lot of other fights to protect our constitutional rights and expand democracy And understanding that scares the powerful all whole lot. So think on this long but fascinating history the next time you think about reparations. But also the next time you think about Bill and Ted. [electric guitar solo] I don’t know how to air guitar. What’s supposed to move? [electric guitar solo] Thanks again for watching Newsbroke. make sure to like, share, subscribe Aw, what are the other ones? Follow. Do all that, and let me know: Did you ever learn about the Reconstruction in school? Because I just finished reading “Grant,” the like, very, very long book—his like biography, and I learned about it for the first time I think because I was high. …And uh, yeah. I forgot what I was saying, but I’ll see you next week.

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  1. I'm what you'd call a "racist" and I'm not "scared" of reparations. I happen to think they're unjust but if the happen they're only going to worsen race relations. Whites will think they owe black people anything anymore and black laders will not gonna want to give up the goodies and still claim how the debt hasnt been paid. It will be fun to watch.

  2. The American government should do more to help the poor, homeless and elderly regardless of race.

  3. 200 and something years of slavery. 100 years of Jim Crow in the South. Mass incarceration. The native black population is the only people in America, who should get anything out of this government. We've been locked out of everything, while other groups have been given handouts. Quite frankly, black Americans shouldn't vote for any politician. It's a waste our time, if reparations is not on the table.

  4. I'm all for reperations. but we can't just give out money that's long overdue. we gotta have financial literacy as well. the poor can certainly spend money. but learning how to invest, save and grow a future for themselves as well as ones family is how you lift people out of poverty.

    those that have the power to change need education as well. like not denying loans based on race.

  5. The South African Truth & Reconciliation was simply BS it was set up to make white folks feel good about themselves and great PR fo Nelson Mandela.

  6. a Black Man with a happy white woman.
    and babies together for the whole world to see.
    and it happen more and more and more.
    incels go mass shooter.

  7. Scariest thing for racists right now?

    2020… You can see it in the cult level display in your own comment section. The thought of losing their racist in chief terrifies them because they know if he loses…by 2024 the democrat will have destroyed any semblance of a legacy that Agolf Twittler may have left behind…

    And they know that once this "whites only" gravy train ends… It'll be another 50 years before it comes back… IF IT EVER COMES BACK AT ALL

    For every winner there must be a loser, for every up there must be a down. YOU ALL VOTE TO KEEP DARKER SKIN FOLKS DOWN.

  9. Absolutely loved this video. Thank you a
    For sharing. You are super important in this world. Keep up the phenomenal work.

  10. This video is from the propaganda ministry of a foreign nation that still practices slavery itself. It's enemy psyops intended to further divide and destabilize America.

  11. Repartitions, well sorry missey. But for any half-sane person paying reparations after more than 150 years. Is like punishing white people for being born white and punishing them for their ancestors committed crimes. Also if we played by you logic. What about Irish men who worked in semi-slavery working conditions and were subject to racism. What about all those Europeans who came to America and thought of slavery as an inhumane and barbaric practice. Well they get punished too for being white.
    Look I don't defend slavery (yep I know it's easy to say it by Slavery defender).
    I just believe in moral forgive and never forget. Punishing some one who did nothing now well just make new enemies.

  12. You're forgetting to mention cointelpro like feminism and gay edger hoovers assassination of black leaders. Also Obama was no different than Trump for the black community.

  13. The problem is that we never got rid o the traitorous Confederates, we let them stay! 2020 is really about who we are. Are we the Confederates States of America? Or are we the United States of America? Time to decide folks!

  14. Why do you assume that people who are against reparations are so because they're "scared" of it? From my viewpoint, I'm against it because I don't owe anyone anything. Neither do my family or my relatives. I've never participated in slavery or anything of the sort. Plain logic.

    So if you want to implement reparations, then go ahead. But you're not getting it from me.

  15. I dont think White Americans are proud of their past, but I also don't feel they are that ashamed of it neither.

  16. No one here the you call a “racist” is scared nor do they want to skip over a very important and sad part of our history but I will not pay “reparations” for something that happened 200 years ago and people that want this to happen are just driving our country more into a divide and at the end of the day closer to a second civil war. This shit really just needs to stop.

  17. Also, isn’t that a weird coincidence that she made that epstein joke and he just happened to kill himself today? Maybe he viewed your video on his contraband iPhone in jail and couldn’t take it anymore!

  18. Just an FYI – The restaurant in Trump Tower, Trump's New York home, had a rat infestation just last year.

  19. The fabulous Francesca on fire and warming my heart again! So many FACTS and fantastic zingers in this one that it's hard to pick a favorite, but the Picasso vs "macaroni art" of racism was especially brilliant. "Doing all that" by sharing widely and wildly.

  20. "America gets no credit for ending slavery"? That's as asinine as saying Hitler gets no credit for killing Hitler.

    – Francesca Florentini

    😂 I love this takedown.

  21. Here's an African American destroying reparations:


    Any questions, you race baiting scumbags?

  22. America still has slavery what do you think prison labour is,, what do you think chain gangs are? How little has changed since Lincoln ,even today slavery is defended by Presidential candidates.

  23. Nope, totally didn't learn about Reconstruction…or really, ANY Black history until I got to college. Our whitewashed public education system, at the very least as it pertains to history, has been utterly failing us for a very long time.

  24. Delusional white people. You'll pay for your crimes, one way or another. One pound of flesh for one pound of gold. You're becoming a minority worldwide. Just wait. Revenge and Justice.

  25. The troops werew pulled out of the south mostly because the votes were so rigged on both sides of the Hayes election and Hayes actually lost the popular vote, and the south was threatening to start another civil war, so Hayes offered to pull the troops out if they let him be president.

  26. Im not really sure why we are bothering with slavery unless we want to do a mass genetic testing for who qualifies which has its own issues. Especially when we have so many other ways we have screwed over blacks is documented ways such as reparations for any old person who lived through the horror of jim crow South like Germany does the Holocaust, or suffered from race based relocation in the North for highway projects because they classified middle class black neighborhoods as ghettos so they could use imminent domain laws. Redlining and loan denial/higher interest rates are another. Midnight raids from unfair welfare distribution, or insufficient representation in court because we underfunded and overworked Constitutionally required legal representation which made innocent people take plea deals for crimes they never committed and cops having a good arrest to conviction rate looks good on their resume so they are more likely to Target people they assume are poor. Just saying, blacks aren't where they are today because of slavery, pretty much every other ethnic group we've dicked over has recovered and do just fine in 150 years, its cause we never stopped screwing them over that they have so many problems and need reparations for those things we have documents for and people Alive personally experienced en masse. https://youtu.be/3Z0JBfcT0VA

  27. Democrat run slums like the typhus filled shanty towns in California ,or the Chicago,Baltimore slums becoming the norm all over America is scarier Places Democrats have run forever.

  28. Don't you accuse reagen of being a racist. Reagan is not a racist he even declared Martin Luther King Day a national holiday.

  29. obama wasnt an example of ados gaining power and wealth obama destroyed ados blacks in the united states…he is a racist fascist in brown skin…..stop it

  30. Now, watch as I show everyone just how dumb you are. This will be fun 😁 you officially have my attention AJ+

  31. We rushed through Reconstruction in high school history because it was the end of the year. The college history classes I took discussed it in greater detail.

  32. Oddly enough, Lincoln and Grant were Republicans and Johnson was a Democrat. Democrats started the KKK and Republicans fought for the rights of blacks.

  33. I'm all for reparations. Ya'll just hold your breath wait'n for it. Now remember don't breathe, hold it. Wait for it. 🇺🇲🗽😆

  34. ILL Tell you what's more scarer than Reparations like it are not. The decline of the white race. Reparation if it comes will only be lights on the basketball court, more section 8 housing, funding of black colleges, improved potholes in black cities and hoods, do I need to say more. Blacks own no Malls, no banks, no tanks again if you get my point.

  35. There are a lot of inconvenient truths left out here:

    1. When blacks arrived in congress in the 1800s they were ALL REPUBLICANS.
    2. Johnson was a DEMOCRAT who reversed the 40 acres and a mule original reparations.
    3. Jim Crow laws were a Democratic construction.
    4. Civil Rights was meant to ONLY BE FOR BLACKS but was "expanded" (stolen) from us by WHITE liberals.
    5. KKK were all DEOMCRATS
    6. You quote Lee Atwater (that most Republicans disavow and agree is a horrible racist) yet fail to quote LBJ who uses the EXACT SAME Rhetoric
    7. Obama in in executive power actually made race relations WORSE in this country.

    So all this talk for a 3rd reconstruction is quite shallow lacking substance and laden with socialist values…and using black people as the Crux for this so called movement to prop up other interests is indeed downplaying our role in this country and our past. If this was anything near genuine they would hop off quick fast and make thie own separate movements and not ride our d*cks to secure the bag for themselves…as they have always done throughout history

    #InconvenientFacts 👌🏾

  36. So my paycheck (Mexican) is gonna get taxed more to pay for a black man/woman that didn’t suffer slavery for reparation? Nah im good 💀

  37. I mean we did build the backbone of the country. Capatalism wouldn't exist without our ancestors. Marrianne Williamson has a point.

  38. I learned about Reconstruction in high school. I remember our textbook had an editorial cartoon from that era from Harper’s Weekly, called “In Self-Defense,” that, in my mind, showed the connection between gun violence against black people and white supremacy. Definitely relevant to today!

  39. I agree with you on the overwhelming majority of this. My only criticism is the slight praise of Marianne Williamson, even if you mentioned her vaccines thing. Her argument for reparations isn't even very good, nor is it unique among Democratic Candidates actually. Multiple candidates have supported it and Tulsi Gabbard is even co-sponsoring a bill to research how to properly implement it. We don't need to give this dangerously anti-vaxx or anti-science charlatan any more coverage as she has not only hurt people with her misinformation, but literally killed people.

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