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  1. indian side kashmir has three main regions , jammu , kashmir and laddakh , jammu and laddakh zones are very happy , only the kashmir valley is tense

  2. You are also spreading fake videos , the videos are either old video or the videos from pak occupied kashmir.
    If I could have one to one argument, I would prove your claim as fake.
    Yellow Journalism at its best.
    Shame on you Washington Post for your propaganda based journalism


    – Osama bin laden the most wanted terrorist in the world
    was found and killed in Abbottabad a few kilometers next to military
    establishment, suggesting he was under their protection

    – Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, a pakistani nuclear scientist
    stole and proliferated  nuclear secrets
    to north Korea, Libya , china and Iran in exchange of developing missile
    technology, he was subsequently put under house arrest

    -Abdus Salmam, Nobel prize recipient for physics was
    an  Ahmadi Muslim, when Pakistani govt
    made constitutional amendment to make 
    Ahmadi Muslim as non-Muslims he left the county , even on his grave the
    word muslim has been removed  , so for
    pakistan religion is always  greater than
    human contribution

    -State sponsored terrorism – Author Gordon Thomas states
    that whilst aiding in the capture of Al Qaeda members, Pakistan "still
    sponsored terrorist groups in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, funding,
    training and arming them in their war of attrition against India"

    -Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has conceded
    that his forces trained militant groups to fight India in Indian-administered
    Kashmir. He confessed that the government ?turned a blind eye? because it
    wanted to force India to enter into negotiations, as well as raise the issue

    – Satellite imagery from the FBI suggest the existence of
    several terrorist camps in Pakistan, with many militants admitting to being
    trained in the country as part of the going Kashmir Dispute, Pakistan is alleged
    to be supporting separatist militias[40] Many nonpartisan sources believe that
    officials within Pakistan's military and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
    sympathise with and aid Islamic terrorists

    -Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorist groups like
    Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Omar, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM),  Sipah-e-Sahaba, Al Badr Mujahideen, Harkat ul
    Mujahideen and many others as confirmed by USCS, hence FATA has put pakistan
    under grey-list

    -The Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, is believed
    to be aiding these organisations in eradicating perceived enemies or those
    opposed to their cause, including India, Russia, China, Israel, the United
    States, the United Kingdom and other members of NATO

    -pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that
    have draconian blasphemy laws where use of derogatory remarks, spoken, written,
    directly or indirectly, etc. defiles the name of Muhammad or other Prophet(s)
    will result in a death sentence ( in case of other religions it will just be
    imprisonment )

    – Jinnah-led Pakistan forcibly
    converted Balochistan into a province of Pakistan, against the wishes of the
    Baloch and their Khan. Balochistan’s struggle against Pakistani rule has been
    continuing since the annexation of Kalat -27th March 1948

  4. This video is totally for manipulation coz the showing video of protest of people are not Indians the people are POK in this video please don't believe on his news…

  5. Here news goes again 🤷…..u should show proper complete analysis of cause, history ..not hand picked….thn agn no news media do so 😅😅🖕

  6. So Indian Hindus can't bear a truth against them what type of nationalism is this . You say Kashmiris are brainwashed !? While you are the ones who are brainwashed that every Muslim is your enemy .

  7. Indian army doing wrong thing.. instead of tear gas and pellets Indian army should use real bullets against theses terrorists…. there is three regions in Jammu and Kashmir, Hindhu majority Jammu, Buddhist majority ladkh and Muslim majority Kashmir valley… after removing autonomy only Muslim majority area have problems…. it's purely relegious extremist activities…and everybody silent about the genocide and exodus of hindhus from Kashmir

  8. Watch this video carefully , protestors video was old one when they was not saying rewock 370 infact they are saying don't touch 370 than send video all holding paper of current date and this video is not full size of people in fact it's focused on few and marked circles on date , what a fake news

  9. Kashmir was a hindu country. All Muslims killed , linched & rapped Hindu people. And puched all Hindu's out off Kashmir. And they r saying its their place….. We will take back the hindu land u mother fuckers. United States of America is the biggest basterds in the world. They want to sell their weapons to both parties so they can live happily. All blondes need to be thrashed. We will get to u all. Time will come for us also. Be ready.

  10. If you don't know the history of kashmir I suggest you learn first and dont just put the old collected video if you known whats happening in kashmir come and shoot new videos

  11. Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan Kashmir is Indian territory. Pakistan immediately leave from pok Gilgit-Baltistan Kashmir

  12. Now Article 370 was the reason the Modi Government and Indian Army couldn't eliminate Terrorism. …Wow
    So Now the Innocents will suffer Locked up in their homes
    Communications cut off Press Scuttled. ..Voice of the Kashmiris muzzled by Troops ….Is this Democracy ?????
    I stand in Solidarity with the Kashmiris for I Believe India is a free Country Liberty is our Fundamental Right and Kashmiris are our Own People

  13. I want to say why world is silent and watching innocent people being killed everyday in indian occupied kashmir…..give kashmiris right to self determination…

  14. international news channels must be entered freely into kashmir and internet may also be opened so that reality of hindu zionists may be revealed before the eyes of the world.

  15. British comes to India looted and went away .. Moughals came to India and ruled but did not leave .. why should India suffer all the time? What’s wrong India claiming its own land? Why should we give Kashmir special benefits out of our taxes and hard earned income? People in India are dying of poverty and hunger still government has to spend billions on war. Many brave soldiers lost their lives and still they are fighting to protect from invaders. And international community makes spicy news without knowing the full story and history.

  16. Of of course there is no alternative without Free and independent Kashmir, last 72 years racist. Fascist and fundamentalist India forcefully occupied KASHMIR by killings thousands of innocent peoples including children and babies.
    If free and fair election will held 90 % Kashmiri VOTES in favour free and independence KASHMIR.
    Love ,wishes from PARIS, France

  17. Just Imagine if u r locked down in ur home & all communication is cut off what problems u will face & what u will do 4 survival. this is inhuman

  18. Indian subcontinent is better defined as South Asian Subcontinent. The map showing the location as being ruled by the British is not correct. Actually even the term British rule might need to be corrected to English rule.

    The English rule was in less than half the combined areas of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The rest were independent kingdoms.

    The whole mischief started wheb the British Labour Party came to power after WW2 in Britain. Atlee the Labour Party PM, broke up the English Empire and gave up all the English ruled regions all around the world to native leaders who had lived in England at some time in their life. It does seem that the Labour Party leaders had close contact with the super rich from the colonial areas, who had the money to stay and study in England.

    In South Asia, British-India was handed over to Jinnah and Nehru. Neither Nehru nor his associate Gandhi were actually from British-India, even though that was the feeling they might have extruded in England.

    The British-Indian army was divided and handed over to Jinnah and Nehru. Actually, it was a terrible thing to do. I have heard that many British-Indian soldiers literally broke into tears when they heard that they were being handed over to feudal language speaking native officers.

    However, both Jinnah as well as Nehru used their ill-gotten army to capture as many independent kingdoms as soon as possible. Jinnah must have taken over the Baluchistan areas. As for Nehru, he went for capturing Kashmir, Travancore, Hyderabad, North-eastern states &c. Some places like Punjab etc. were not happy being transferred from English rule to Indian rule.

    Actually the British Labour Party did everything in a most callous manner. They had no information that a huge content of the local people did not relish the idea of being shifted from English rule to Pakistan and Indian rule.

    A communal clash took place in the northern parts of the subcontinent immediately upon the creation of Pak and India. Around 1 million persons were hacked to death and many were burnt to death. Around the same number of people ran off from their native lands

    So, the villain in this historical event is neither Pakistan or India, but the foolish British Labour Party.

  19. The root cause is Islam which was not Indian religion.Also show how Islam spread in Kashmir with killings of Hindus.,Buddhist.

  20. We are indian very clam people don't send terrorist in india
    Aware pakistan we are 140 crore and youth population is 50% of population

  21. international media houses are not fully understanding complexity of J&K and it genesis in 6 min video cannot give the context of kashmir stalemate..
    subcontinent went thru traumatic experience of division of country on basis of religion and yet after 70 yrs Muslim majority region wants to diivde the country again and merge into Islamic state Pakistan ( for.very long time the separatists in the valley used to say want to be independent but their true colors are.for.everyone to see now the slogan is "kashmir banega Pakistan" ie kashmir becomes pakistan dishonesty in their demand from beginning ) is it acceptable ?…let me ask in UK,US are in any part.of of world if Muslim majority says we want have separate country coz we believe sharia law and dont accept law of land is it acceptable…India has second largest Muslim population(170 million) in the world and live together…there were been tensions but by and large lived peacefully for 70yrs…
    countries dont run on emotions thry have to take pragmatic view in terms future and its security from it is conniving conniving neighbours..Its hostile region very country given situation will.always try to get upperhand…Chinese did the same with Tibet,uyghurs,taiwan and hongkong…

  22. Successive governments wasted decades together in having dialogs with all and sundry. It was time for action, especially when Pakistan had absorbed PoK and GB as Northern Area. It is easy to talk about dialogs and consensus sitting 12000 KM away. Look at what article 370 gave Kashmir – buildings with tin roofs, dependence for livelihood only on tourism.

  23. loosely stated facts from media house which has such a great rapport !! It should have been clearly and explicitly explained the reason why the King of Kashmir joined hands with India and how why & how India had to part with part of Kashmir, which is currently occupied by Pakistan. Not expected such kind of biased reporting from Washington Post

  24. Why is your fact finding happening only from srinagar and 2-3 places around it ..Which is anyway the hotbed of pakistan supported terrorism. Here people pelt stones at security forces injuring them severely. 3 days back when the curfew was released for a few hours, like everyday, these peaceful people pelted stones and Killed a truck driver who had taken food supplies to the valley. Also very very important- if you what to give a honest report about kashmir, please visit other parts of kashmir like jammu, ladakh and leh which is almost 60% land area in kashmir where people are happy and thanking the govt for making the state of kashmir equal to all indian states. There are no protests there… no curfews . Please cover that as well.

  25. Incomplete info,,, India has all the constitutional rights to do that, they had given it now revoke it as most of the J&K leaders and the neighboring country has miss use it and stop development, education and continue the terrorism which takes the lives of thousands of soldiers and citizens life every year.
    Yes, it will have bad impact on the region in the short term just like Punjab of 1984 but in the long turn, it will stand as peace for the whole region.

  26. When you said that Kashmir’s Maharaja later decided to side with India…you kissed that because Pakistan attacked Kashmir to forcibly annex it….and I hit dislike immediately because this is propoganda

  27. WP sucks big time. Did any of the editorial team cross checked the facts. You guys are going to be sued by govt of India.
    Probably not. But any oppornutist will eff you up.
    Dont hold your breath.

  28. Shame on randia 👎👎👎shame on randian pm madarchod murderer rapist terrorist panditt …or madarchodo curfew lgage ke development kese hota he…curfew to atthaO hindu panditt terroristO😀😀😀

  29. The one they are showing is POK ( Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ) where for now india has nothing to do and they are protesting. Where exactly Article 370 scraped is safe and in peace , school opened , people started working . It’s safe now and very safe . The one Pakistan media is showing is another Kashmir and hope india will make peace there also .

  30. wow so fake journalism …. you didnt even mentioned the events before the accession of J&K to india ? didnt even mentioned that it was pakistan who attacked us kasmiris and captured large parts of our territory …and after that the ruler of kashmir decided to acede to India … if pakistan had not attacked we would have been independent without issues ….so f*ck you washington post !!!

  31. Kashmir is victim of a strategy position for both power nations like
    Pakistan and India
    Kashmir has to be an independed nation
    Let the people of Kashmir in peace and let them have there own country of Kashmir
    A country more buitifull than any other mountain place or country on earth
    Do not fight like kids for that what do not belong to people but to God

  32. How about Ladakh , Jammu division where people are celebrating !!
    You have covered only Part of Srinagar . This shows that you are having an agenda and are not neutral

  33. Fake footage. Can you show proof for the footage. Try to show the real news. People just don’t believe what they are saying, the actual facts are different from what this lady is saying. When Indian government asked for the proof for the footage. this people couldn’t provide the evidence for the footage. Don’t believe this fake news.

  34. Why you are posting old videos? fake WP.. One day these terrorist will attack Washington Post then you will realize.

  35. Shame on you , Washington post
    Please don't make a video on Kashmir if you guys have no idea about the history and the problem.

  36. Please also tell Pak had sent Mauraders in Sept oct 1957. They were assisted by Pak army and state. That's how Pak also got a portion of Kashmir.

  37. Who is the killer
    Modi dog
    Who is the biggest terrorist
    Modi dog
    Hitler modii kabhii tumyy mouttt naa aiii …farroon next tum hoo..

  38. Lame indian population disliking every truth telling video, how shameless they have become, they should be under control, they should not be free, there is a reason these bastards have always been ruled upon by third parties, it will all end with that in the future

  39. Guyz i hope there will be many senseable people. If yes then tell me if kashmiri are happy with this decision then why is courpheo from last 25 days? Why there is no internet and mobile service? Why genrealist can't go their? If you think it's fake then just call to kashmiri number. Hope uou will understand. thanks

  40. Every free human being should stand in solidarity with the innocent people of Kashmir and against Indian atrocities in the valley

  41. Fake news. Pathetic agenda driven MSM.

    Not even an attempt to understand the complexity of the region and the celebrations in Jammu and Ladakh. Just obsessed with a bunch of Islamofascists in 2.5 valley districts.

  42. Its been 24 days since 5th August Indian govt Abrogate article 370 and 35A and Kashmiri people have been disconnected coz no network and no foods and no medicines and Indian cowered army which almost same as the population of Kashmir about 90,000 are slaughtering silently kashmiri generation and busy raping innocent women

  43. In Kashmir modi send his hidutva extremist and most heinous terrorists organisation RSS gangsters in the shape of Indian army to genocide muslims of kashmir

  44. The world is quite because kashmiri people are Muslim
    who are being slaughtered by Indian cowered army Brutally
    Shame on rest of the world

  45. This is the only non muslim American very brave young lady who uploaded a video in favor of humanity basis, i salute you

  46. All indians people disliking this people. but truth cannot change. they need to learn that international media all saying the same thing and india media on the other side misleading indians

  47. most Kashmiris have Pakistani Flags. But Indians are hindus how they can expect them that Muslims will come to India which is hindu country.

  48. Wrong!! At 1.34 you said that the decision for Kashmir to join India in 1947 led to article 370. That is not correct, Article 370 was was passed in 1956 by Nerhu. By India reversing this, they are just changing their domestic laws. Washington Post please hire competent reporters. Stop spreading misinformation.

  49. Is there any proof that shows that the protests were being held in jammu and Kashmir state?
    It may be in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

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