38 thoughts on “What Your Political Bubble Looks Like From The Other Side

  1. This shit is backwards. People that support trump are more civilized than sander supporters. They are terrorizing the Country. Send them to fucking Mexico. Blow up that dirty ass place man. Fuck funny or die for misleading this whole video. Funny or die are ignorant.

  2. Biggest thing I've learned from the comments is that republicans hate macbooks? Is that a thing? The only people I know who don't have macs are either baby boomers or can't afford them.

  3. Maybe it’s just because I’m from the south but the red bubble seems a lot more relaxed and fun 😂

    Love the video though!

  4. I mean, the difference here is between being annoying (blue bubble) and a racist, sociopathic douche (red)

  5. Lol This is two Extremes but totally relatable. I was laughing at the idiots on both sides lol but the ending was classic

  6. How did I not see it… the one thing that can actually unite us is Clown Porn!!!!
    This is why I think we should nationalise the clown porn. FREE CLOWN PORN FOR EVERYONE!!!

  7. i can confirm the part where the left guy scrolling through all the rachels is me on a normal day

  8. Yup, that's basically what it is. Two sides fighting for the same thing and bringing a shitload of nothing to the potluck. Although I am pretty left-biased and I'd kill for a latte right about now.

  9. 3:45 being a grammar Nazi doesn't mean you won the argument. It doesn't mean that the person that misspelt was dumb. Comment sections online are not a fucking essay or report. It's not a law. If it was the internet would be boring as hell. It's informal communication. Communication would break down if the online world was only formal. All you show when you correct another persons spelling is that you fully understood what they were saying and didn't address the argument being made more than likely because you couldn't address the argument being made. I see Mark Hamill and so many make these arguments all the time. And what makes it worse is he makes grammar mistakes too and you often see this in people that do it in youtube comments. The only real reason they do the spelling/grammar thing is because they are loosing an argument. In argument people to address the person's argument. Not the language, language is just about communication nothing more. It's not about intelligence. Don't let anyone put you down for the way you speak. In our world even though we may speak mostly English these are going to be spoken very different all around the world. And even different from region to region. A person who can barely spell has just as much equal say as a person who has PHD English. Ideas are important not titles, class or spelling.

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