What you didn’t Know about the United Nations

What you didn’t Know about the United Nations

I’m dr. Duke and I am together again
with Alex Newman correspondent for the new American a magazine and Alex like I
said many times before you’ve been on the show you are a bit of a polymath you
can talk about a lot of things you’ve reported about a lot of things and today
we’re gonna talk about the United Nations bad news United Nations right I
mean the idea that the after world war two the United Nations was gonna be
helpful agency who was going to let free nations and global nations get along
better how foolish would you have to be to not believe that sooner or later they
would seek to govern the world and that’s kind of where we’re moving now
isn’t it Alex it is it absolutely is Duke and if you go back to the people
who set up the United Nations the warning signs the red flags if we want
to be funny about it we’re absolutely everywhere you know you had on ones you
know the founding powers after World War two you had really the Soviet Union in
the United States were the two that mattered and the British helped a little
bit but so on one side of the table you had Joseph Stalin a mass murderer who
wanted to exterminate millions of people and enslave humanity under a global
communist dictatorship and on the other side of the table you had our people
right we sent a guy called Al Gore hiss and boy did they love Algar hiss that
should have been our first warning sign they made him the the secretary-general
of the UN he got to run the conference where they came up with the UN Charter
then a few years later we ended up throwing him in prison because he was an
agent of Stalin and we proved that in court that he was committing perjury so
that was a big warning sign even the people who weren’t technically busted
working with Stalin and and betraying the United States people like John
Foster Dulles one of the founding fathers of the Council on Foreign
Relations he wrote in his book war or peace that the UN was supposed to serve
as the embryonic nucleus of the future world government and he said actually
there’s no proposal for world government with teeth in it that I’ve seen that we
couldn’t carry out under the charter of the United Nations which purports to
obligate the United States to commit troops whenever the UN Security Council
demands it as opposed to you know our method where Congress has to declare war
so right from the beginning it was clear that this was the goal but it did take
him seventy years before they finally came out of the closet and just started
admitting that hey we want to be the global government you’re gonna submit to
us ban ki-moon is now calling the UN the Parliament of humanity he was the
secretary-general until recently so you know now they’re out of the closet on
this but we should have known all along Duke yeah
we should have and it’s it anybody who’s been paying attention over the last 10
years knows that you’ve got civil rights and human rights commissions at the
United States that the member nations overseeing those committees are radical
violators of human rights right you’ve got the Cubans you’ve got the venoms
Venezuelans you’ve got some of the worst regimes in the world in in these dog and
pony show committees we got Israel the only democracy in the Middle East that’s
been condemned by the UN how many times all right
versus all the the the militarized Islamists that surround them that the UN
seem can’t seem to make a single resolution to condemn the whole thing is
just a scam really isn’t it it is if it’s an enormous fraud and what’s so
interesting is how now they are out in the open about it you know so in the
cover story we have in the new American it’s called a UN to America we’re the
boss we just go through example after example where the these you know I call
it the dictators club so we’re the dictators Club is just barking orders at
the United States say for example Alabama and some of the other states
passed laws of restricting the murder of unborn babies
the UN said oh you can’t do that international human rights law requires
that the US government step in and ensure the perpetuation of mass
slaughter of unborn babies Trump tried to you know lock down the border and
implement actually US law US law does not allow people to come to the United
States from Central America crossing through a safe country Mexico and then
claim oh there’s violence and poverty in my country so I need to be a refugee US
law is very clear those are not reasons to become a refugee and if you pass
through a safe country Mexico you cannot come and claim asylum in the United
States that’s not how refugee law works in the United States well Trump tried to
implement this which you know as US law is just passed by Congress the UN said
oh no you can’t do that you have to let them onto your territory you have to
give them refugee status you have to let them have a hearing so again the UN is
butting into our affairs and the bigger picture here that I think everybody
needs to understand is that as we move toward this model of global governance
that the United Nations is pushing we’re moving away from Americanism which is
what our founding fathers established and the two are as different as night
and day there are some very superficial similarities but when you compare the
UN’s vision of human rights with founding fathers vision of inalienable
god-given rights the two are for all intents and purposes there are opposites
and so we really dig into that in the article and isn’t it amazing that you’ve
got the UN dictating our border law our refugee laws how we will and won’t do
things and it’s a dream to me that the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy he’s
100% behind the UN in this so we’ve got a godless UN who argues that our rights
derive from government the UN not from God and then you got the Roman kept the
hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church who is calling for you and I did a
conversation about this a couple weeks ago for a global education system right
a collectivist global education system that fits right in with UNESCO that
would ultimately destroy Christian education if you’re giving kids a
monolithic global education by definition that will be not only not a
religious education it will be anti religious education and this is the
leader of two roughly two billion Roman Catholics becoming more of a UN
globalist than he is watching out for actual Christian values as exactly right
it’s just very strange Duke and you know I’ve seen very prominent Catholics talk
about this stuff as heresy as actually satanic doctrines though there’s a
mother Miriam who read it on her program a wonderful Catholic nun who has a radio
show and a talk show some of the episodes are seen just on YouTube by
hundreds of thousands of people and she was reading our special report that you
and I did in rescuing our children in the new America and in that episode she
talks about some of this stuff that the Pope is saying like that we have to obey
the United Nations and that we need a global village to educate the children
for a new humanism she says you know not only are we not required to obey this
stuff that the Pope is saying as Catholics are these contradict Catholic
teachings so these are heresies these are satanic ideas that the Pope is
spreading and we are not obligated to obey them yes we need to be respectful
of the Pope’s office and the Pope himself but we do not need to obey these
things and it’s all converging in this globalist nightmare that is coming into
view now and you know this whole issue of the difference between god-given
rights and human rights is I think going to become more and more fundamental so
what we went through in our article we talk about how you know the UN is
actually claiming that our god-given rights are violations of human rights so
they say that you know spanking your children as a disciplinary tool is a
violation of Human Rights and that the US government needs to throw parents in
jail who discipline their children that way they say the gun rights are a
violation of international human rights law because you know racism and and you
know other things that have absolutely nothing to do with gun rights they say
that uh self-defense laws violation of UN Human Rights they say free speech
violation of Human Rights so you have a dictators Club that is completely out of
control and unless we take urgent steps to put a stop to this it’s gonna swallow
our freedom and it’s gonna swallow our country do you find any we got a couple
minutes left Alex you find anywhere in the world this is being countered I mean
we get some Eastern European countries that seem to be standing up a little bit
to this Poland to a lesser degree Hungary seems to be aware of it
you’ve got factions inside America who are beginning who trying to fight back
against this but it’s amazing to me how the Republicans of the United States
seem to be just as bad as the Democrats and willing to cede global oversight to
the UN where is the real pushback gonna come if it comes at all yeah well there
is an interesting resistance movement in developing you know I think Trump has
really emboldened a lot of people around the world to take action here so you
have a Shia double senado in in Brazil who talks about the UN’s a global
warming scam is a Marxist ruse to destroy Western civilization you know
they told the UN you can take your climate circus elsewhere because you’re
either they were originally scheduled to be in Brazil this was scheduled back
when the Brazil had a communist government they said no you can take
your clown show somewhere else thank you very much it’s not coming to Brazil you
have as you mentioned a Viktor Orban in Hungary you have the poles you have
Marija interesting example came up with this mass migration pact in December the
UN was trying to shove through this international kind of pseudo treaty they
didn’t want to call it a treaty because they knew the US Senate would never
ratify it but they called it an agreement on mass migration trying to
make international migration a human right well Trump was the first one to
stand up and say no we’re not going to do that and then after that it was just
like dominoes then it was Viktor Orban said we’re not gonna sign on either then
you had Austria you had Croatia you had Chile you had birds
till you had Israel you had all the countries that the migrants want to go
to saying we’re not gonna participate in this fraud so it was an early sign of
resistance you know we’ve been talking about education now Trump withdrew us
from UNESCO a major if only temporary victory in this struggle Trump has
gotten us out of multiple UN agreements he’s now in the process of getting us
out of the Paris agreement we gotta hope that that goes through so
a lot of progress on this front you won’t hear about it from the fake media
unless it’s to demonize Trump but there is a powerful resistance movement
building against this globalism Trump speech at the UN General Assembly gave
some very interesting comments on all this so it’s a it’s a fascinating time
to be alive Duke it is and let that lesson sink if you want to understand
what the globalist UN will do if they get power just look at the non-stop
investigation and slander of Donald Trump for three years right here’s the
President of the free world duly elected it’s not just progressive media in
America this is a global campaign to smear the perhaps the one world leader
with the power to actually fight back against this globalist cabal Alex Newman
thanks for your time today

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  1. The communist Democrats are doing their utmost to remove the democratically elected president, President Trump, because he dares to oppose their ideology … We see their tactics!!!

  2. Only good that there will be perhaps very soon a new, a "real" United Nations in ISrael … Our corrupt politicians are already on their way to kiss the feet of the holy ISraelian people.

  3. Thank you for your service!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏



  5. “The United Nations aims to have complete control and absolute power over the individual by stripping them of their freedoms.” This viewpoint is line with the thinking of the 19th-century English political philosopher Lord Acton, who famously said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And a world government, which the UN seeks to become, would be the very definition of absolute power.

  6. "The prince of whales", thanks Q. All roads lead to Rome.
    Thank goodness the UN is going broke. Though I doubt they'll give it up so easily since they tried to establish that as far back as the Vienna conference.
    Thankyou NAV. subbed.

  7. The UN is a non-sovereign and IMO any American public official that operates in their stead must be charged and held to account firstly for violating their oath then we have the issue of insurrection against the constitution.

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