What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

Allow me to help you. You guys can have a seat right here and we’ll be out to get you started shortly. I can’t wait to order. I’m so hungry. Yeah this place has really good food. Hey, how are you folks doing today? My name is Miguel and *Man interrupts* Manuel Agua, por favor. Um, excuse me. It’s Miguel and I’ll be your waiter today! And today’s specials a– Woman: Um, excuse me, is this a Mexican restaurant or something? Ma’am? Look, you know um nothing personal just grab our waters and send over that nice lady to take our orders. Sorry She’s the hostess – something wrong honestly Yeah, you in this country Lord knows How many real Americans you’ve taken this job from it’s happening in restaurants all across the country people Insulting their waiter or waitresses based Solely on their ethnicity Sometimes even writing comments on their receipts like we only tip citizens if you saw a couple lashing out at their server Simply because he doesn’t look American what would you do both? I can assure you I’m American. I don’t buy it boy okay I’m not still wet behind the ears I pay my taxes, so I’ve earned my right to be here. Excuse me, can we have an American waiter? Today, we’re in Apache Junction, Arizona And we’ve taken over the rustic Dutchman’s hideout located at the base of the superstition mountains These first customers listen in as our waiter begins taking abuse… Instead of drink orders. Waiter: Yes, I’ll be your waiter for today. Woman: I didn’t know we were in a Mexican restaurant. sorry, I Want to be served by an American did I do anything wrong? Yeah? They’re not being in this country taking jobs from real Americans yeah Should be ashamed of yourself. She’s heard enough first taking her complaint to our manager They’re giving that waiter a hard time saying he’s mexican from out of the country and he should be ashamed of himself I really think you should ask with people leave and then Consoling our waiter that bothers me, and it’s inappropriate I’ve asked your manager to have them leave Thank you With her good deed done She returns to her table But will anyone confront our mean couple can I take your order is that okay? Yeah, hey, you are More than an American enough for me. We’re all Americans here. Where your ancestors from what country italy? Didn’t come over here, where would you be? They came here legally. Hey! You don’t know he definitely crossed the border illegally guarantee, and if he didn’t his parents did You’re a… *cuts himself off* Messed up man, holy, man. Yeah You want me here cause I’m Polish? sir hi there hello? I’m John quinones Yes, sir, and I’m very upset. I’m sorry. I know it is but you know what? They’re actors. It’s prejudice! We’re all Americans man. Don’t forget it good. Just because you got different colored skin that Unites America. That’s right Yeah, because we’re all immigrants Mr.. Native American Hey, you weren’t here first man We’re rolling again. Is there a problem. Maybe I can be more comfortable with someone who speaks a little better English. Our crude couples racist remarks has this woman asking for a reality check Once I’ll be right back Is it such an issue? You just wanted an American. You know Really people really? Fit us so bad. We’re in America. These people come here. They take the Tikar jobs seriously You don’t think that job should belong to a natural-born American? Being an American doesn’t mean you have to be born here. He doesn’t look American! He doesn’t look like us! Well of course he doesn’t look like us. I didn’t say he looked like us. But what does American look like it’s a sentiment served over and over to our bigoted bullies There’s no such thing as looking American How do we know you’re an American? Because I look American. You could be German. I don’t have any proof you’re American. All I know is you’re a person who is discriminating against someone who is a different skin color. I don’t know who you’d come across… just looking at somebody said if you can tell just by looking at him, he’s not American. What makes you so sure he’s an illegal? He spoke perfect English, so he’s got a different complexion. Big deal. Look at him. You can just tell you can just tell? Yeah, I spent 20 years in the restaurant business. I used to work with this kid. Whiter than you, it’s legal for you Windows in Canvas closed I’m pretty conservative. You know poor crop carry guns. That’s fine You carry now. Yeah, let me see Bobby yeah, yeah, what might it give you to judge somebody’s legal status just based on the color of the skin For our final course at the Dutchman’s hideout we asked Elizabeth to buddy up with these two cowgirls I was wondering if you’d be willing to take a fashionable, okay? And right away they seemed it at all there is excellent photography. Let’s hope this is one of many So will they step in for me again despite their newly formed bond with our couples, okay? Here’s the demand your kind or taking jobs from Americans And I feel like if I let you serve me I’m supporting that they’re doing anything wrong I know yeah, we’re building a wall to keep your kind out and with that Laurie Archbold stands up for me again You’re really not much more new york yeah. Yes, you are you know what if you defy young man here Why don’t you be can you believe for something? And they’re American so is he I you don’t think he should leave I do not think you should leave I think that you should be about Why is it okay for him to be here? With the entire restaurant scared up we decided. It’s best to end our couple away have them leave storm out Your lot No time for You are and you got those people here that are looking out for yourself That’s why we’re the sixpence. Do you ever see anybody with a safety pin on that means, they’re Never get set up what were you thinking that not my America? That’s not my America what they were saying I’m military brat and my father bought to the trade-off to be here There’s so many good people in the country and they sound upset about it. We’re all Americans and The right thing to do is to stand up for someone when you feel that. They’re being treated inappropriately That’s the way my mom and dad raised me and then like something out of an old western our heroes saddle up and ride away

100 thoughts on “What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

  1. If that couple don't shut there mouth I am going to tell the president to kick them out of America and send them back where they belong

  2. Lmao the old guy in the beginning was ready to knock his ass out. We how he snatched his arm away from his wife lmao he was ready

  3. I love all my waiters/waitresses. I have had Hispanic, Asian, African, Middle-Eastern, and White and treated all the same.

  4. I’m black and that white dude that supports Trump and has a gun is how all Americans should be. We all have our own opinions but we’re all the same and should be treated as so. Good episode WWYD

  5. What does an American look like ? Can’t tell, but when they act like the couple discriminating that hoe you know they are %100 American

  6. Okay I'm sorry but I'm going to need to know thay Italian actors name for research purposes. Asking for a friend….

  7. Are the other customers actors as well, I remember seeing the lady with pink top in another one of WWYD episode 🙄

  8. Omg my skin is 100 percent white like a white person I am full Mexican and and if I was there i will slap her face fucking face omg and spit at her and throw him the glass right in head yeah baby

  9. As a conservative I understand the perspective of the couple.


    I could NEVER condone treating anyone this way based on an assumption.

    That's just stupid and inappropriate to queue in a setting like this.

  10. John Quiñones looks straight up Apache and that gentleman looks native as well!!!! Apaches were from the Southwest and Northern Mexico!!!! Come on people! On another point the name Mexico is actually 2 words put together. Metztli means moon and xictli means the navel. It is from the Nahuatl language which was spoken by the Mexica aka Aztecs whom were Native American. Millions of indigenous people from Mexico are native to this continent and many US tribes are Uto Aztecan meaning they are of the same people. The 1st people of the Americas were red skin just like them and I mean from Alaska to the tip of Chile.

  11. First guy was too clutch man.
    Where is your family from… oh so where would you live if they didn’t immigrate.

  12. These two gentleman are not racist. There are giving a exple of racist reality. My respects to the lady n gentleman

  13. Red Indians are the only Americans! Everybody else are immigrants! 😂🤣 And the so-called Eyetalians have been in US going back to their great grandfather, so why fake an accent?!

  14. I know it's a fake scene but I wish we could stop all this racism I mean come on leave eachother alone and show respect to eachother. I love when people stand up for eachother 😩❤

  15. The fat trump supporter might needa recheck his views cus damn ive never seen a trump supporter defend anyone like that let alone a straight out hispanic/latino person lmaooo

  16. Couple: he come across the border illegally if he didnt his parents did

    Me: Whats your proof? How do you know if he came across the border illegally or legally? Do you read minds? Do you just assume?

    (I know yhey are actress but i really wanna slap both of them because they act perfect)

  17. Honestly if you didn’t tell me he was from Mexico I though he was Native American but these people are very good actor and it’s sad people do this

  18. I honestly have a lot of respect for the Trump supporter even tho he supports Trump because he kept it real and said that even tho he is a trump supporter he can't just come at someone because they don't "look American"

  19. My bestie gets those same looks at her work. She is Dominican and Puerto Rican. If I worked with her, I'd get in trouble so many times cause I'd start something.

  20. Imagine going around thinking your face was superior and better than everyone’s else and still celebrating a holiday that doesn’t pertain to your culture and usually isn’t celebrated right and is just really made fun of tbh. 🤡


  22. Amazing!

    We have free access to all library and Wi-fi and this people don't take a minute to read!
    "We look American" lol
    You should double check what true American looks like!

  23. I had a friend in school and she was Mexican and so was the rest of her family I trusted my life with her she was that nice ok and she got kick out of our school because the principals son thought just because of her accent and color she stole everything and could even kill people in the class room

    Long story short I got 2 weeks detention and he got a black and blue eye and a bloody nose

    meanwhile most of them are fat, lazy and ignorant or strung out on meth and opioids.

    If you can’t
    Compete with people who work harder than you then you are of little use to the American economy

    Yes I’m white and for good measure I will also tell you without a doubt that I have 38 years in customer service and the whiniest most helpless annoying people on earth are American white women..

  25. I’m from Europe and living here. Every time when I hear that Americans are talking about their nationalism or how should look a real American , I laughing 😂😂😂. Stupid badass nation. Hahah just idiots.

  26. what’s sad is that this actually happens in real life & specifically speaking, it’s mainly white people that treat people like shit just for skin tone.

  27. The Trump supporter confused me but you know what I liked him and his attitude…oh lord I need a drink. In all seriousness though as they all said “what is American” it definately isn’t this European look some people claim it is. The indigenous Indians are the true Americans just like the indigenous people of Australia. So you know who you are…stop claiming things and just work with others and be respectful of the indigenous people

  28. I understand both side of this video. There are so many illegals in the USA that it puts everyone on edge. And just so everyone knows there are no jobs taken by anyone. There are jobs that people think they are to good for.

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