What Tommy Robinson told me in prison today: Ezra Levant

What Tommy Robinson told me in prison today: Ezra Levant

for the rebel media I'm as relevant I am in a car driving from Her Majesty's Prison Belmarsh to Paddington train station where I'll then get on the train to Heathrow Airport to go home to Canada so I am in a rush which is why I'm filming this in a car but I would like to take this car right to tell you about my prison visit with Tommy Robinson he as you know was sentenced for contempt of court to a nine-month prison term and this is on top of the time he's already served now some of that time served will be deducted from the sentence so he'll wind up being freed from prison in mid-september but he has been put in the harshest most maximum-security in London for a non criminal offense of contempt of court by the way no British journalist has been imprisoned for contempt of court in nearly a century so the reason I came to visit Tommy is not just because it's a good thing to do to visit someone in prison but because I was deeply concerned that the prison authorities would abuse Tommy in the same manner that they had abused him at the prison he was in last year HMP only elements of that abuse include putting him in a small box solitary confinement with no human contact for twenty three and a half hours a day no television and then the half hour a day he was let out he was screamed at by some of the muslim prison gangs that were wishing him death he actually had death threats hand-delivered to his cell door very specific death threats it was not just physical abuse but the psychological abuse abuse of 10 weeks in solitary confinement which is illegal by the way and finally there was the starvation element because Tommy's food was marked Stephen you actually linen and hand-delivered to his cell the Muslim prison gangs that prepared him could tamper with his food in a way they couldn't tamper with food in the cafeterias style lines so there were various elements of his torture last time and I used that word on purpose because it is psychological and physical torture as evidence of that I point out that he lost 40 pounds and ten in ten weeks so that's why I visited Belmarsh today and my immediate questions were has he been mistreated by either prisoners or staff has he been starved has he had any threats has he been subjected to physical or mental duress of any sort and let me give you the answers to those questions and other answers that I heard in my approximately one hour meeting with Tommy today first of all Tommy is in a complete isolation unit it's a form of solitary confinement in that he literally has not seen a single other prisoner in his time at Belmar she just hasn't seen any and we were led into a a distinct part of the prison where they simply was no one else there were so many prison staff who were working on Tommy's file Tommy tells me that even to unlock his door to take him from his cell to the exercise bike from the exercise bike to the weight room from the weight room to the shower room two guards are assigned to every one of those steps it's it's a bizarre handling unit I don't know how many prison staff are focused on Tommy but it's enormous it's not like HMP omni where they just threw him in a hole and said haha see in ten weeks it's sort of the opposite I mean he is in solitary in that he has no other contact with prisoners but he does have contact with prison staff and he tells me that the governor of the prison the warden as we call it in North America actually visits him every day even just for a moment just to say how's it going I thought that was very interesting not only is the is the warden making himself available to Tommy but he's inspecting to make sure things are well done that I found that very interesting and relieving Tommy says he's not worried about his food he says it's prepared in the hospital unit or the hospital wing he's in and then it's that is not run by prison gangs remember this is basically a prison within a prison I mentioned that Tommy is isolated has no other contact with prisoners what in particular response to a front-page story in The Daily Star that was picked up by dozens of other mainstream media outlets in the United Kingdom that claimed that Tommy was in the prison showers with other prisoners and he was assaulted by a 70 year old pensioner who dropped Tommy with one punch now if you've ever seen Tommy you know that it's unlikely that someone would jump him in prison if it was just one guy in seventy years old and knock him down with one punch but who knows it's possible but of course that was a lie Tommy has not been in communal showers he has not even seen any other prisoner other details in that story were laughably false that Tommy he came in strutting and was mocked by prisoners of every race I say again no other prisoners in Belmarsh have seen Tommy and Tommy has seen no other prisoners for the Daily Star to run that story on the front page a complete fabrication proves the essential point that Tommy and others are made which is you just can't trust a word the mainstream media says now one rumor that I heard that Tommy confirmed was true is it one of the three prisoners in this special handling unit is Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and although Tommy has not physically seen him Tommy can call up to him and Assange can call down and they've had conversations that way and Tommy says that Julian Assange is a is a good bloke who's supportive and I didn't get too much into the detail of the conversations but I found it very interesting again Tommy it's not physically seen him but they've had this conversation Assange is in them the hospital really in this isolation unit and Tommy is in what they laughably call a suite I mean it's still a cell and he's in there by himself but unlike HMP only it has a TV now that might sound frivolous or trivial but when you have no human contact having a TV just for the sound of a human voice just for some distraction is essential to psychological well-being on the subject of prison visits tommy is only allowed three visits a week now it should be more the prison in fact Tommy does have a legal right to a daily visit but through general incompetence and mismanagement the prison says the short-staffed on several of the days a week so he really only has three visits a week and he's in fact only being visited once by his family and I find that unacceptable given that he is a civilian prisoner civil prisoners committed no crime as to his food I already mentioned that he does not believe that it's being tampered with and he does have the ability to buy some food from the canteen it's not a question of Tommy being short of funds it's that there's a maximum amount that prisoners may spend that also addresses the telephone issue Tommy is only allowed a certain maximum number of minutes in the focal and obviously they're all listened to and screened so he has to be very judicious with the amount of minutes he spends because obviously he wants to talk to his family let's see it was a one-hour conversation and I I just observed that he seemed to be in proper health he was wearing comfortable clothes of his own he wasn't wearing prison stripes or an orange jumpsuit or whatever he was wearing his own clothing from home he grown a bit of a beard in the 12 days he's been in prison but he his eyes are not sunken he does not look emaciated in fact he says that he's getting fit he rides a stationary bike for an hour in the morning and he said that given the isolation nature he had access to the gym the other day and the entire gym was to himself he said it was quite odd I asked him how the staff worm and he told me quite bluntly that the staff were very good to him and I found that a relief I want to tell you one little wrinkle when I arrived at the prison early I mean I was told to arrive 45 minutes early to check in and I arrived even earlier than that and I was being very compliant with all the rules because obviously I didn't I mean I come a very long distance and we were waiting in a common visitors holding area with other prisoners who are going to see the general population and one of the prison guards surprised us by saying surprise you will not be in the same room as Tommy you will be separated by a glass wall and you can speak to each other by telephone through the glass wall and I said hang on hang on hang on that it's not right that is not right what is going on here this is a change why is this happening this is unacceptable why are you limiting his human interaction why can't I even shake the guy's hand by the way we're not allowed to take anything in I just take my watch off I take my jacket I've had to take my belt off had to empty everything not even a scrap of paper I wanted to bring in a piece of paper I I could bring nothing in no cell phone nothing at all they searched just in a variety of ways for drugs weapons phones everything it was extremely high security and at the last minute this guard says surprise there will be a barrier between you have to speak to each other by phone I'm certain they listen to every word we said there was a literally a camera in the room anyways I assumed they were recording us the audio of our conversations but when I heard that they were pulling that trick I was a mix of terror and rage and then I thought how capricious the prison system in remember this is the same prison system they moved him from HMP hallisay prison to HMP only a deadly prison and I thought here comes that capricious whim and we don't even knew no he's making the decisions I just about lost it I said to this guard who was just a workaday guard I mean she she wasn't a boss she wasn't the warden I said if that is the case if you were starting to have whimsical and capricious treatment of the prisoner and when he's gotten I was there with two of Tommy's friends who we sort of jammed in in the same timeslot I said if you are doing this to him I swear to God I will tell the world every every indignity and every restriction you put I was so upset even though it was just a regular security guard I let her know that the prison would that any mistreatment of Tommy even a small thing would be globally known within an hour of my release leaving the visit she went and spoke to her superiors and came back and said oh no I was wrong you'll be able to meet him after all I don't know if she was really wrong or if they blinked on that but that's what I'm talking about when I'm doing these prison reports in general Tommy seems to be in good health he said by the way he gets a daily medical exam he says he gets you know poked and prodded and blood tests and everything every day I should tell you that in his 10 weeks and HMP only he had no health exam went so better whatsoever he also had a psychologist or a psychiatrist talked to him so he's getting full physical and mental health it really is a special handling unit I mean really there's only three prisoners in his little series of sweets ones julian assange ones him and one's a murder of some sort so he went from literally thrown in a hole in Onley to being measured and observed and poked and prodded continuously now I suppose this is the better of the two the fact that he's in this maximum-security prison in this holding cell designed for extreme prisoners is a joke if it weren't so outrageous I mean Tommy isn't not in jail for a crime there was a civil offense of contempt accord but I have to say that my fears were somewhat allayed he's 12 days into his sentence he has not been starved he has not been poisoned he's not being threatened he's not being abused he has not received access to he's lawfully entitled prison visits and that's a concern the fact that that guard tried or said we were gonna be behind a pane of glass told me that there's still a whimsical approach he may have just been mistaken I'll grant that that's a possibility but given Tommy's treatment in the prison system before I'm extremely skeptical I spoke with Tommy at some more length and I left after about an hour because as you can see I'm in the car got a rush to Paddington Station gets straight to the airport I got to get on that plane but I told him that I would continue to visit and he was glad that I would and of course we had talked about this before his sentence because it's important that he stay in proper care because you'll recall his last sentence everything was fine at HMP howl until the day it wasn't and without warning or explanation or appeal he was simply switched prisons so I intend to return to visit Tommy several times I don't know if it's weekly or every two weeks I don't know to ensure that things do not change because in the prison Authority decisions are made that are not transparent that are difficult if not impossible to appeal and frankly given his isolation we don't even know about it what we do get from the mainstream media instead is purely fabricated lies like the story of him being assaulted in the shower what alive a Daily Star told so that's my slightly more extended version I'm gonna like I said I couldn't take notes in there I was not allowed a pen or paper or a phone to write things down it was a one-hour conversation it was a very dense conversation there was a lot to go over he was saying that he had not yet received many of the messages and packages meant for him and that counterterrorism was going through them very slowly I mean he's being in prison for 12 days and he's only got one day's worth of emails he did not receive the emails I had sent them that was that was of concern to me so they are infringing upon his legal rights they're not gross infringement but you've got to keep an eye on it and given the sheer manpower attending to time there must be 30 people working I mean it's as if he's public enemy number one because he was live-streaming some political commentary on Facebook it really is a joke the amount of manpower punishing a journalist that could be put on there are literally Isis terrorists in that prison right now but Tommy's the one in the special handling unit so as I return in my very long journey I came all the way over this morning I went straight to the prison and we're going all the way home today the whole round trip I don't know about 15 hours in the air only about six seven hours on the ground I am somewhat relieved but I am still on alert because I see how quickly and capriciously Tommy's treatment can change that is why I intend with Tommy's approval to return to prison several times before he is let out in 54 more days if you agree that these visits are important not only to talk to Tommy but to let the prison governor know that someone is watching to let the prison authority know that if they throw him in the hole if they throw them in if they take away what privileges he has someone will know and the world will know if you believe that's important please help me I mean it's an absurd thing to come all the way from Canada it's absurd from a amount of time needed it's an absurd from the cost point of view but if you think that this is the only way to ensure Tommy's safety which I do there's simply no one else I trust to ask the right questions to look Tommy and I and see see what the answers are I just had to see for myself and I can say he's okay for now if you want me to come back and do more of these crazy 24 hour round trips I'll do them but I do need help to cover the cost of the flight and the train fare and the cab fare hopefully I'll be able to do it at less expense next time but it still will be thousands of dollars all in if you can help police go to prison reports.com and I'll keep doing these prison reports both in these long form videos in short form tweets and and I'm gonna keep an eye on this lad till he gets out thanks very much and I'll probably have some more videos later on today and tomorrow but for now I'm just on my way to the airport thanks I'm on a whistle-stop trip planes trains and automobiles from Canada to Belmarsh prison and London and back in less than 24 hours my purpose to report on the treatment of Tommy Robinson and Belmarsh prison if you want to see all my reports on the subject and chip in to help this crazy flight journey I'm on please go to prison reports com you

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  1. "Julian Assange is a good bloke". Tell that to the BNP members that he doxxed and gave names and addresses to mainstream media and antifa ten years ago… He's a complete snake

  2. Thank you, Mr. Levant for all your efforts to deliver these updates to us. Many people are genuinely concerned for the health of a genuine human being who was imprisoned for simply exercising his rights based on the laws of "freedom of speech."


  4. Female screws are the worst, good for standing up to her! Prison drags everything out for badness! Tommy will do that sentence standing on his head!

  5. Robinson/Yaxley-Lennon was jailed for contempt of court, not 'journalism' as his t-shirt slogan proclaims. Whatever else he may be he is certainly no journalist.

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    He never has anything else to talk about

  7. because most people only watch BBC NEWS or SKY NEWS, or both. So they don't even know they are being brainwashed with these globalists.

  8. Cant Tommy sue the Daily Star for publishing lies about him. If he says its not true surely they should be made to pay

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  12. My thoughts are with the unknown prisoners in that jail, not with the guy who calls himself Tommy Robinson.

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