What To Do If Your Social Security Number is Stolen

What To Do If Your Social Security Number is Stolen

hi everybody this is Lynette Kafani Cox the money coach and co-founder of asta money coach comm I have a tip today of several tips as a matter of fact for those of you who may have lost your social security card or maybe even had your social security number stolen this is a very serious issue because really it represents a form of identity theft and you know the Federal Trade Commission says that identity theft strikes about 10 million Americans every single year the risks of identity theft are huge if somebody has your social security card they can do all kinds of things they can try to get a job believe it or not and get employment in your name they could try to get a tax refund check and maybe file taxes using your social security number perhaps even taking away a refund check that might be due to you and then of course they can also use your social security number to do unauthorized financial transactions like taking on credit accounts or loans mortgages all kinds of things they might even be able to tap into your own bank accounts by knowing your social security information so you definitely want to shut that problem down as quickly as possible once you find out that someone has your social security card or once you find out that you've lost your social security card so what should you do for starters you do want to notify the authorities if there's been any kind of theft involved if someone stole your wallet if someone took away your social security card along with your credit cards and other information do notify the local police you want to file a record of what's happened because you'll need to next go to the credit bureaus as well to tell them if you've been victimized by identity theft and they too will want to know have you registered any kind of a complaint if you find that someone has in fact used your social security number to open unauthorized accounts you should put either credit freeze or fraud alert on each of your credit files those three files are maintained by the big three credit bureaus Equifax Experian and TransUnion you're in the process of taking care of any kind of a fraud that you might have been victimized by if you've lost a social security card you do want to make sure that you notify the IRS as well the IRS has a division called the identity protection unit you want to contact them because you don't want anybody to file taxes using your social security number so you need to alert the IRS that your social security number might have been misappropriated some other authorities that you should contact are the FTC the FTC has a toll-free number 8 7 7 ID theft that you can report crimes like identity theft or the misappropriation or theft of your social security number since I mentioned that IRS site as well I should tell you you can go online to the IRS at irs.gov and that identity protection unit that I mentioned they too have a toll-free number it's eight hundred nine oh eight four four nine zero so you would definitely need to reach out to them if someone has stolen your social security card get that taken care of ASAP as I said identity theft is a major problem but you don't have to be victimized by it if you take some very common-sense and safe precautions I talked about those here on ask the money coach comm but you can get more tips on that and other ways to protect your financial identity right here

11 thoughts on “What To Do If Your Social Security Number is Stolen

  1. Thank you for the info! Found out some one used my SSN to open an account with the same bank I use. My bank linked there account with mine online, so I pretty much found out their name and where they have been living. I'm gathering evidence and trying to repair my credit score! Silly criminals… I wish the sentence for SSN theft was a bit more harsh…


  3. I know this video is old but it's really helpful to me hopefully you can answer my question I have a kid 7 years old me and his mom with separate now she doesn't want him so she give me costume of him can I get a Social Security number for him he was boring here I asked his mom for the Social Security and she doesn't want to give it to me can I request my child number Social Security number??

  4. lets say if someone stole my social number and they own a lot of money to banks and stuff like that would the real owner have to pay the money they own ??

  5. I just had my wallet stolen and I had mine in there! stupid I know but I had been planning to go looking for a job after I left the place it had been stolen at. ill be contackting ASAP as you sead ty!

  6. Thank you…this was excellent information. I wish I had this some years ago. It would have saved me so much aggravation. Thanks again

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