What the Alt-Right Fears

What the Alt-Right Fears

[Speaking Japanese] [J-Pop plays] The mainstream media are now full of stories explaining
the Alt-Right. Even a Japanese newspaper interviewed me the
other day about the “alto righto.” Alto Righto? Nani?? Last month I made a video called “Why White
Nationalism is Wrong,” in which I argued that reverting multicultural societies to
homogeneousness ones is infeasible, that the concept of whiteness is artificial and unstable,
and that so-called “white genocide” is a fiction. In response to that video, some people accused
me of stating the obvious or expressed astonishment that such a video was even necessary. Other peopled said: “First and foremost; You are but a dog,
and I am your master” Aw jeez. I’m getting all hot under the corset. What else we got, here. Hit it, Dick. [Dick Coughlan reading comments] “Hitler
was too moderate” “#gasyourself it will do the rest of us
a favor.” “Typical Jewish humor.” “Kill yourself, untermensch. White Europe is the only possible Europe.” “As an assumed gay transsexual, have fun
when a pack of moderate Islamist find you alone at night.” “I smell a cuck.” “cuck”
“cuck” “cuck”
“cuck” “MAXIMUM CUCKOLDRY” [Renaissance music] Yeah, “cuck, cuck, cuck” I got over 9000 of this type of comment. I wonder where they all came from. FUCKING NEWGROUNDS. Aren’t these the same otaku shitweasels
who harass women and ruin their lives for criticizing video games on the internet? Man, you’d have to be a genuinely deranged
maniac to actually wanna argue with these people— [March plays] [Speaking German] (cough) Sorry. It’s the costume. So if you’re a white nationalist who’s
thinking of calling me a cuck and a fag and telling me to kill myself, I’m just going
to assume that you’ve dropped all pretense of rationality and invite you to engage one
of my Nazi-punching comrades, and you all can just sort this out the Homeric way, which
is where this all seems to be headed anyway. But I hope it doesn’t come to that. People tell me I’m good at talking to the
far right. There’s a reason they call me the Nazi whisperer. [whispering] Komm her, Fritz. Sk sk sk sk. Ich würde gerne mit dir über die Judenfrage
sprechen. And the response to my White Nationalism video wasn’t all
just “cuck” and “kek.” There were also a lot of people making arguments. Or at least the frail facsimile of arguments. And arguments I can deal with. I can make points against them. Points contrary to them. Points contra to— Teil 1: Facts and Values So I get some comments from nationalists presenting
evidence that could, at least in theory, be empirically verified or falsified. For instance the Muslims-are-pedophile-raping-terrorists
theory. Or the white-genocide theory, also known as
“ethnic displacement” by savvier white enationalists who know that “white genocide”
sounds like a crackpot notion because it is. Now in my first draft of this video I went
through and agonizingly debunked these claims, arguing that the claims of an ongoing refugee
rampage of rape and pillage throughout Germany are unsubstantiated, that Sweden is in fact
the rape reporting capital of the world rather than the rape capital as the far right claims,
that the decline in white people as a percentage in the total population of a country is not
the same as a numerical decline in the white population, that the birthrate among Muslim
immigrants is rapidly declining and is likely to decline even more in successive generations,
that the aforementioned points make the whole ethnic displacement idea ridiculous, and that
in general the factual information evinced in support of nationalism is almost entirely
out-of-context statistics deceptively cited by scaremongering goons in an effort to radicalize
disillusioned young white men.] But I realized I was wasting my time. For one thing, this debunking has already
been done before, and better than I can do it. Seriously, go subscribe to Shaun and Jen. And if I focus on this specific, peripheral
stuff, the nationalists will just respond by saying that I have no argument, that I
didn’t make an argument, that I have no arguments, that I didn’t make a single argument,
that I have no arguments, that I didn’t make an argument, and that I didn’t make
a single argument. Now some of them are probably just trolling
me, but I also wonder if they really do think that I ignore the only part of their worldview
that they actually care about, namely this idea that white people “deserve” to have
their own ethnically homogenous nations. And since this is the most important idea
to you guys, why don’t we just get right to it, instead of getting bogged down in mere
debates about facts and what is true. Teil 2: Do White People Deserve Their Own
Exclusive Ethnostates? So how to we argue for or against the idea
that white people deserve their own ethnically homogenous nations? Well, it’s not an empirical claim. It can’t be supported or debunked with evidence. But when I look at the kinds of reasons given
by nationalists in support of the idea, I find the same type of argument again and again,
namely the argument that there’s this unfairness that everyone else gets to have their own
nation but us. [the1janitor reads comments]: “You need
to explain to whites why we can’t have an ethnostate but Israel can. What’s wrong with wanting the immigration
policy of Japan? “I’m proud to be Asian said the Asian
man. I’m proud to be black said the black man. I’m proud to be white said the racist.” “Why do you hate white people? I don’t see your kind EVER saying such things
about other races. Interesting. Very interesting.” Now how do I respond to this? Well, I’ll begin by saying that the comparison
between WN and “identity politics” causes like BLM is spurious, since BLM does not advocate
the establishment of a homogenous black ethnostate that excludes all other races. And I condemn the ethnostate idea wherever
it exists at all, including in Israel and Japan. Hai! Nein. Hai! Das ist falsch. Nani? Sh. Learn more Japanese vocabulary. …Hai! Anyway, the idea that only white nations are
multicultural or multi-ethnic is false. [Look at the demographics of China or India
and you’ll see that both countries are populated by a variety of ethnic groups. In fact if you look at the demographics of
Peru, you’ll find the country is so diverse that no single ethnic group comprises a majority
of the population.] But here I am arguing with facts again. And white nationalism isn’t about facts. So what is it about? Well, progressives are probably thinking it’s
about hate, and it kind of is, but based on the time I’ve spent immersed in online white
nationalist discourse I have to say the predominant mood is fear. And I don’t just mean fear of Muslims or
black people or other minorities. I mean a deep, existential fear of change
and irrelevance and annihilation. Behind all their memes and jokes, there’s
this kind of basic, primordial dread of nothingness and death. And let’s look at a couple more comments
to illustrate what I mean. [Hbomberguy reading comment]: “’Race is
just a social construct,’ Yeah keep saying that as we slowly dwindle away, We will be
a forgotten people for sure. Maybe that asteroid that brushed past Earth
should have hit, At least I wouldn’t have to put up with trannies, gays & C.Marxists
wiping out my people.” [Lindsay Ellis reading comment]: Many of us
are looking at our countries and thinking: “Well if things keep going like this in
another 70 years there will be no Germany, there will be no France, no Sweden, no Portugal,
no Greece, no Western world. And this feeling changes everything.” [Hbomberguy reading comment]: “If I have
to be a Nazi to protect my race, my culture and my country then you bet your ass I’ll
take that label with pride” “You never mentioned any tribal belief that
white people had and basically associated the speaking of English as proof that our
culture is not dying. What about the speaking of Old Norse? Or countless other languages that were molded
together due to this “one world government, all people are equal” concept.” [laughs] So the tone that comes across in these comments
is existential panic. And funny though this idea about the one world
government bringing down Old Norse is, it conveys what the panicked nationalist hopes
for as a solution to change and loss and oblivion: namely that if you could just freeze time
at a given point in history, then you could preserve an eternal civilization, a thousand-year
Reich. It’s like a kind of Egyptian mummification
urge, the feeling that if we could just embalm our own culture and protect it from the whims
of time, then it’ll never die. But just like mummifying dead bodies for the
afterlife, this is a delusion. There’s no way to stop cultures from changing. It’s always happened and it’s always gonna
happen, whether it’s because of immigration or the Internet or whatever. Swedish culture is gonna change. English culture is gonna change. German culture is gonna change. But you know what, there’s a big difference
between death and metamorphosis. And it takes a lot more than a couple million
immigrants to kill a culture. So, let’s consider African American culture
as a story of some of the most glorious cultural perseverance in world history. During the transatlantic slave trade, Africans
were ripped by force from their ancestral homeland, shipped to a different continent,
placed in literal shackles and sold as property. Drums, which were the musical centerpiece
of their communal life, were forbidden by their white owners. Their language was replaced, they were converted
to a new religion, and their genetic makeup was altered over generations of rape. They were about as defeated as a culture can
be, and yet, you can’t stop a slave in the field from singing. Fast forward to the twentieth century, and
despite ongoing subjugation, black Americans ushered in a century-long Golden Age of music
and art that has spread across the world. So don’t tell me that a couple million immigrants
mean the death of Europe. It could literally be one thousand times worse,
and European culture would still survive in some form or another. And I know my preceding argument won’t convince
people who think that American music is degenerate, but you know what, I encourage you to actually
acquaint yourself with the best of blues, jazz, soul, rock, and hip hop. If you look you’ll find emotional depths
there that can change you as a person, and maybe it’ll even reawaken whatever part
of your humanity that died when you decided that it was okay to build razor wire fences
in front of children fleeing for their lives. Now if you’re going through some kind of
identity crisis and you need to seek meaning in the culture of your ancestors and say a
few prayers to Odin now and then, then you know what, that’s fine. You’re entitled to do that. But you’re not entitled to demand that an
entire culture freeze in its tracks. And I won’t pretend that multi-ethnic society
will be easy, or there won’t be conflict and setbacks. There will be. But if there’s one lesson that America can
teach Europe, it’s that these things are surmountable. It might be hard in the short term, especially
for countries that are suddenly having to learn to deal with significant ethnic diversity
for the first time. But you know what, in the long term it’s
gonna be okay. And I suppose to European nationalists, I
must be the worst case nightmare scenario of what their grandkids could become. I should be a little browner, but basically,
I am what the Alt-Right is afraid of. I live in the most multicultural country in
the world, and you know what, my culture is not White culture, it’s American culture,
under-appreciated black muse included. So you can’t tell me that White nationalism
will protect my culture, because my culture is half black. What I’m saying is, I am rock n’ roll. [Singing/playing “Old Time Rock ‘N Roll”]

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  1. I try to be ethnically sensitive at all times. That said, look at 6:32, holy shit there is an "Anal" ethic group in India hahhahahahahahahaahaa…

  2. Good news Germany if things go the way they are looking you will no longer be exclusively associated with Nazism

  3. You literally killed me with the intro!
    I knew I loved your content… so now I need to find a new superlative… thanks! 😛

  4. Well if the whites want an ethnostate. I have the solution. For the low low price of 1billion pounds of gold. Ill give them the deed to mormon heaven. EthnoWORLD who's ready to ?

  5. Thumbs up for 2:00 through 2:15

    😂I was legit crying at how funny that bit was😂

    Quickly becoming my fav tuber (even beyond Sargon)… I get a lot of radically different fakes from you on hot button topics

  6. american music… blues/jazz in particular changed the world for the better for sure, right on, sister!!

  7. Let's hear that once more for the people in the back:

    "There's a big difference between death and metamorphosis, and it takes a lot more than a couple million immigrants to kill a culture. So, let's consider African-American culture as a story of some of the most glorious cultural perseverance in all [of] world history.

    During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Africans were ripped by force from their ancestral homeland, shipped to a different continent, placed in literal shackles, and sold as property. Drums (which were the musical centerpiece of their communal life) were forbidden by their white owners. Their language was replaced, they were converted to a new religion, and their genetic makeup was altered over generations of rape. They were about as defeated as a culture can be.

    And yet, you can't stop a slave in the field from singing. Fast-forward to the 20th Century, and despite ongoing subjugation, Black Americans ushered in a century-long golden age of music and art that has spread across the world.

    So don't tell me that a couple million immigrants mean the death of Europe. It could literally be a thousand times worse and European culture would still survive in some form or another."

  8. Fun fact: the thing that wiped out Gaelic (not totally), old Norse, and just the Nordic culture in general wasn’t people of color. It was the British. You know, WHITE people.

  9. yeah "claims" of an ongoing refugee rampage… Happen to live in Sweden, happen to see the criminality having gotten ten times worse with my very eyes.
    Maybe we all need to get away from dealing in such extremes eh? Like oh lets have a pure white ethno state, or oh the rape and crime epidemic is complete bogus.

  10. Are you acquainted with Ernest Becker's work? Your idea of existential dread being at the core of white nationalism is quite "beckerian".

  11. I'm someone who left academia a few years ago, for various reasons (mostly money reasons). My area was Old Norse and Old English. As I've been trying to become more informed on what the alt-right is, why there's a rise in white nationalism, etc., I've noticed that some people take Old Norse/Anglo-Saxon iconography and try to use it to say something about 'white culture' or 'western culture'.

    This is obviously massively unsettling. But, from an academic perspective, it's making me wonder whether I should try to get back into research in order to try to dispel some of these alt-right myths about medieval Europe. There is so much historical evidence for multiculturalism (of a kind) happening in the medieval period. Do these neo-Nazis realise that Vikings frequently traded with merchants in Baghdad? And that often what was being traded were slaves — often Anglo-Saxon slaves.

    Indeed, Vikings had no sense of themselves being part of 'Western European' culture: either you were a Viking (in which case you were protected by law in their society) or you weren't (in which case you weren't even really considered human in the eyes of the law). Viking culture is not something we should hold aloft as this historical bastion of something that Western Europeans should be proud of: it was nasty, insular and violent.

  12. The theory that the nihilistic dread of being left behind and the obsessiveness with eternal youth to prevent such inevitable death is the very foundation that founds all hatred and fear, is very promising. We are all having a mortality crisis 24/7, even if you think you're not (subconsciously you are🙂). So these people have dedicated their lives to cope with it this specific way.

  13. i was just listening and heard c.marxists as sea marxists and… well, climate change is here. take to the high seas

  14. Here in Peru we say that "quien no tiene de inga, tiene de mandinga" which means that if you are not mix raced from x and y ethnicity, you are from a and b.

  15. You are lumping everyone with the alt right. I do not advocate for ethnic cleansing, but I do not want burkas, oriental music and mosques on every steet. I sometimes like eating oriental food but I do not want their culture imposed on me. Also white people are for me more beautiful on average that any other race.

    You people scream cultural apropriation when we enjoy aestetics of some culture but scream racist if we say that islam values suck. And no, I am not a defender of "traditional/christian values" either. I am areligious, reasonably pro lgbt (im bi female) and pro feminism, but I do not believe in forced multiculturalism

  16. I'm just waiting for my husband to look over his screen, see Natalie in the "facshenfurter" costume, and ask what the hell I'm watching.

  17. I know this is an older video but I'd like to make the point the 1. Israel is not an ethnostate, in fact it's very diverse. 20% of it's population are Muslim and Christian Arabs, the population of Israel also includes Bedouins, Druze, Ethiopian Jews and so on and 2. Japan's policies of homogeneity and xenophobia for decades has left the country with a stagnant economy since the 1980's, high rates of suicide and of course an aging population that is retiring faster from the workforce than they can be replaced, because younger Japanese people don't have children at the same rate.

  18. about the african-american music point, it doesn't only extend to those genres, Bad Brains (a full african-american hardcore punk band) was one of the pioneers of hardcore punk and are genuinely amazing musicians, in a scene where bad playing and off-rhythm drums and guitar are the standard. Bad Brains is also a great reggae band, showing their ability to play some of the fastest music you can find, while also playing some fucking amazing reggae.

  19. God damn it. I'd say I'd lean more politically right and am sexually confused but watching your videos for the last hour I'm now extremely confused because all I want is to fuck your high heels off. what the fuck is happening to me contra

  20. So, what is "white?" Are Greek people white? What about Italians and French? American culture is nothing like those cultures. Every color and culture has gay and trans people. Native Americans are the only indigenous peoples to the Americas and they're not white. I tan super easy, does that mean I'm not white in the summertime? And what about the Russians? They are white but also communist and socialist. Asians are white, but they're not. So, if white people got their own "nation" they still wouldn't be able to get along because they could never agree on who actually belongs there. All I can see is a bunch of disgruntled idiots who just want to be angry at SOMETHING so they chose skin color. They should call themselves what they really are – ignorant cowards who are too stupid to know how stupid they really are.

  21. There has been infinitely more repression and harassment against gamers by feminists than the other way around. Feminism is a serious problem for anyone that wants the freedom of expression and originality

  22. I’ve been struggling with my political viewpoint for a long time, mainly thanks to the radicalization of the internet, and I just couldn’t pick a side. See, i know a lot of anti-sjw shitlords who call me a feminazi simply for not being right and I always doubted my own opinions. But thanks to your videos i’m now confident in my political viewpoint and don’t have to feel bad about being a leftist anymore (not extreme left ofcourse). Keep up the work! You might actually save this generation.

  23. I just wanna know how many languages you speak and how many instruments you play, because you're hella talented.

  24. What I find the most striking about the alt right, which simultaneously proves them to be what they are afrait to be is: that they don’t actually organize to live “white culture “ in meaningful ways thst would help the white community ( in its issues of loneliness, bad socialization, and all the other bs that produces mass murderers). Actually build community with purpose and meaning from the inside (not external meanings built on the existance of “others”).

  25. Anyone who thinks I'd get along with them and come willingly to their all-white dystopia is an emotion-driven mistake of a person who needs a swift slap across the face.

  26. Why do you think only white men are the only ones that are conservative? There are blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, and homosexuals, and even trans who are conservative. If White Nationalists existed for the Right, like Charlie Kirk and Milo Yiannopoulos, why would Charlie had been seen hanging out with Candace Owens and Milo, being a Gay Jew, is married to a black man.

  27. * "You'd actually be a deranged maniac to actually want to argue with these pe…."
    [CUE DERANGED MANIAC (C'ept this is her non-deranged maniac Good Twin)]
    ….Love it; Plus Freya (despite representing awfulness) is darkly sexy.

  28. "I'm proud to be Asian", said nobody ever, because Asian is a grouping that most people from Asian cultures reject as overly simplistic and offensive.

  29. Thanks for expanding my viewpoint, I'm a bit more Kiity with a bat then a philosopher no matter how much I like logic and reason. Judging by the hate mail you have enemies. W. Churchill (anti-mazi WWII) said this about enemies. You have enemies? Good. That means you''ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. To many people either partly believe the fascist lies or just do not want to take a stand. So you can be proud and we stand with you against this blatantly insane and inhumane ideology.

  30. Contra your still an idiot

    Africans sold there own people also we in the alt right condemn slavery we think its the worse decision our ancestors have ever done.

    Even with the muslim birthrate declining they still have a higher birth rate than europeans(which the european birthrate is freefalling) and the middle east is very unpredictable a war could break out at any point bringing in even more refugees into europe and yes the crime rate that muslims commit does matter considering they commit most of the hate crimes, rape, murder.

    China is nearly homogeneous The People's Republic of China (PRC) officially recognizes 56 distinct ethnic groups, the largest of which are Han, who constitute 91.51% of the total population in 2010. Ethnic minorities constitute 8.49% or 113.8 million of China's population in 2010.

    India is a terrible example of diversity so is peru which kinda proves our point more diversity means lower I.q and more poverty.

    Its literally been 300 years and blacks still commit most of the crime across the americas and european nations.

  31. I feel the same way. While I’m CLEARLY not white, half of my cultural identity is WHITE AS FUCK!! Better than half, in truth.

    I’ve fucked women from every race and culture. However, easily 6 in every 10 of them were white American women. Well, if you’re not a racist and live in America, how could that go down any other way?! Sure, I was an average basketball player throughout most of my youth. No matter how many lay-ups and 3-pointers I made, I doubt that I could have ever been more than an average basketball player. Around age 13 (or, as I started to make my own money…), I discovered HOCKEY. From the beginning, it was obvious to all that I had the potential to be a MUCH better than average hockey player. My biggest difficulty back then to reaching that potential was “being allowed” to play with other hockey players near me (who are mostly white men). To this day, it still remains my greatest difficulty. Were I born in Canada to a richer family, the NHL would have been a real possibility.

    I could go on, but I feel I’ve made my point. For Natalie Wynn, it’s Rock ‘n Roll. For me, it’s hockey.

  32. This is utterly beside the point, I know, but Old Norse still exists in remarkably unchanged state – we just call it Icelandic now.

  33. Israel isn't an ethnostate, though, and all you have to do is look at the demographics to see how ridiculous of a claim this is. It assumes, firstly, that all Jews belong to a single ethnic group. Which is fucking idiotic upon any kind of critical scrutiny. It also ignores the fact that 20% of Israel's population is not Jewish at all.

    Israel is a state predicated on a cohesive national identity. Converts to Judaism have as much 'right of return' as so-called 'ethnic' Jews. I'm disappointed that you take this Alt-Right smear against a country without examining if it's even true or not. Did it even occur to you that they make this claim as leverage in their anti-semitic conspiracy theories, and that it shouldn't be taken at face value?

  34. Nobody deserves an ethnostate. Lol. Assuming your skin color having anything to do with your culture is fucking laughably childish.

  35. Called out a childhood friend for preaching white nationalism on facebook. Received so much flack from (what i hope are) centrists in our small village in the Belgian countryside, had to rewatch some of your video's to shrug it off. It helped, so thanks!

  36. You literally admitted that multiculturalism has it's difficulties. But what if we don't want to deal with that? Why should anyone be forced to deal with it? What good does multiculturalism bring? Because I see nothing apart from constant internal strife

  37. 11:17: ‘I am rock ’n’ roll’
    ‘Incels’, 33:41 ‘What I’m suggesting is the manosphere exists because rock ’n’ roll is dead.’

  38. I am. In love. This person plays multiple instruments, speaks multiple languages including my mothertongue and is fricking hawt i mean look at 2:20 look at it

  39. There is often used the term "race" used in the discussions. Modern biology does NOT divide people into races, because the genetic differences are too less to back up a grouping into (biological) races scientificaly. The different looks of people can only be seen in the phenom, not in the genom. This noticed even Imanuel Kant 200 years ago: race is about how you look on the outside, not how you are on the inside. To be scientificaly correct we have to use terms like "ethnic group" or "population".

  40. we have to jam sometime haha bob seggar yea I was from Detroit ps got pretty war wound fighting Nazis ect https://www.facebook.com/410081532814093/videos/353511831952465/

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