What Socialism Really Looks Like – The Jim Jefferies Show

What Socialism Really Looks Like – The Jim Jefferies Show

As the Democrats battle for the nomination,
Republicans are fighting back with a very specific strategy, and they’re saving
their fierce attacks for one Democrat
that isn’t evening running. Heng:
Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism? My father was minutes from death
in Cambodia before a forced marriage
saved his life. That’s socialism. I’m not outrageous,
racist, nor socialist. I’m a Republican. You’re an idiot. Cambodians
weren’t killed by socialism. They were victims of a genocide inflicted by the communist
Khmer Rouge, which I initially thought was the all-Asian sequel
to “Moulin Rouge.” I — I was very disappointed
and very wrong. Eh, not as much singing, although Ewan McGregor
was still heavily involved. [ Laughter ] Are voters really buying this? It makes
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sound like she wants to
murder Americans in the street when she actually
sounds more like a Central American
mountain range. “Tragedy today as a planeful
of missionaries went down over the
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A search for the wreckage
found no survivors but scattered Buttigieg.” [ Laughter ] Republicans,
you think the Democrats who promote socialism
are cut from the same cloth as Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot,
Ewan McGregor, Fidel Castro? And — And his friend
on the T-shirt? They all claim to be socialists, so, of course,
it gets a bad wrap. I — Look. I, too, grew up
in a socialist country. And I know too well
what it can do to a society. Let me show you
what socialism looks like. ♪♪ The horror. [ Cheers and applause ] Now… Now, socialism is shorthand
for everything bad in the world, and it’s distracting us
from talking about other things. Right, legendary Dodgers
announcer Vin Scully? Scully: Socialism failing
to work, as it always does. This time in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody
something free, and all of a sudden,
there’s no food to eat. Anyway. Oh and two. Oh, Vin. Always dropping some wisdom
at the most awkward moments. “You know, the greatest pitcher
in Dodgers history was Sandy Koufax. Now, let me tell you something
about his people.” [ Laughter ] “Two out, bottom of the eighth.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] The scare tactics work
because people don’t really know what the word “socialism” means. Plenty of our institutions
are already socialized — schools, roads, libraries,
the military. Yes, the military is socialist. Servicemembers get free
healthcare, housing, and food, and we pay for it
with our taxes. The fire department. Imagine a fire department
that was privatized. How would that look? “Is your house on fire?
Are you on fire? Call me. I’m Dennis.
I have a hose. Don’t be fooled
by other fire departments that claim to use water. Our patented waterlike substance will remove up to 70% of the
fire on your home and/or body.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Democrats who embrace socialism
are trying to empower the working class and get
big money out of politics. It doesn’t mean
the end of capitalism. We can embrace both. What we need is a new “ism”
that’s less scary and combines the best ideas
of all the ism’s. Since I’ve invented it, we can call it Jimism —
or Jism for short. Yes, it’s a good name!
It’s a good name! Jism!
[ Cheers and applause ] That’ll get stuck in your head.
And your hair. [ Laughter ] First we take the best things
from socialism, like free healthcare and the bus that picks
your kids up from school. Then we add capitalism. Some people will still get rich. And communism — some people
will still get poor. And then a touch of fascism. They had the best uniforms. Uh, next, uh, environmentalism, where everyone gets a turtle. And then there’s
anthropomorphism, so those turtles can talk! It’s the best of everything.
Everyone wins. And that’s Jism. It’s coming.

100 thoughts on “What Socialism Really Looks Like – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Is this the same jim that did an interview with a conservative and started saying all these racist slurs towards Muslims and then edited the video to make it look like the conservative was saying those things?

  2. I get the feeling Jim Jeffries thinks he is some sort of rebel because he says “cunt” a lot and drinks and does drugs and talks about it openly but the truth is, he couldn’t be more commonplace in his line of work. He’s a shill just like everyone else on that channel, and almost every other channel. CC would have fired Matt and Trey a long time ago if they weren’t such cash cows.

  3. Because if the United States kills thousands of people is Not called Genocide, it's called spreading Democracy

  4. Any institution or service or agency that performs a necessary function for the common good, that we all, or most of us, with some notable exceptions, looking at you Trumpy boy and many of your 1% cronies, pay for with our taxes, is socialist. I had not really thought of it that way. OMG, I get social security. I drive on public roads. I was in the military. Am I in league with the socialists? Fuck me.

  5. "Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production." That has absolutely nothing to do with Australia. Australia has some social democratic policies. That is very different. It's funny how American talkshow hosts including Trevor Noah always talk about free health care and then point to Europe claiming there is free health care and European countries like Sweden are socialist countries. They are not! Sweden is a social democracy, meaning that the means of production are not owned by the community but there is private property. Please understand, socialism means that the community owns everything and the single person owns nothing which has historically led to declining economic success of these societies because nobody gains anything from working hard. Now some information on humans: if they don't gain anything from working hard they don't work hard.

  6. I don't even know where to start on how ignorant this is. Australia is still a capitalist economy with a large export market to avoid the b.s., no socialist economy has ever succeeded. Except for the the short time of the 1% that you are all fighting against getting rich and neglecting everyone else leaving them with no hope of life improvement. If this is what you want you should move to where that is the "government" you want and carry out your happy life.

  7. Lol. America IS a socialist country. Tax breaks, bailouts, govt contracts, tax havens
    Welcome to Corporate Socialism, where your mom cant afford an ambulence without going bankrupt, but Jeff Bezos pays 0 on his billions!

  8. Did he really reffered to Australia as a "Socialist" country ? Dafaq? Sure Australia has higher taxes but if that makes it a socialist country and is a way better place to live then why did he move to the US to start his career ? Infact not only him but Trevor Noah and John Oliver all popular talk show hosts trash America's economic system yet they are all from other countries and started their career in the US.

  9. Republicans seem just fine with socialism when it's giving those eeeeeevil handouts to farmers, especially when said farmers are struggling because of republican policies in the first place.

  10. Wouldn’t have thought I’d live to see the day where a comic would promote socialism. Of all the people that should be against socialism, they should be comics, writers, journalists, artists, etc. but like all other great downfalls, this is how they begin.

  11. Cambodia was mostly CIA!
    Fascism is basically state capitalism with socialism for racists and the upper class! (specifically upper-class racists and industrialists)
    And Social democracy is state capitalism with perks for everyone!

  12. Socialism is bad, it does nothing good in society but Socialist elements in a capitalist government are great. Hybrid elements are even better(and the paychecks are awesome), companies with a federal contract being overseen by government and private business has a better quality control.

  13. Imagine if people took 5 minutes to read up on WHAT SOCIALISM ACTUALLY IS. Seriously even just reading the Wikipedia page would help because you clowns have been fed a load of BS and do not know what you are talking about. And I am talking to both the left and right, you are all idiots.

  14. but she forgot to add, just like Pentagon, the most sucess socialism on earth with USD 750 Billion dollar for free every year to hire people and give contract to rich people. 😎👍🏼👍🏼

  15. What would it look like if the police department was privatized? Well, it would match the prison system most likely. And our prison system is so efficient, we have more incarcerated people by TWO TIMES the country in the number 2 spot. Yeah, privatizing organizations that have power is an awesome idea. Let's do that.

  16. The fear mongering towards socialism is ridiculous. A bunch of countries (Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc…) offer universal healthcare and free college tuitions, and they’re doing fine. The problem with Cambodia wasn’t the socialism, it was that PolPot was a nutcase who wanted everyone to be a farmer and killed anyone rumored to be a political dissident. This is what happens when people are uneducated: they believe whatever lie or propaganda thrown their way.

  17. We have been a mixed government for a long time. Socialism in our society is Welfare, Social Security, and the like. We have been a part Socialist country for a long time.

  18. There is a difference between socialism and social democracy. Socialism is what communist countrys do, social demoracy is what most west european nations have

  19. Fire department were private companies in cities in the mid to late 1800s. People paid them an annual fee or in other ways but they weren't organized to work together under a city council until much later.

  20. Hearing about helping your child invalid get laid was amazing. Hearing you quip about “personal?” opinions isn’t. You were funny. Now you are another LA cunt. Back to the crime country with you. Lame!
    Ps. Socialism is clips of animals? Yeah!!!!! You’re so right!

  21. How about your housing shortage and over valued property prices forcing middle class out of Sydney, the pension that even if you donate to still isn't enough to live on… not retirement… retirement assistance… can't stop working but you can slow down

  22. He fails to mention that Australia is one giant nanny state. Zero Punctuation used to live in Australia and he bashed the government all the time.

  23. Nah, no such thing as Jism…or Jimmism….yeah but Yangism, for sure! A human-centered capitalism. Not left, not right, but forward! Andrew Yang 2020!!!!

  24. Anyone with a half decent understanding of what a commonwealth is, knows Australia is not socialist. Another purposefully twisted explanation to dumb the masses and push the agenda.

  25. We are already socialist. Except we give money and breaks to the rich and force the low and middle class to front the bill w our quality of life, meager incomes. Because business and corporations are apparently more important than the average citizen.

  26. This reminds me of a scene from the prince's bride where Wes finally get the upper hand and remembers e's not left handed. I mean what the fucks going to happen when these people ( Pompeo) realize that they're actually going to prison. Fuck you trafic court!🖕🏾

  27. The USA desperately needs a good shot of Socialism. Concentrated Capitalism has led to almost all the wealth going to 5% of the people!

  28. Virtually all countries are both capitalist and socialist, whether they admit it or not. To what degree do they balance the two, that's the state of economies.

  29. Socialism is not Statism, so under Socialism, the state doesn't own or control everything, the people do . . . . directly, as in direct democracy.

  30. As a libertarian I think the fear I have with socialism like they have in Europe is that it may one day turn into communism like they have in China. Reeducation camps forced abortions the list goes on. We want to hide our eyes from what is really going on in China but much of it is a horror show.

  31. I live in a socialist country.
    It’s terrible! I had to pay over €240 for my entire college and don’t even have a debt! I have to wait like, hours, before my doctor can see me if it isn’t minutes, and it costs me less than nothing. It’s terrible! Our roads and bridges are so nice that everyone speeds!

  32. Australia is a mixed market economy. Not socialist. Much like the "nordic countries" that are also often mislabeled as socialist it is a capitalist nation with strong social welfare. Not a socialist country.

  33. The ignorance of americans on political ideologies is so fucking irritating.
    Socialism ISN'T equivalent to authoritarianism, and it ISN'T the government 'doing stuff'.
    What AOC and Bernie as proposing is SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, which is basically heavily regulated Capitalism with high taxes for the wealthy and a big welfare system.
    Also, the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot was also supported by the US at the time. And it's idiotic to conflate Fidel Castro with Stalin and Mao.

  34. The Sandy Kofax joke is a reach. Who knows who that is? I'm a 50 year old American. I recognize him as a baseball player, then Jim did something racist with his hand and I'm guessing he's indicating Kofax is jewish– who the hell would know that Kofax was Jewish? Someone who's already racist. Maybe that's the joke? In summary, baseball is the worst sport.

    I grew up in a VERY military town. The military is TOTALLY meritocracy/socialism for dumb fucks who can't get a job until they can get an honorable discharge (surprisingly hard for a dumb fuck).

    Regarding fire departments– that's how the original fire departments worked, which is why we stopped doing that more than a hundred years ago.

    School buses are a serious victim of anti-socialism though. The only time I was driven to school by my parents was to participate in the "gifted and talented" program once a week (1970s). This was the wedge that opened up the whole magnet school bullshit. Now every parent who can afford to or has time to has to drive their kids. Guess what happens to kids whose parents are poor?– their kids have to ride the bus with the other undesirables to an underfunded school and get marginalized further. Repeat cycle. Praise white Jebus. Magnet schools and charter schools are at least classist and probably racist bullshit.

  35. Jim is a funny guy but his politics crap for the most part. His gun control rants are funny but don't have any real substance behind his arguments. This video claims to combine socialism with capitalism. This is what are doing now and we have a jacked up gov't and economy. There are economic bubbles left and right and it's because socialists don't get it. Health care & schools would be affordable if the gov't stayed out of it. instead they show up with their $ printing deep pockets and wonder why people who deliver the services or products jack the prices up and make it unaffordable. It's just nonsense.

  36. None of those things were socialism or communism. Communism never existed and it won't exist until there is full automation in a post-scarcity society.

    Also, putting Che Guevara and Fidel Castro on the same level of Stalin is atrocious. Stalin was a power hungry oligarch sociopath (he'd do great in the US government) and Che and Fidel liberated Cubans from a US-sponsored military dictator that was exploiting, arresting and torturing people in Cuba. See Wikipedia -> Fulgencio Batista. Then tell me he didn't deserve to be removed from power.

    And what became of Cuba? Well, even with the constant economic war (sanctions and embargoes) it became a country with almost full literacy, 0% child malnutrition, huge percentage of doctors per capita, lowest infant mortality rate in the caribbean and so on. Compare Cuba to Puerto Rico for example. After the hurricanes in 2017(?) Cuba had power after a week. Parts of Puerto Rico were OVER A YEAR without power. Good job, America.

    Do not believe the oligarch-sponsored propaganda about Cuba. The US do not want successful socialist countries (see Allende's Chile) because it sends a bad message to the countries they want to have control over.

  37. Dumb. I will say when people talk about socialism it always gives me a good laugh. I'm by no means wealthy but I do keep my money/business offshore. It gives me peace of mind to know that some radical leftist morons arent going to rob me blind in a few years.

  38. This man is as funny as a brick wall.. nice try Jim but just like the rest of you leftie comedians you can't hide your stupidity

  39. Can't remember who said this, but it was probably Colbert, Oliver or your colleague Noah: "US already 'does' more socialism in day, than Venezuela 'does' in a month" (paraphrasing). Just yea.. the "brand" socialism is somehow turned into a bad thing.

  40. I don’t believe in 100% socialism, nor 100% capitalism.. I think both are interdependent and need features of each other to work properly

  41. Firefighters did used to be private. Worst idea ever to have each building’s exterior labeled according to the company that should be called in case of a fire.
    The scene from The Gangs of New York with the rival firefighters duking it out as the fire raged on was inspired by this

  42. You know what's funny is when someone uses the food shortage in Venezuela and is like "ha beat that," but then you point out investigations showed capitalists in the opposition party were hoarding the food in warehouses to manufacture a crisis…and they all the sudden don't want to argue anymore. 😐 hilarious😂😂😂

  43. Jim thinks that the 2nd amendment is a joke…
    He lost me at that point.
    I love my guns, love feeling safe and able to DEFEND myself if some man (men) decide to break in and manage to get past my dog, so I am not raped or murdered…
    Jim is hilarious, but nieve as hell sometimes 😬

  44. In ancient rome, firefighting was privatized. And it worked as "well" as expected. The firefighters would haggle about prices before they would begin work. And the worse the fire, the more outrageous prices they would demand, knowing that the "customer" simply couldnt say no.

  45. Pol Pot was a CIA spy, who died in peace under home arrest. It was declassified few years ago, you can find official documents.

  46. Jeffries, everything you say makes you sound like an moron. You come here to America, what a lucky guy! Now you speak against the values that made the U.S.A the best country in the world. Perhaps it's time for you to go back home.

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