22 thoughts on “What Social Anxiety Feels Like

  1. I came close to failing some of my high school classes because I was too scared to ask for help. Even from close friends. I just didn't want to be a bother.

  2. 1:12 It's funny because I have social anxiety and that is exact how I walk around when I'm in social events lol

  3. One time I left my bag in my locker after school because two people were in front of it and I didn’t want to ask

  4. When your engaged in unwanted socialising and you notice your whole body is vibrating and face is twitching.

  5. Well this is basically me. EXCEPT anxiety only comes in afterwards while in the moment I'm usually somewhat blind to it. Which I guess social anxiety plus Asperger's feels like.
    It's like I'm there the next day humming to myself thinking about last night coming to the realization that
    And the fun part is that I will never truly get closure. Just tics and twitches and feelings of panic whenever I'm reminded of it.

  6. Once I stood up with my 40 pound backpack for half of class because I didn't want to ask if I could sit next to this girl I didn't know because I didn't know if her friend was coming. Finally the teacher was like "take a seat".

  7. I always think people hate me and that they like everyone else better than me. And I struggle to come up with conversation that is interesting and often end up talking about myself or just random facts that literally no-one cares about or making jokes that are to mean. The only time I feel truly comptable is if I'm having a political discussion.

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