what it’s like working in social media

what it’s like working in social media

hey guys it's Luna I thought I would start this vlog off right here because I have a big event day today I thought I would take you along and show you what a day in life of an influencer is no kind of I guess I don't really see myself that way but anyway these events are super fun and I love going to them genuinely so we have to today I'm on my way right now to downtown LA my favorite place on earth the first one is Tarte cosmetics you definitely know who they are love their events it's like a workout of it though so and then I have laser way tonight you guys know I work with them all the time love them that's the plan I'll talk to you when I get there hi it's me in the flesh Reza really know the real life in the village um we're about to work out who should get like a window spot right yeah yeah yeah in the back if you're watching this go drink some water oh my god i binge all of your videos that way working hard so channel watch me push my handle one in Lucy's hand like all my boys are cray-cray faint boys get way way bird Thank You casual way not every day a payday just finish the workout and they gave me a smoothie I'm stocked for life so killer we're done on to that last 30 minutes maybe 40 with a short the events are so fun and then you just find all this new stuff like I found this candy I'm a crazy candy person like gummies and sour stuff and it's like this healthy candy and I just discovered it so now I know and then you meet so many new people obviously you saw I meant Tati we've been like chatting online and texting and we finally got to meet each other which is really exciting I'm sure all of you guys watch her videos but we're so similar and we never knew I'm literally so dumb but I read it wrong and my laseraway event was for Thursday so I went to lunch with Tatiana and then I'd shopped around Santa Monica alone for so long so random and now I'm in Malibu and I'm meeting my brother we're gonna go to urban and then probably just go in the ocean because it's such a nice day hey guys it's the next day I'm just kind of chilling at home I wanted to show you guys these new glasses I just got cuz glasses I've been my thing lately so I want to let you guys in on a little secret okay so you guys don't crazy about glasses I always have been even when I was little I remember I would actually take my mom's prescription glasses in elementary school and I'd wear them to school and I have like the worst headache and my teachers would be like you know like when do you start wearing glasses and I'm like I dunno and I'd like can't see anything because it's all blurry but I just love the look of having glasses or obviously thankful that I had like 20/20 vision but I've always wanted to look very smart and I love the look of clear glasses on me so I'm talking to you today about glasses usa.com they actually sponsored this video which I'm very excited about because you guys know I like glasses and sunglasses and they offer everything so by cutting out the middleman glasses usa.com offers prescription glasses add up to 70% off retail prices so you're getting that deal now you can finally shop for prescription glasses online at affordable prices without leaving your home which is super convenient you can add prescription to any of the glasses and sunglasses on their website you just have to pick your preference for me obviously I get zero prescription if I need a prescription I would definitely get prescription in these ones but I think they're so cute just to walk around in and then these ones are also so cute just like cat I like aunt aunt Luna over here look Hey another thing I love about glasses usa.com is that they have a virtual mirror so my problem with sunglasses is that I have like a big head and a lot of the time sunglasses look weird on me but you can try on any pair of frames and see how it would look on your face just by uploading a photo of you and then they put the glasses on you it's so so dope ok and they also offer sunglasses these are so cool I was wearing these earlier as you guys saw they're kind of red like so cool so cool the last pair got doesn't look like glasses like this is what I wear when I'm on a good bit like a loan I'm gonna go to the bank in these so if you want to check out glasses usa.com visit the link in my description box to get a special offer just for you know again you don't need a prescription they offer all types of lenses and sunglasses and the prices are unreal hey guys so it's night time now I didn't update you guys because literally all I've been doing is riding deep hop orders my room's actually a disaster and also like when my room is a mess I'm a mess I've just been feeling really anxious all day like all this work stuff but I'm constantly thing about and like I can't sleep because I'm thinking about it and then I haven't had time to work out or dance at all and that's honestly stressing me out because I just don't feel good no energy like I could fall asleep at any time the day and I just feel unmotivated this video probably seems really stupid to you guys but if I'm being real a day job yeah is boring a nine-to-five office job but you go in there and you do your work and then you can not think about it at night and then you know you have a job like mine where it's you're pretty much self-employed but you're constantly thinking about it and constantly stressing about it but I am able to like go out and do stuff and whatever but you know I guess that's my rant today first order of business tonight is to clean my room tonight I had a little bit of a panic attack from randomly enough finances I was talking to some friends about like taxes and all that and I just don't know anything about anything I don't know how to pay taxes I don't know what my monthly income is I'd like couldn't tell you anything and I have had so many people try to explain it to me and I just simply don't understand and I need to like take a class go through my finances it's like way too much being an adult is hard like most kids my age are learning how to do laundry right now and I'm over here figuring out if I can rent a car and pay rent and like pay taxes I don't know how to do that very stressed I feel like I've been really negative this whole vlog so right now I'm gonna show you the fun part of working in the social media world which which includes like PR and the free gifts you get which is always really fun so I'm gonna show you what I got the event yesterday palette collaborations can be really like bright colors but it's so neutral I'm really excited for it there's a setting spray which I actually needed this is the lip oil little sugar rush bronzer um tart smoothing primer maneater mascara which is so cute and then at the event they were promoting APL sneakers this was the last color they had in my size and it's like so not me at all but I'm gonna try and make it me you don't I mean like Billy eyelash vibes maybe neon green is my new thing I actually just got a gym membership today so it's actually good that I got these because I don't own any sneakers um and they were giving out these like gym shark sets but they didn't have any leggings for me sorry a little bra yeah so that's always fun testing out new products and just supporting companies always fun hey guys max is here it's new dates next day today is kind of a work day I am late on two things I have to send to my manager one is a post for this event I'm doing tomorrow and I have to post that today and then another one is the story post that I have to post today and I was supposed to submit both of them tomorrow but I was out those events as I showed you guys so I'm a little stressed so we just went Instagram snapping which sounds really stupid but that's a good job but it is honestly trying to go around and find locations and get the right shot you know I don't know I think this vlog is good because it's really easy to say that YouTube is an easy job and easy way to get money but it's very much not so that's that okay right now we were on our way to the Cricket Wireless event that I posted on my Instagram here with Kara my bestest friend this is her first event with me are in the car now and talk to you it's up Travis we're gonna put for her a little sign in right right back here [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] okay all right okay just got home from the event oh that was the funnest event I have ever been to look I even got like a signed poster I never really realized that I'm actually like a true Julia Michaels Stan like I knew like all the lyrics and we were had like a front row VIP like spot it was so fun I just posted a picture for cricket I want to show you guys my outfit so the dress is actually from Poland bear in Paris they don't have it in the US but it's really cute and then these boots oh my gosh or my new favorite they're from princess Polly um a little knee-high black boot so that's the fit now with a golden hour and I'm gonna show you a fun night off where I go to dinner with my friends and hang out with my friends because I do that sometimes I'm a normal person oh yeah normal girl let's go to dinner [Applause] like insane well credit control [Applause] [Applause] hey I've just been doing work I swear wearing these glasses makes me more productive anyway that's all for this video um right now I'm just working doing some stuff on my computer answering emails all that good stuff a lot of people I know always want to get into it and like it seems kind of easy like filming a video editing uploading but it's hard it's much harder than you think it is but I mean all the power to you if you want to start like I support you I want to help you but just know it's not that easy don't forget to check out glasses usa.com in the description box below and get a special offer and then we can all twin with our glasses anyway love you guys see you next week bye

50 thoughts on “what it’s like working in social media

  1. I like how in Greek restaurants they always have someone belly dancing😂😂it's not even a Greek dance

  2. sorry but it's quite stupid to say" kids my age are probably learning to do laundry",excuse me ? you're not the only hardworking teen out there

  3. You look so beautiful with glasses ♥️ the belly dancer was so pretty 😱♥️ Also please take some rest if you need to because your mental health is so important ♥️

  4. LOVED the vlog, all the glasses esp. the round ones, loved the Tarte products, the dress from Paris and the yummy Greek tavern!

  5. Juliiaaa micheaalllaa ahhhh she like one of my fav peopplleee her inner monologues 💜❤️

  6. I promise EVERYONE only learns about taxes and adulting when they have to start doing it, 100% you will be ok and you are doing SO great ❤❤❤

  7. Omg was she listening to contaminated by Banks when she was in the car on the way to the cricket wireless event??? Ha ha I love that song

  8. this video gives me anxiety beacuse it looks like everywhere she goes she has to film. I know that it's her job now but wow, I prefer a job where once I'm out of the office I kìcan live my life without having to document it every single second…that looks very stressful…

  9. Literally the last thing I expected to see in your vlog was going to a greek tavern.I listen to greek songs and a..oop..Also you are genuinely happy and it shows! I love your fooking positive aura gerll <3

  10. I died when you went in the taverna. It was so similar to what we actually have in Greece ( except of the belly dancer lol)

  11. Luna for finances and stuff maybe a financial advisor would help? I'm in the same boat but I've heard that they can help with managing your money in the best way (though idk how much $$ it would be to hire one)

  12. Trust me, as a 30 year old I can assure you that having a normal day job isn't that easy as well. There will always be days on which you take stuff home with you and this stuff will keep you from sleeping.

    Also, I love you and don't want you to take it personal, but as someone who actually needs glasses, I find it kind of annoying when people wear glasses just to look smart or cute. Be happy about not needing them and don't wear those fake glasses that can mess up your vision! You don't needed glasses to look a certain way. You are already all of those things without glasses.

  13. I just started following you literally an hour ago after randomly stumbling across your videos lol but I just wanted to say about your finances, the best thing you can do is go to a financial advisor at your bank and figure it all out! That’s literally there job is to tell you how to live your best life money wise. know it seems super overwhelming right now but trust me it’ll get easier! ❤️ you seem so put together and mature for your age, but it’s okay to not feel that way somedays 😊 💕 Can’t wait to watch more videos from you hun!

  14. ahhh thank u for the discount link!!! i literally just broke my glasses yesterday lol and have been stressing about new ones so you just saved me😭💛 xx

  15. You are so unique. Thank you for being so honest about this platform and how you handle it, you said things I had no idea about! You're awesomee!👑

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