What It’s Like to Grow Up in an Israeli Settlement | Op-Docs

What It’s Like to Grow Up in an Israeli Settlement | Op-Docs

[music] Tel Aviv. As Israel grows
more nationalist, Tel Aviv is the
last stronghold of our nation’s liberals. It is a supercool
cosmopolitan city and the place I call home. In 2016, I decided to
say goodbye to Tel Aviv and spend the summer
with the Israelis that I disagree with
the most: the settlers. Since Israel’s ongoing
military occupation of the West Bank
that started in 1967, Jewish settlers have moved to
the Palestinian territories into settlements
that are illegal, according to the
international law. As Israeli society
polarizes around views of the occupation, I
found myself increasingly curious about
Israelis my age who grew up in those
settlements, who were born into this reality. I ended up in one of the
oldest Israeli settlements, called Tekoa, which
was founded in 1977. About an hour drive
from Tel Aviv, it is a world apart,
isolated in the Judean hills and surrounded by
Palestinian villages. I rented a small apartment
on the corner of Hospitality Road and Joy Street. And I thought to myself,
these are two things I’ll definitely need here. After all, it’s not every day
that a liberal from Tel Aviv moves to a settlement. Once I settled in, to make
myself feel more at home, I set up a small cafe
and waited for company. Well, apparently coffee
is not in demand in Tekoa, as well as a liberal
with three cameras. For a while, it seemed
like the only locals who visited my table were
flies, a cat, and my only new friend in town, Matanya. But being stubborn
eventually paid off. Unlike Tekoa,
which is considered a moderate settlement,
the Jewish settlement in the Palestinian
city of Hebron is the most extremist
of all, where extreme settlers
live in the midst of a large Palestinian city. Moriya grew up there. It seems like we grew up
in totally different worlds. While I knew Palestinians come
in and out of the settlements every day to work, building
more of the buildings that they will never
be allowed to live in, seeing them line up
to enter settlements that represent their
oppression with my own eyes was very unsettling. Her uncensored lack of
political correctness definitely shocked
me, but also made me want to hear more. Despite a peace and love and
the hippie vibe of Tekoa, sometimes the complexity
of the tension here slaps you in the face. My next door
neighbor’s family was attacked in the shooting
ambush, killing her father, and leaving her mother
and two siblings wounded. Her cry and weep
across our shared wall when she first got the
message tore my heart apart. In January 2016, a
Palestinian teenager stabbed Tekoa resident
Michal Froman at the local thrift shop. She was four months
pregnant at the time. Most of the people
my age I chatted with were honest about the negative
effect of the settlements on Palestinians,
who are repressed as long as they are occupied. I wondered how they still
choose to live here. On my last day
in Tekoa, Matanya stopped by for
a farewell chat. [music]

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  1. WOW nothing happens in an Israeli settlement, place looks boring to live in, well except for the Palestinians, I bet they have allot to talk about.

  2. Ok….then we demand to give whole England to Palestinian…… because British messed it up…….

  3. I like how the one guy said, they're humans too, how do we integrate? I just wish they people would see each other as people and put religion and history aside. Vote the current politicians out and let the people decide. I've been there most people just want to live and they don't care about who their neighbor prays to.

  4. So this is what they mean by kids brainwashed into committing acts of terror. Just look at the environment and you have little kids running around absorbing it in. True terrorists right here

  5. I love all the International law talk in these stories. What Jew in their right mind would listen to International anything with their history. As a United States citizen, I care what the International law is just about never.

  6. If all Israeli citizens were allowed to have guns like here in the US, it would give some of these folks a chance to defend themselves. Only thing wrong with Israeli government is they don't allow for its citizens to be armed.

  7. Jewish Europeans are genetically Europeans not once semitic


  8. The woman with the baby who was stabbed by a young Palestinian, deserve respect and be admired by her humanity, understanding and humility. She is amazing! I wish Israelis and Palestinians take exemple. God, Allah, Dios bless you and protect always.

  9. Está gente viviendo en Israel no son judios, no son históricamente simiente de abrahan. Sino son jazharios, de la región central de Europa y sefarditas de España que son de raza europeos . Convertidos al judaísmo no siendo de raza judía antigua biológica,., ellos son lo que se llama unos usurpadores. , judíos no reales., los judíos reales desaparecieron hace siglos., esta gente de ahora judíos. Son de una simiente babilónica illuminatti arcontica satánica globalista que sirven a unos jerarcas que poca gente conocen., pero que están detrás de todas las guerras del mundo.. y quieren establecer un orden mundial acorde a ellos… pero todo eso va mucho más alla.

  10. Is so easy to call them terrorists. Because they fighting to recoup the land this false jews stole. Through war

  11. Most of these settlements are small in population with a few thousand people. I don’t understand why someone would want to live in such a tiny village where there are few restaurants or things to do and you have to take a risky drive to get back into the safe zone. Why not just live in Haifa are anywhere in Israeli land?! Because you feel safer?! Let the data speak for itself though, you aren’t!

  12. Human imperfection what gets in the way of common sense, if we believe in one true God… then we all derive from Adam and Eve . .therefore we are all of Jewish descendant.. in fact we are all brothers and sisters. Only human arrogance and proudness is in the way in the form of religion.. when in fact we are just all one RACE… The HUMAN RACE…

  13. Dear Israeli people ,friends ! I would be very proud to be able to say …. That l grew up in ANY Israeli settlement , Love Dave .

  14. Dear lsraelis , friends ! I would be very proud to be able to say ….That l grew up in ANY lsraeli settlement ! WAIT A MO ! I DID ! SHIKUN HERUT HERZALIA ! (Long story ) Love Dave .

  15. ( Long story ) See below . Dear Israeli friends ! Of course , OF COURSE ! I would love to tell you this , my story ! But lm a little bit busy at the Mo trying to stop our so called government , ! Those bunch of COWARDS ! CRIMINALS ! SADISTS ! SURRENDER MUPPETS ! ( In my humble opinion ) ( See that lsraeli who who lives in Herzalia ) BRIAN OF LONDON …. YouTube . From murdering a friend of mine ! TOMMY ROBINSON ! Maybe you have heard of him ? HE HAS VISITED YOU ! HE IS A BIG !BIG SUPPORTER OF YOU ! Please friends ,this is seriouse , We have only 2days left . THIS THURSDAY , OLD BAILY COURT , londinistan ,ENGLAND ! PLEASE FRIENDS ! PLEASE FRIENDS ! WE ARE DESPERATE ! BUT ALWAYS …l send my love and neshecots to you ! Love Dave .

  16. Yes friends ! I will say anything , l will use anything , l will do anything ! …… We are DESPERATE ! Again …Love D.

  17. If religions turn men into faithful, dependable and loving husbands and fathers and all people in general into good people, we would know by now … well the truth is that, apart from a few exceptions, they have not …

  18. Plus they are all run by men …. and I find this very suspicious and not productive of fair, equally benefitting principles and views …

  19. The solution is to do what Yahweh told Moses to do; Moses told his followers in the exodus, "God commands you that you enter the city through it's gates with humility". Did the Israelite's do that? No.
    They told Moses that there is a very powerful ruler, Goliath, "so you and your God go into the City and drive him out".
    Yahweh forbade them the city for their lack of faith, for forty years, until the old generation had died out. "And David slew Goliath".
    Now it is the young settlers, who must choose ~ I'm glad they are choosing to live in peace with their neighbours, even after a knife attack.

  20. A Jew being proud of being fascist. There is a theory (and tons of empirical data to support it) in human psychological development such that some victims of atrocities go on to themselves become perpetrators of atrocity.

    That they internalize their experiences in such a way as to come to identify with their oppressors because who is it better to identify with? The powerless victim or the powerful offender?

    When I see people in Israel like her proud of aligning herself with the same kind of ideology that produced the Holocaust, I feel a sickness in my stomach and true fear for the Palestinian people.

  21. Jordan occupied the West Bank from 1948 until 1967. Why didn't they declare a state of "Palestine" then? There was no talk of Palestinian identity or a Palestinian state. Can anyone name an Arab leader of a Palestinian state in history?
    In fact Ottoman Palestine included Jordan AND Israel. 90% was given to Jordan and 10% given to Israel and now you want them to give half away to make a 33rd Muslim state!

  22. I am against Palestinian homes being destroyed to make way for settlements – what was encouraging here, however was the idea that some of the settlers thought they could live in harmony with their Palestinian Brothers and Sisters – it seems like it is the oppressive rogue authorities of the Israeli Power structure who are the big issue and need dismantling with immediate effect.

  23. I have found in talking with many people that are against Israelis moving into settlements in the West Bank also support illegal immigration in the United States. Am I missing something or am I correct in thinking this is contradictory? One thing I think everyone can agree on is that Israel has the most beautiful women in the world.

  24. What a wonderfully irrelevant set of interviews. Rather than talking about the occupied in the third person, why not talk to them instead?

  25. Must be nice to be living off of the American tax payer's while the Americans ho pay for all of these inbred are suffering.

  26. This lady is quite ignorant when he says she could easily have been a settler, she dismissed it offhand without considering the fact that she is merely a collection of genetic predispositions that have been and are being affected in their expression by environmental influences. Of course, the man was correct, she could easily have been a settler if born into those circumstances. The reason they cannot be logical and reasoned with each other is that both sides require suspending reason and logic to follow their respective bronze age stories that they adopt as the basis of their respective personal/group identities. Grouping behaviour, where-by individuals form groups from which they compete with other groups to control resources is very common in social apes.

  27. 2500 years ago the people plowing the fields were all black people from Shem. But these fake Jews where lied to by their forefathers. Its so in the bible and the Torah. The history books of black people. It not a religious book. Anyway in genesis 10. It will show you that Ashkenazi and sephardic people are the blood line of Japheth. So you whites from all over Europe cant say you don't know the truth. Read it find Noah's sons and read down under Japheth because you will not find it under Shem. Oh. Wait a minute you call it him Sem. Well Noah had no son name Sem. You have no right to change names. So you people are the most AntiShemetic people in Israel.

  28. Look at semitic people (Jews and Arabs) and how they treat each other.
    Now think how they would treat us non-semitic people.
    They are cousin the same blood.

  29. Arabs didn't throw stones to the settlers in hebron or other settlements. If they did, many houses will be destroyed by now. Arabs is the one that are afraid getting stabbed or shot by the israelis. They didn't blend with israelis because they're afraid.

  30. All this talk of "coexistence" is absurd, considering the interviewees are living on illegal settlements under international law. It's extremely difficult to change someone's mind, when their version of reality is based on a work of fiction written millennia ago by sheep herders who didn't even know what a germ was. Zaki does a great job in refuting she would have accepted this worldview.

    It would be easy for Israel to comply with international law by recognising the Palestinian sovereignty over the West Bank, but unless forced to by international actors, the Israeli establishment and and sizeable religious loons in the country are never going to agree to this wholly reasonable course of action.

  31. What about the Palestinians, should have asked them too about how it feel getting they land stolen by Americans and Germans.

  32. Power and economy is no Body's monopoly it moves from nation to nation and from people to people. Jews were oppressed and now they are doing the same and indeed they will loose this supremacy as well likr all super power of its time lost.

  33. 7:12 "Building more of the building that they will never be allowed to live in" Excuse me, but construction workers don't build houses to live in them elsewhere, they do it for salary!

  34. All settlements are the graves of thousands of Palestinian villages, towns and hamlets ethnically cleansed by Jews starting in 1948. You will be haunted for your crimes against humanity.

  35. live together. whats the big deal. look at america, we have black, white, mexican, asians, we live together, not a big deal to live together.

  36. Occupied Palestine is going to be the land where all the Zionists Israelis will be BURIED BY MUSLIMS!! and they will end them forever!! As that's what do the Israelis criminals deserve!! Execution!!!

  37. Coexist… I think that this is what God wants, is for everyone to coexist and accept one another. if we love God then we should love all of his children and coexist with them. once we decide to let the voice of love win over the voice of hatred then GOD will be happy. what really touched me is the fact that most normal civilian non extremist people are asking for the very same thing; PEACE.

  38. One wonders why the rich Arab Moslem states in the GCC have not funded the development of this barren land as a gift to their Moslem Palestinian brothers. The Christian Palestinians should be given the same rights as their Moslem cousins and the Jewish Palestinians offered equal rights in Israel. Am I wrong?

  39. God Bless these Israeli pioneers reclaiming their ancestral homeland. Zionism is alive in the true birthplace of Israel!
    This Zaki woman is soooo annoying with her typical outdated Leftist superior attitude towards everybody who doesn't think like her and wants Israel shrinked even more, ewww.

  40. As a Hindu one of the most intriguing things left for me to do is to talk to a Jew! Judaism is probably the only other religion which has so many common tenets with hinduism. I would someday wanna have a conversation about how it is to actually grow up as a Jew! Israel is just seen as an inspiration in this part of the world! Go Netanyahu!

  41. The State of Israel was at its peaceful from 1949 to 1967 but after that it became an international pariah.

  42. An Iaraeli teacher with a criminal record? In any other nation you would never teach one day. In racist Israel, its a badge of honor.

  43. How dare them to think that they could have my land and house , we been here for 2500 years  , we that came from the Birth of right to live here and die here , we are the Chosen tribal by Force , These people are Lock in a Box with all the goods and Toys that Mother land supplies to them daily and Putin lost children's ''Liberman '' and Billions , so much Arab blood on that sand but they that fought to be here are remember , only when they are stab in the Back ,they figure it out .

  44. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=uftxLGWjEKw&fbclid=IwAR2WNj_LLcsGabBfGV2Xv5xLzkTS96HCBaxsW_1O3E6Vcg3c6d1uNC5VQh4

  45. Looks like my comment was lost here….Interesting Idea…I was not clear if you learned anything from the interviews? it seemed as though you didn't ??? not sure a complicated subject …but not as much as the Media turns it into watch Cory's video below for another view ..and Arab view

  46. She came with pre conceived. Thoughts and she was upset or at least not happy what is going on. I think that know one is happy about i
    But if she grew up there and saw her friends or family get killed by there side how would her view be then. Libs what can you do

  47. The Jews in the settlements look at the Arabs from a position of superiority? Maybe they do. But how do you you think the entire Muslim world views Jews? Like pigs and dogs is how. Every tribe views their own culture as superior. Only naive, cosmopolitan leftists think otherwise.

  48. As an Aussie, I found this video remarkable. The journalist spoke to people that had grown up in a settlement, very different from those jews who were sent/landed there. Awesome perspectives.. tyvm

  49. "When you meet individuals behind faceless groups, you see things in a more complex way". Exactly, which is why dehumanisation must be fought at all times.

  50. Palestinians are the newest of all the peoples on the face of the Earth, and began to exist in a single day by a kind of supernatural phenomenon that is unique in the whole history of mankind, as it is witnessed by Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist that acknowledged the lie he was fighting for and the truth he was fighting against:

    “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

    “We did not particularly mind Jordanian rule. The teaching of the destruction of Israel was a definite part of the curriculum, but we considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians – they removed the star from the Jordanian flag and all at once we had a Palestinian flag”.

    “When I finally realized the lies and myths I was taught, it is my duty as a righteous person to speak out”.

    This declaration by a true "Palestinian" should have some significance for a sincerely neutral observer. Indeed, there is no such a thing like a Palestinian people, or a Palestinian culture, or a Palestinian language, or a Palestinian history. There has never been any Palestinian state, neither any Palestinian archaeological find nor coinage. The present-day "Palestinians" are an Arab people, with Arab culture, Arabic language and Arab history. They have their own Arab states from where they came into the Land of Israel about one century ago to contrast the Jewish immigration. That is the historical truth. They were Jordanians (another recent British invention, as there has never been any people known as "Jordanians"), and after the Six-Day War in which Israel utterly defeated the coalition of nine Arab states and took legitimate possession of Judea and Samaria, the Arab dwellers in those regions underwent a kind of anthropological miracle and discovered that they were Palestinians – something they did not know the day before.

  51. the fact of the matter is if you check their DNA, Palestinians have more pure Jewish blood then these Khazar Jews.
    Entire Afghanistan are 12th lost tribe of Israel but they are Muslims now.

  52. There is no such thing as a “liberal Zionist”. There are only two types of Zionists, one that advocates a smaller Judeo-supremacist ethnostate built on a blueprint of segregation, the other wants a pure Judeo supremacist state by expelling non Jews. You are obviously the first type

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