50 thoughts on “"What it means to be Ideologically possessed" Jordan Peterson

  1. I hope people don't see Indians in a negative way because of her. There are so many other reasons to hate us, you know 😀

  2. The beginning of this lecture explains the phenomenon of the NPC Meme and how it reflects the tried and true language of leftist media.

  3. Is it me or does it seem often times the most ideologically possessed zealots are women from Indian descent?

  4. I have always thought it was odd how these feminist women, go on and on and on about rape, and make out that men are sexed crazed maniacs. From the point of a man this is bewildering, as personally the thought of raping a woman has never crossed my mind. Interestingly i read an article about how most women fantasize about rape. Though i am sure that they do not want to be genuinely raped but rather a nights worth of being ravaged in bed by a man.

    I think they are subconciously expressing their sexual fantasies. Women also have a need to feel desired by a man and i soppose you could say this is a form if self flattery. I also think that in their nurosis feminists seek negative, rather than positive attention from men.

  5. this…this is why woman used to be muzzled…..haha jk terrible. but seriously. i hope she cant vote. rather have ten thousand fresh felons voting then this lady.

  6. a woman provoking assault from men, who have to exercise restraint. She needs a gag, a straight jacket, and an injection. And a TKT to Pakistan for another perspective.

  7. Russian civil.war was huge world changing event.And Dostoyevsky was right when he called such people as Possesed-Demonic.It unleashes the most destructive behavior imaginable.Im oppressed versus je or she or.they are oppressed

  8. Jordan Peterson perfectly describing NPCs (i.e. "ideologically possessed") at the 0:47 mark LONG BEFORE the NPC meme was even a thing!! Lol

  9. As a male feminist myself I believe women are the cornerstone of our great society. When the walls final cornerstone is added, lets place a time capsule set to open in the year 2666. Inside it place one Hillary Clinton, and one live stream camera on youtube.

  10. LIBTARD feminist pitbull!
    (Closet psycho pocket schizophrenic?)
    Someone gives her a fob comical answer,and its sexual assault=butthurt loon!

  11. She's abusive!!!!

    She's super crazy.

    If she got in my face. And , if one drop of her disgusting spit got on me. I'd knock her out.

    She's scary, just watching her on video.

    I'd feel threatened if she got in my face, and if her disgusting spit got on me.
    I'd give her one good kick, to get her out of my space, so I could feel safe again.

    She's got that crazy person stare in her eyes

  12. She's just angry because nobody wants to sexually abuse her. It's funny how she doesn't even describe herself as Indian but as a "woman of color" because that is a better victim card.

  13. Men have more access to education, really? It's almost like they are pulling statistics from their ass.

  14. Zarna Joshi is the "full name" of the psycho beotch, that lied about being sexually harassed. I would love it if someone would physically teach her a lesson.

  15. I bet that dot between her eyes is where her brain leaked out… plus, hugh mungus seems like a really good and chill dude like somebody ya wouldnt mind being in the same room with without worrying about triggering them and having to listen to their bullshit for the rest of forever God bless HUGH MUNGUS!!!!

  16. I genuinely don't think I've ever hated a human (if you can call her that) so much.
    Like, she's just such a horrendous, selfish person. Literally her insecurities have manifested into attempting to bully people that she doesn't even know! into horrific situations.

  17. Her face's normal expression looks like it is full of pure evil hate.
    Also, who ever exclaimed "WTF?!" after zarna says what happened need to be smacked hard

  18. Zarna is a fucking bitch piece of shit bitch fuckface who has no respect for life so she doesnt deserve life that fucking bitchface fucked up piece of fucking shit Zarna die go die bitch die bitch fuck you bitch die bitch hell shitface bitch she is

  19. Whether or not we want to admit it, science is a religion. No matter however you try to rationalize it, the belief in only science is actually known as scientism.

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